I lost the bet!

I was shooting baskets at the gym, no one was there. Finally this guy walks in, black, 6'2'' about 45 yrs old, well built. Me 27 5'10''.
How about a game of 21? he asks, sure, we play he has his hands "checking me"
as we play i win 21-17. One more for drinks he asks. sure.
my name is Tom he tells me, mine is Hector. we play, he is more agressive, evry once and awhile his hands brushes up against my cock. i lose 21 -15. you win! we go shower in the locker room, he looks awesome! we dress, tom says there is a bar just doown the street, to meet him there. I am thinking cool, new friend to play ball. I get there we have a couple of drinks and small talk, mostly about college ball. Tom tells me he lives around the corner and if i want to see his collection of autograph basketballs. I am a little d***k but sure why not.

We get to his place, it is huge. a girl walks in and asks what kind of drink i would like. i tell her she smiles and says her name is maria. Tom is showing me his collection when she brings us our drinks. i drink it down, it tastes funny, Tom looks at me and smiles. I feel like i am about to pass out Tom helps me to his couch, here sit down. Maria he yells..she walks in with clothes and other stuff in her hands...he is ready! Call me when you are done.

Maria takes my shirt and pants off, i try to move but just stay there staring at her........relax she whispers.....
I dont remember what happens....
I wake up still groggy....trying to focus .....i hear
about time BITCH! Its Tom, i look at him he is in his boxers. Then i notice my hands, they have painted nails! shit what happened! next thing i look down at me and i am wearing a red and black panties and bra, stockings and a jet black wig hair pass my shoulders!
whats this......SHUT UP BITCH! You lost the bet YOU ARE MINE!!!
my head is racing.....what do i do, i cant fight still to groggy,
Tom comes over and kisses me deeply, i look at his face lip stick all over his lips. Come here and look at yourself! He drags me to the a mirror, I see my self...hair makeup, clothing...i am a girl! Maria out did her self he whispers.

He grabs my ass as he has me drink some more stuff...my head spins but i am aware of what is going on, but cant really do anything about it.

Tome takes me to his bed, It is huge king size, he turns me around and pushes me to my knees..suck it bitch. suck it good.
I am about to protest when he shoves his hot cock in my mouth, i feel it throbbing in my throat. Gagging and suck a lil then try to pull back....no you dont bitch take it!
I suck, relax, he says as his cock grows harder...to 9 inches.
and very thick. he makes me suck him for awhile, his hands on my head forcing it deep in my mouth.
i want your ass bitch......i know i cant do anything so i decide to make thebest of it.....
yes dear (did that come out of my mouth)
yeahhhhhh bitch
he turns me around and pulls my panties down, his hands fingering my ass
i try to move away but he holds me in place,
relax.....bitch your going to love this!

Tom Slowly puts his rock hard cock in my ass, it hurts i yell,
shut up bitch, Fuck it hurt!
He starts to fuck my ass slowly, relax he keeps saying
damn your tight bitch,
then he starts to fuck me harder his hands on my hips holding me down
then it happens...he starts to fuck my hard, tears in my eyes
he keeps fucking me ..bitch you like this?

yes sir!
damn right.
Tome stops then turns me around and moves onto the bed, i am going to fuck you and watch your face as i do!
My legs up by my shoulders...i notice my legs were shaved....damn maria went all out!
He enters me and starts to fuck me, pinching my nipples i yell out, he laughs....bitch you like it!
tell me!
I yell out yes i like it!
like what? I like you fucking me! I am your bitch! he fucks me harder, then grabs my cock and starts to squeeze it.
rubbin it, as he fucks me.....cummm bitch, come for your dadddy.
i cumm almost instantly, he rubs my cumm all over my chest, then some on my mouth taste it bitch!
i taste my own cum as he starts to grunt and cumm in me! damm he pulls out still cumming and moves up and puts it in front of my mouth, open he says,
i open my mouth as he finishes cumming , clean it bitch,
i look at him, smiling at me, i know i am his, as i clean his lick his cock clean! Good bitch!
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2 years ago
2 years ago
oh yesss wooow hot
3 years ago
Hot story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
man that was hot! just came all over myself...thanks