The Making of Mistress Michelle

“Are you crazy Michelle? You’re not gonna put that shit on the internet, on a porn site?!”

Michelle pulled back her long blonde hair and looped a squishy around it to get it out of the way. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed in a black knee-length t-shirt, computer in lap. She looked up over her shoulder at her girlfriend Stacey and blushed bright red.

“Yes, why not? I’m never get asked on a date, never know what to say when I am. Boys only looking for one thing. Why not put my fantasies out on the internet, get someone to talk to me.”

When Stacey didn’t say anything, Michelle chewed her lip and grimaced a moment, obviously debating a decision. She offered her laptop to her friend with one hand. With the other she hiked up her t-shirt, revealing her sopping wet panties, and blurted out, “God damn Stacey, look at the size of the cocks on these guys that are posting! Shit, got me so fucking hot.”

Stacey grabbed the laptop and looked at the results of the ‘athletic man’ search.

“Oh…MY…GAWD!!! They can’t be real,” licked her lips slightly while staring at the screen, then looked back at her best friend who was smirking, then the screen again, “OMG, really?”

“Give me that, let me show you this guy giving it to someone in her fucking ass. She looks just like you!”


Three months later….

Geez, what’s a girl got to do. Told the world my personal bucket list, my fantasies… that I wanted to have sex in a dress and heels, wear a butt plug in public, a photo shoot sitting on a guy’s dick encased in black latex and on and on, and what have I gotten in return? An endless stream of unasked for cam-to-cam shots of guys jacking off and propositions to have my face covered in cum. Guess I’ll give it one more shot….let’s see, try a more specific search: Texas, athletic, new men…enter…. 13 guys: 10 with no pics, 2 with dick picks, and one with a camera? What the hell….

Michelle: “Hey camera man, you wanna talk?”

….5 minutes….

Cameraman: “Sure. I saw your bucket list. Damn that’s both inventive and really erotic girl!”

OMG, a human, not a cock with a mouth?! What to say, what to say?

Michelle: “mmmm. Glad you like it.”

Shit, shit that was dumb. What’s his profile? Wants a woman, check. Athletic, check. Multimillionaire, oh boy check…well, maybe, maybe not, could be an ass or just lying…amateur photographer, CHECK!

Cameraman: “Really like that you’re so adventurous, open to new things. You actually already wore that butt plug in public. Hot!”

OK, OK, I got this…get his attention.

Michelle: “Yeah, bought one way too big. Ha, ha. Took me 10 minutes to get it in. Walked all the way from K to P-Street at high noon.”

….3 minutes pass….

What’s he thinking?

Camerman: “Ha! Bet you put your swagger on for that promenade! Wish I had been there to take pictures of your face. Must have had a BIG smile on!”

Michelle: “Yup!”

Shit, should have said more.

Cameraman: “Like your pics. So natural, beautiful, don’t see that a lot on this site. Never seen a bucket list like that. Why not combine some of them? Have sex in public while fucking in a dress and heels. Those long legs of yours, beautiful hazel eyes, sweet smile…geez any guy in the world would help you fulfill that fantasy!”

Maybe this guy’s OK?

Michelle: “Awww man, thanks!”

Cameraman: “Easy to speak truth girl.”

Change the subject?

Michelle: “You’re a photographer?”

Camerman: “Well, kind of…retired…just a hobby of mine, why?”

Shit, should I ask?

Michelle: “Well, I do have that other bucket list item…the photo shoot one…”

… 4 minutes pass….

Shit, did he hang up? No. Light’s still green. Kind of like this guy. Seems intelligent, has brains in his head, bl**d flow there, rather than just in his other head.

Camerman: “Hmmm, not what I normally do, you know, x-rated stuff. And seems a bit odd honestly…but oddly hot as well…actually getting me oddly hot and getting hard.”

Michelle: “Oh, nice ! It's my pleasure ;-)”

Camerman: “Just looked at some of your photos, geez, and thinking about the lucky guy that’s going to get you to sit on him in those black latex shorts with his dick in that latex sheath… Fuck, now I'm talking, I’m hard like my avatar hard, bright shiny cock head like a glistening plum, need both my hands to jack properly”

Michelle: “Oh my…WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”

Cameraman: “LOL. You’ve done just great! It turn you on I’m turned on?”

Michelle: “I love that you're enjoying it too. And the fact that my ideas are making you hard are a big compliment for me.”

….5 minutes pass….

Cameraman: “Back now, ummm…. What were we talking about before that? Yes, are you asking me to shoot your bucket list item? I mean you live in Toledo, Ohio, me in Texas. Don’t know that’s practical.”

Michelle: “Yeah, true. But if you were here, you might do it? I mean, you think it would make a good photo, you know, black latex covered cock in me while I ride it.”

Camerman: “Well, uh, yeah, be hot, I mean, be an x-rated hit for sure with you in it, on it... you know what I mean! I’d just need to right light and angle, right chemistry going between us on the shoot.”

Michelle: “Really, makes me feel good you like the idea. Gives me confidence.”

…..4 mintues pass….

Cameraman: “Ummm…look I don’t mean to be forward or nothing, but, if you’re…”

….2 minutes pass….

Cameraman: “You realize I’m not some twenty something guy. I’m let’s say more mature and experienced. Not fat or ugly or anything, just not twenty you know. So, let me ask right out. You want me to be the latex guy or do the shot or what?”

Michelle: “Honestly? I mostly need a photographer. Want this to be a business arrangement.”

Camerman: “Got it, thanks. Look, add me as a favorite or invite me if you want so we can chat later. Right now I have to go.”

Michelle: “Ok, bye.”


Stacey was pacing the room, rubbing her hands together, brows knit in deep concentration, “So, that was two weeks ago. He hasn’t posted since?”

She gave her best friend a little smile. It saddened her to see her Michelle’s normally glowing hazel eyes, dimmed. A frown on her typically cheerful face.

“Nope. Not a word to me. Maybe he’s been talking to somebody else but I don’t think so.”

When Stacy arched her eyebrows in a question, Michelle sheepishly continued, “Been checking his ‘friends’ page every day and nobody else has been added.”

“Shit hon! You’re stalking a guy, on a porn site who talked about his bulging penis to you in your one and only chat! Michelle, baby, we need to get you fucked by someone. You know a REAL person.”

“Fuck you. Liked him a bit. Well, not really. Well, liked him enough to be able to fulfill my fantasy of a photo shoot with a latex covered dick. Shit, I don’t know. I must be crazy.”

Stacey grimaced and waved her hand exasperated, “Crazy as shit you may be but…Ok girl. Tell you what, a bet alright. I’ll sign on right now. If he’s there and wants to talk, great, you talk and plot and stalk and…shit whatever. If not, that’s it. Gonna erase your hard drive to get rid of the password for that website, burn your diary, shred that secret password page you keep hidden behind the LOTR books. Alright, deal?”

She grabbed the laptop and logged in, went to the dating tab, then the message center. A big “1” was displayed under Cameraman’s name. Stacey clicked on it, “Shit!”

Michelle laughed, “What, you saw one of those giant dick avatars?”

“No, look for yourself.”

Cameraman: “Hey Michelle. Been busy on a shoot the past couple weeks but gonna be in Toledo on the 23rd . Got another gig. Where are you? Call me at 281-446-4356 if you want to hook-up.”

“Twenty third, shit the twenty third! That’s tomorrow. What am I gonna do?”

“Well first we’re gonna buy a gun.”

Michelle looked at Stacey, completely baffled, at loss for words.

Stacey replied sternly, “Not for you silly, me. That’s for me when I go with you wherever you’re planning you idiot. Oh, and then you better figure out where you’re gonna get those damn “anatomically correct black latex pants” by tomorrow. Jesus, can’t believe I just said that.”


I was no expert but he seemed real good at his job. The past couple hours I’d watched as he shot a series of headshots and modeling poses for his client, his ostensible reason for being in town. The studio was pretty elaborate, big warehouse space downtown with soaring ceilings. Quite a set-up in the middle area with lights, reflectors, and various backdrops. Beat music blasting, he’d cajoled and encouraged the young woman he was shooting through hundreds of poses. A young male assistant would adjust lights, hand him other cameras when instructed.

I’d watched him more than her. Like he’d said in our chat a couple weeks ago, maybe fortyish. What he hadn’t said was how good looking.

He obviously spent a lot of time outdoors, despite the sweltering summer heat in southern Texas and was nicely tanned. It really brought out his unusually sky-blue eyes. He moved about the small studio snapping pictures with an athleticism: broad shoulders, narrow waist, tight ass. Best I could give for an overall impression was a slimmer version of Michael Douglas in that movie I’d watched on Netflix a couple months ago called Romancing the Stone.

Stacey had come as promised. She was trying to look stern sitting in the corner on the other side of the room. Tight jeans, jack boots, and a white cotton blouse untucked outside her pants. The latter to hide the presence of the 38 revolver she had stuck in her waistband in back.

He was wrapping up his shoot, coming over.

“So Michelle, how’d you like the action. Give you any ideas for yourself? By the way love the crimson silk dress and matching Louboutins, really shows off your calves.”

I blushed as red as my outfit, desperately hoping he had the grace to ignore it. “Oh, hey thanks for noticing Ed. Bought this outfit earlier this year, right after making that bucket list you so liked.”

I looked down at myself as he commented. Fitted tightly from waist to a high neck in front, the crimson red silk dress felt cool and sexy against my bare breasts. Below the waist it fell to just above my knees in narrow pleats, and I knew it flounced sexily when I walked in my matching red, four-inch heels.

In reality I’d run out and bought the outfit yesterday, paid a week’s salary. Wanted the pictures to be just right. Stacey had been the one who’d made the final dress selection.

I reflexively smoothed the front with one hand which pulled the dress even tighter, making my nipples standout, hardening them.

Can’t believe that happened. Was he staring? No, he was looking into my eyes, so hot!

“You ready for the shoot? I thought you’d have your male model here already. When’s he coming?”

Now for the surprise, see how he takes it.

“Ed, change of plans.”

He looked at my quizzically, one eyebrow raised. Maybe even a bit annoyed at the delay.

I quickly pulled out the latex pants from my oversized handbag, shook them out. Like shiny black bicycle shorts but with an anatomically correct cock and balls extending out from the crotch. The cock and balls part bounced as I shook them gently in the air between us.

“You’re the model.”

If it wasn’t for the strap around his neck, the camera he was holding would have hit the floor. His expression, relaxed and friendly before, shifted. His mouth opened into that frankly unattractive gaping fish mouth, eyes wide.

Shit, had I fucked up?!

I saw Stacey start to get up, obviously sensing something odd was happening, reaching behind her back, but I waved her away with a sharp gesture.

Ed’s eyes blinked rapidly a few times and then that big, sloppy, Golden Retriever smile I’d seen him give his model friend during the shoot appeared. His eyes crinkled at the edges and lifted up. The whole affect was like a small sunrise had just occurred.

“Chelly, babe. I’d be honored. Give me a minute.”

He snatched the shorts from my hand and headed to a screened area. I knew I had to press my other agenda quickly, wanted this shoot to still be professional, but also wanted to fulfill another fantasy, one of control. I had to be dominant today.

In as low and commanding a voice as I could muster I yelled, “STOP!”

He froze mid stride like someone expecting to find a gun pointed at him, then turned to face me, puzzled.

“Uh…uh…I thought you wanted me to put them on. Was just going to the changing area.”

His confidence was faltering. Had him!

“Yes. Put them on. Now. Here! IN…FRONT…OF…ME!” I almost shouted.

He staggered back a step and stopped, obviously still confused.

Had I pushed him too far?

But that smile quickly came back. He understood.

“Yes Mistress Michelle. Anything you want,” and signaled for his assistant to reposition the photographic equipment.

He slowly unbuttoned the denim shirt he was wearing and stripped it off. He wasn’t an overly large man, about six foot even and maybe 180 pounds. He was still taller than me by a number of inches even in my heels. But he was well muscled, shoulders broad, biceps and pecs well developed, abs very prominent. I caught myself licking my lips. He kicked off his penny loafers, unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down. I found I was breathing harder in anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed as his cock was freed, already partially erect.

He stepped into the shorts, was struggling to yank them into place and stopped.

“Mistress, I can’t seem to pull them all the way up,” and gave me a dejected look.

Remembering what the store owner had said, I dug out the baby oil and tossed it to him, “Oil-up boy-toy.”

He laughed, a deep, thick chuckle and squirted it all over his thighs, cock, ass and rubbed in around, his cock continuing to grow in size. When done he pulled the shorts almost all the way up. The latex cock and balls were extended, hanging just below his own.

Shit I was so fucking wet. NO! The point of this fantasy was to have pictures. Make the shoot. This is a business proposition and my fantasy about dominance, not sex.

“Now the rest Ed.”

With that, he began stroking himself, the oil making his cock glisten, stiffening a bit more…not too erect or he’d never fit into the cock and balls of the costume. I’d seen that monster avatar of his.

“Alright, done. What now Mistress?” That smile again.

I grabbed him by the waist, tempted to grab him elsewhere, and pulled him roughly over to the studio area. His assistant was trying to look all business but I could tell he was closely watching the two of us. Stacey had come over and I saw she was excited, no hiding those nipples in her tight shirt.

Ed had recovered his composure, a bit, and was back to business, in his environment. He gently pried my hand away and said, “Michelle, I’ll lie down here. See the angle of the camera and the lights? I’ve planned all the shots. My assistant can take them for me. Babe, try to follow the general outline I gave you. But more important, be natural, ad-lib too.”

He laid down, flat on his back on a thick gym pad. The shiny black latex shorts were so tight on his thighs and hips and his encased balls. I wondered if it was painful. And his cock stood straight out, a slight pulse visible even beneath the latex covering.

“Shake out that long hair of yours hair babe. Tousle it. Give it that sexy slept in look. Now lower yourself onto me. No, not all the way. Straddle me, like you’re half way through a deep knee bend. That’s right, now pull up your skirt right to your crotch. Oh my god, you’re not wearing panties!”

“Of course not silly. This is an x-rated shoot!”

“Ah, yeah, of course. Jesum. OK. Ah. Like I said, squat partially facing me. Pull that skirt up. Yeah. That’s it. Shows those long sexy legs, that tan-line contrast. Now sway a couple inches above my cock, think about fucking me babe. Get yourself hot. That emotion will show in the pictures. Johann, start snapping already damnit!”

The camera flash must have gone off fifty times as Johann took pics front and back. Oh, and the back of my dress. Not tight fitted. The dress exposed my entire muscular back, dropped to mid ass, folds of silk pooling right on my butt crack. Stacey had told me you could see half my ass if you looked straight down.

After a few minutes of this dance, he changed tactics. “OK darling, now the penetration shots. But give me a minute.”

He was still lying down and levered himself up on one elbow. He grabbed his cock in his right hand and began stroking, stroking, stroking. Stacey came up closer, watching. She was now unabashedly fondling her breasts. BOTH of them were now making me hot. My pussy was moist, actually starting to drip, which was good for what came next.

Satisfied with his erection, Ed instructed Johann to pick up another camera and take position, then said in a voice a little less than steady, “Mistress Michelle, I believe it’s time to fuck me now. At least I sure as hell hope so.”

I smiled a sweet, little-girl smile, rather than a domineering one, but replied with some steel in my voice, “No slave. I’m not going to fuck you yet, just gonna let your cock-tip inside me.”

With that I pulled my dress up with one hand, all the way to my belly button, and with the other guided him two inches inside my pussy. He slipped in, no problemo. I heard him moan. Amazingly, it seemed he could feel the heat of me through the latex covering. For me, that latex covered cock felt cooler than I expected and rougher, pulling slightly at my labia despite the oiling. I swayed and bobbed on top of him while Johann flashed again and again from every possible angle and then we repeated it with me riding him reverse cowgirl style.

Finished with that segment. I had to stand, give the calf and thigh muscles a break. Ed started to get up but I pushed him down with one spike heel.

“You are NOT done.” I commanded. Stacey looked at me with surprise, that directive voice something she’d never heard before.

Ed asked, “What do you mean?”

I pulled my dress over my head, revealing my breasts, nipples so erect that even the silk slithering across them had felt like rough burlap.

“Now anal babe, now anal.”

I saw his Adams apple gulp and whatever stiffness he had lost during our short hiatus had returned, and more. This was something I had not expected despite getting the thinnest, almost condom-thin, outfit for him. Guess he was as much a stud as his avatar pic suggested!

I’d come prepared. Full double enema and cleaning before the shoot and fully lubed. I straddled his legs, looking right into those startling blue eyes. Never losing eye contact, I grabbed his latex covered cock and squirted and rubbed more oil on it. It took both hands to grasp it fully. I slowly stroked him up and down and felt him swell what I imagined must have been painfully tight against the confines of the costume’s cock appendage. The oil dripped down the rest of the latex outfit and I spread it around to make the shorts sheen brightly in the lights. Satisfied now, I lifted up, still fixing his eyes, seeing the anticipation on his face build, and inserted him in my ass.

God he was so thick! I pushed outward, as if trying to have a bowel movement, trying to make room, expand my anus and it and the lube worked. He slipped in an inch, two inches.

“Jesus fuck Chelly, Jesus Fuck!”

I laughed raucously, d***k with this power. Johann was snapping like a madman. To my utter surprise Stacey had dropped her pants, was standing behind Johann and was fingering her cunt frantically. All I could think was, ’Good thing Johann can’t see that or we’d never get any pictures!’

Completely naked, except for my red Louboutin, four inch heels, I squatted and dipped, flexing my pelvis to drive him in an out while he lay motionless on the floor. Johann turned up the beat music, louder, pounding. I could feel the vibrations in the air against my hot skin. The camera was flashing. I was fucking him, not him fucking me…and in my ass! Sweat was dripping down my body from the exertion, pooling in my navel. I could see Ed’s face, the flushing, his legs tensing. I slowed my pace, teasing him.

“Now reverse cowgirl for you slave.”

I readjusted, laid back full length along and atop his chest, my arms spread for support. His hard, black-latex covered cock slipped in my ass so easily this time. No longer slightly cool to the touch, my tight, hot ass had heated and steamed him like a fiery brand! He placed his hands on my back to help me arch more fully, better to expose my dripping cunt and his cock now four inches inside my asshole to Johann’s snapping camera. The six-pack abs I worked so hard on in the gym, perfectly revealed in the shoot, my nipples now so erect they must have looked like miniature missiles ready to launch. I was losing control. I thrust and bounced and gyrated on that huge hard cock for several long minutes, my hair whiplashing his chest below.

In a haze of lust I barely noticed the camera flashing had stopped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Johann staring at Stacey, half naked and thrusting her fingers deep inside her pussy at the sight of all this. He had pulled down his pants and started to jack.

Even as aroused as he was, Ed was aware that the camera flashes had stopped and was completely committed to me fulfilling my fantasy.

“Johann, stop the fuck jerking off and take the pictures you’re paid for. God damn, this arched-back pose Chelly is holding is fucking exhausting for her!”

Despondently, Johann picked up the camera. To my astonishment, Stacey knelt down next to him and was started to slowly stroke his hard cock, careful not to do it too vigorously and jar his camera aim. The flashes went off again like crazy, 10, 20, 50 pictures rattling off as I ground on his latex covered cock now a full six inches deep in my ass.

Fuck, I hope he has a fast exposure going because I wasn’t just posing anymore! I was humping the shit out of that cock!

But Ed had gone quiet the last minute and I noticed his “attention” was flagging. I stopped and lifted off him, oil dripping from my ass. I swung around and knelt down, straddling his thighs, facing him. The camera flash stopped and I heard moaning behind me, ignored it, focused on Ed’s sweat covered chest, his flushed face.

“Babe, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing…well…you’re hot as hell but I just can’t feel you like I should through this outfit. Got nothing to do with you, just this damn latex barrier.”

Realizing that we had all the photos we needed and GOD DAMN I was turned on at this point I flashed a broad smile at him and said, “Darling, how about you dominate me for a little while then,” and grasped the waist of his shorts dragging them down his ankles and then completely off.

Before I could toss them away he was up on his feet. He grabbed me, pushed me f***efully on the matt, face down. Kneeling behind me, he jammed all nine inches of his monstrously thick cock full length into my pussy with one stroke.

“Jesus God Ed!”

Pounding, pounding, pounding. I was dripping oil from my ass, juice from my pussy. He was thrusting one finger up my butthole in time with his cock while the other hand was wrapped around me, madly rubbing my swollen clit.

I was so god damn turned on I screamed, “Fuck me. Fuck me to death Ed. God Damn it!”

No longer the shy reticent young twenty something anymore!

It didn’t take long. My thighs started to quiver. I could feel my whole body flush from navel to my face, red hot. I was panting like a dog after chasing down a rabbit in the summer heat!

I convulsed violently. The muscles from my tummy all the way down to my pussy lips rhythmically rolled. Then again, and again, and again. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop! The only thing that was holding me up off the ground was Ed’s monster cock in me. Then I felt him begin to stiffen up against me, heard a low groan and felt him pull out.

I rolled over on my back and saw him kneeling, his back straight. He almost leaped astride my thighs to get closer tightly, clutching his cock in one hand his balls in the other. His cock was so stiff and hard, the head bright purple and shiny from my pussy juice. It was standing proud at a 45 degree angle upward!

He jacked it once. A rope of cum shot out three feet. I could see the stream shooting straight at me and then it splashed on my breasts, hot and sticky. I smeared it with one hand up and down my body. The veins in his dick were so distended, I could see them pulsing with each beat of his heart. He stroked three more times, another stream spewed out even further. Some spluttered onto my chin. I wiped it off and licked my fingertips. Salty! I thought his eyes would pop out of his head when I did that. He grunted violently, like a pig just stuck up the ass with a cattle prod. A final three strokes and the cum began burbling out of the end of his dick like a small waterfall, dribbling onto my cunt, completely covering the small patch of hair I never shaved.

Then he collapsed on top of me: his chest heaving, his minty breath in my face, his blue eyes just inches from my hazel ones. I could feel the sticky cum between our bodies causing us to slip and slide as I clasped him tightly, caressing his fine hair.

He kissed me gently on the lips and said, “Happy Birthday Mistress Michelle. Hope you like the pics!”

Written by edintx. Inspired by the PM’s and fantasies of Michelle_91 at xham.
Copyright March, 2014

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24 days ago
Soooo.... just the tad of a Dom in our devil girl? Thanks!
24 days ago
oh wow.. this was so good ..trying to hold it together reading this, failing though hehehehehe
6 months ago
This is not good ... so much cartoon research available all in one spot ... OH MY ...
6 months ago
Great job with the script.
But when's the movie coming out ? I'm dying to see it !!
6 months ago
That was all Ed's idea. He's the real writing genius here :-)
6 months ago
Well done, Michelle and Ed!
Good idea to have two additional characters for this story.
8 months ago
Oh I totally agree, this story SHOULD be turned into a movie ! I'd even pay quite some money to see it.
But secretly, I wish Ed and I could be behind the camera, directing the movie and giving instructions here and there, so that the actors portray our characters the way we pictured them in our minds ;-)
8 months ago
WOW!! With praise like that... you've just passed the horniness so I may have to do something now as well, lol! Michelle is a real person. Go see her profile. :^)
8 months ago
I almost slid off my chair I got so wet reading this! Thankfully my throbbing plumped pussy lips kept me attached to my seat! Pictures are fine, but, this should (in bold italics) be a movie!!! Excuse me while I go fantasize and masturbate! Michelle rocks! As you do too, Ed!!!
10 months ago
I saw that. I wouldn't mind being that lucky guy myself. I can't wait to hear about her experience with it.
10 months ago
Thanks for the wonderful comment. Check Michelle's profile page. She's now interviewing people to try and find just the "right guy" for the photo shoot. If you know a great, sweet guy, send them her way.
10 months ago
Amazing story, let's hope it actually happens one day.
10 months ago
Finest kind! What Paul and Belle said... :) Good & plenty! Encore!
10 months ago
Thanks for the comment on the story! If Michelle ever consents to another collaboration, we'll see if we can "work you in", LOL!!
10 months ago
I hope Ed makes a return trip to the Buckeye state!!!
I'd love to be his next assistant!!!
11 months ago
This sounds like we should discuss a possible "Part Two" at some point :-)
You already know that this is my most favorite erotic story ever and that I admire your writing skills. Of course I'd love to read some more from you !
11 months ago
Ms. Belle, thank you for that wonderful comment. It means a lot to me for you to say it is a new favorite. :^)
11 months ago
It's possible. It will depend on Michelle. I wouldn't write one about her without her permission.
11 months ago
wonderfully written. I loved the narrative and the artful setting of the scene. It's a new favorite, i am sure i will cum back to it again and again ;)
thanks for sharing,
11 months ago
A masterful job of bringing Michelle's fantasies to life. Well paced and clearly written, allowing the reader to feel the heat of the action. I enjoyed thinking about Stacey in the background, adding an extra layer to the erotic scene.

There is certainly enough potential for a Part Two of this story, and maybe more.