The light will be on to guide you home...
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OK, first obviously that's not me.

I like the porn here of course but even more the social interaction.

I only friend people who want to talk and will talk about most anything. I don't collect friends. If I get to know someone well enough and they're interested, I find it a lot of fun to write a personalized story for them about their sexual fantasies.

Things I like:
o Imaginative and innovative people either confident or shy
o Talking to people about anything that comes to mind. I will admit that given this is a porn site, chatting with a sexual edge is rather delicious.
o If you are interested, my basic tastes in porn span from young to middle aged women and doing any of an innumerable acts.

Things I don't like:
o Rude or intolerant people.
o Pedos, scat, bestiality. I'm sure there are lots of others but these are at the top of my "no" list in sexual things

I'm just here to have fun and hope to be able to do that with others. I try not to offend but if I ever do, tell me what I did rather than just running off into the xham wilderness.
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24 minutes ago
1 hour ago
LOL... me and my friends are pleasantly confused all the time. Please join in!
2 hours ago
Sabrina! Honey! So glad to see you are back. I knew your passion and compassion could not keep you away for long. The little spinning wheel here has been going crazy as always. Will drop you a PM.
2 hours ago
Well, I have to admit I've never had a wolf howling video left on my profile!
3 hours ago
Hey Ed! You know how much I missed you? Xxxxxxxooo thisssss much. What all's been happening up in the hamster cage since I've been gone?
6 hours ago
then alternatively on offer: ac/dc's Thunderstruck on Chello:
(0:15 on it's there.)
8 hours ago
a wolf crie (to signal around their presence, as follows: Wolf Howling Compilation www.youtube.com/watch?v=op7fRsvWowA

if on;y that would lure HK back. somehome i think a cracking whip would do more of the thrick (rhymes his name. and predilection. wha??! yep.) ;-)
8 hours ago
as long as he doesn't preform his disapearing act. ;-)

bound in a box, submerged, with seconds of air. reappearing out of nowhere (note the wrong spelled, yet rhyming)!
8 hours ago
"The light will be on to guide you home..."

it had better be a bright star..
cuz i'm lost in outerspace.
12 hours ago
noticed,I mean, now I got you and your friends confused,lol.
12 hours ago
Great, you niced my poetic side ,then.
12 hours ago
^__^ I like your saying better! ^__^
13 hours ago
Hmmm, nice. let the flickering light of wisdom guide you on your way home.
1 day ago
Awww... thank you.
1 day ago
LOL... I guess you can add that move to your most recent vid!
1 day ago
i can't stop lookin' at this

1 day ago
S M I L E ! ! ! And you turn the world on or at least me!!!
1 day ago
HA! Remember that gif you sent me awhile back, of a woman pulling her shirt up slowly and then revealing her boobs? And I said that gave me a vid idea? Well, that vid is on its way! ;P
1 day ago
BUSTED! Or given who is making the comment... BUSTY!
1 day ago
Incognito indeed... And you look awfully smug about it!
1 day ago
Yes he is. I hope he hasn't slipped the bonds of xhamster for good this time. Take up the cry for his return! HK55 where rrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuuuuu! ^__^
1 day ago
Re status : HK is our favorite Houdini!
2 days ago
I bow to you, my dear. Thank you so much for the invite. ^__^
2 days ago
Mr ed .. i would ne honoured if you accept my friends request .. if not, no worries i still will love the puppy .. hehe :))
2 days ago
LOL... it's not my toe that is responding to your new look. ^__^
2 days ago
trying to keep you on your toes Mr Ed :)... hehe.... kiss
2 days ago
Depends on friends and their trends.
(I'm a big poet, all the words END in "ends").
2 days ago
Surely someone become a troll.
3 days ago
LOL... do people turn into goblins when they reach 400 on xhamster?
3 days ago
Be prepared, 400th is coming.
3 days ago
It is full of passion isn't it... just like you!
3 days ago
So nice to find a greeting from you to start the week. I'm sure it will get my fingers moving...
4 days ago
Your latest fav vid "thirsty" is a inspiration for my mind
4 days ago
a fresh week with a fresh smile.. hope you enjoy it what ever you do... :))

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