Another Fantasy

Michael and I decided to meet. It seemed our minds and secret inner desires were in the same place. I drove from the airport to the hotel and checked in. I was ahead of schedule, so I unpacked and took a shower. About an hour later, I walked over to the restaurant near the hotel we agreed to meet. I thought about all of the e-mails we wrote. Now if everything worked out as we hoped, we would finish the day having giving each other our first homosexual experience.

I wondered if Michael would make the half hour drive from Portland. He said that a few years ago his curiosity was getting the best of him, and he met an experienced man who would have shown him what "it" was like. They started to go to his place, but Michael "chickened-out" at the last moment before he even got to the man's apartment. Would Michael have second thoughts today?

During my flight and drive, I found myself fantasizing about how the afternoon would go. I would get hard, then semi-hard, then soft and hard again as all kinds of scenarios were going through my mind. I too continued to wonder how far I would go. Could I finally and really do "it?" Or would I "chicken-out?" My head was spinning and heart racing, as my emotions put my mind on a wild roller coaster ride. I continued to fantasize and contemplate what we were going to do. I even thought about turning around, calling everything off, and waiting some more! But, in the end I convinced myself that I couldn't do that. It wouldn't be fair to Michael, and this was something that inside I had fantasized about for too long. I would "kick myself" a thousand times if I didn't stay to meet Michael as we had agreed. This was something I was ready to do. I wanted to experience sex with another man, with Michael. The ultimate fantasy, to have a first time experience with another man who was inexperienced and curious just like me. As far as today went, at the very least, I had to meet Michael in person and say hello. But, my doubts and anxieties didn't go away completely.

Michael told me later that he had a difficult time keeping his mind off this meeting too, and the many things he wanted to say and do. He said he too played out different scenes in his head, and as I suspected, not meeting. But in the end the scene that won out was the one ending with two very happy and spent guys who had finally lived their erotic, forbidden, homosexual dreams.

Michael had been fantasizing and wondering for years just as I had. He understood my concerns, because he felt very much the same way. But that strong inner desire to experience sex with another man had taken control of both of us. He had to move to do something; pictures, stories, videos, and talking about it wasn't good enough any more. He was certain it would be everything he and I dreamt about; a day, an event, an experience that we would enjoy, never forget, not regret, and want to repeat together many times. If it worked out just right, it could be the first meeting of a very long and special friendship.

I got to the restaurant first. As we wrote in our e-mail, we decided to meet in the parking lot before going inside. Maybe we would go straight to the hotel. Maybe not ....

We told each other what we would be wearing and Michael described the kind of cars he would be driving. It wasn't but 5 minutes when I spotted Michael pulling into the parking lot. My heart skipped another beat as I realized this was really happening. Neither one of us had backed out.

Michael spotted me and parked nearby. He got out, and we looked at each other for a couple of seconds, glancing at each other's bodies, and wondering what we looked like in the buff. We both smiled realizing that we had been staring at each other. A moment later we introduced ourselves, shook hands, and headed toward the restaurant.

We started talking like we were old friends. Actually we knew things about each other that our other lifelong friends would not even suspect, imagine, or possibly understand. We talked a little about jobs, f****y, the weather, etc.

Finally Michael broke the ice and asked me what kinds of things I was looking for if the two of us were to decide to go through with it. I quietly talked about a few things that I had written about and Michael did the same. We frequently adjusted ourselves as we talked. We knew that we were breaking down the final barriers of our sexual inhibitions. Eventually, Michael said, "Well we've been talking and writing for quite awhile. Why don't we go back to the room and … see how it goes? No pressure and we can talk a lot easier there."

I sat and thought for a few moments. We were going to start the chain of events to our first experience. I felt at ease and comfortable with Michael. He was a nice friendly guy. Maybe I could do a little something I thought as I felt myself blush, realizing again that going to the room would make it so much easier to really do "it." I had traveled quite a way and it was too soon to end just now. I also wanted to talk a little freer than the restaurant allowed to hear some more from Michael. Going to the room would allow for that. Michael wasn't demanding anything. Maybe we would "just talk" and get together again tomorrow or the next day to "do something" if either one of us wasn't ready, or if that is what we decided to do. But, I was sure that Michael WAS ready NOW, ready to give me those experiences that I had fantasized about for so long! Michael seemed to be keeping all options and avenues open when he said, "see how it goes." There were no demands, conditions, or expectations made. And so, I agreed. That was a big, big step for both of us to take! Neither one of us were backing down this time.

Michael seemed excited that I was moving forward and that the probability of doing something was improving. Michael knew how nervous I was, he could see it in my face and actions. I seemed to see it in his face too. We were like school boys. Both of us were nervous, excited, and curious about going through with that first homosexual experience. We were satisfying our own desires, and at the same time helping another curious man over to the other side. Michael seemed to be much more certain and at ease about the direction he wanted to go than I did. Michael mentioned that the act of such incredible pleasure; one that could never be undone was what we both wanted. I smiled and felt my cock twitch at the thought, and knew that Michael was right. Doing it with a man who had never experienced these things made it a little nicer and maybe a little more exciting. Together, we would be discovering gay sex for the first time!

Michael seemed eager to turn his fantasies into reality. The anticipated intense physical pleasure of hot gay sex with him was getting closer! If it was what we hoped, I imagined we would share many experiences together, and today would be a great beginning. The excitement and pleasure that can be shared between two men is inconceivable to most people. We wanted to help each other as friends, to show each other, and give each other those intense pleasures we both wanted so badly.

We got up from the table and paid our bill. The hotel was just across the street. Michael walked with me and we went into my room. The first few moments were awkward, but as we stood and then sat near each other we both became more and more relaxed. After a few minutes we knew it would be all right. We sat and talked again for a pretty long time. At least time seemed to go slowly. Eventually, I got up and opened a bottle of wine I had brought along and put in the room earlier. We drank a few sips. After the first glass and a lot more talk, Michael made the first move when he reached out and put his arm around me, and with his other hand touched me on the chest. I leaned back on the sofa indicating an openness and the desire that I wanted to progress. I closed my eyes and savored the tingling sensations that surged through my body as Michael continued to touch me. All of the sensations seemed to then move and center on my ever hardening and oozing cock. The erotic sensations were just as I had imagined. After a few minutes, I reached out and returned the touch. Michael and I moved closer to each other on the sofa, our hands slowly went to each other's stomach and then to our tented pants. I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of Michael's hands on my body. I also felt amazing surges of passion when I tentatively and cautiously rubbed Michael's very hard cock! We rubbed, touched, and explored each other for a few minutes more. I was feeling more and more comfortable exploring another man, and Michael continued to allow me to move at my own pace. Surprisingly, I was the one who reached up and began to undress Michael. I started with the buttons on his shirt. After I worked my way down the shirt, I gave a quick and playful squeeze to Michael's hard-on. I took Michael's shirt off, and rubbed Michael's bear chest. My hands slowly went to undo the belt, the button on his pants, and then lower Michael's zipper. Michael got up off the sofa, stood in front of me. I tugged at his pants, and they fell down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and helped me by taking off his shoes and socks. Michael stood with a huge hard-on bulging in the front of his underwear.

Michael then reached out and helped me stand up. Michael gave me a hug and then moved his hands over my body. He touched and massaged a bit and eventually moved his hand between my legs and rubbed my crotch. After feeling me open my legs for greater access, hearing a sigh of approval, and feeling my very hard cock respond to his touch, Michael knew that the day would go as we had fantasized. Michael moved his hands to my chest and started unbuttoning my shirt. I shivered, as I was still incredibly nervous. Being seriously touched and undressed was driving home the point in my mind that I really was doing it with another man. It wasn't a fantasy any more; I was getting closer to that unbelievable event that would change my life. I was so VERY nervous! Michael understood and carefully proceeded. He slipped the shirt off my shoulders and then hugged me, naked chest to naked chest. Michael stroked my back, and slowly moved his hands ever lower. Michael moved slowly waiting for my response. I tried to mirror Michael's movements by massaging him, to share and exchange the enjoyable sensations we both desired. Michael seemed to like how it was going. He stepped back a bit and moved his hands to my belt. It was a simple Levi's belt with logo, and in an effortless movement, the belt was undone. Michael looked into my eyes to see if I was ready to do more. Michael knew what I was feeling from the stare and expression on my face.

"You will enjoy every moment. This is for you. This is for me. This is for us," he whispered.

I nodded slightly, closed my eyes, and whispered, "I know," and felt myself moving ever forward. Michael lowered my zipper and then unbuttoned my jeans. That sent a very strong and erotic shiver through my body. Michael tugged and slowly lowered my pants. We both were now only in our underwear. We hugged Chest-to-chest, stomach-to-stomach, and dick-to-dick. We both enjoyed the sensations immeasurably. I had to tell Michael, "This feels REALLY GOOD! I like being with you!"

"I like it too," he replied.

Michael then asked if I was OK and if he could give me a massage. I nodded that I was OK, and agreed to the massage. I moved over to the queen sized bed and laid face down. Michael sat next to me and worked his hands over my back and neck, down over my butt, and down each leg. As his hands came up the legs his fingers worked their way onto my butt again. I spread my legs a bit and Michael reached for more. I wondered about how far Michael wanted to go with my ass. For a moment, I wondered about what it would feel like to have Michael probe and stimulate me there. Michael told me earlier that his greatest fantasy was to go bareback and cum in my ass. It took me a long time to warm up to that idea. I knew that if we got together, I would give Michael my "cherry" ass, and accept his seed deep in my ass.

Michael worked his hands all over my body, each time spending a little more time on my butt and between my legs. I absolutely enjoyed the massage. It relaxed me and at the same time excited me. It also made me wonder what it would feel like to have Michael's penis ejaculate deep in my bowels!

I enjoyed the sensations and decided I wanted more, so I rolled over and silently asked for a chest rub and for this experience to expand and continue.

This had to be a dream come true for Michael! He moved his hands down my chest, each time getting closer to the elastic waistband of my shorts. Michael massaged my chest, my shoulders, my upper arms, back to my chest where he played with my nipples, then to my stomach. Again and again he repeated the pleasurable cycle. Each time he moved just a little lower and closer to the waistband of my jockey shorts. After what seemed like an eternity, he moved his hand over my cloth covered cock. A gentle caress, stroke, and squeeze before he continued his massage to my legs. My breathing quickened, and another clear drop of pre-cum oozed from my hard and excited cock soaking a visible wet spot on my shorts. Michael's hands moved over my legs, down past my knees before he moved upward again. It seemed that Michael enjoyed giving me my first man-to-man experience, he was smiling and enjoying hig first gay experience too. He touched me as if he wanted it to be good and pleasurable for both of us. His hands moved upward to my chest again, back to my stomach, and then finally he put his fingers under the elastic. I felt my body's physical demand for pleasure take over, and I responded further to Michael's ministrations. My sexual desires took over, and I raised my hips off the bed signaling my need for our encounter to move forward. Michael lifted the elastic band over my very hard erection, and slowly and completely undressed me. Michael slid the underwear off and tossed them on the floor. I was now totally naked in front of another man in a sexual way for the first time in my life. I felt a strong chilling wave pass through me from head to toe. I blushed and my heart raced a little faster. It was really happening! Then my cock uncontrollably twitched, and a clear drop of pre-cum oozed from my piss slit onto my pubic hair, forming a clear strand of male excitement. I was curious, nervous, excited beyond my dreams, and seeking more.

My penis was hard and rigid up against my stomach, and Michael noticed that drop of clear pre-cum oozing out of the tip. His hands went from my thighs, to my balls, to my cock. He wrapped both hands around my cock and milked all of the clear slick excitement from my shaft. I let out a moan of intense satisfaction. Michael lightly stroked me and felt the head with his thumb. It was covered with slick, clear pre-cum and Michael spread that around the cock-head. I moaned again. This was the first time another man had ever touched me sexually; skin-on-skin, and it felt SO GOOD! I savored every stroke of Michael's hands. He knew all of the right spots.

Michael moved his hands from the base to the tip. Frequently another clear slippery dollop of my pre-cum would ooze from my cock. Michael knew that it was time to move us over a little more, so he leaned over slightly and kissed the side of my shaft. I shuddered with excitement, and a flash of erotic bliss seemed to explode in my mind. These were the first male lips to touch my penis, and the first penis to touch Michael's lips! This was turning out to be everything we had ever fantasized about. Michael had also mentioned that he would like to taste my cock first. I opened my eyes and looked down just in time to see Michael open his mouth wide enough to let the head of my cock slip into his mouth. The look, the feel, the emotional rush were incredibly intense. It was more than I expected. That moment in time when another man first took my cock into his mouth was forever and indelibly marked in my memory. Michael rubbed his tongue over the head a bit savoring the taste and helping us move across another line in the many levels of man-to-man sex. With the slightest amount of suction, Michael drew another few droplets of my clear pre-cum into his mouth. This was hot and exciting for both of us. Michael slowly and completely drew my entire shaft into his mouth!

The pleasurable sensations were more than my body could take. After just a few minutes, I asked Michael to stop for a second, as I didn't want to cum yet.

But Michael said, "I want you to cum! I want to feel it, taste it, ... do it to completion! It's one of my fantasies. I've waited so long for this. I just want you to let me know what you're feeling!!"

With that, Michael descended on my cock again sending another intense erotic shock through my body. "I'm gonna cum in a man's mouth," I thought.

"Damn! Oh Michael, ... It feels so good!!"

Michael moved his head up and down, as his moist lips glided over my shaft, caressing every pleasure nerve in my penis. Four women had given me a "blow-job." But this was so much more intense. Better because it was a man, or maybe because it was forbidden. I felt my cum begin to churn, and the chain of events leading to my orgasm begin!

"Michael, that feels so perfect!," I gasped. "That's it, when you run your tongue over the head like that, and then grip the shaft with your lips." I uncontrollably thrusted my hips a little, driving my cock a little deeper in Michael's mouth. "Sorry. You ... just hit a spot ... just right." ... "Yes, that's it. Oh, ya!" It was feeling better and more intense with every movement that Michael made.

Michael continued to caress my penis with his lips and tongue. And his right hand massaged my balls and that delicate spot between my legs, balls, and ass. He was bringing me ever closer to my first orgasm with a man!

"Oh, Michael! I'm just about there!!"

Michael did something with his lips or hand. My face flushed, my head throbbed, as a wave of erotic sexual pleasure moved down from my chest, and another shot up from my feet. I put my hand on Michael's head and let out a low guttural, "OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" I couldn't say anything else as the most intense orgasm of my life erupted throughout my body. Was it Michael's technique? Or, the fact that I was having sex with a man for the first time?!

Whatever it was, I couldn't hold back any more. My whole body reverberated with orgasmic pleasure as I came in Michael's mouth! I don't know how many times I throbbed and ejaculated my sperm into Michael's mouth. But it was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had to that point.

Michael continued to hold my penis in his mouth as I gave him more and more of my slick, warm, manly cream. I savored the feel of his mouth caressing my penis as I came. Another wave of erotic pleasure shot through me as I heard Michael swallow!

I ran my fingers through Michael's hair, and caressed his head and back as I spoke between spasms of orgasmic bliss. "Michael that was the most incredible orgasm I ever had! I felt it from my head to my toes! Thank you for doing it. Thank you for meeting with me. Thank you for all of the e-mails. ... THANK YOU!!"

Michael let my softening penis slip from his lips. "Ed, thank you. I've fantasized about being with a man for too long. It was incredible to finally do it."

Michael moved next to me on the bed, and we looked into each other's eyes. Michael smiled at me, and then spoke, "That was something else, ... Wasn't it?"

I could only agree as I nodded my head and whispered, "Yes!"

We held each other for a while, not really knowing how to proceed. Michael moved close and I felt his hard penis press against me. He moved closer and we kissed. My first kiss with a man, and I could taste some of my cum! Our kiss was so different than any kiss with a woman. It was firm and direct, like the sex we were having. I felt the joy, lust, and passion of our gay sex.

Normally my drive and desire diminish after I cum. This time was no different. The orgasm was incredible, but I started to doubt myself. What should I do?

Michael seemed to read my emotional expressions, so he held me that much longer.

"You felt so good, so natural in my mouth ," Michael said. "I wasn't sure what to do. But the feel of your penis in my mouth and against my tongue was a dream come true." Michael looked in my eyes and kissed me again. His tongue probed my mouth. I parted my lips and felt Michael's tongue enter my mouth. And with his tongue came a small amount of some more of my own cum. That sent another shiver and erotic wave throughout my body, and rekindled some of my desire for gay sex.

Then I thought that Michael needed to get completely naked too. I moved my hands to Michael's nearly naked body and gently but firmly gave Michael a back rub as he had given me. It was very different touching another man. I was still very nervous taking the lead. But it was GOOD to rub Michael's back and return the pleasure Michael had given me. I rubbed from shoulders to middle back to shoulder blades, down the center of Michael's back stopping just above the elastic waistband. Michael was very excited that I had gotten this far, so after a few minutes, he too rolled over and without a word invited me to continue, to explore, to move forward, and get closer to crossing another line. I understood and moved my hands to Michael's chest to give him a nice chest-rub just as he had done to me. I looked at Michael. My eyes went from head to toe, and then went back upward. My gaze lingered on the outline of Michael's hard-on. My desire to do more was returning. Just as Michael had done before, now it was my turn to reach another level and seriously touch another man. I moved my hands from Michael's shoulder and lingered on Michael's nipples for a moment. Then lower my hands roamed. This time I convinced myself that I would let my hand touch Michael's very hard and oozing cock. I was sure I could do it. I also knew that if I backed out, I'd regret it in the days ahead. My fingers moved passed Michael's navel and traced a line to the top of his underwear. There was no pause or hesitation as I moved lower and rested my hand on Michael's VERY HARD cock. I stroked Michael slowly through his underwear. I felt the heat and excitement that was centered in Michael's loins when Michael thrust his hips a bit. I savored the feel of Michael's shaft and especially the round bulbous head and the prominent ridge that surrounded it. I could not get my hands around the shaft because of the cloth separating Michael's shaft and my hand. But it was still exciting. Michael's sigh of satisfaction broke the trance that I was in. I moved lower on the bed and slipped my fingers between Michael's skin and his underwear and ever so slowly worked Michael's underwear down little by little. Michael too lifted himself off the bed. I continued to lower Michael's last stitch of clothing to his ankles. A moment later he wiggled his foot and dropped the garment to the floor. Now we were both completely naked on the bed. Both of us not knowing how far this encounter would go. I was amazed with myself. I had done a lot. I was still nervous beyond belief, but Michael was putting me at ease and was showing me how stimulating and pleasurable it could be to have sex with a man. I thought for a moment, "I haven't really done anything yet. Michael sucked me. Should I stop now? Would Michael get angry? Will it be worth it?

But I knew I would regret everything tomorrow if I didn't live my fantasy. I looked at Michael's hard-on for a long time … I couldn't stop. I wanted to do more. So, I laid on the bed, reached up, and tentatively rested my hand on Michael's shaft. I was doing it, for the first time I was feeling another man's penis, skin-on-skin! This was more than feeling Michael through his pants or underwear. This was pretty far, but it wasn't crossing "that" line for me. Michael's hard penis was warm and inviting. I knew all too well how good Michael's hand had felt on my cock, and how good it felt to be stroked, and that incredible orgasm. It wasn't too much to at least stroke Michael a little bit and return those sensations. I moved my thumb between Michael's stomach and shaft and then grasped Michael's cock. I just held it in my hand for a few moments, thinking, wondering, and questioning myself again, before I started to move my hand up and down. Michael moaned a bit and I went a bit faster. I marveled at the feel of another man's cock in my hand, and was awestruck at the sensations it was giving me too. I continued these movements, alternating from slow and firm, to a bit faster and less firm. After a few minutes, Michael suggested that he didn't want to cum yet and I should slow the pace for now.
I moved up next to Michael. We both turned and faced each other and held each other lightly. We kissed again. We laid next to each other, dicks touching, and asses being grabbed and caressed. After absorbing the feel of another man, of warm skin-on-skin for many minutes, of touches, massages, and pleasurable sensations that surged through our bodies, Michael suggested we take a shower together.

I quietly agreed to Michael's idea. Michael stood first and extended his hand to help me up and out of the bed. "Lets do just a little more," Michael said as we walked to the bathroom. My heart was racing as I followed Michael into the bathroom, and I wondered how much "more" we would do. I was excited that I was finally living my deepest and most secret fantasies, but was still quite apprehensive. Michael turned the water on and adjusted it to a warm and inviting temperature. He adjusted the shower curtain and stepped in, turned and looked at me. Michael noticed my hesitation. He held out his hand, and I subconsciously and almost like a reflex reached up. Michael grasped my hand, steadied me, and helped me in the shower. The water was warm and relaxing. Michael stepped a little closer and gave me a hug. Our hard cocks touched, head to head and shaft to shaft. We held the other for a few moments enjoying the erotic feel of our bodies. After a few minutes, Michael stepped back a little, reached for the soap, and began to wash my chest. I closed his eyes, and savored the pleasurable and exciting sensations that were surging through my body. From the first erotic wet hug, and now from the exciting feel of another man's hands roaming over my naked and erotically charged body, I responded to Michael's touch. Michael moved his slippery soap covered hands lower and lathered my sides, hips, and legs. Then on the upward journey moved to my inner legs … moving towards my cock and balls. I relished the sensations. I felt weak in my knees and steadied myself by placing my hands on Michael's shoulders. Michael took this as an encouraging sign. I opened my eyes and looked at Michael. I felt ever so nervously excited. The touch and feel were exciting like nothing I had ever felt before. It was exciting beyond belief to watch Michael's wet and soapy hands, a man's hands, move to my hard, excited and tingling cock … and then to feel Michael's clean hands surround my hard shaft and then stroke me, just right, again and again. I was drifting into that fantasyland I had dreamed about and wondered about for so very long … only now it was no longer a fantasy!
Michael moved his hands to my ass and washed me there too. I tingled as Michael's finger grazed and touched my nether opening for a few moments and then continued its cleansing movements all over my body. Michael turned me under the showerhead and rinsed the soap off my chest and then washed and massaged my back. This too felt good. Michael put his arms around my chest and hugged me again. Michael shifted his hips so that his hard cock moved from my right cheek to being lodged between the cheeks of my ass. Michael pushed his hips forward, his cock was lodged nicely in the crack of my ass. Michael moved his hips slowly and seemed to enjoy the warm slippery feel of his cock sliding in the smooth soap lubricated crack of my ass. Michael just held me firmly and thrust slowly in the valley of my ass a little longer … it felt good! I thought again about Michael's bareback desires. Did he not want to cum when we were on the bed so he could cum in my ass?

Then Michael grasped his cock and pressed the head lower and positioned his tingling, oozing, and sexually charged cock-head against my rosebud. The head of his cock was gently pressing against my tight virgin opening, and I was sure it was nearly aligned for entry! This too felt incredibly exciting!! While this wasn't my initial desire when Michael and I started e-mailing, I convinced myself that I would let Michael cum in my ass if we ever got together. The thought of having Michael pump his sperm, his seed, his very essence of life into my ass started to excite me in a way I didn't expect. I WANTED IT!

Michael placed his hand on my hips and held me firmly in place. Neither one of us moved. With the right thrust or movement, … Michael could enter my warm tight virgin ass for the first time. I knew Michael's heart was racing at the possibility, and another slick drop of pre-cum oozed from his shaft and coated my ass I thought. It seemed that with the firm pressure, and this latest drop of precum, he had been applying, the tip had actually started to slowly and partially enter my ass! Was I really relaxing my ass and asking for penetration?! … Michael pushed a little and I felt his cockhead enter my tight ass just a little bit more. Only a small portion of the head was in, but I had been penetrated! I tried to relax. But, after a few more moments of endless anticipation Michael backed off and decided not to thrust forward and invade my ass just yet. Although I wasn't complaining or moving away, I guess it was moving too fast and too soon for Michael. He said he wanted to look in my eyes when he penetrated my ass for the first time. So, Michael washed me some more. All the while my mind swam in the sea of new possibilities, and my cock tingled that much more. Part of me was disappointed, and another relieved. With the decision made, to go slow and to wait and see, Michael passed the soap to me.

My heart was racing and my breathing quickened as I looked at Michael and nervously smiled. Feeling Michael's cock against my ass was very different. What would Michael's hard cock feel like deep in my ass I wondered? The sensations rushing through me were exciting. We almost did it! If Michael would have stimulated me just a little more, I might have pushed back against his cock, and had Michael fill my ass! I was sure that Michael had been moving in that direction, it was exciting.

I had an inquisitive look on my face, passing the non-verbal message back to Michael, "I don't know what to do? Do you want to fill my ass? Do you want to touch me some more? Do you want me to touch you? Do you want to go back to the bedroom? Do you want me to take the lead?" Although I said nothing, the unsure and questioning look on my face was very plain to see and read. Michael quickly understood and in a steady and assuring voice said, "Just do what you'd like. … Do what feels good for you. … Remember, we can stop at any time. You just have to say the word."

WOW! Michael has swallowed my cum, he almost entered my ass, and he is srill willing to stop! But, I couldn't stop now!! I needed to discover more.

I gave a smile at his words and encouraging reassurance. "I could stop now …." But I didn't want to stop. I started to recompose myself further. I tentatively reached up and then began to soap Michael's chest, stomach, sides, arms, and neck; to do just what Michael had done. But, my head was still spinning from the way things were progressing, and I started to feel weak and unsure again. So, I sat on the edge of the tub and continued to soap and wash Michael. I thought and contemplated while I continued to touch Michael. First I soaped the left and then the right leg, but I stopped before reaching Michael's balls. Then I began again at Michael's knees moving higher and higher until my hand was between Michael's legs and gently soaping that delicate area between Michael's ass and his balls as my other hand washed and cleaned Michael's hip. I gently scrubbed Michael's hip and felt Michael's balls graze the back of my hand. Then I u*********sly moved forward and upward and gently cleaned Michael's jewels before moving on to Michael's stone like erection. That felt amazing, the shaft, the head, and the firm rigid shaft of another man's erect penis in my hand. WOW!! I soaped all of Michael's pubic hair and then moved back to Michael's hard shaft. This time with both hands, I began to stroke, massage, and caress Michael's erection. Michael sighed pleasurably at the feel of my hands stroking his penis. I put the soap in the tray and Michael moved under the shower spray rinsing the soap away and then he tilted the showerhead so the water splashed against the wall behind him. Michael was unsure of my intentions and momentary desires, but was eager to help and encourage me to discover the next level of gay sex. From my previous writings, Michael had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. At the same time, Michael could almost read my mind and my lingering hesitation, "…Can I really do it? Will it be OK? What does it feel like? What does it taste like?" Michael did not press the issue or f***e himself at all. He only moved in a spot that allowed me to make the next move if that was what I wanted to do. I could continue to stroke, touch, and feel, or I could do more! Or, we could even get out of the shower, dry off, get dressed, and go home. But, I wanted to proceed!

I continued to massage Michael's hips and legs and every so often I returned to Michael's cock. I would look very intently at Michael's hard penis as I continued to gently stroke from the base to very tip. Michael seemed to enjoy my touch. It did not matter what I was doing, because it all felt so VERY GOOD!! My hands again moved to Michael's hips, sides, and buttocks; before returning to his shaft. This time, Michael leaned a little closer, his penis was only an inch away from my mouth now. Michael also steadied himself by holding on to the wall below the showerhead and he grasped the shower curtain rod with his other hand. Michael looked down at me and again felt my excitement, hesitation, nervousness, curiosity, and desires. Michael held his breath as he watched in awe as I moved my head ever closer to his cock. Would I just examine Michael's hard and ready penis up close? Or, would I do more? My mouth was so close, yet still so far away. I pointed Michael's hard shaft at my mouth and moved ever closer. Michael held his breath. He was watching and experiencing first hand his friend's first taste of a man's cock, and the first time a man would suck his cock! Michael did not move. He wanted me to move to the next level at my own pace, to experience this joy and pleasure of hot oral sex as he had. He wanted to discover how good it would feel to release his hot cum into my mouth. His cock was dripping with anticipation. Michael didn't thrust forward or f***e himself on me. He was still in control of his urges, and I was in control of the action, it should be that way for a first time. I had to decide for myself, and make the move. For over a year Michael had dreamt and fantasized about this moment in time with me. Michael dreamt and wondered how it would feel too. The hard spongy warmth between his lips, the exciting experience of crossing that forbidden boundary for the first time, the act that once committed … could never be undone. Michael knew of my very strong hesitation and how difficult this choice was for me. We had both wondered and fantasized for so long!

I was almost there. I just had to move a little closer and accept the hard penis into my mouth. Then I would truly know one of the intense and exciting passionate pleasures of gay sex, and not just fantasize and wonder about it. I was just an instant away. I could almost feel the warmth of Michael's penis on my lips. I was almost there! I know Michael closed his eyes in hope and anticipation of that moment of great satisfaction ….

Then it happened, Michael felt my warm moist lips touch the head of his penis. My tongue probed forward and contacted the oozing piss-slit and collected some of Michael's clear and slippery pre-cum. That sent shivers of desire through both of us. A moment later I relaxed my jaw, parted my lips, and allowed the hard and tingling head of Michael's penis into my mouth. My lips slowly glided over the engorged and nearly smooth bulbous head of Michael's cock. Then the shaft slowly slid deeper and deeper into my mouth! Michael's very hard shaft entered my mouth until I could take no more. I applied just the right amount of pressure around Michael's shaft and tingling cock-head to send shivers of sexual satisfaction through him. Michael lost his breath at the feel of my warm mouth around his cock. I felt his cock twitch and was rewarded with a large dollop of his warm, slick, precious, pre-cum. It had just oozed into my mouth and was coating my tongue. I moved my tongue in just the right way to feel its slickness, and then I swallowed the first emissions of another man. A moment later, I began to seriously suck, and stroke with my lips, the first cock to ever enter my mouth. I wanted more of Michael's liquid essences of sexual stimulation. I wanted his cum! It felt so good, so natural, to have a hard penis in my mouth. Michael's body responded, and he oozed another drop or two. I received more of Michael's slick pre-cum. I savored the taste for a few moments before swallowing again. I relished the intense and forbidden experience of a hard and sexually charged cock in my mouth, and the taste of Michael's rare and special sexual juices. The thought of pleasing Michael was exciting. This was THE act I had fantasized about for so many years!

Michael was enjoying the feel of his penis entering my warm and willing mouth, the feel of his shaft going in deeper, bit-by-bit, awakening the most intense and erotic sensations possible. Michael had finally experienced that unbelievable and forbidden feel of a man's lips surround his shaft. This was some of the "hot-sex" that Michael needed. Then Michael thought to himself, "I have finally done it.

But, the warmth of my mouth was intoxicating. Michael felt dizzy with desire. He was experiencing the unique exileration of first time man-to-man sex. At the same time, Michael was helping another man discover and fulfill his fantasies too. How intensity rare it is to have two "Gay Virgins" share and discover their homosexuality together. The thoughts and realization were quite strong, and exciting. … Michael wanted to release his load, to pulse and ejaculate his hot, stringy, white cum, … he would plant and grow his seed in another man, … Michael felt the erotic sexual desire grow in his balls, penis, and soul to fill my mouth with his cum, and complete our second gay act together. Michael's heart raced and his cock twitched and drooled with excitement once again. I moved further forward and completely filled my mouth with Michael's very hard and oozing penis. Michael was so glad that I had found a way to get together as he whispered in a low voice, "YES!"

This was incredible! I was in another dimension savoring the feel of a man's penis in my mouth for the very first time. I was living my greatest secret and forbidden fantasy. I had finally made my decision to cross over, and truly sexually explore another man and experience my fantasies! Feeling Michael's oozing penis touch my lips, savoring the taste of Michael's clear slippery pre cum, the feel of the smooth shaft; the hot, excited, and bl**d engorged head of Michael's cock against my lips for the first time; then feeling Michael's cock press against my lips and then passing between them; followed by the hard smooth shaft sliding between my lips was fantastic. And finally the cock completely and totally filling my mouth was so indescribable! My heart raced and my own cock grew a little harder. The feel of Michael's shaft sliding in and out of my mouth as I applied some gentle pressure and suction, coaxing more of Michael's pre-cum into my mouth and being penetrated by another man for the first time was sexually intoxicating beyond my wildest fantasy. I concentrated on circling my tongue around the head, and then feeling the ridge that circles the head of Michael's cock between my lips and on my tongue. Feeling Michael's hard dripping penis in my mouth was fantastic. Yes, I was actually doing “it!” I was experiencing the other side of fellatio, I was sucking a cock, and loving it! My head was spinning and my heart was racing. The act and the change that was taking place inside of me was exciting beyond belief!

Michael too was excited beyond belief. He had done it with a man! This was exhilarating and satisfying without compare. After all of the e-mails, it was finally happening. Now Michael knew that those familiar sensations were getting stronger and stronger. My movements and technique were very good for a novice; fast then slow, complete penetration followed by just holding the head between his lips and moving my tongue over the sensitive and tingling head. Then complete penetration, again and again, and again! Minute after minute went by of incredible stimulation. … Michael knew that very soon he would cum!! The knowledge that the gift of his hot sperm surging into my mouth would make us equally gay; the fact that he was about to give to his friend, another man, his cum; the realization that he had moved on to this level of gay sex; that he would be the first man to cum in my mouth; and that he had helped me reach one of my sexual goals was incredibly exhilarating. I took him in deeply and then slowly massaged his shaft on the outstroke with my lips. At the same time I used my tongue and hands in just the right way; milking and coaxing the hot fertile sperm from Michael's balls. Michael was almost ready to explode in orgasmic bliss as I continued to move and stimulate. The sight, the feel, the sound, … the illicit act were all extremely powerful, and we were slowly overpowering Michael's ability to control his actions and movements. Michael tried very hard to delay his euphoria. He wanted me to orally enjoy the feel of his hard oozing penis in my mouth for as long as possible. It felt good, it looked fantastic, and a first time can only happen once. Michael wanted it to last a long long time, and to be very memorable and good for me. But, the rapture could not be stopped or controlled as I continued to stroke, suck, and coax the sperm from Michael's balls! My appointment with destiny was fast approaching. It was now only moments away. Michael's cum was beginning to boil and surge in his body. Michael could feel the early tremors of this very special orgasm, that once in a lifetime orgasm, the one that would equalize and change us forever. Michael realized that too soon he would ejaculate and blast his hot, stringy, white, slippery, cum into my mouth. The moment had almost arrived!

"Ed, I'm going to cum. You're gonna feel your mouth get warm and wet with my cum. It's amazing. ... OH, Ed, I'm gonna CUM ... !," Michael gasped.

Like a wave cascading downward from his chest and from his toes rocketing upward the sensations intensified more and more. There was no way possible for Michael to hold back any longer. His body and sexual urges were now in control! He gently placed his hand on my head signaling his imminent release, sealing my fate, and ensuring the oral insemination of his hot fertile seed into my “Cherry” mouth. In just a moment Michael knew he would shoot his rich sperm into me. It was time for me to cross over and become gay! Every muscle in Michael's body twitched as he shuddered and let out a gasp of perfect sexual satisfaction, two men were about to truly have their next homosexual experience!! With a strong and deep, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!;" Michael pumped his hot creamy load, his cum, his very essence of life into his most special friend's, receptive mouth. IT WAS SO GOOD!! for both of us!

Once I accepted Michael's hard and excited penis in my mouth, I felt determined to experience this act to its supreme limit. The forbidden feeling of a man's penis between my lips was exhilarating beyond my wildest imagination!

Now, once I had committed myself to taking Michael's penis into my mouth, there was no turning back. Now was the time to experience that elusive and forbidden fantasy! Now was the time to live the fantasy I had dreamt about for so many years. Now was the time to savor the feeling of having a penis in my mouth. The feelings that rushed through me were without description. My head was spinning and my heart racing, knowing that I was really and finally doing it with another man. If continued to its ultimate conclusion, I understood the hot, creamy, and forbidden result … and I knew that I wanted it! However, for a brief moment those same questions, reservations, and expressions of guilt struck me one last time, and made my head spin that much more intensity! "Can I go all the way?" "What will it feel like when Michael throbs and pulses between my lips?" "What will it feel like when Michael's penis surges, and his hot slippery cum splatters onto my tongue?" "What will it taste like?" "Can I swallow like I do in my fantasy?" "Am I doing the 'right' thing?” “What will happen to me?" But, then … there was no doubt any more, there couldn't be, I had done it, I had crossed that forbidden line already, it was too late to second guess. I had Michael's penis in my mouth. I had crossed over. Now I had to find it all out!

Michael was ever patient. He did not thrust or f***e himself; he was only savoring the ecstatic pleasures himself. I greatly appreciated that, and as I thought about it, it gave me that much more determination to give my friend Michael, that incredible pleasure of orgasmic release. I moved my tongue all over the head of his penis, feeling the smooth, softer, spongier tip and running my tongue through the piss-slit. Michael oozed even more clear slippery pre-cum on my tongue in response. I applied a gentle suction at times drawing Michael's clear fluid into my mouth and then drinking and swallowing it. At other times I just held Michael's penis deeply in my mouth and savored those exciting, pleasurable, and forbidden sensations of having a man's penis in my mouth. It felt so good, so natural, and "right." Michael would repeatedly ooze another droplet or two of sexually charged pre-cum into my mouth. I moved quickly and deeply a few times; pumping Michael's cock with my mouth and hand to milk all of Michael's pre-cumfrom his shaft, and to add to Michael's pleasure. I felt Michael shift and place his hand on my head, and I knew that Michael was about to cum, about to blast his hot fertile sperm into my mouth, about to trigger that significant sexual soul shattering change within me! Again, I wondered and questioned my resolve!! That once in a lifetime moment of sucking your first cock to completion was almost there.

When Michael said he was about to cum, an intense wave of sexual excitement surged through me!

I took Michael in deeply and felt him shudder just a bit and I knew that the first taste of his cum was on its way. Michael's hot slippery cum, his sperm, was certainly moving from his balls and surging through his shaft. Michael had to be feeling the first waves of orgasm reverberate throughout his body. I stroked Michael with my hand and pulled my mouth back so that only the head was in my mouth. And for just the shortest moment in time, I thought again of releasing him. The fear of having a man's cum in my mouth struck me like a hammer hitting a gong, for my ears were ringing in anticipation. There was still time to stop the total transformation, Michael hadn't cum yet, and the act wasn't complete! But I couldn't stop. I wanted Michael's cum, I wanted to live this dream, I wanted to change and cross over! And, Michael's firm grip on my head ensured that there was no way to change the course of my destiny. There was no way of turning back! I thought agaiin and pictured in my mind of how I must look, sitting on the edge of the tub with Michael's hands caressing my head and his hard penis in my mouth.

I securely gripped just the head between my lips so that none of Michael's potent cum would be lost. The fluid that could start a new life with a fertile woman was about to change our lives; it would make us both practicing homosexuals. We wouldn't be just "curious" anymore. I placed my tongue under the head cradling it so I would taste and feel Michael's hot cum splash against it. And then I stroked Michael's shaft with my finger and thumb, triggering the most intense sexual experience of my life, the experience that would, in my mind, make me gay. It was as if I was siphoning a precious payload from a magical vessel, and anxiously waiting for Michael's rare elixir of life to arrive. Again, I pictured myself before Michael, with his penis in my mouth, thinking about all of the gay porn I had stared at over the years. Now it was me in the flesh, and it was me who was about to receive my frist load of Cum! What a perverted image for a man who was "straight" just an hour earlier. I wanted Michael to cum, wanted to feel him cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste it, and I wanted it NOW! Time seemed to stand still as I waited for my first taste of another man's cum. Michael stiffened and held my head still. I knew the moment had arrived. There was no way to change the course of my fate now. I knew that I wanted to taste, wanted to feel, wanted to experience Michael's penis shoot cum into my mouth, and I wanted to cross that line. Michael was about to ejaculate a long rope of fertile sperm filled cum into my mouth. Hot stimulating cum that would satisfy my deepest desires.
Just an instant later it happened, Michael gasped in pleasure, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The sound rang deeply in my ears! Simultaneously I felt Michael's penis swell between my lips and the hot cum erupted in my mouth. A copious amount of Michael's white, slippery, sperm filled, semen shot into my mouth. My mouth became incredibly warm and wet. Michael's cum was slick, and my tongue tingled as the ejaculate filled my mouth! Strong surprising sensations echoed deep within me. The hot rich flow of Michael's cum coated much of my tongue as it streamed on to the back of my throat. The taste, the warm slick feel, and the sexual current surged through every fiber of my body as I saw flashes of light in my mind, I thought, "I did 'it!' I'M GAY! I'M GAY!! I'M GAY!!!" I quickly swallowed Michael's first blast of cum and I felt it slid down my throat, and penetrate my soul. It was as if I had swallowed a magic brew, for I was changed forever with Michael's cum! In a way we had merged and become one. Moments later, a second, third, and fourth blast of hot cream passed through Michael's throbbing and pulsing penis and entered my body, warming my mouth and stimulating every fiber of my body. The feel of his penis throbbing ad pulsing between my lips was incredible. I had crossed over that momentous line and could never undo what I had just done and experienced with Michael. I would remember this significant moment in time forever. It was indelibly marked in my mind, the moment I truly became a homosexual. I held the last of the potent creamy elixir in my mouth a few moments more, savoring the flavor and slick feel of cum in my mouth. I tried to remember ever moment of these intense life altering sensations, before swallowing again. Then, as I was removing Michael's now softening penis from my mouth, a final smaller FIFTH blast surged forth and was gratefully received, savored, and swallowed. I felt Michael's cum still clinging and coating my mouth and tongue; sliding down my throat; and then permanently fertilizing and changing my body. My formerly “straight” soul had been transformed with the act; and gay sperm from another man, now resided deep within me I was changed forever!

I was even dizzier than before! I had done it!! I was a different kind of man now!!! I felt it, I knew it, and I was glad. Michael too was dizzy and satisfied from the intense orgasm I had just sent through him. Michael moved back a bit and his spent and sensitive penis slipped from my lips. For a moment, a thin strand of cum connected the two of us. The clear slick sting hung from my lower lip to Michael's penis. Then it snapped and dripped on to my chest ending my first oral experience.
Michael looked down at me, and I looked up at Michael. Then Michael, with a smile and in a friendly, satisfied, and breathless whisper said, "thank you! That was so good. I've wanted to do it with a man for so long! I'm glad that we are brave enough and true enough to live our desires and to become gay together."

I felt a very strong, exciting, and illicit chill run through my body when I heard Michael label me “gay!” It was one thing for me to think it, and quite a powerful thing to hear Michael say it. Then I shuddered, shivered, and blushed deeply at hearing this revelation. Yes, there was no way to undo what was done! Michael's penis had been in my mouth, his cum had shot into me, and I had gratefully and willfully swallowed. Michael's sperm and the seed of another man had been planted in my body, and it was now growing deep within me. I realized that I now was truly, and forever more would be just as Michael had just declared, … "I WAS NOW, GAY!!" My head throbbed and everything was different.

Michael continued, "We have come a long way. It took us much longer than I hoped. I enjoyed this very much. You are special. You are my friend. I want you to experience all of the sensations you desire. … Let's dry off and go back in the other room. I want to do many more things, if you still want to do them."

We dried off and retuned to the bedroom, where we held each other for a long time. We recounted what it was like giving and receiving. Our cocks touched each other and remained locked like two magnets, and the erotic sensations passed between us on the magnetic waves of erotic pleasure. The incredibly exciting sensations continued to be shared. Slowly we readied ourselves for the next act.

Michael looked into my eyes and smiled. This was progressing so well. More thoughts filled Michael's head as he placed his hand on my cock, and slowly stroked me for a few minutes. Then we held each other relishing the erotic feel of a naked man, of skin on skin, and of all the possibilities that were yet to be discovered. Michael was very hard again from these erotic feelings, sensations, and the thoughts that were running through his head.

"Ed, with your permission, I want to try something. I'll be right back," Michael said. With that comment Michael rolled off the bed, picked-up his pants, and retrieved a tube of KY from his pocket. As Michael lay back down next to me he said, "When I was washing you, you didn't seem to mind me touching your ass. Are you game to try it that way too?"

I gave a long pause and replied, "You know I've thought about it. And, you said that it is your greatest desire. I'm OK to try as long as there isn't any pain. Go slow. If it is good, I want to reverse rolls and try it with you too."

Michael smiled, his head spun at the thought of feeling my hard cock in his ass! At the same time his cock twitched with the excitement of sliding into my ass, filling me, and pumping more of his cum into my body. We hugged each other for a long time thinking about what it would be like, sliding our cocks into a man's tight ass, and the feel of a hard cock pulsing and releasing sperm deep in our bowels. Michael felt my dripping and oozing cock touch his hardening cock. The erotic sensations continued to increase with the anticipation of new experiences. Both of our pulsing erections seemed to be getting harder and harder.

"Would you like to go first?, or do you want to feel me in your ass first?," Michael asked. I thought for a moment. I hadn't cum for a while and the longer it took, the greater the pleasure would be when I did. But, I thought some more; "how good it would feel, good to slide my cock into Michael's ass. Then again, the desire to discover more seemed to be more powerful." I had anal sex with a few women before. A man's ass couldn't be that different. But, a man's cock in my ass, that is a completely new experience. With that, I rolled on my back and opened my legs signaling that I was ready to let Michael go first.

Michael moved between my legs and massaged me from the top of my chest to my cock while I considered the wild erotic possibilities. I closed my eyes and savored the pleasurable sensations that Michael was sharing with me. Ever so slowly, Michael moved his hands closer and closer to my ass. Michael touched my rosebud and gently massaged it to loosen and prepare it for his now hard and dripping cock! The thoughts of anal sex, both giving and receiving, were becoming more and more exciting. After a minute or so, I relaxed enough and Michael's finger slipped into my warm ass to the first knuckle. Michael and I were now committed to loosing our anal cherries to each other.

Michael held his hand still and continued to massage my cock with the other. Michael seemed to harden even more when he felt my ass relax further, inviting Michael to plunge deeper and extend the pleasure even more. Michael reached for the open tube of KY and squeezed a small line on my ass and his finger. The surprising feel of cool liquid caused me to tighten a bit. When Michael felt me relax again he began a slow reciprocating movement with his finger. With each thrust Michael's finger went deeper and deeper into my ass. The lube allowed his finger to penetrate deeper until it was completely buried in my ass. I squirmed with the pleasurable sensations that were surging through me with this "full" feeling, and Michael seemed to harden just that much more.

"How are you doing? Are you ready?," Michael asked.

"OK so far," I replied in a quiet and labored grunt.

Michael applied a little more lube and placed a second finger at my nether opening. Then ever so slowly Michael's second finger disappeared in my ass. I squirmed even more under the added pressure of the second invader. I relaxed again and the pressure changed to pleasure sensations which spread over me, especially when Michael brushed my prostrate.

After a long time of filling and stretching my ass, Michael made-up his mind and was ready to penetrate my ass with his cock for the first time. It seemed that I was ready too. Michael applied a good amount of KY to his cock, completely coating it. He lifted my hips closer to his hard, ready, and lubricated shaft. He squerted more KY on my ass. Then he spread my legs a little wider and moved closer and closer to his target. I shivered with the thoughts that raced though my head, "in a moment, I will be completely gay."

We were quite hard as we were just moments away from sharing the ultimate in man-to-man sexual experiences. Michael slowly removed his fingers and placed the glistening head of his penis against my ass. It felt wildly exciting to have his naked penis touch my ass. It was lined up for entry! He pushed forward just a bit, his cock expanded my anal ring and started to stretch me open and enter my body!! A moment passed He leaned forward just a bit more and pushed. I felt my sphincter start to surround his cockheads, and in a way, I felt my "cherry" pop the moment the head had completely penetrated me. It wasn't a tease or a touch. This was really "IT!"

Michael confirmed what I felt when he whispered, "Oh my God, the head is in! ... Ed, it looks so GOOD being joined to you like this. I've dreamt of this for so long! It's the act of 'love' we share!"

Then his long shaft slid deeper and deeper into my ass!! We were "Gay" lovers now. I felt Michael's cock slide in deeper and deeper into my body, making it's total penetration into the warm depths of my ass.

The expression on Michael's face as he looked at me was incredible. There was a sense of lust, passion, sharing, conern, and a one-of-a-kind "love" that we were creating and growing together. I knew this was his greatest fantasy, and I was glad I was the one to make his dream a reality.

The sight of his shiny lubricated cock-head positioned against my rear passage, and then slowly disappearing into my ass had to have been electrifying. First just the tip, then the head, then the prominent ridge disappeared into my body as my ass expanded and surrounded the bulbous head of Michael's cock. Michael could feel me clench and then relax time and again as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my warm cavern of forbidden sexual pleasure. Michael watched and felt his cock slide deeper and deeper into my tight virgin ass. The warm and firm grip really felt incredibly good for Michael! When the head of Michael's penis entered my ass, we felt sensations that we didn't think were possible. Michael pushed a bit more, and his hard penis slid deeper and deeper into my body. The first moments of penetration, when my ass surrounded Michael's cockhead, hurt a lot. But, I wanted to give Michael his fantasy.

After a few minutes of very slow incremented increases of penetration, Michael looked down again, and he saw that his penis was completely buried in my ass. His pubic hair was against my balls. The warm and tight grip around the base of his shaft was extraordinary. With that he leaned forwarded and felt my cock against his stomach. I had softened quite a bit. The initial painful entry had taken its toll. But, now it was changing to an unusual, amazing, pleasurable sensation. I felt it changing from shock and pain, to one of fullness and intense forbidden erotic excitement and pleasure!

Michael waited for a long time until I relaxed and loosened my grip around his cock. When I took a deep breath, Michael felt me relax just enough to begin slowly thrusting in my “man-pussy.” From completely burying his shaft in me, to just having the head of his cock lodged in the entrance of my ass, Michael began to move and feel the thrill that can only be received from good, pleasure sharing, man-to-man, anal sex. In and out, in and out, Michael moved in and out. The sensations were intense, exciting, and oh so very unique. I felt myself changing, giving myself to Michael. It's one thing to make love to a woman. It is completely different to experience deep penetrating anal sex from another man. It had to be so satisfying for Michael to see another cock so close to his own, and to watch it slide deeper, deeper, and deeper into my ass. Just imagin the firm grip around your shaft, as you slide in and out, … pumping, savoring, and intensifying those extreme pleasure sensations. Michael moved in his own special rhythm, the tight grip of my ass surrounded his shaft, and it was good.

Minutes passed and the tingling pleasure of another orgasm started to grow in Michael's body.

"Oh Ed, I'm gonna cum in your ass pretty soon!," Michael announced. The feeling of release was getting closer with each thrust. Michael watched his cock completely disappear in my ass as the next wave of orgasmic bliss crashed over him. Two quick thrusts and Michael held himself deep in my body as his cock throbbed, and his balls were completely emptied their load into my body.

"I'm cumming Ed! I'm cumming in your ass!," Michael groaned.

I received more seeds of homosexuality.

This act was changing me that much more. We stayed joined, cock to ass until Michael completely softened and gradually slipped out of my warm, dark, and cum filled ass.

86% (10/2)
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2 months ago
1 year ago
truly such a hot story
1 year ago
Excellent stories, both of them. Slow, caring, inquisitive first times for both of you. Hope there are more in the future.
1 year ago
very erotic! has me drooling precum!
1 year ago
This is SO HOT!
1 year ago
holy fuck that was a HOT story