Helping a friend

Anna has been working in my office for a year now. I have never heard her talk about a boy or girl firend. Anna is 5'7'', long legs, light brown hair almost to her waist, very pretty. I have always talked to her, had lunch, but she had never opened up until she needed some help.....

Anna had bought a house that needed work. A couple of months after she bought it, she was complaining that her sink leaked. I told her i had done odd jobs through out my life and i would be more than happy to check it before she called a plumbler. She told me to come over friday after work.

Friday came, and i was not sure what to expect, but i was determined to find out what her deal was. As i checked her leak, i found out that her sinnk needed to be sealed arounf the opening. As i was undoing the screws under the sink i started asking why i hadnt seen her with a guy? Anna said she hadnt found anyone yet. i got the sink off and cleaned it up, Anna asked if i wanted a drink, i said of course, she handed me a cold beer, as we drank, i couldnt notice how awesome she looked! She wore a short blue skirt, and pink top, her legs looked so sweet! So no there a girl friend? smiling at her. Anna blushed no, no girl friend.....then she whispered its complicated...and sat down. Are you ok? I was just trying to be your friend.

Anna looked at me, smiled, you are so nice! If you can keep aq secret I will tell you after you fix the sink. Needless to say i put silicon around the sink put it in, and went back under the sink to fasten the screws. I heard her come into the kitchen, and whisper, mmm so nice. It startled me and i hit my head on the pipes. Are you ok? yes as i looked out the opening i noticed Anna had changed she was wearing a light baby blue robe! I hurried up and finished.
when i got out from under the sink, Anna was standing in the living room, her toward me, she turned,holding a cold beer for me, and wearing a baby blue bra and panties under her robe! ohhh what a site! What a lovely ass, i thought. you like she whispered....yes i do! Her is my secret, she turned around and as she did her hand went to her wasnt her pussy, it was her cock!
I just! She walked over handed me my beer and kissed me! It was so HOT! My mind was i going to do this? Yes, yes i am! I kissed Anna back and whispered your secret is safe with me. i put my beer down and kissed her deeply, her hands wrapped around me, she smelled so sweet. Let me repay you for what you did. She grabbed my hand and lead me to her bedroom. Her bed was huge, she undressed me, then put me on the bed and started to suck my cock. It was rock hard! ohhhh wow it was the best i have ever had~! Anna would look up and smile, then suck some more, her hands rubbing my balls, or rubbin my ass...i didnt felt great! she moved up and kissed me, feeling her cock on mine, she smiled, i hope you like this. Yes very much!

Would you like to fuck my ass.. yes, as i kissed her deeply! Anna rolled on her back, i want to see you as you fuck me! i started to fuck her she was tight! Anna moaned yesss, yesss
Harder please, i started to fuck her faster looking at her as i do. Yesss dont stop, she was rubbing her cock as i fucked her, I was loving it! the harder i fucked Anna the faster she would jack off. i was so close to cumm
cumm in me please! I came in her moaaning.... wow laying next to Anna i looked into her eyes that was awesome! Just one more thing before you go? Suck me....please. I didnt hesitate, i moved down and tasted my first cock! Her hands were pushing me toward her! mmmmmmmm yessss baby anna said.
It took me a couple of minutes to get use to sucking her cock without choking.
Ohhh thats it baby......I could feel her cock throbbing in my close.
Then Anna grabbed my hair and pushed her cock down my throat as she came! It was warm. I swallowed what i could, Anna pulled out and came all over my face! That was so good she said! Was that your first time sucking cock??
Yes it was, Anna smiled! Next time i need something fixed, your ass is mine, Anna yelled. All mine.
I looked at Anna and said yes it is yours.............
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Really nice fantasy !! if only............(-;
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great TS story. Life is full of sexy surprises. It's a shame they aren't explored more often on xHamster.
3 years ago
mmmm so hot really enjoyed it, is there more?
3 years ago
Your ass will be tore up!
3 years ago
part two cummin son :)
3 years ago
So is there a story of the first time she fucked you?
3 years ago
O M G that was fantastic loved it had me jacking off and cummming all over myself thanks
3 years ago
I hope she tears that virgin ass up!
3 years ago
fuckin lovely...does Anna call on you often?
3 years ago
fuckin lovely...
3 years ago
this was one helluva hot story! Anna sounds drop dead gorgeous! Great story!
3 years ago
Id love to fix her sink