Hometown Visit Part 7

Cami and Tori went at it for a long while, slurping and eating, licking and kissing while Mrs. Johnson and I sat talking about the business and life in a small town. Mrs. Johnson disappeared for a couple of minutes and I heard her downstairs in the library, when she reappeared she had some large scrapbooks in her hands and when she opened the first one I saw what it was.
My Dad had chronicled everything I had ever done that was newsworthy.
Every item from the local paper was there, every mention of my name.
I was amazed by how many times I was mentioned growing up and again by how often as an adult my name appeared int he paper, Why would anyone give a shit what I was doing.
But Mrs. Johnson kept inching closer and closer as we looked through the scrap books and I suddenly realized she was stroking my cock slowly and her breathing was getting harsher and her nipples were erect...Well Duh Clay, bout fucking time you noticed!

I looked at her and she had a tentative smile on her face, curiously all she said was "I want to sit on your lap and feel your cock buried in my ass while we watch the girls playing."
The scrap books went onto the floor next to my chair and Mrs. Johnson slowly sat down on my hard upthrust cock, she worked it in until she was settled on my lap and then leaned back, "Clay pinch my nipples", so I began. Next it was "Did you know my name is Roberta, but all I've ever been known as is Bobme. I couldn't help myself when I was in school ever since my first taste of cock all I've ever wanted was to suck and fuck all the time. I'd like it if you could call me something besides Mrs. Johnson."
"Alright, I'll try. but what would you like me to call you in public?"
"And Clay, I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you when you were younger. I had seen you in your window jerking off watching me in the yard and knowing I couldn't have your big cock just made me angry and I wanted to punish you for my not getting it."
"Well that was a long time ago and your getting my big cock now, so I think I can forgive you. I just wish I had known then what you just told me. I would have tried to find a way to give you some young cock!"
"You goof, I'm getting some young cock now silly, and I am really enjoying it finally. Though I have to admit when you and Tori roped and ****d me I was so ecstatic to have a throbbing hard cock pounding me again!"

With that we concentrated on watching Tori and Cami enjoying each other with tongues, fingers and a small pocket vibe we hadn't noticed before. Bobbi was enjoying squirming around my lap coating my cock and balls with her juices and clinching her ass every time I pinched or twisted her nipples.
I didn't mind, I was living out a fantasy with her from c***dhood, I had always wanted to fuck my neighbor in her sexy plump ass while groping her tits. but the reality of my fantasy was so much more pleasurable than the jacking off back in school was.
I had gotten my cock sucked by her, fucked her pussy and ass, seen her used and abused as a sex toy, watched her eat cock juice out of a cunt and ass I had fucked, watched her in a lesbian sex act and she was asking me to come back home for good so that we could continue.
I was scheduled to fly out the next morning at 10:47 a.m. on a United flight and my current contract had another 67 day's left on it.
Did I want to stay an Independent Contractor or at 38 was it time to come back and try to take over a security business my Dad had started for Him and I. Sure it was his idea, his start up, his dream of doing something with me. It was Dad's last act and gift to me, Mom had always wanted me to come home and be safer.
I had to talk to my partners in the firm I currently worked through, maybe it was time to get out of the hostile and dangerous world for something a bit less hazardous.
But right now I had to get my mind back on the current business, making sure that Bobbi, Tori and Cami were each satisfied before I left town in the morning.
So I twisted Bobbi's nipples roughly and cruelly, she yelped and ground down roughly into my lap saying "Naughty boy, your going to have to do better to satisfy me." I grabbed Bobbi's arms and twisted them behind her, trapping them between our bodies, I then grabbed her legs and brought her knees to her nipples and forcing her weight down onto a single point centered on my cock in her asshole.
Since I worked out so hard every day I was in great shape and holding her tightly I stood up!
Her gasp of surprise made Cami and Tori look up at us, "Holy fucking shit, look at your Momma hanging off that cock in her asshole!"
"Oh fuck Clay, Momma is that feeling good, oh fuck her shaved cunt is leaking like a garden hose."
I was slowly fucking in and out as I held Bobbi up, she was moaning and her breathing was harsh as she started to have her orgasm. She was a bit overwhelmed by my antics and I was enjoying her breathless shuddering orgasm as her asshole spasmed hard on my cock, "Tori come pinch her nipples hard for her, Cami finger her clit. She said I had to work harder to satisfy her. Now I need a little help."
The girls jumped right in to help me out and the next thing we all knew Bobbi was having a screaming orgasm and began to squirt in Cami's face! Cami was shocked and so was Tori who had never seen it happen except in movies.
But neither of them let up and they continued to pinch and twist and rub and do whatever it took to make Bobbi cum more and more. Finally my arms and legs started to burn to much and as I was about to set Bobbi down my balls boiled over...
"Oh fuck me, I'm fucking cumming in your ass Bobbi! Just like I wanted back in high school when I was always jerking off watching you. Oh fuck, I'm finally cumming in your gorgeous ass!"
Tori shoved a chair under my ass and I fell into it with Bobbi still on my lap and my cock impaling her.
I was fucked out and spent. It had been one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever had.
I couldn't remember ever having a screaming orgasm of my own.
When I opened my eyes a few minutes later Cami and Tori were sitting on my bed looking at Bobbi and I.
Tori was smiling and Cami said "Clay that was great to see, but do you think you can do me that way before you leave tomorrow?"
"Me too, me too!" Tori chimed in.
I didn't know what to say, I was in that post coital bliss where you feel fucking great and I had no idea if I could do that again, but every man dreams of being the neighborhood stud and what else would he say.
"Sure I think I can handle that! Just let me get a little rest and I'll be ready to go again!"

Right after the words came out of my mouth I noticed the clock on the wall, I had less than 12 hours before my plane left and I had 3 horny women in my bedroom...What was I thinking?

The girls went downstairs and I heard dishes rattling around in the kitchen, when I could get up on my wobbly legs I toddered downstairs to see what was going on. Bobbi was setting the table, while Cami was making some snack food and Tori was making g**** Kool-Aid, I guess Momma must have mentioned how much I love Kool-Aid sometime to them.
It wasn't long before I was sitting there naked with 3 happy smiling naked women munching on microwaved burrito's, chicken strips, and pizza bites drinking Kool-Aid.
Just like something from a sl**pover, all we needed was a movie to watch. I couldn't help myself, I started laughing and had to explain what I found so funny.
They all thought I was nuts, but what the fuck. Guy's think different than girls do right?
After we finished with the snacks I cleaned up the kitchen surprising the girls and I was suddenly embarassed, I blurted out "I'm used to being alone and since no one is around to clean up after me I don't leave a mess behind me. It's a habit my Mom taught me, clean as you go so your not overwhelmed."

With that we went into the living room and I asked "So what now?"
Bobbi picked up the remote control and turned on the tv, hit the Guide button and started to see what was on tv.
Tori and Cami both looked at me and said "I'm waiting for my ride." in unison like they had practiced it.
They looked at each other and Bobbi and I and we all cracked up laughing till our sides ached.
We all sat down but it wasn't long before I was feeling my balls twitching again, Bobbi was leaned over with her head on the armrest softly snoring. Cami had her nicely tanned and toned legs stretched out in front of her and Tori had her feet up on the coffee table and I could see her moist pussy staring at me.
When she noticed me looking Tori slowly ran a finger down her landing strip to her clit and began to slowly run it around in circles over it. Yep my cock began to grow and I never touched it. I wanted to know just how much horny I had left in me.
The twitching and thickening that happened while my cock slowly stretched out and became engorged with bl**d was exciting to Tori who never took her eyes off my cock except for the one time she slowly winked at me and licked her lips in a sexy way.
My cock jumped then! I felt my bl**d rushing and I knew there was lots of horny left in me, I must be some kind of sex fiend I thought.
Cami was still sitting there with her legs stretched out in front of her and it took a moment to realize she was also asl**p like Bobbi.
I shrugged my shoulders and finally slowly stroked my cock then pointed upstairs, Tori shook her head no and stood up. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the back door in the kitchen. She then took me out onto the back porch and sat me in my Dad's old chair, bent down and quickly sucked my cock for a bit to get it wet turned around presenting me with her sexy ass that I quickly got moistened up with my tongue and she sat down. She sat hard and fast on my cock, forcing him deeply into her guts before she lifted up a couple of inches and then she rammed her ass down the rest of the way.
Here I was buried again in her and this time it was out on the back porch under the stars.
Tori leaned back and whispered "I've dreamed of being fucked here on this porch by you for years, now it's my turn to have a fantasy come true and I want the same kind of ride I just watched you and Mom have."
"I'll do my best, but I don't know how much I have left in me after everything that's happened since I've been home."
"Clay, don't worry about it, just relax and enjoy yourself. Everything you've done so far has been fantastic so quit worrying. Your a good lover."
Tori had been doing some kind of hip roll's as we talked and it was very fucking exciting to have done to me. I couldn't keep my hands off her tits and hips. I was constantly groping them as she rode my cock and she was so hot and wet. I was going nuts with her hip rolls and finally I grabbed her legs and brought them to her tits, then making sure I had a firm hold on her I stood up.
"Oh damn! No wonder my Momma couldn't breath. Mother fucker that cock is fucking huge in my asshole this way. Son of a bitch Clay that feels so fucking good, Now fuck me slowly till I get used to this big fucking cock in my ass. Oh shit I'm already cumming on your cock. Oh damn Clay give me more, oh fuck yea, no wonder Momma squirted. this is fucking fantastic. Where the fuck did you learn this?"
"I read about it in Penthouse Forum" I said
"Did you learn anything else? Oh shit Clay can you go a bit harder, I love a hard pounding fuck in my ass. Please baby, it's so fucking big in me this way. Yeah baby, that's it not fast just hard, oh fuck it's so damn deep in my fucking asshole. Damn that's fucking good, no way can you leave town again after this fucking. You gotta come back again soon. Oh shit this is some kind of fucking ride." I moved toward the railing and sat Tori's feet on the top of the rail. She was still bent like a pretzel and I was still buried in her deeply but it took some of the pressure off my lower back.
Tori liked it a lot this way and so did I, she was hot juicy and tight and the sight of my throbbing cock sliding into her asshole in the moon light was a big thrill. I hadn't fucked outdoors under the stars in years.
I felt like a k** again on a date in high school.
Suddenly I felt the urge to go fuck under the grandstand of the football field, I hadn't felt that way since my Senior year.
Tori's orgasm began suddenly and she snorted and grunted grasping my cock tightly. I was surprised by her tight fucking grip on my cock and it set me off too.
"Oh fuck Tori, I'm cumming in your sweet fucking ass."
Do it Clay, flood me with your cum. give me your cum baby, make me your cream pied asshole. Oh it feels so fucking hot and your cock is throbbing so hard I can feel it."
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, Damn Tori, it's so fucking good in your tight ass. Milk my cock baby, that's a girl of fuck oh fuck yesssssssssssssss..........."
I was wobbly all over again and had to hold on tightly to Tori so I wouldn't fall down, my cock slowly went soft in her tight ass and it finally plopped out slapping wetly against my thigh.
We heard the sploosh of her asshole letting go a big glob of cum that hit the porch with a splat between my feet and still we stayed where we were.
Tori on the railing and me leaning against her back for support. She turned her head and gave me a kiss on the cheek before saying "Think long and hard about coming back here, your wanted around here. For lot's more than just a job or a fuck. You have roots here and a place if you want it."

I just stood silently thinking, this sure hadn't been the hometown visit I had anticipated.
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