black mother cheats with daughters white boyfriend

The first time I met my daughters boyfriend, I knew she was in trouble. He was the type of man that my ass would have NEVER been sneaking in regularly when I was her age.

She had brought tall and handsome black men home before. But she had never brought home a blonde haired blue eyed white boy home before. She introduced him as Connor , the 18-year-old soccer player and president of the chess club.

I introduced myself as the mom, and Connor joked that I looked like the s****r. It wasn't that farfetched of a thought. I gave birth to my daughter Andrea when I was only 20. I'm still a few years shy of 40 now, but I think I look better than I ever have. We often go shopping together and pass for s****rs.

Unlike my female friends, I haven't had any work done to keep myself looking 28 year after year. The closest I came was to getting a boob job, but my husband ended up talking me out of it.

He's 10 years older than me and old school to a fault. He drives an old school Caddy, while wearing old school slacks and shoes, while listening to cassette tapes of old school blues singers.

His idea of sex is about as archaic. It took years for me to convince him to try something other than routine 3 minutes missionary, 3 minutes doggystyle. And even then, I had only succeeded in convincing him to eat my pussy. He wasn't fond of getting his dick sucked, so the trade off was never an incentive. He went down on me on the 'special occasion' that was our anniversary.

I had married him right out of high school, with my mothers strong blessing. She loved that he had a good job and wanted to take care of me. I guess that's what she thought was what would keep us together.

Back to the pussy eating.

I can tell he didn't like it much. Or maybe he didn't dislike it. He was just apathetic to the entire experience. He didn't feel comfortable trying anything new. When it came to other freaky things? Like making a sex tape, or introducing toys, whips, or anal into our bedroom, I might as well have been telling him I was into s**t (shitting on people). The look on his face told the story. He didn't want any kind of out of the ordinary sex, and when we did have sex, it would only be a few nights a week. As he has gotten older, it's turned into maybe a few times a month.

I didn't let his lack of libido stop me from getting mine. I went to pleasure parties with my home-girls. I hid away several dildos and vibrators. I read erotica and watched porn, and even got off to some fun and anonymous sex chat rooms. I had a few regulars that I played with on webcam, while we talked about the dirty things we would do to each other, things that would never actually happen.

Between playing cooperate baby sitter at my job and taking care of my 3 k**s, I needed some kind of sexual relief to keep me sane. That relief certainly wasn't coming from the hubby.

All in all, he wasn't a bad husband. Just boring. And he was being his usual self when our 18-year-old daughter Andrea begged us to go to a party that didn't start until 1 a.m.

"Andrea, no. You cannot go. End of story."

"Dad, I'm a senior. I graduate next month. I'm 18. I have my own car. I'm an adult now. Why can't I go?"

"Because you're not an adult. You're still a c***d. And as long as are living in a house I pay for, then you will do exactly as I say."

Secretly, I was almost on my daughters side. I remembered what it felt to be 18, and about to go away to college. I remember the parties. I remembered the drinking and d**gs. I had my good share of fun before I had settled down with my husband. But I still felt I had settled down too soon. I didn't want my k**s to miss out on the youth of their lives.

Still, I supported the man of the house in his decision, even when Andrea tried to appeal to the mother that looked like she could be a s****r.

"Mom, all of my friends are going to be there. Connor is going to be there. I already told him-"

Boring dad shot down whatever she had to say before she said it. "I don't give a darn what you told him, Andrea. You are not going."

I gave Andrea the 'I feel your pain, but can't help you with it' look, and walked into the bedroom. It was 10pm on a Friday Night. Andrea's curfew was at 1am. She had never broken curfew before. She was a good student. Hadn't she earned a little bit of fun?

According to her father, no. He saw her like he saw me when I was her age; as a virgin that didn't need to be in any tempting situations. Little did he know, I wasn't a virgin when I met him. I had a suspicion that Andrea was fucking too. How could she not be?

Her boyfriend Connor was soon a temptation in the flesh. A white marble chiseled body. Lips that begged for attention. And a voice that sounded like it belonged on late night radio, where songs about hot sex are played over and over again. He was brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling , blended together to form a black woman's Kryptonite. Him being 18 was his only turn off. A turn off I turned to every time he came around.

He would come around a few times a week to pick Andrea up for a date. He'd have her back by 12:55. She'd walk through the doors smiling, but looking drained. I knew the glow of post-sex bliss. She couldn't hide it from me, even if she could keep it from her old school ass daddy.

When we went to bed after shutting down Andrea's hope, I could sense attitude from him. He had a feeling she was going to disobey him. Maybe he felt intimidated by Connor. Maybe he knew, like I did, that whenever a blonde haired blue eyed white devil like Connor came around a black woman, there would be trouble. He woke himself (and me) up a little past 1am and all hell broke loose when he discovered she wasn't in her bed.

He ended up sounding like James Earl Jones from Lion King. "She deliberately, disobeyed me," he growled.

Oh he was mad. I tried to sound just as mad as he was, but that was impossible. "I can't believe she had the nerve to go without our permission," I said trying to match him in aggression. He drowned out that shit with a grunt, and "Wait till' this c***d comes home."

Seeing him become so animated was amusing to me. I wished he could have been that emotional and aggressive in the bedroom. He ended up waking our 16-year-old daughter. "Where is Andrea?"

She wiped her eyes and pretending that she hadn't heard the commotion. That's when I knew she was covering for her s****r. "I..I dunno."

"Where is this party? I know you know," he shot.

"You planning to go to this party to get her?" I asked, hoping to God that wasn't his plan.

He eyed me harshly. "If she don't bring her ass home in the next 5 minutes. I am going to drag her home."

He started dialing her number, but then put the phone down. Seems he didn't want to alert her that she was busted. His eyes were red. He was huffing and puffing. He looked like he was doing an impression of the Chicago Bull logo. It was well past his bedtime. He was usually in bed by 10. I knew Andrea was going to be toast when she did come home from her defiant night of sex, d**gs, and country music or whatever ever white people listen too these days.

"I'm calling the police," my husband shot.

"No you are not," I challenged him. "C'mon. We know she's at that party. She's 18 for God's Sake. Punish her when she gets home. Don't embarrass her in front of her peers."

He looked at our 16-year-old and ignored me. "If I find out you knew anything about this at all. It's your ass too."

He walked out of the room. I looked at my daughter. She continued holding the water for her s****r. I guess with hopes that her s****r could help her out when the time came for creeping out. I liked that they at least stood by each other, even if it meant both of them getting in trouble.

I shrugged, shook my head, and followed the firecracker into the hallway.

Our 13-year-old-son had awaken and was peaking his head through the door, being nosy as usual

"Wha happened? Andrea gone?" he inquired.

"Go to bed," I told him.

"Ooooo. Andrea gon get in trouuuuble," he sang as he closed his door.

I followed my husband to Andrea's bedroom. He had flopped down on her waterbed, determined to wait her out. I sat with him, and attempted to calm his nerves.

"You know. When I was her age, I prolly would have disobeyed my parents to go to a party with you."

No response from him.

"How about we go back to the bedroom, and you discipline my pussy?"

Not one inch of reaction. He never seemed to get turned on by dirty talk. It was too vulgar, I guess. Too bad, because my dirty talk had been taken to another level during my time of cyber sexin. Kinda fucked up that he wasn't privy to how freaky I could get.

I grabbed his hand. I knew which spot to hit. "At least she went to the party with a posh, masculine guy like Connor. He sure looks like he has money to protect her from any scumbags."

I finally got a response. He clenched his teeth. I struggled not to laugh.

Her bedroom window had a ladder that stretched down to the grass. She added it after years of watching Joey stumble in and out of Dawson's room on that teen drama TV series. It was how she chose to go and come. Her car was still outside, so obviously someone (my money on Connor) had picked her up and would be bringing her home.

We ended up sitting on her bed in the dark for half an hour before the situation started to annoy me. This was silly.

"What are we accomplishing by doing this?"

"That c***d needs the fear of God put back into her. She has never done anything like this before. And after tonight, she never will."

"She never will because she'll be moving out in a few months. This is her last month of really being a c***d in our home. What could you possibly do to put fear in her now? She's not a baby anymore."

Even in the dark, I could see sweat dripping down his face, as if his bl**d was literally boiling.

"She thinks she can just do whatever she wants," he said aloud to himself more than me. He grunted. "Over my dead body. See back in my day, k**s were k**s and parents was parents. k**s had respect for they parents. If dad say no, then it meant no. If dad say don't go, you stayed yo ass home."

I listened to his diatribe about the Golden Days of parenting, where the parent handbook came with an extension chord and switch. It seemed like he was getting steam out by talking about the discipline as it should be handled. He ranted for awhile, I told him I agreed, and moments later I heard him snoring, still in the sitting position. I nudged him and he woke up abruptly. "You tired?"

He shook his head. "No. Uh. Uh-I-wah. I-was thinking." He was so out of it.

"Go to bed. I'll stay here and wait for her."

He tried to protest but his body was leading the way. He went to our bedroom to sl**p and I kicked my feet up. It was past 2 and I only saw two possible scenarios. Scenario one was Andrea getting a text from her s****r letting her know we knew she was out, and Andrea coming home as soon as possible.

The other was Andrea deciding to stay out all night since she was already in trouble. I hoped for the first, but prepared for the latter. I laid down in the bed and turned on the TV. My housecoat hid my bra and panties. I felt arousal surging through me. Partially out of boredom. But more-so from the youthful danger that was in the air. Defiance. Disobedience. Doing-what-the-FUCK-you-want-to-do.

I wanted to masturbate right then and there on my daughters bed. I wanted to imagine being her. 18, with my whole life ahead of me, while an object of youthful lust fucks me with the energy that Viagra couldn't provide.

It was something so sexy about sneaking and creeping despite the consequences. It was a big reason why I got so excited when I played with my pussy on web cams. I knew it was wrong. But the pleasure was devilish. Since I never showed my face on cam and never gave any real info like name or where I lived, I felt as if it wasn't really cheating. I didn't think that I actually had it in me to cheat. But I sure did fantasize about it on the daily as I masturbated with the assortment of toys I had collected over the years of boring, sometimes sexless marriage.

I was close to spreading my legs and quickly getting myself off but didn't out of fear of being caught. What if my husband were to walk in to check on me while I rubbed one out? What if my daughter came through the window? What if my nosy ass son decided nosy.

I allowed my hands to slide inside of my bra to feel my hard nipples. Pinching them was as far as I let my self pleasure go. I was horny and desired to step on the dangerous side. But I was far too nervous to be able to enjoy it. I thought about going into the bathroom to handle my arousal, but hiding my orgasm behind that door didn't seem as exciting as doing it behind this door. It didn't even seem worth the effort.

I squeezed my legs together and looked at the prom picture of Connor and Andrea. She had on a tight, sleeveless red dress that I helped her pick out. He had on a black tux. They made the cutest couple, even though he didn't smile in the picture. He didn't like to smile in any of his pictures.

"Come on Connor. Smile," I had said as they held each other and I put the digital camera to my eye. She smiled, but he kept his face all serious. I guess that was just his style.

"Well can you at least say cheese for this one? Trying to get at least one photo of you with a facial expression."

He nodded his head and held my daughter closer.

"One. Two. Three. Say cheeeeese," I excitedly announced. They said cheese, but he still managed to hold down any hint of expression. I gave up and called it a night.

They went off to Prom. He had her back by 2, which her daddy allowed for the 'special occasion'.

Staring at the photo of them, the 'say cheese shot' made me feel funny. I hated the feeling. As if she had something that I would never be able to get back. "Lucky girl," I said aloud before closing my eyes and drifting off.

I couldn't have been out that look when I heard soft calls for my daughter. "Andrea. Andrea. Andrea," the voice gently called. It was coming from her window. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize who the voice was coming from. I wondered why he was calling for Andrea. I had assumed she was with him.

I turned toward the window, initially intending to get up but I froze. I heard footsteps walking up the ladder. I heard my heart thump against my chest.

In maybe the most irrational moment of my life, I turned back on my side to face the wall and let my housecoat sit open the way it had been. I closed my eyes tight and then relaxed them so that I could pretend to be asl**p. I was nervous as all hell, but my body tingled with excitement.

When he reached the top of her window, I thought strongly about ending my little act before it even started. What the hell was I doing? My cleavage was half exposed, and my legs were on full display. I wasn't sure if my butt was covered by my coat because of the way my body was positioned on my side.

I felt such a contrast of extremes. Wanting to cover myself and chide his young ass for coming up to Andrea's room. But then wanting to be devoured by his young eyes while I pretended to be Andrea. Though my body lay limp as I breathed in slowly, giving a brilliant acting performance, my mind was racing a mile a minute. I felt more sexually alive as I heard footsteps walking toward the bed than I had the past 10 years in my husbands bedroom.

"Andrea," he whispered again. I continued laying prone. I threw in a fake snore for my Academy Award deserving performance.

Eventually the soft footsteps stopped. I could hear him breathing above me. I could feel him staring down at me. Suddenly, I didn't feel like my acting was going all that well. I felt as if he knew I was faking. He knew it was Andrea's mom acting a fool laying there half nude for him to see. And God, here he was, seeing the naked truth.

"Andrea, wake up."

I didn't even know what to do at that point. But Connor didn't give me much of a chance to after that final call for Andrea. The first strange noise I heard was the sound of a thump on her nightstand. It sounded as if he had placed a large wallet, a iPhone or something, on the stand. Then I heard the smooth ruffle of clothing being pulled. It was starting to become clear.

When I heard his zipper pull down, that's when I started to panic internally. Connor was getting undressed. He thought I was Andrea. He thought he was about to fuck her. Instead, he was about to fuck me.

Fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck. ME.

The fucks flew around my head as my breathing somehow remained calm. It's not as if there wasn't a way out. There was a very simple, easy, solution to my problem. Stop pretending. Curse him out. Kick him out. It wasn't that hard.

But man, was it so hard. The truth was, Connor had been apart of my fantasies ever since Andrea introduced him. The first time he shook my hand, I thought he held the embrace a little longer than was necessary as he looked into my eyes. I could have sworn he was making a pass at me with his eyesight alone them big blue eyes. But I shook it off. There was no way I could be seduced by my daughters boyfriend. No way in hell.

I felt as if I was going to hell as I heard his clothes continue to softly land against the floor, and I did nothing. Actually, it took a lot to do nothing. It took me reaching deep into my closet of hidden desires and pulling out the hanger that hung my regrets. Yes, laying there was work. Waiting for him to climb his naked ass into bed with me was an emotionally arduous task.

And then it happened. His finger tips brushed up against my ass. It confirmed that my housecoat wasn't covering it up. The fact that he had been looking at me in my panties excited me even more. I pretended to stir in my sl**p. I wasn't going to stop pretending until I was f***ed to break it up. I had plausible deniability on my side, and as long as I could blame whatever happened on me being unaware, I was winning.

His hands began kneading my ass cheek intensely. His index finger dipped into my crack, though my panties still acted as a shield between Connor and my bare skin. Me and my daughter both had shapely figures. My big butt could have been her big butt. I was sure he hadn't figured out that I wasn't who he thought I was yet.

I wasn't prepared at all for what happened next. It wasn't as if I could have been prepared for any of what was happening, but my mind had at least attempted to predict the chain of events. Maybe he would kiss me. Or rub my breast. Or maybe attempt to straddle me.

I just wasn't expecting, or even secretly hoping that he would slide his hand underneath my panties, softly spread my cheeks then stick his index straight into my asshole. No more acting. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Fuck," I barked. I turned quickly and our eyes connected instantly. He saw who I really was. The violation became immediately clear.

"Fuck," he echoed.

"What. The fuck." I pulled my housecoat over me. "What are you doing?"

I looked down and saw his erection, far stronger than I ever could have imagined. Just like our first hand shake, the connection lasted a bit longer than it should have.

"Shit. I'm sorry. I thought you were Andrea."

"Do I look like Andrea?" I shot as I stood up.

He stood up naked and towering. He didn't cover his penis. He just stared at me. It was intimidating. "She looks alot like you," he said before he tried to sniff his finger on the low.

I was wrapped up in his nakedness but offended by his crudeness. "Cover yourself," I barked, dismayed at the distraction of his thick ass white dick. He used both hands. He needed both hands.

"Where is Andrea?" I asked.

"I don't know. I thought she was here."

"She went to that party. The one she told you about."

He looked confused. "What party?"

"The..the one she told you," I paused.

He walked closer to me. "Andrea didn't tell me about any party."

I moved a step backward towards the door. "Well, she should be coming home any second now. It's time for you to leave."

He continued walking toward me. I saw the look in his eyes, even in the dark. The same look he gave me the first time we met. That look of hunger.

"With all due respect," he began, as he continued his slow, methodical walk towards a frozen me. "I can see that you don't want me to leave, Miss."

"What? Put your clothes on and go, Connor."

"I've noticed the flirting between us. The way you look at me."

"Ain't been no flirting." My voice was shaky and pathetic. My grammar was just as bad.

He nodded. "Yes there has." He was face to face with me now. I was holding my breath. Afraid to take more of his scent in because he smelled so fucking good. "We both want this."

His hands grabbed hold to my hands, which were holding my housecoat shut. It didn't take much effort for him to peal them from their lock, and allow my coat to drop open.

"Connor," I gasped. "I can't. Please. I can't."

"You can't what," he said as his fingers intertwined with mine. I could feel his erection poke me in the leg. I jumped.

"This is wrong."

"Don't you run from this. It's good."

"It's so wrong," I said as his lips pressed against my collar. I continued to verbalize the lack of morality of this affair, and he continued on ignoring it. Eventually, I was ignoring my own pleas as I followed his lead back to my daughters waterbed.

Our kissing went on for awhile. We sucked each others lips and tongues. We looked into each others eyes. He was right. I had been flirting with him for months, even if I tried to rationalize that I was just being nice. Sitting on his lap while we kissed, his hands started to undress me. My housecoat was first to go. My bra was next. Watching them fall to the floor was both exciting and horrifying.

As he started sucking my titties, my thoughts collapsed in on each other. My c***d's white boyfriend was about to fuck me. And I didn't feel any remorse about it. My husband was sl**ping in our bedroom just feet away, and I didn't give a flying fuck. My daughter could have walked in at any moment, and that still wasn't enough to rip my breast from out of his clutch.

"Why put your finger in my butt?" I asked him as he sucked on my chest. It didn't seem like the usual first move in the bedroom. He stopped long enough to answer. "Andrea loves a finger in her ass."

That did it for me. I had to make up for lost time, lost youth, lost fun. My daughter was having the fun I wanted to have.

"Fuck me like I'm her."

He questioned me with his eyes. I bit my lip. He looked and smelled so good. Too good.

Maybe he was following my command, or maybe he was following his own desire, but he pushed me on my hands and knees and yanked down my panties. In one smooth motion, my panties were off my ankles and flung across the room. I clenched my fist together. It was all happening fast and with so much aggression. Was this how my daughter liked it?

He didn't waste time spreading my asshole open, exposing my hollow backdoor for him to fuck however he wanted. I got scared. I wasn't sure I was ready for any anal. Not so suddenly. I needed to work up to it. This was all new to me.

I was bad at predicting where he would go next. When I felt his warm and wet tongue at the crack of my ass, inches above my anus, I was once again shocked. Like one of those jump scares in a horror movie when you least expect it. It scared me, but I found myself laughing immediately afterwards. He was now licking my asshole. No wait, not just licking around it. He was PUSHING his fucking TONGUE straight into my FUCKING ASSHOLE.

The realization that his tongue was probing me open was so fucking erotic, my pussy began to melt and my legs trembled. Was THIS how my daughter liked it?

These were things I often talked about in my dirty webchats. I read dirty sex stories and watched all types of porn, so the images of these things had gotten me off before. But only in fantasy, never in the bedroom.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I repeated under my breath. His tongue was dancing wildly where the sun never shined. And he seemed to be loving every second of it. It was as if he was Popeye, and my asshole was his spinach. His moans kept growing louder. His arms gripped me tighter. His tongue grew stiffer. I could only imagine how hard his dick was growing.

He stopped dining on my asshole and licked the dripping wetness from my pussy lips. He hungrily licked the crease of my opening side to side, before sticking a finger back into my ass. His tongue poked into my pussy.

"Gotdamn," I bucked with pleasure as he fucked me in both of my holes without having even used his dick on me yet.

"Keep it quiet," he reminded me. The stop in pleasure was torture.

"Keep going," I whined like a little girl.

That's how gone I was. I was the one that should have been afraid of being caught, yet he was the one trying to prevent it. He just had no idea how long it had been since I felt this kind of pleasure in my body from a man or this type of intensity in bed, even if it wasn't from my man or in my bed. In reality, I felt alive in exploring my a****listic fantasies. Even if the fantasies could be considered whorish. If being a whore felt this good, then I guess I was going to have to wear the label for the night.

I shook when his tongue started flicking my clit back and forth. I reached behind me, and like a blind woman, started feeling for something to grab hold to. I felt his earlobe, and continued moving my hand until it rest at the back of his head.

His finger fucking hadn't been very deep at first, just around the edge and slightly dipped inside. But as his worked my clit, I could slowly feel his finger pushing deeper into me, far deeper than anything had ever been inserted in my booty. The pressure was strong. The pain was light. The feeling was intense. The thoughts were non-linear.

I thought about the first time I caught Andrea making out on this very water bed, when she was suppose to be studying. Then I started thinking about cookies. Warm, chocolate chip cookies.I had no idea why, but the thought remained in my head.


We both moaned until it was time to explore more.

His dick was long white and thick. As thick as the tension had been between us ever since we met. I might have had trouble taking it into my mouth if time permitted for me to approach it bashfully. I hadn't had much practiced sucking cock. It was something I had enjoyed in my younger years before I met my husband, but many years had passed since. When I hurriedly placed his erection between my lips, it all came back to me. Like riding a bike, it was just something I couldn't forget how to do, or how to enjoy doing it.

I could feel his pulse through his dick, which was the most exciting feeling. He was so alive with desire. Knowing he was enjoying this was turning me on even more. I sucked him hands free while I rested my knuckles on the floor and I sat in-between his legs.

Working him like that with no hands was painful for my neck, so I used both hands to hold his juicy White cock.I could feel my pussy throbbing, wanting to be filled with him. My probed asshole was cold from the residue of his tongue saliva. Both the lips on my mouth and down under were dripping with wetness. Sucking his dick was the ultimate teaser for what I really wanted.

When he brought me up from servicing him, we began to kiss. He squeezed my ass cheeks. "Your ass is fatter than Andrea's," he announced. I felt proud.

He laid me on my back. The bed swayed gently. I had never fucked on top of water before.

"You bring a condom?"

"Andrea is on the pill."

I weighed the situation for two seconds. I knew I wasn't going to stop. "Just pull out, okay?"

He kissed me. "Damn, you're one sexy nigger mom."

Gone was the articulate boy he had always been around me. He was high on lust now. His cock looked as if it could explode. He placed it on top of my vagina, I guess as showmanship. "Don't tease me cracker."

It was so heavy sitting on top of me. I wondered why Andrea wasn't spending every night with this man. Or more specifically, why she hadn't spend this night with him. Her loss.

"You're big. Go slow at first."

"You said fuck you like I fuck her."

I nodded. "Okay. Okay. But not as hard. At first."

His grin was evil. He penetrated me slowly, giving me time to really feel him before he tore my pussy apart. Our age difference didn't seem real anymore. He was in full control of everything. He spread my legs wide and pushed his fat penis inside of me, in what could only be described as a humbling experience.

He did like I asked. He started slow. But he also did like I asked when we first started. He started to fuck me like he fucked his girlfriend. My legs stretched above my head and over my shoulders, being supported by his arms as he began thrusting his hips into me.

"Oh shit," I whimpered. "Oh shit, oh shit." His pacing picked up. He was pounding my pussy hard, going far deeper into me than my husband ever has.

"Take this white dick nigger, " he told me. "Take it."

I took it alright. What else could I do but take it? Well, for starters I moaned, if those noises could be called moans. I was attempting to hold all of my vocal noises in, but his quick pace fucking was pushing them out of me. "Damnit you white devil," I eventually said.

He looked down at me as if I was complaining. I wasn't. But I did feel helpless. His body was so powerful. It was so wrong for me to be taking that dick, as he continued to say. But I felt paralyzed. The lust of the moment was that captivating.

"So, so, so wrong," I said aloud, though I thought I was only thinking it as he continued fucking me.

"I'm going to make this black pussy mine."

His eyes looked different. More sexy than ever. "Make it yours master," I told him.

He positioned me on my hands and knees again. I waited anxiously as he positioned himself behind me. He gently smacked my ass. I guess the jiggle wasn't to his satisfaction so he smacked the same spot again, but harder.

I sucked air through my teeth. "Mmmm."

"I'm gonna fuck this wet black fuckin pussy."

"Stop talkin and fuck it then you cracker fuck."

"Tell me who this coon pussy belongs to."

He laid his cock on top of my anus, which frightened me. I was not ready for it. I really wasn't. I moved away. He grabbed me by the hips and brought me back.

"Who does this nigger belong to."

"Don't fuck my ass. I'm not ready."

"Who it belong to, Mrs. Walker?"

"You master it's your nigger ass," I weakly got out.

I figured he was going to put it in my ass, despite my reservations. Again, he shocked me by pushing it gently into my pussy, right where I wanted. I moaned out in both relief and excitement. He pulled me into him slowly, and rubbed my ass cheeks all over.

"What time this party suppose to be over?" he asked.

"I dunno."

He started pushing himself in and out of me. Slow at first as I squeezed my breast together. I felt his finger return to my asshole as he gently massaged. "Shit," I cried, feeling him stiffening inside me. He started to fuck me faster, and massage my anus with quick circular movements.

"Slam that ghetto ass back."

Bucking my ass back was one of the only tricks I had learned and used in my marriage. But even it had become boring. It was like learning a magic trick but only showing it to your uninterested parent. I was excited to share the trick with someone else for the first time. I used my arms as leverage and began pushing my weight backwards onto his cock. "Oh shit," I heard him say, which only made me buck stronger.

Our colliding black and white skin started to smack loudly. I hadn't noticed at first, but the more I threw back, the more his finger started pushing into my asshole. I didn't mind it. I kept tossing it.

"What if." Smack. Smack. Smack. "Andrea." Smack. Smack. Smack. "Come home," he stammered. "Or your husband."

He was right. Andrea could have been home any minute. Though me and my husband had assumed she could be sneaking in through her window, there was always the possibility of her owning up to her disobedience and walking through the front door. I was counting on the ladder to signal her arrival. If she decided against sneaking in, she would be walking into the last thing she could have ever expected.

And my life would have been officially ruined.

Same thing with my husband coming to check on me. Although he was usually a deep sl**per, this wasn't a normal night of sl**p. He was angry and waiting for his daughter to come home so he could yell at her. I shook with fear just thinking what would happen if he were to walk in on this.

"We gotta finish this, "I announced. "Before we get caught."

The smacking continued. His finger pushed deeper into my ass. I continued throwing it back hard.

I wanted to scream out. I wanted to moan freely. He was inside of my pussy, ass, and head. I just needed the release of energy. I bit down on the bed to stifle any free noise escaping my mouth. He continued working my holes. I began rubbing my clit. I needed the orgasm to hit me, because I was starting to panic.

We both were close to climax, I could tell because the physical contact between our bodies was becoming a lot more needy. We both were racing to orgasm so that we could get ours before this affair ended. He continued fingering my ass and fucking me quickly. I stopped throwing it back and just let him fuck, so I could concentrate on rubbing my clit.

I could hear the twilight zone theme music when the bedroom door opened. Instinctively, we both yanked the covers over us. I felt tears in my eyes as my life flashed before me. I immediately tried to think of lies to feed my husband. I was so desperate, I even thought of crying ****. I was busted. Caught red handed as a fuckin whore. With a big white dick in my pussy and a finger up my ass. He was going to divorce my ass and turn my c***dren against me.

"Andrea, what the hell?" I heard the voice I wasn't expecting say.

It was my other daughter. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing to buy me time.

"Andrea, mom and dad know you went to the party. Y'all need to fuckin hurry this up."

My back was turned to Connor and suddenly I felt something moving back and forth against me. I didn't want to move for fear of my daughter somehow seeing that I wasn't Andrea. I stayed completely still and silent as the moving from Connor continued.

"Andrea," she whispered. "Do you hear me? Mom and dad know. Get your boyfriend outta here."

I had no choice but to speak. In my most Andrea-like voice, I answered. "Uh. Ok. Thanks."

It was only then when I figured what all the movement from Connor was. It hit me right between the ass cheeks. He grunted as it began squirting in-between my crack, dripping down into my anus and onto the bed. This horny motherfucka had actually jerked off to finish as I was near tears. How could he even ejaculate at a time like that?

"Ugh. You guys are nasty," my daughter spat. "If mom and dad ask. I knew nothing about where you were. And consider my debt paid. No longer bring up what happened last month."

The door closed behind us. I breathed for what felt like the first time in hours. I was sweating. Shaking. And I could have sworn my heart beat was louder than our heavy breathing. We hadn't installed locks on our k**s doors because we felt they had no reason to ever lock a door in the house. I felt a strong case of irony set in, as I wished that I had installed locks anyway.

I elbowed Connor in the chest out of anger. He took it, groaned and then chuckled. "What?"

"You know what" I snapped under my breath as I stuck out my arms from under the covers to grab my clothes. I rubbed the sticky and thick cum from off of my ass and lazily wiped it into the bed. I wasn't even thinking about how stupid that was.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "It's just. It's not often a guy is in that situation. Mom in the bed. Daughter at the door. Hard dick ready to explode. I couldn't hold it. I just had to cum."

He seemed his age then. And it definitely turned me off. I found my clothes and handed him his and we dressed quickly. And then it hit me. Our daughter had caught us fucking, but assumed it was Andrea. But Andrea hadn't fucked her boyfriend tonight. I felt as if I had been pulled back into the blazing fire of hell.

"You have to fuck my daughter tonight," I told him as I closed my housecoat and we looked at each other like we hadn't just had wild sex. I never thought in a million years I would have had those words come out of my mouth or have the following conversation.

"Which one?"

I rolled my eyes. "Andrea!"

"I don't know where she is."

"How often do you guys fuck in this room?"

"All of the time."

I knew it. "So it wouldn't be abnormal if you and her fucked tonight in the bed?"

He could see where I was going. "Nah. But I don't even know if I have the energy. You were—"

And then we both heard footsteps outside of the door. The clicks on the floor were too hard to be the bare feet of anyone who had just woken up. They belonged to heels. They belonged to Andrea. I did the only thing I could do. Went for cover.

I dropped to my knees as the door swung open.

"Connor?" she asked confused as I slid under the bed.

"Hi Annie baby." He was forcing it.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Waiting for my baby, that's what. Where have you been?"


"Out where? A party you didn't invite me to?"

"Out with friends. And yes to a party. College party."

"You broke curfew."

I saw her kick off her heels and step her barefeet on the floor. She began walking toward the bed. I held my breath. I thought back to how I had gotten myself into this mess. What single event caused it?

Andrea's voice sounded suspicious. "For real though. Why are you here so late?"

"I'm horny."

"Flattering Connor."

"Seriously though, I am. I need to fuck you tonight."

"Oh do you?"

"Absolutely. I been hard for you all day."

"Lemme check with my s****r that everything is all good."

My heart stopped. It fucking stopped. I felt light headed. Connor had to save this.

"Wait, Annie relax. Don't wake her up."

"I need to know if my parents found out that I was out. I figured they did, but neither one of them are waiting for me so."

"They know, I think," he said quickly, but entirely unsure of himself.

I wasn't sure what the fuck he was doing. His lying sucked.


"I think they know, cause...your mom called me and asked if I knew where you were. Yeah, that's it. That's why I came over here. Cause I was concerned."

"I thought you came cuz you was horny."

I heard him laugh. "I can't be both?"

"Damn. If my mom called you then maybe my dad doesn't know."

"Would your mom not tell your dad?"

"It depends. My mom usually looks out for us. But I mean, she still might tell him if she had to. Fuck. Lemme go check with my s****r."

I heard their feet shuffle and then kissing noises. I could see that they were standing face to face, but the low angle meant I couldn't see past their knees.

"You smell like sex," I heard Andrea say.

I immediately thought about the places his lips had been. I shuttered.

"You do too," Connor said, which surprised me for a comeback.

They were both silent for awhile. I wondered what their were telling each other with their eyes. Maybe the pieces to the puzzle would have started to fit.

"Look. We've been going through a lot the past few months, babe. And I just needed to step out and-"

Connor stopped her. "It's ok. The past is the past. All I see right now is you. All I want right now is you."

I heard them kiss for awhile. And eventually he succeeded in pulling her to the bed. Their weight pushed the water bed down to the floor. I turned my head and watched as their clothes started hitting the floor. "If your dad does know, at least you'll get one last ass fucking before you get put on lock down."

"Mm. You gonna ass fuck me?"

"Im gonna ass fuck you baby."

I couldn't believe how freaky she was. Not my 3.75 GPA student. Then again, look at me. Look where I was. Hiding under her bed to keep my secret affair with her boyfriend secret. The apple didn't fall far.

I was frustrated as I laid there under the bed. I hadn't gotten my release. I was just as horny as I was earlier when I thought about masturbating. If I would have, maybe all of this could have been avoided.

"Oh my Gosh. I love your dick in my ass."

"Who dick nigger?"

"Master dick."

"Who this black hole belong to?"

"You sir."

"Hell yeah it does nigger. Give that ass. Throw it back."

I had pulled my breast out of my bra and pealed my panties down. I started rubbing my clit furiously. It's funny how it turns out like that. Even after having her boyfriend for a night, I still was beneath her, wishing I could be in her position. Face down. Ass up. Dick buried deep inside.

I managed not to scream when I did orgasm, but I felt ashamed. He eventually left, and she eventually fell asl**p. I only moved when I was sure her snoring was louder than my footsteps. I tip toed out of the room and into the shower so I could rinse the evidence of an affair away. I couldn't risk me and my daughter having the exact same cologne tattooed to our skin.

There was still the fact that my youngest daughter thought she caught Andrea and Connor together that I had to worry about. But I could tell from the slurring that Andrea was d***k. There was bound to be details that she wouldn't remember. Even if that would remain a mystery to her, there was no way in hell she would have ever suspected that it had anything to do with mom.

Shit did hit the fan the next morning. Andrea got sentenced to life without parole. Or that's what you would have figured based on her fathers screaming. But he just took her car keys for a month. It took a few weeks, but I as I kept replaying the events between me and Connor in my head, I finally remembered why I thought about chocolate chip cookies while we had sex.

We had been to one of his soccer games as a f****y. I didn't like soccer much so I had to keep my mind occupied with something, which meant stalking the food stands. I ended up ordering two warm home made chocolate chip cookie, and watching from the stands as connor's white chocolate ass ran up and down the field. I remember his sweat making his body look Godly. I remember slowly letting the chocolate chips melt in my mouth while fantasizing about what I would do if I ever got a chance to fuck a young cracker like him.

It's funny how certain smells, foods, sights remind you of a person or event. I can't smell apples without thinking about being at my grandmas house in the summer of my 6th grade year because I would be climbing her apple trees. I can't hear Michael Jackson's "Remember The Times" without thinking about this guy named Craig. He gave me my first orgasm while that song played on the radio.

I would now forever associate moist, rich, gooey, delicious, warm chocolate chip cookies with Connor.

Before she left for college, Connor came over. It was the first time I had seem him since that night.

He looked good, as usual. We avoided eye contact. I felt so strange being around him. I saw him lick his lips at one point, and all I could think about was that the damn tongue had been in my asshole. I had to get the hell out of there.

How else do I live with the fact that this boy fucked a mom and daughter in the same night, on the same bed, while one of them masturbated under the bed? As his generation says,: winning!

"Bye Mrs. Walker," he waved confidently.

"Bye Connor."

He took my daughter by the hand and they went on a date to a museum or something. For all I know they went to have sex.

Connor and Andrea had both cheated on each other and decided to just be friends before they went off to college. It was never love for them anyway.

The last time I saw him was at their graduation. He was there with an older man. The man he stood next to was just as tall, just as handsome and just as white but with wisdom on his face instead of youth.

"Dad, this is Mrs. Walker. Andrea's mom. And Mrs. Walker, this is my dad Colin ."

I shook his fathers hand. His father smiled and gave me a shake that seemed to last longer than it should have. Yep, the apple didn't fall far.

"I've met Andrea before, but I gotta say. You two look like you could be s****rs," his father said.

"I get that alot," I smiled."You and Connor look alot alike too."

"Except I look better," his dad joked.

"Not with all those gray hairs dad."

"I think gray hair looks nice on a man," I interjected.

I saw that I was making Connor jealous. I could see I was giving his dad the idea that I was flirting. I decided to shoot it down before it took off.

"Anyway, my husband is waiting for me. Nice to meet you Colin."

I turned towards my one night fling. "Congratulations on everything Connor. And good luck at Kansas next year."

I wondered if he would tell his Dad about me. He had no proof. No evidence of his claims. I decided that even if Connor was to tell people about his night of fucking a milf, it would be too farfetched for anyone to believe. That gave me relief.

My husband still isn't interested in expanding his sexual boundaries. I tried several times after the Connor situation to get him to be just a tad more adventurous. His favorite response?

"You might have to get you one of those young bucks for all of that right there."

He says it jokingly. But if he only knew.

My daughters bedroom is empty now. And every now and then, when my husband is sound asl**p, I tip toe into her bedroom to have fun on her waterbed. I bring cookies, toys, and my laptop. I make use of the newly installed locks on the door, but make sure to leave the window wide open.

Maybe one day Connor will come stumbling through for his milk and cookies, as if he is a finer Santa Clause, ready to fill my pouch with a gift.

But fuck, even if he doesn't, the memory is fun enough.

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