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Fun with a video camera

Questions I get asked a lot about a Wild Atlanta Day

Are Jack and Elie real people?

Yes, but "the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Can I borrow your video camera?


Will you come and video me and my wife?


What can we offer to entice you to come over?

Don't be surprised at this - I want to video couples who will allow me to post the video to the Hamster. I would also like to tape two or three girls messing around.

Do I have to be over 21?

Both (all) of you should be over 21. Don't be offended if I ask for proof.

Why 21?

There's a major difference in maturity level between 18 and 21.

What happens at a shoot?

Well, I've become better at organizing than I was during my Jack and Elie shoot. We do something the professionals call "blocking," essentially a quick run-through of the scene. We also take a couple of breaks - by the time we were done with my first shoot Jack and Elie looked like they had been working out for an hour.

In spite of the preparation, at times the shoot goes down an unplanned road. This should be expected when creative and horny people get together.

Why don't you come over and help me convince my wife to make the video?

No, No, No. You must both agree in advance to be filmed. Its a waste of my time to come over and help you "convince" her. If you can't do it, she ain't gonna budge.

Will you let us establish limits if you videotape us?

Yes, we discuss your limits first and I will respect them. Sometimes a shoot can go differently than planned and I might ask you to do a sexual act you can't or don't want to perform. Just let me know - I can edit the comments out of the finished product.

At my last shoot I spoke to the husband and wife separately and found I got a much better feel for what each one wanted. I will probably continue to do this.

Do we have to be married?

Not a far as I'm concerned.

Will you video us in St. Louis, Tampa, Chicago?

No. If I'm traveling, I will not want to be taping if I party. Too much work and too much fun being missed.

Are you the Ed Bradley from 60 Minutes?

No, and I'm not black either.

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3 years ago
funnystuff right there.