Voyeurs have given me a reason to live to an old age.
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I love love LOVE looking at women in panties, love upskirts (especially when it involves panties, and seeing the face is a boner--er, bonus!), love watching women give great blowjobs, and would kill to see a decent woman wearing panties giving a blowjob! True hidden cam stuff is great, especially when it involves (you guessed it) PANTIES. Can't get enough. Ever. Sexy, tight-fitting, fullback bikini panties on just about any woman's ass is enough to drive me right up the fucking wall. God's greatest creation? PANTIES!!!
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1 day ago
Thanks for your comments on my wife's hidden cam pics - wish you could peep on her in the flesh :)
3 days ago
check your messeges
6 days ago
thanks for faving her mate
6 days ago
thanks mate much apreciated more to come soon
6 days ago
Richie! You're still alive! I figured you were on the run from a jealous husband or boyfriend, or from a pregnant girlfriend who's looking for child support! Been laying low? For a time you were banging half the country.
7 days ago
When new video is loaded watch & enjoy buddy....never know what you might here haha
8 days ago
Hello , thanks for stopping by and your input ; )
17 days ago
you might want to have a look at my page ive got a few voyeur panty pics of my wife im posting
18 days ago
thanks for the great comments!
19 days ago
that comment was hilarious! Thank you.she is coming out to my work tonight to meet up for a minute, message me if you want anything special in my video tonight
21 days ago
add me pls voyeur king !!!
thank you
22 days ago
cbr where are thou???
22 days ago
when you delete your account it gives you 20 days before it permantly deletes it
22 days ago
Great vids, pls more ;) Can you upload more upskirt milfs and granny's pls ?
23 days ago
thanks mate great horny comments
23 days ago
Yeah. There's something a little odd going on, though. VoyeurVas (another great voyeur) says "not to worry" about CBR, he'll be back, and another user link on VoyeurVas's site has also disappeared, and somebody called CBR is God popped up 3 days ago. Perhaps they're all the same person. Ha!
23 days ago
Looking forward to them! My dick is spent for the week, so I'll be looking forward to them Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the heads up!
23 days ago
just uploaded about 6 videos which I think will make your dick explode lol
23 days ago
did his viddeos get deleted though? lol
23 days ago
why has he vanished?
23 days ago
If you know what happened to cbr or where we can get his videos, let me know! This is a nightmare!
23 days ago
Oh no!!!! The greatest DR videographer has deleted his account!!!!! I wonder if he got caught? SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
23 days ago
Bro wat happened to cbr?
24 days ago
awesome profile btw xxxx love it xxxx
27 days ago
Lots of outstanding perverts filming lots of AMAZING stuff for the rest of us. Life is good!
27 days ago
Dude, you're one of my heroes on this site. I wish I could fuck as many women as you, and upskirt the rest. What a life!
27 days ago
Thanks. I stopped loving them a while ago; it's morphed into much more than that for me, I'm afraid. Can't get enough, although I keep hoping I can. Never works out, though.
27 days ago
Ha! My comments merely reflect the frightening depth of my addiction to panties and hidden cams, especially when they're in combination. I'm starting to think I'm a little more perverse than most people, which is troubling. But I can't help it, and thanks to people like you, I'm able to absolutely ENJOY it. So thanks for your great upskirts. If only I could have these girls sit on my face . . .
27 days ago
Best comments ever
28 days ago
love panties as well nice profile