Training my snaggle-tooth friend Part III

For the last couple of weeks Shelly and I worked on our relationship, eating out, going to movies, then returning to her apartment for a little enjoyment. I stopped by the Publix where she worked one Wednesday for a sub and asked her if she would like to come over to my house on Friday and spend the weekend. She had to work on Saturday, but I told her to drive to work and return to my house that evening. She agreed.

I have spent five years and considerable cash to outfit my home with all kinds of fun things, and I don't just mean BDSM gear. In one downstairs bedroom I have no bed, only a Harley that is used for having sex (the engine is blown out). On the wall in this room is a display of various colored dildos ranging from small to "your not sticking that thing in me" in size.

The second bedroom has a "Y" chair with appropriate eyelets for various bondage and a breeding bench, also with eyelets to allow me to tie someone to the bench. In the back, near the corner is a low cage with a metal bottom. In this room the wall is decorated with a variety of restraints for hands and legs. I even have a pair of police-issue handcuffs in a prominant place on the wall.

Since I do entertain from time to time my living-room is easily converted from a sex room to a normal room, but astute friends notice the i-hooks in the ceiling where I can quickly add a sling or a variety of other fun things. Another favorite is a simple bar for suspension bondage.

I greeted Shelly at the garage and we embraced for about a minute, enjoying each others touches, caresses and scents. I chose to take her through the basement because I could easily conceal most of my equipment with a couple of curtains. She did make note of the four aluminum bats in a wooden stand and asked if I played baseball. I told her they were softball bats but that I had enjoyed baseball until I was 30.

She enjoyed the living room and open kitchen and my bedroom with an overhead mirror in a trey ceiling. When she saw the Harley Shelley stated "I didn't know you rode a bike." We continued on the bedroom with the Y chair where I intended to begin our next session. As we entered the room Shelly immediately burst out "Who's that?," pointing to a collared woman on all fours in the cage. The brunette womsn's tanned body was accented by a leather vest and nothing else.

"Shelly, she is a friend of mine." I didn't want to use the term slave just yet.

Shelly asked sternly "Have you been seeing her while we have been together?"

"No I have not, Shelly,..." I replied, "but you may not address me like that. As punishment I want you to kneel and give me a blowjob right now."

"In front of her?" she asked, once again a little to sharply.

"Shelly, don't speak to me like that. Now get on your knees and suck my dick until I tell you to stop."

Shelly dropped to her knees slowly, I could tell she was sobbing from her body movements, but she did not make a noise. The most encouraging part was that Shelly did not use her safe word. Her hand reached up to my penis and her lipstick lips were soon transfering their color to my dick. When her tongue flicked the head of my cock I could tell she was beginning to enjoy giving me head.

After a minute I told her to get up. She rose, but there were tears in her eyes and soundless sobbing turned into crying and sniffles.

"Why are you crying?" I asked.

"This is just so weird. I have never had sex in front of somebody else. Why is she in the cage?" Shelly asked.

"She is there to intensify your feelings and for no other reason."

"How will she do that?" Shelly asked.

"She already has done it. In our sessions at your house you never cried during a blowjob, but you're crying now. Come over here and sit by the couch so that we can talk about some of your experiences."

She walked over to the black leather couch and began to sit on it and I told her, "No, sit on the floor in front of the couch." She was unhappy about that but did what I told her to do. Since she had done without a problem in an earlier session I knew Slave J was having the desired effect on her. I talked to her about her introduction to bondage when I tied her hands behind her back.

"Did you enjoy having your hands tied behind you, Shelly?"

"Once I got use to it." she replied.

Then I asked about her introduction to disipline. "When you came on my leg without permission and I told you to lick it off, did you enjoy that?" I asked.

She glanced over at the cage, embarrassed that somebody else now knew that she had done that and replied "Not really. I had never tasted my own pussy juice before."

Then I asked her about her first entry into SM.

"Did you enjoy having the peg on your nipple?"

Once again the embarrassed glance over to Slave J. She replied "No, I did not like that."

I pointed out to her that with the peg on her nipple the intensity of her orgasm was amazing. "You couldn't talk for at least a minute after you came." This time I saw her blush as she glanced over at the cage, but she did not say anything.

"I want to introduce you to a mechanical stimulator. Its called a Symbian and it will help intensify your orgasms." I took her over to the corner of the room where I kept my little machine under a cover, not to conceal the device but to keep it clean between uses. I pulled a new plug for the machine and snapped in on, then had Shelly sit on the plug, straddling the machine. I could tell she was uncomfortable doing this in front of Slave J, but she did it anyway.

While she was getting in position I got a bar with wrist restraints on it and hung it slightly above Shelly's head. She asked me very faintly why I had the bar, but I did not answer her. Instead I bound both of her hands with the restraints.

"Are you ready, Shelly?" I asked my slave in training.

"Not really, but go ahead." she replied.

With that I turned the Symbian on to its lowest level and my pretty Shelly let out a low moan. As I turned the speed higher I showed her my hard dick and told her to suck it until I came in her mouth. Shelly immediately went to work on my engorged penis but remained aware of the woman in the cage.

I started to cum in Shelly's mouth in a few minutes, and increased the speed on the Symbian. Soon she was intensely coming.

Both Shelly and I were spent, literally. After releasing my young friend I left to get some food from the kitchen and soon Shelly came bounding out, full of energy and questions.

"Have you ever had sex with that girl?" was her first.

"Yes. You can call her J," I replied. She asked other questions before getting back to a question about sex.

When Shelly asked, "Would she eat my pussy?" I really had to contain myself. I wanted to drag her into the room and make it happen. Instead, I explained that J would do anything I told her to do.

"It would turn her on if I made you lick my asshole in front of her. Then I'll make her eat your pussy." I had been open with Shelly about giving me a rimjob sometime, but I don't think she expected to have to do it in front of somebody.

Shelly agreed and we returned to the room. I gave slave J a small plate of food I had been preparing, then pointed to a mat in the center of the room and told Shelly to kneel, heels to ass. First I tied her hands in front, then blindfolded her. Next I put a beat up plastic collar on her neck and hooked a leash up. Quietly I asked Shelly if she was ready for this and Shelly nodded, somewhat enthusiastically.

Pulling Shelly towards the cage I sat so my asshole was just over the edge to give slave J a good view. Shelly had to use her hands to find my asshole, moving her mouth quickly to the target once she felt its soft folds. All those rimjobs I had given her paid off, as her soft tongue at first lightly darted on the brown center, then circled the perimeter. After a couple of minutes she became accustomed to her task and began "digging," inserting her tongue past the sphincter as she took long licks from bottom to top.

After about five minutes of her first rimjob, I told Shelly to tongue-fuck my asshole. "Make your tongue hard and insert it as deeply as you can into my asshole." At first her tender attempts barely penetrated past the muscle, but then I loosened up a little and she pushed harder. It was great. When I told her to stop, I am pretty sure she breathed a sigh of relief, but then we both heard J moaning. She had been masturbating and I was totally unaware until she came very hard. "I told you she was a visual" I said to Shelly.

Now it was time to pay Shelly off. I removed her blindfold and told her to wash up. While she was gone I got J out of the cage and onto the mat where Shelly had been just minutes ago, sitting heels to ass. As Shelly came back in I had her sit in the Y chair, strapped her in and locked the legs in a spread position. It was easy for J to reach her pussy and being fully trained, J needed neither encouragement or instruction. Within a minute Shelly was moaning and she came three times in the 10 minutes that J was licking.

We played as a threesome for a while after Shelly came. I asked Shelly if J could suck my dick and Shelly agreed, but I could tell she was not happy about it, so I did not try to screw J. After J left we went to my bed, spent for the evening.

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