We Met

"Do you want to do something?"

"I don't really know. I've thought about it for a long time. And, it seems like this is all I can think about. But, now that we are here, .... I don't know. I am REALLY anxious and very nervous! Maybe even scared! This is a big deal for me!!"

"It's a big deal for me too. You might not have noticed, but I'm even shaking a little. I'm anxious too.... What are you scared about?"

"Like I said, this is a very big deal for me. I'm married with k**s. If they ever found out about this, I could lose a lot! My parents and s****rs wouldn't like it either."

"The same is true for me. But, this isn't about them, it's for us. We don't want to throw everything we have away, AGREED. But I don't think this craving will ever stop. We can torment ourselves and never know, or we can discover what it's like. You don't have to worry about me calling at odd hours, or embarrassing you. Our sharing and discovery is just between the two of us."

"It's still scary. It goes against a lot of moral standards and taboos I grew up with. I still don't know why I'm even attracted to cock. I'm not having an emotional attraction to any guy, .... I just find myself sexually aroused by the thought of touching another man, and him touching me. Then letting him in my mouth, and maybe even letting him fill my ass. I can't stop thinking about it!"

"Those are some interesting choices of words. No 'jacking-off,' 'blow-jobs,' or 'fucking.' What's the story behind such conserved expressions?"

"I guess my upbringing again. I didn't grow up with any swearing or foul language. My folks were big on going to church."

(Smiling) "There you go again. But it's nice. I think it describes me too. The worst word my dad used was 'horse's neck.' My folks would never understand a man being attracted to another man either. But, this burning desire is there, and never seems to go away for me either. I've wondered quite a lot, why I have this desire. ... I brought a few DVDs, you want to watch and talk about them?"


"We don't have to do anything. I just think it will be fun to watch and get each other's thoughts and reactions. If this gets us going, then that's OK too. Did you bring any videos?"

"I didn't bring any. Sorry. I don't have any either. I just don't have a good place to hide them. I only watch on-line. That's difficult too sometimes to sit in front of the computer and release my tension."

"OK. I can 'fire-up' the internet, if you'd like to watch a favorite over a DVD I brought."

"Ya. That will work! There are a few I'd like to share with you and get your reactions."

I connected to XHamster and we logged in. The favorite video on page three, was the video of choice, 97% rate, 28:36 length, "Cum with me." Just the title started to get me a little harder. It was a story of two men who get together and exchange blow-jobs. The clip started with the two actors kissing.

"I don't know if I could kiss another guy."

"I know what you mean. But in a sense, isn't it odd? Suck a cock, exciting; but kiss, NO! I've morphed my objections from a definite 'NO,' a year or so ago, to an ... If I feel like it, I'll try it. If it is too much, we can always turn away, and say NO."

"That's true."

The video was on and the actors were undressing each other. Then some shared hand-job stroking. Relatively quickly, the darker haired guy started a trail of kisses down the chest of the blonde.

"Do your nipples get hard when you're excited?"

"Ya. I think we all get hard like that."

"Your wife ever suck on your nipples?"

"Ya. The first time she did, it really got me excited."

"Same for me. I've sometimes wondered what it all feels like for a woman. ... Why is it OK for a woman to suck a cock, but it's the 'End of the World' if another man does it?"

"Ii don't know. I've thought about that too. And, it doesn't make sense."

"Are you hard?"


"Me too. I'd like to see your cock. Why not take it out? You can jack-off if you want. Watching this has me pretty hard. And I could see your package."

There was a long hesitation, but then Sam unzipped and opened his pants. As he did, I unfastened mine, and let them drop to the floor. Sam was VERY hard!! "You look really good. You've got a nice cock."

"Thanks. You look pretty good too."

I sat back down and we watched the video a little more.

"If you want to stroke it, that's OK with me. I guess that's one of the reasons we came here. What do you think?"

"I guess so."

With that we both relieved some of the tension, and slowly stroked ourselves. The actors in the video had repositioned and the darker guy was about to suck the blonde's cock. "Looks amazing doesn't it?"

"It sure does!"

We watched it even more. When the brunette let the cock slide in his mouth, we both gasped, and I'm sure we both got a little harder. I felt the first drop of precum ooze from my cock. "I'm oozing. What about you?"

"Ya. These videos get me going. I wish I was in that video. I sometimes watch for a couple of hours, edging before I cum."

"Me too. The time just seems to slip away. ... May I touch you? I want to know what another man feels like."

There was a very long pause. Then Sam said in a soft whisper, "Yes, go ahead; touch me."

I moved over and sat next to Sam. Now I was nervous and shaking with excitement as I reached for his cock. Now we were really crossing over from fantasy to reality. I think we both shook a little as my fingers wrapped around Sam's cock. It was as if electricity was passing between us. Again I felt my own cock get a little harder or twitch as it oozed some more precum. I squeezed just a little harder on the upstroke and ran my thumb over the head to see if Sam was oozing too. Sure enough, a nice large glob formed and then dripped off the head. "You're oozing precum."

"I usually do."

Ken's cock felt warm and hard in my hand. It was also soft in a way. But most of all, it felt erotically stimulating to stroke another man! Then my fantasy urge and desire washed over me, "I'd like to taste it. You OK with doing more? Or, we can stop. Do you want to ...? You OK with me going down on you?"

"I'm still nervous, but I've thought and fantasized about it for so long, and you're not scaring me .... So, go ahead if you want."

Now I was the scared one! I was leading this adventure, but now with a Green light," I realized I was about to suck my first cock! I leaned a little closer. Sam's penis looked big, but so good. I had to do "it!" I leaned all the way in and touched it to my lips. Instantly fireworks seemed to go off in my head. I slid the head across my lips and felt the slick precum coat and cling to my lips. I extended my tongue and tasted Sam's emissions. It was good!, wild!!, and I wanted more!!! I parted my lips and opened my mouth, I was about to cross a significant line and truly become actively "gay!" In a moment I wouldn't be able to ever again honestly say I was a "straight" man. But, I couldn't stop. I let it in, and more fireworks exploded in my head. Was it my "straight" self, leaving, or my "gay" self, coming alive? Whatever it was, it felt amazingly good and overpowering. I took in more and more. Feeling the head against my tongue and then touching the back of my mouth drove the thought home, I was now a "cocksucker!," or a "faggot!!" No one f***ed me to do "it," I wanted to suck Sam's cock! Another chill wash over me. There I was sexually joined to another man, cock to mouth! I wanted it to feel good for Sam, so I moved my lips over the entire length of his shaft. It must have been good, because Sam sighed a few times in satisfaction. I was living my fantasy. Shocks and shivers raked my body as I thought and concentrated on what I was doing. Sam's cock felt so good in my mouth. I loved the feel and the power I had over Sam, I was giving him pleasure and controlling his next orgasm. But, I had to stop. I didn't want this to be all one sided. Before Sam would cum in my mouth, he'd have to at least suck me a little too. I let Sam slip from my mouth, and I sat up.

"That was amazing. My wife hasn't sucked me like that in a long time. What was it like?"

"It's not like anything I've ever done before. It's an amazing feeling. I want you to cum in my mouth. But, I want you to try it first. I know you've fantasized about it. This is our chance to make it all happen."

"You're right. I want to, ... and after I cum, my desire drops." (That's what I was afraid of.)

"Do you want to now?"


"Then I'll help you if you'd like. Do you want me to help and guide you?"


"OK. Take off all of your clothes."

Ken stripped completely, and so did I. Then I sat on the sofa, but had my butt hang off the cushion a little.

"Now get comfortable between my legs. I want you to enjoy as much as possible too. Or, do you have another idea on how you'd like to do 'it'?"

"No, I think this is OK."

I looked down at Sam. He still looked scared and unsure. "Ken, I know you want to, so just go slow and enjoy every moment. Try to remember everything so if this is the only time we ever do this, you can relive it again and again. Start by just a kiss to the shaft. Start at the base and move to the head. When you're ready, let just the head in. Savor every step you take. Once it's in you've crossed that line. It's something that can never be undone. You will forever be a cocksucker! I'm one now. I've sucked a cock, your cock! Now it's your turn. Do you feel the significance? Do you want to discover?"

Ken whispered softly, "Yes."

A moment later, I felt his lips touch my shaft just below the head. It was only a few seconds later, and Sam had half of my penis in his mouth. It felt fantastic. I don't know why Sam went so fast, but now we were both cocksuckers, and on our way to becoming actively "gay!"

"Oh, Sam! That feels so good!" Sam moaned. He sounded happy to finally be sucking a cock. He took me in deeply and then just held me there, deep in his mouth. Then he began a rhythmic motion of stroking with his lips and slightly sucking with his mouth. I loved everything he was doing to me. Exquisite sensations surged through my body. I loved every moment. "Ken, I've never felt anything this good before. Oh! You're good!! This is amazing!!!" Sam continued sending erotic pleasures through me. It was too good, and in just a few minutes, I could feel my orgasm starting to build. "Ken, you're gonna make me cum if you continue."

Ken let me slip from his mouth and said, "I want you to cum. Don't hold back!"

WOW!!! Was this the same Sam who wasn't sure just 20 minutes ago? And now I'm gonna cum in his mouth!!! I knew it was his fantasy too, … But, ... WOW!!!

Then it began ... In my toes and in my chest I felt incredible pleasure, and the sensations raced quickly to my balls and cock, and then I came!!! Three strong blasts of pleasure shot through me, as my cum surged and pulsed into Sam's mouth! Then two more blasts, followed by a weaker sixth and seventh release. I couldn't remember the last time I came that hard! Sam just held me in his mouth. It was wonderful. I was in an amazing place savoring an incredible orgasm, and a warm loving mouth cradling my now softening penis. Then Sam let me slip from his mouth, and my first blow-job from a man was over.

"Oh Sam!, that was amazing!!! Let me return the favor."

We stood up to trade places. Before Sam sat down, we kissed. It was an uncontrollable passionate kiss between lovers. After our lips touched, Sam shared some of my cum with me! Amazing!!

Ken sat where I had, and I moved between his legs. Usually I have a desire drop off. But this was so different. I was on an emotional high, and I wanted to make Sam cum too! And I wanted him to cum in my mouth!!

Ken's erection was strong and firm. I gently pointed it at my mouth. It still looked so good. It seemed strange for just a moment, as I thought about the fact that I was about to suck a cock to completion! What would it feel like? What would it taste like? Would I swallow? Would it be exciting and satisfying as I'd imagined?

"Ed, I'm close. Sucking you just about made me cum. It's amazing! I want you to cross that line to be 'gay' too! I know you want it as much as I did, maybe more. Do 'it' Ed, suck my cock and I'll cum in your mouth just as you've fantasized! My cum will make you 'GAY!'"

The erotic talk was exciting, and a chill passed through me, he's gonna cum in my mouth!! I opened my mouth, and closed my lips around Sam's shaft. Another chill and an erotic wave of passion made my head spin. Then I thought about the cock in my mouth, it felt natural and good. Exciting, and at the same time wild and forbidden!

"Oh ya Ed!! That's it!"

I continued my movements, and Sam continued to sigh. Up and down, up and down. I flicked my tongue over the head collecting precum, and initiating more sighs and comments of pleasure. Then it started ...

"Oh Ed, I'm .... OH ... CUMMMMMIINNNGGGG!!!"

I felt Sam's cock expand just a bit, and the slightest moment later, my mouth was flooded with a warm slick fluid. I tried to seal my lips around the shaft as I was being "spermed!" It felt so amazingly wet. It tasted slightly like almonds, yet very different. But, it was knowing I made Sam cum, his sperm was in my mouth, and that I was now a "gay cocksucker" that made my head spin, and my heart beat faster. My own cock was hard again. Erotic pleasure sensations were shooting through me as I swallowed Sam's essence. We had merged. I held Sam in my mouth until he was soft. Then I let him slip from my mouth. I moved up to his face. He hugged me and I felt our cocks rub together as we kissed again!, Man to Man!!

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7 months ago
Good writing, great story with a pace and feel for a way a lot of us want things to go, sharing among equals, nice!
8 months ago
wow! hot
11 months ago
OMG! sooo hot and so true. guess I am gay now! hope my wife doesn't find out
11 months ago
A great story Ed - you have a great way with words and can really get into the characters - because they are very like you I guess. Well done - you really have a talent for expressing the emotion of it all
12 months ago
Hot story...Have you had a real first time yet?
12 months ago
I love this story makes me very hard.
1 year ago
let me be the first.reat great story...I almost came several times...