Helping a Friend....part 2

I had seen Anna at work for the past two weeks…not a word of what happened at her house, when I fixed her sink. What a great night that was……………the night I found out she was a shemale!
I fantasized about Anna all the time, yet nothing from her. It was our secret, and I dare not blow it with her.
Finally one Friday Anna walked by and said she needed part of her wooden fence repaired, I told her I would be there first thing in the morning.
I got there early, Anna greeted me at the door wearing a short skirt and red top, smiling, all the stuff you need is on the back. She gave me a quick kiss and let me get to work. Ohhh I was so horny! It took me about 2 hours to finish the fence. I knocked on the back door Anna gave me a big hug(I squeezed her lovely ass) she said no no no…go shower then we will play…remember what I told you last time. (she was goin to fuck my ass) Yes I do! I went into the bathroom started to shower, I wanted to make sure everything was squeaky clean. As I was almost done, Anna walked in and said dry off, put your stuff on and meet me in the den. Put my stuff on?? I stopped, got out dried off, and then I noticed my clothes gone! On the counter was my “stuff”, fish net stockings, red lace panties, red bra. I took a deep breath, put them on, instant hardon for me! Anna had done her homework….it all fit perfectly. I walked down the hallway into the den, there was Anna….dressed like a man! Anna was wearing jeans, button shirt, her hair in a ponytail, and wearing work boots! I was totally blown away! Anna saw me, smiled wickedly and said mmmm mmmm mmm don’t you look just fine! Go get me a beer! I went and got two beers….this was going to be awesome! I handed Anna her beer, she took it took a long drink then saw my beer.What do you think you are doing? Girls don’t drink beer, and she took it away. Girls suck cock!
Get on your knees and suck my cock slut! Anna’s attitude changed, she was direct, bossy. ( I loved it) I got on my knees and unzipped her jeans, suck it Anna commanded. I started to suck her, rubbing her balls, as I did. She moaned take it all………..yessssssssss that’s it! I took her in my mouth feeling her cock starting to swell! Ohhhh wow! Anna would take a drink of her beer then grab my head and push it toward her cock..fucking my mouth. “get me hard bitch!” Anna would reach down and pinch my nipples hard thru my new red bra! Oohhh the pain but I didn’t dare stop. Anna finally pulled me up to her kissed me spitting beer in my mouth…I swallowed it. Good bitch! Get on all fours and show me your nice ass! I did as she asked. Wondering how Anna would fuck me. Ohh that is one nice virgin ass… thank you hooney for giving it to me. Anna came behind me, rubbing her hands up and down my stocking legs….it felt so exciting! Then she reached around and pinched my nipples and twisted them, I jumped in pain, but she held me down. Mmmmm I felt her warm hand rubbing my ass then a cold liquid was dripping down and in my ass, Anna rubbing it in, my ass puckered, relax bitch something bigger is going to be in there in just a bit. “spread you ass bitch!” I did and I felt the tip of Anna’s hard cock on my virgin ass. Slowly she pushed it in…ohhhhhhhhhhhh again I tensed and Anna slapped my ass hard, twice! I whinced in pain, not expecting that. I said relax! Anna pushed in her cock deeper, ohh it hurt…but it felt so good also. Slowly she started to fuck my ass, I started to relax more and more.
That’s it bitch push back! Then she went wild….started to fuck me harder…me moaning, Anna reached over grabbed my hair as she fucked me, You like this don’t you bitch! You think your going to fuck my ass??? Not anymore, you are mine lil bitch boi! Anna then reach down grabbed my hard cock and squeezed it hard….i yelled! Bitch this is mine also, I’ll tell you when you can use it! With that she stopped turned me on my back raised my legs over her shoulder and started to fuck me even harder! Looking at the stocking on my legs as she fucked my ass, my cock got even harder…you like this don’t you slut? Anna yelled. Answer me! As she squeezed my dick! Yes Sir! Nice Anna replied, you called me Sir! Anna started to moan and I knew she was about to cumm looking at her she came in my ass I could feel her warm cumm ozzing out of my ass. Then she pulled out moved up to my head and said open up bitch! Anna was on my shoulders her cock dripping cum in front of my mouth, I opened my mouth and she plunged it in. Suck it and lick it clean! I did trying to lick up as much as I could…I knew then I was her bitch,,, I would do anything for her. Anna got up after I cleaned her cock. Looked at me and said … go clean yourself up! Yes sir. Anna chuckled I knew I picked the right one. You are all mine! (I was hers and I loved it!)
As I went to the bathroom to jack off and clean up I heard Anna say…I cant wait for the boys to meet you!
To be continued………..

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3 years ago
Can't wait for part III!!!!!!
3 years ago
mmmm hot one, nice follow on from the first so sexy, had me hard very quickly mmmm more please
3 years ago
Just as great as the first. I could tell from the start that Anna was using you. Must be great! I agree with Carlinguy, i too would love to meet a Dom Gurl like your Anna. hot, hot, hot!
3 years ago
Damn that was a hot story. Would love to meat a Dom Gurl like Anna.