Training my snaggletoothed friend

Ever meet a girl and instantly see what you wanted to do with her if she was willing? That happened to me one day in the deli section at my local Publix. Young, snaggletoothed and randy, Shelly was quickly chatting with me as she made my sub. I asked her when she got off and suggested we meet at a nearby Starbucks (a good, neutral location) for coffee. I wasn't too surprised when she accepted in spite of there being at least a ten-year difference in our ages.

She was so new to the area that she did not know how to get to the Bucky's, so I told her I would meet her in the parking lot and she could follow me, in spite of it being just around the corner. Once in the Starbucks, I paid for her coffee (actually, one of those fru-fru drinks). Within minutes we were talking about sex and, yes, she was willing.

As I said, when I met her a vision flashed before my eyes of what I wanted to do with her. I have done some role-play domination, but she got me thinking of doing things I haven't seen in Xhamster porn, at least not the stuff I watch. Since her place was much closer I agreed to the shorter drive and within an hour after leaving the Publix I was in her apartment. Almost immediately the games began.

She began by practically ripping her shirt off, but I told her I wanted to savor the view. In fact, I asked her to let me undress her. This got her really going. I guess there are some good things to taking a lover with a little more experience. I began rubbing the exposed areas of her bra, feeling her light white skin of her boobs. These were ample C cups, probably 34's at a guess. Before I exposed her breasts, I rubbed the entire outline of her bra with just the tips of my fingers, then worked them up under the elastic.

By the time I reached her nipples (with the bra still on) they were so hard I could have used them to cut glass. I whispered to her, "I'm going to eat your pussy." I traced a circle around the top of her jeans, undoing a small black belt and unsnapping the front. She had a little extra weight on her body, but was far from a BBW. I suspected she was already wet inside, and her panties had a tiny wet spot, indicating I was right. I moved her panties to the side and started a series of long, slow licks, each begining just below her outer labia and moving to the clit.

Now to an older guy who has eaten a wide range of pussy, a young women's pussy offers a unique opportunity. I got through the salty layer of sweat on the outside, and as her labia open I caught a wiff of that sweet pussy juice I was after. I spent considerable time on her clit, alternately nibbling it with my teeth, lashing it with my tongue, then licking it easily to give Shelly's engorged button a break.

I delved into her open pussy, starting by running my tongue a number of times around her inner labia. Then I circled the soft folds of her coochee, gently pressing my tongue inside her. Within minutes Shelly was moaning and wiggly as she went to that special place women go to when getting their pussy's munched.

Finally, it was time to move on. Towards the end of the pussy munching I began playing with her butthole with my thumb. I intended to give her a rimjob and wanted to know if I would be the first.

"Has anybody ever licked your ass?," I asked with my thumb in her butt.

"I don't want you to do that," she replied.

"I didn't asked if you wanted me to do it, has anybody ever licked your ass?," I said in an even voice.

"No," came an unphased reply.

I explained what would happen so she wouldn't be surprsed at the intesity of the feeling.

"When I begin, you are going to feel an intense wave of pleasure throughout your body. The anus is packed with nerve endings and when they are stimulated orally for the first time the effect is incredible. The intensity will diminish, but the pleasure will continue." I continued playing with her butthole the entire time.

With my "speech" complete I had her kick her legs up and I split her asscheeks to give me a good view of my target. I always enjoy looking at a woman's butthole before I engage my tongue. Shelly had a few hairs growing around her asshole, but they were the soft teenage hairs, not the firmer hair of older women.

I started licking the sides of her ass cheeks within an inch or so of her asshole. Then I placed my tongue on the center of her asshole bullseye, flicking it slightly to increase her intensity. Her low moan gave me the impetus to continue my work. I surrounded her butthole with my lips and gave it a suck - and she moaned. I licked the brown eye softly and she moaned. I inserted my tongue into her ass and - you guessed it - she moaned. She was like putty in my hands, waiting to be molded into a mature lover.

In all, I spent about 5 minutes on her asshole before I let her legs down. She stood up, shook her head so her medium-length blonde hair would fall more normally, and I went to the bathroom to wash up. As I came back I could see the fire in her eyes as she had been thinking about what would happen next.

"I want you to squat, ankles to ass," I told her. She had a quizical expression on her face, so I told her to kneel, then bring her ass down to her ankles. Without a word she got in the position.

"Grab your wrists behind your back," was easily interpreted by my snaggletoothed friend.

"Suck my dick without using your hands."

This was a test to she how good she could suck dick if, say, her hands were tied behind her and she did pretty good for a first-timer. She only dropped my dick twice and quickly learned that getting a dick back in your mouth in this position is a little harder than it might seem.

After a couple of minutes I let her use her hands, telling her to hold the base of my dick and suck the top. Now I'm just an average guy, 6 inches of dick, but by keeping her hand tight on the base that Shelly had a good four inches to suck.

"I want you to touch the index finger of your hand each time you take my dick into your mouth."

It was hard to do this the first time, and she struggled a little to do it each time. Then I showed her how to move her hand in sync with her mouth, stroking my shaft each time her head bobbed on my dick, and told her not to be afraid of getting my dick wet. This, of course, gives us guys a great deal of pleasure.

"I am going to come in your mouth," I stated matter of factly, "and I want you to swallow it."

My snaggletoothed friend continued to work her magic on my shaft. In a matter of seconds my spunk was flying into her mouth, and she gobbled up most of it. She was out of breath as she released my dick after swallowing most of my thick manjuice.

"Put your hand back on the base of my dick and continue working the shaft," I told her.

"Give me a second," Shelly responded.

"Do it now."

She grabbed the shaft and started working it, but I was aware of an unusual movement in her body. She was sobbing. I sat down and had her sit on one leg.

"What's wrong." I asked as I started softly caressing her body.

"Nobody's ever treated me like this," she said as the sobbing became more apparent. She began lightly gasping for air.

"My poor girl" I consoled her. "You enjoyed me playing with your breasts and eating your pussy, didn't you?" as I continued to lightly touch her body.

"Yes," came her reply.

"I think you enjoyed the rimjob," I continued.

"Yes," she replied again, "but I think its dirty."

By now the sobbing had subsided, replaced by tears which she rubbed off her face.

"I'm not the first guy you've given a blowjob to, am I," I asked.


"Then what's wrong?"

"Nobody has ever told me to swallow their cum."

I had probably gone too far with that one, but she had seemed agreeable at the time. "Have you ever swallowed a guy's cum?" I asked.

Shelly nodded yes, "I've just never been told to swallow."

"I don't want you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. We can use a safe word so that you can end our lovemaking if I tell you to do something objectionable. Since 'stop' can be a fun word, lets use the word 'red'. Just say red and you end our little session. That way you are always in control."

Shelly liked that idea. She mustered a simple "Okay" to agree to the safe word.

By now the tears had subsided, and her emotions seemed to stablize. I wanted to continue her training, so I grabbed her hand and took her to the bathroom, where she could see her face. A couple dabs of my cum had gotten out of her mouth and onto her chin and cheek and when she saw them Shelly reached for a towel.

"No. I want you to eat these too."

She was not expecting that, but after an initial visible but silent reaction she got a sexy smile then looked me in my eyes, took the cum from her chin and dropped it in her mouth.

I am older, so I thought a little dtnner might be just the break we needed for me to regenerate. I had her sit on a stool so she could watch me prepare spaghetti. While the sauce was simmering I told her I wanted to ask her about previous sexual experiences. I took her hand and led her to the couch, where I had her get comfortable on the floor by my side.

"How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?"
"15," she replied.
"What did you do?"
"I gave my boyfriend a blowjob," she said.
"Did he cum?"
"All over himself" she said with a giggle, perhaps thinking back to me telling her to swallow my cum.
"Did you ever fuck him?"
"Yes, for his 16th birthday"

The questions and answers went on for about half an hour, then we ate.
Now I was ready to get down to business. I asked her to give me a blowjob to get into the "on" position, a feat accomplished with a little less work than I had imagined. I taught her how to play with and lick my balls, and to kiss the shaft to give her mouth a rest.

With my old soldier ready for action I had her put his raincoat on for safety. As she did this I inserted two fingers into her pussy to get her warmed up, but I didn't really have to. I had forgotten that some young ladies come in the "always on" position.

I put my cock on her pussy lips, gently working the head until it was slightly inside her coochee. Then I thrust until only the very end of my shaft was outside. She made quite an unusual sound which I really can't describe, but it ended with her gasping for air.

Now I began even strokes that brought the head of my dick to the outside of her labia and re-penetrated her vagina until the shaft was completely buried. She was obviously enjoying my work because she didn't say a single word, just some moaning.

I sat on the couch and had her sit on my dick with her ass towards my stomach. She said "Oh, reverse cowgirl, okay." She had been around this block a time or two and knew the point was to wiggle her ass to turn me on. She did this very well and I had to fight not to come. Then I had her on the back of the couch on her stomach. I like this cause I get a good view of my cock penetrating her pussy. Flipping her over on her back in this position had a logistics problem, so I quickly went to doggie because I was about to cum. A few strokes of doggie style and the condom was awash with my cum.

I thought about telling her to eat the cum out of the condom, but I didn't want to push my luck. I saved that idea for another day.

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Fantastic start to a training program.. Any more
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