Going to California pt1

My name is Anthony. I was designing games for a great company in Philadelphia. I enjoyed my career and the company I worked for when I was presented with a very lucrative job opportunity with a major gaming company in LA. Despite the fact that I’d have to leave everything and everyone I’d known, I had no choice but to accept the offer. I had no idea how sexy things were about to get.

The difference between the east and west coast was drastic, but once the culture shock faded, I found myself in a comfortable daily routine. Part of that routine was becoming a regular at the local coffee shop. I went there every morning and had noticed that this particularly hot chick was always there around the same time that I was. Everything about this girl was different from what I was used to and I had to get to know her. I was uncharacteristically shy (possibly because of the move). After making eye contact with her several times, I could tell there was an attraction so I decided to feel her out with some small talk. This continued for a couple of weeks and when I felt confident enough with her, I decided to take the conversation further. I could tell she had a strong attraction to me just by her body language. I gave her my number and we started to get to know one another through text messages and chatting online. These conversations quickly became sexual in nature and before too long we were sending naked pictures of ourselves to each other and doing what can only be described as “sexting” or “cybersex”. Knowing that she was cumming from these “talks” made the anticipation of our first actual date almost unbearable.

It wasn’t long before we finally made plans to go out and have a few drinks. I could tell she was turned on as soon as we met at the bar. She sat close to me and placed her hand on my inner thigh (any closer and she would have been holding my cock). My hand went to her inner thigh as well and her legs slowly parted to reveal the warm moist crotch of her panties. She leaned over and told me that the only reason we met at the bar was so she didn’t seem like a slut, but as turned on as she was she no longer cared about first impressions. She suggested we leave the bar and get a room as close as possible because she couldn’t wait to taste my cock.

Once we’d checked in, she told me how she’d fantasized about this moment and the urge to fuck me right now was uncontrollable. She slowly undressed down to her panties and then turned to me and began taking my clothes off. Once I was down to my boxers she led me to the bed and began kissing me. Her lips felt so nice against mine that it was hard to slow down. I firmly grabbed her by the back of her neck with her hair as I kissed her and she started to moan. She grabbed my hand with hers and guided me down inside her panties so I could feel how wet she was. I began touching her pussy and rubbed her clit until she almost came. I didn’t want to stop touching her so I began feeling her big breasts. She liked my firm hand on them and let me know it with her soft moans. I saw her hand disappear as she removed her panties. I could see her hand moving around as she played with her clit. Her body continued to move with every moan. She looked at me and told me she was going to cum and let out a loud moan. After she climaxed, she climbed on top of me and slid down my body until my cock was in her mouth. My cock was beyond hard and with every stroke of her mouth she kept moaning. She was enjoying this almost as much as I was and it was even hotter knowing how turned on she was getting by sucking on my cock. She sat up and I put her on her side turned away from me so I could enter her from behind. As soon as I entered her, she let out another moan. As I slid my hard cock all the way inside of her, she started moving her hips back and forth to control how deep and how fast I was inside of her. After a little while, she stopped so I would take over and continue thrusting my cock in her. I rolled her onto her stomach and continued to stroke her nice and deep. I could tell Carmen was about to cum again so I slowed my rhythm down. I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet and wanted to tease her some first. With every thrust, I made sure I completely exited her pussy before I re-entered. I repeated this for a while until she was on the verge of cumming and then I completely pulled my cock out of her drenched pussy and laid it between her pussy lips. I slowly slid my cock between her wet pussy lips until her breathing became so heavy I felt as though she was going to cum right then. At that moment I slid my cock back into her pussy so slowly that I could feel every bit of her- inside and out. She let out the most satisfied moan I’d ever heard and my cock was welcomed with a wetness that can only be described as dripping. My slow thrusts were getting her more and more wet when her moaning let me know she was about to cum…hard. Even without her moans, her pussy had become wet enough to let me know of her juicy climax. I’d worked myself up as well so that I could cum at will. Once her moaning became loud enough to inform me of her impending orgasm , I let my cum loose as well. I pulled out as we both came. I watched her pussy contract and release as the mixture of our cum dripped from her pussy and across her asshole to the sheet below. I dropped beside her on my back with a cathartic exhaustion. We looked at each other and began to grin the grin that only two people who had fucked as we had are familiar with. Without saying a word we both understood that this was only the beginning of a very dirty friendship...

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3 years ago
Nice story. She sounds like a keeper. Thanks.