Training my snaggletoothed friend pat II

After our first session I gave Shelly a couple of days to recoup before calling her on the phone. She was obviously excited when I spoke to her. She loved the flowers I sent her and I asked if I could stop by to "drop something off."

"Of course you can. My apartment is yours."

I must admit the way she presented it turned me on. I stopped by the next day unannounced and knocked. Shelly answered and greeted me with a long kiss on my lips. I gave her a gold choker with a modern art rendition of a woman with her hands behind her head. She couldn't tell what it was and I wanted to keep it that way for now.

"Have you been thinking about our first session?" I asked.

"Only every waking minute," she responded. I could tell it excited her to talk about our sexual encounter - her nipples hardened up.

"What did you enjoy the most?" She blushed and paused, as if afraid to tell.

"Shelly, I was there. I know everything that happened. Are you afraid to tell me?"

"Yes," she blurted out.

A little coaxing and she admitted it was when I made her eat the cum I had left on her face.

"Why did you like that so much?"

"I felt pretty nasty when I did it." Shelly replied.

"Would you like to explore your sexuality a little more tonight?"

"Yes." she said succinctly

I left to get a brown paper bag with ropes in the car, each with one end looped so I could easily knot and unknot them. When I returned I asked if she had ever been tied up.

"No, although a friend handcuffed me once." I could tell her voice had tightened.

"Did you have sex?"

"No, but I think he would have liked to." The words began to flow more evenly as she got use to the presence of the bag.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back," I told her. Quickly knotting a rope around her hands I whispered she was mine to do with as I please. She smiled playfully, but as if she didn't really trust me.

"I have something else for you in the bag," again whispering in her ear. Shelly seemed excited as I reached to the bottom of the bag, although her face changed from joy to shock when I pulled out an old fashioned clothespin.

"What exactly do you intend to do with that?" she asked in a raised voice as I placed the clothespin on a table.

"Do not speak to me like that." I told her. After she apologized I had her sit on the floor by my side, with the clothespin in sight.

"This, my dear, is called a peg, and I intend to put it on your right nipple." She protested. I asked her if she enjoyed our first time making love. She gave an enthusiastic yes but was still studying the peg, probably thinking about how it would feel on her tit.

Next I asked my snaggletoothed friend how many times she normally came the first time with a guy. "Once or twice if he's good," she responded.

"How many times did you come with me when we played?"

"Four times," her voice finally relaxed but Shelly's eyes would still glance at the peg. Her answered surprised me because I had only counted three. I would watch her more carefully this time.

"If you give yourself to me," I began, "I can give you more orgasms than you have ever known. This means that you will do what I tell you to do without question, but you can always stop our games with your safe word. Do you trust me enough to continue?"

"Yes" came Shelly's simple response.

I asked, "Do you remember your safe word?" She responded "Red."

"Sit on my knee and play with my dick." She stood up and took a second to figure out that her back would have to be towards me in order for her tied hands to reach my penis. She put her ass on my left knee, bending slightly to grab my dick. I began playing with her right nipple, pulling it gently, then scr****g it with my thumbnail to make her wince. "I'm scared," she said, almost crying.

"The goal of the peg is not to hurt you. Its to increase the stimulus to the brain. You brain will combine all the stimulus and bring you to a much stronger orgasm than you have ever had before, but you have to trust me."

"I do." Once again a short reply, which I interpreted as Shelly's getting turned on. While rubbing the tit I intended to peg I noticed Shelly was testing her ropes in addition to playing with my dick. Then I realized she had begun to move her pussy back and forth on my leg as she stroked my dick. I was pretty sure she had come when I ordered her to stand up.

She knew I had caught on to her little game and struggled to find the correct words to get out of trouble as I untied her hands, but she merely stammered.

"Did you just use my leg to masturbate?" I said feigning anger.

"Y-Y-Yes." her stammering continued.

"I intend to punish you for that."

"No, please, I'm sorry," now she was sobbing.

"Get on your knees and clean-up my leg. I don't want any of your juices on my body unless I ask for them."

She was on her knees and licking, at least when she wasn't crying, in a moments notice. She gagged when she tasted her own pussy juice for the first time, but I wanted the entire leg cleaned up completely.

After her f***ed clean-up I had an overwhelming desire to taste her pussy so I buried my tongue deep in her triangle after working my way up her leg. "I love the taste of your pussy and ass, Shelly!" I told her enthusiastically. As my tongue transitioned from front to back she began to moan, low and first but then louder.

After a few minutes of direct tongue-to-ass contact I stopped. Shelly was still coming down from her high when she asked, "When are you going to make me lick your ass?"

"Not right now," I replied. "Will you like it when I do?"

"I'm afraid of the taste." she said shyly, looking at the floor.

"Don't be, my dear," I replied, smiling. "There is not a lot of taste to assholes, especially if you apply some spit first and work it in with your finger."

"I can't believe I am even talking to you about it," she said.

I had been planning an all ass day when I would 'make' her eat my asshole, but not today or the next time we met. That would have to wait. I had her turn around and sit in my lap, as if we were doing a reverse cowgirl. I wanted to caress her wonderful body, especially those titties.

I touched her everywhere, much to her enjoyment. Those sensitive titties, her belly and pussy, the inside of her thighs. Then I began to play with her nipples, very easy at first, then somewhat harder. Once again she began to moan as what I was once stroking I now pulled and twisted. I reached over and got the peg.

"Please don't do that," she asked firmly.

I ignored her plea and pressed my index finger and thumb on her tit about an inch behind her nipple. When I picked up the peg she made an audible noise, but did not say anything. Using my index finger and thumb I pinched about half an inch behind her nipple where I intended to put the peg. Then I opened the peg with her watching, moved it to just in front of my fingers and clamped it as I slowly released the pressure I had been applying with my fingers. She gasped for breathe, moaned, and let out an "OH!", but that was the extent of her verbalization.

Once she got use to the peg I began playing with her wet cunny. She was close to cumming (again) without much manipulation. It began deep inside her--not in her pelvic region--the earliest sign was shudder of sorts in her entire body without vocalization. Then she began moving her hips back and forth, moving her pussy on my hand, encouraging me on and giving me a beat to follow. If I could have done so without disturbing the moment I would have gone down on her again.

As the orgasm reached her genitals she began vocalizing--a low moan that I knew well in spite of this being our second meeting. This release was tremendous, both in intensity and duration and her low moans turned to audible screams - short sentences that began with the word "Oh." Just as I thought, it was the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen in her.

While she was still limp from cumming I wanted to get the clamp off her, but not too quickly. I gently knocked it back and forth with my left hand (my right hand had never left her pussy), then grabbed the end of the peg to release it. I dropped it on the floor and quickly massaged her nipple to prolong the sensation. She groaned and cried briefly.

"What did you think, Shelly?"

"That hurt." my snaggle-toothed friend responded, apparently forgetting about what had happened a minute before.

When I told her she had quite an intense orgasm she seemed embarrassed, as if her body had revealed a secret she intended to keep to herself. I told her again that if she gave herself freely to me, I can give her more and stronger orgasms than she knew was possible. She admitted that the relationship I proposed was more than she could handle right now.

I decided to not do any more training for the rest of the night. Her orgasm had been spectacular and I wanted her to have a more normal orgasm for comparison. We played on the bed, then she gave me a blowjob. She came while I was fucking her doggie style and I shot a load deep into her pussy a little later.

I suggested we get a bite to eat at a Korean BBQ place, then I brought her back home. We did not talk about anything that happened earlier in the night.

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2 years ago
very enjoyable. looking forward to the next installment
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
good writing
3 years ago
It should be "Part II"