Hometown Visit Part 8

I don't know how long I stood there leaning against Tori, she didn't seem to mind but finally I had to move because my knees were getting stiff. I helped her down from the railing and she gave me a big hug.
"Thank you Clay."
"Your welcome Tori."
"Yes I am well cummed, thanks to you and your big cock!"
"Oh shit, you had to go there didn't you?"
"Why not, you certainly went deeply there didn't you?"

And we cracked up in a fit of laughter, I laughed so long and hard that my sides began to ache again.
Tori finally was able to stand up and walk into the house and I followed her into the kitchen for some Kool-Aid. I was thirsty and feeling hungry again, so we nuked some more munchies and sat down to eat. As we did Cami came in and looked at us with a great big yawn and stretch.

"So what have you 2 been doing while you let me sl**p on the couch? Don't tell me nothing, from the looks on your faces you've had a great time fucking the hell out of each other or at least Tori has been well and satisfyingly fucked. So what did I miss out on? Come on, tell me."
"Your right Cami, Clay fucked the shit out of me on the back porch under the stars the same way he did Mom upstairs. Let me tell you that is an incredible feeling to have his big cock filling your asshole as he bangs away into your guts. So now that both of us have had our ride he really really needs to give you the same kind of ride. Your so going to enjoy it! Trust me on this."

"Clay, I still want my ride before you leave in the morning."
Being a smart ass I shrugged and said "Yes Dear, whatever you say dear. I'll get right on that dear."
Cami then lightly slapped me in the back of the head and mockingly "Get your dick hard now slut, I want my cock ride now. Don't make me slap you again."
We all started laughing again and Cami sat down with us. As I sat there I wasn't too sure I could get another hard-on, I hadn't fucked so much as I had the last couple of day's in my whole life.
If this was what I had to look forward to should I decide to move back to my hometown I would need a prescription for daily dose Cialis and a case of lube so my dick wouldn't get worn out.
These women were borderline insatiable and I was just one guy.
Oh wait, what about those guy's I had met last night at Tori's, that's right, I wasn't alone in this. There were other guy's who COULD and WOULD help fuck these 3 crazy horny women.
So we sat there munching out and talking for a long time and my poor used and abused cock never once twitched. Finally Cami asked If I was recovered enough to give her the ride I owed her.
I leaned back on the chair and pointed to my limply hanging cock which made her and Tori giggle, Tori said "Get busy woman if you wanna ride that big cock up your ass like Mom and me did, I swear you'll love it!"

With that challenge Cami sank to her knees on the kitchen floor and engulfed my cock in her hot willing cocksucker mouth and began to suck me like her life depended on it. Which was fine with me, shit what man doesn't like having his cock sucked?

I would have bet against my cock rising to the occasion, but Cami brought my dead member to full erection and throbbing life in a matter of moments. Tori had kicked one leg up over the edge of the table and was fingering her clit as she watched the blow job in front of her, I really enjoyed what I was seeing and feeling from these 2 horny cock monsters!
So I leaned my head back against the wall and just kept enjoying her sucking me and watching Tori. All the sudden I felt hands sliding down from my shoulders and Bobbi was leaning over me "Oh Clay, Cami looks so pretty with her face stuffed full of throbbing cock doesn't she? I bet your loving all this attention aren't you?"
"Yes Bobbi, I am enjoying it very much, you missed out on seeing Tori getting her asshole hammered like yours. We did it out on the back porch under the stars like she had dreamed of."
When Cami heard that she lifted her head and smiling said "Well fucker, your going to do me on the front porch the same way, I want the whole town to know that you came home and I got FUCKED HARD by you. It's time to put that "Poor Cami, Clay ran out on her shit to rest", you get what I'm saying Mr?"

"Fine Cami, If that's what you want get your naked fucking ass out on the front porch whore, I want to fuck your asshole deep and hard like I did Bobbi and Tori already. Bobbi, after I get her asshole stuffed with my cock and she's riding high up, turn on the porch light so anyone who looks or drives by can clearly see her getting fucked!"
"Oh Clay, that sounds so deliciously wicked, you wouldn't mind if Tori took pics would you?"
"No Bobbi, that sounds like fun and I think Cami would like to have pics of herself in action, wouldn't you Cami? Your a nasty fucking slut and you want that too don't you?"
"Fuck yeah Bobbi, you and Tori can take pics of Clay fucking my asshole deeply and roughly on the front porch, while I am spread wide open like the cock loving slut I am, do it Tori, go get your fucking camera! I want pics of Clay banging my slutty ass."

With that Tori took off buck naked to her house next door and I took Cami out on the front porch. In seconds Tori was back on the edge of the porch with her 35mm Digital SLR taking pics of Cami sucking my cock again, then it was Cami bent over and my face buried in her ass getting her lubed up. Cami was enjoying herself and so was I, I sat down on a porch chair and she wiggled her asshole down the shaft of my cock till I was buried balls deep in her asshole and Tori moved in for close ups as Cami fingered her clit.
I told Tori to "Move back now so I can stand up" and she backed up a couple of feet, her camera recording every bit of Cami's fantasy fuck on the front porch.
"Cami put your feet flat on the railing" as she did Tori was on the grass below us snapping away when suddenly the porch lights came on and the whole town was free to see us fucking like a couple of wild a****ls. Obviously being naked on the front lawn taking pics of us fucking wasn't bothering Tori, she was enjoying herself giving me encouragement as I fucked Cami and she began her orgasm. I pounded up into her asshole hard and roughly, holding her tightly against my chest.Cami never let up on her clit, rubbing her fingers in a circle as she kept cumming "Oh Clay use me you fucker, I've wanted to be fucked like a slut on this porch since high school. Now fuck me harder bastard, pound my ass with that monster fucking cock, make me feel your balls slapping my pussy. I wanna have a screaming squirter of an orgasm and splash my juices on Tori as she's taking her close up shots."
Bobbi was in the front window watching us "That's it Clay, fuck that whore so the whole town knows. You know you wanna fill her asshole with your hot spunk, come on baby, fuck that slut hard and rough just the way she loves it be fucked. She wants to scream your name when she cums on your big cock. Make her scream for me to hear her Clay."
Tori was busy with her camera and enjoying herself at the same time, I could see her below us camera in one hand fingering her pussy with the other, "Harder Clay, fuck this cock whore like the slut you know we are, You got her sucking and fucking like a bitch in heat, now flood her ass with your cum Clay. make her love that cock of yours as much as Mom and Me do. Treat her like your slut Clay. Make her beg for your cum."
I couldn't believe how they all were, this was like nothing I remembered from my years growing up. Shit it was like nothing I had ever experienced in my adult life! I was steadily banging my throbbing prick into Cami's willing tight ass, my balls slapping up against her pussy lips hard. My rough hands were busy groping, pinching and twisting Cami's nipples and all she could do was take it. I was loving what I was doing to her body, back in school I wasn't like this wild a****l I had turned into this night with these 3 lust crazed wanton women. The feeling of tight hot assholes, the hot cunt juices running, the heavy breathing and lust filled comments were exciting me in ways I hadn't ever enjoyed before.
I felt her starting to stiffen up as her next orgasm begin to build inside her. I felt her asshole tighten down on my throbbing plunging cock and I suddenly felt my cock stiffen and my balls churning as I was about to blow also.
Cami felt me swelling in her asshole and "Do it Clay, blow your fucking cock cream deep in my ass, make me ride your fuck stick while you jizz my guts, of fuck yea baby ream my ass! I've fucking wanted your cock in my ass since high school, now blow your load fucker in my ass. Tori take pics of my cream pied ass for me, I want to see his fucking juice leaking out my asshole when he's finished with me. Bobbi you cumwhore get out here so you can suck my asshole clean you fucking slut! Get pics of it for me Tori, Clay's cock in my ass and your Mom licking us both clean of his fuck cream."
I heard the screen door and felt Bobbi kneeling down next to me, "Cum in her ass Clay, I want to suck her asshole clean of your fucking spunk you nasty boy. Make me clean your whores cunt and asshole you dirty bastard. Treat me like your fucking whore and make me do everything you can think of you fucking cock monster..oh damn Clay cum in her tight little butt for me, I wanna suck her asshole, cum please, please, cum in her butt now for me. I want more of your cum, I wanna suck your dirty cock you pig, Tori get pics of Clay making me his cock slut and as Cami makes me clean her asshole of his fucking spunk!"
Bobbi was rubbing my balls and I was going crazy with these 3 women and all the attention, my cock was straining and suddenly I was buried as deep as I could and Cami was finger her clit and cunt, she began to squirt and that set me off and I blew my load up her shitter!
I pumped into her and kept blowing wads of greasy spunk in her all the while she was squirting on Tori's face and camera lens. Tori stepped back and cleaned the lens and then moved sideways so she could get better pics of Bobbi down below licking the leaking juices from my balls and Cami's asshole.
After I finished shooting cum up her ass I leaned into Cami and rested there while Bobbi worked on us both and Tori clicked away with her camera.
Finally I was wilted enough inside I said "He's going to pull out in a minute, get ready." and Bobbi laid her tongue on my cock with her mouth wide open waiting, I felt her tugging on my balls gently and my cock slid free and into her mouth. I looked down to see Bobbi still mouth wide open and a big glob of cum slid down my cock shaft and into her waiting mouth.
She swallowed as best she could and sucked and licked my cock clean. After that she moved her tongue into Cami's asshole and swirled her tongue around in search of man cream as Cami slowly worked her finger on her clit. Me, I was still pinching and twisting Cami's nipples and enjoying the fuck out of the action I was seeing.
When Bobbi finally sat back I helped Cami off the railing and we then heard clapping coming from out in the darkness. Obviously some of the neighbor's had been awake and watching.
I heard a voice call out "How bout some of the rest of us bobme?"
"You know where I live, don't be fucking shy! Just knock on my door and ask me."

With that I went back in the house and Tori and Cami followed me inside. Bobbi stayed outside talking to our neighbors I suppose since it got pretty quiet....
Either way I turned off the porch light and went into the kitchen.

Tori and Cami asked if I want a ride to the airport the next morning, I said "No, I have to return my rental car." I told them I would see them soon and handed the house keys to Tori.
"Please have someone stop in once a week and keep it clean for me. You just never know when I might show up and want a place to sl**p."
We all chatted for a while longer, then the girls left and I went upstairs. I set my alarm and thought back over the last few days.
Nothing about coming back had been anything like I had thought it would be. Now I had to think about my future, and I wondered how different it would be.....It had been one hell of a Hometown Visit!
100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
absolutely great series. Hope that youhave more to write eventually.
3 years ago
Awsome stories. Want more .
3 years ago
Awesome fucking story.. Please make more chapters as these are hot. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
No Mikey, but there may be more adventures in this little town...you just never know!
3 years ago
i'll be watchin for the next one!!
3 years ago
awesome there has to be a part 9,10