Hometown Visit Part 6

It was over, it was really over. I had stood there and seen my parents in casket's, both looking like they were sl**ping and peaceful. It had been a beautiful ceremony full of praise and worship, the remembrances of friends and f****y who I no longer knew or recognized had made it very hard to keep a lid on my emotions.

But now I was back "home" for one last night. Here I was like so many I had seen in my life an orphan, at age 38. No more Mom or Pop to call each week, no more letters or emails asking how I am and if I am being safe. No one I could call to ask advice from like I did with Pop.
Way too late to make them Grandparents even though it seemed like they had the whole town.

It was too quiet in the house now, no ballgame on the radio, no Mom in the kitchen.
Suddenly there were footsteps on the porch and the doorbell is ringing, who the fuck is bothering me now?
I open the front door and I don't recognize any of the group of people staring at me.

"What do you want?" I asked and one woman "We're your Mom's relatives and we stopped by to see if there is anything we can do for you or if there is anything you need."
I politely tell them "No, Thank you though for stopping by." and I go to close the door when she say's "Clay, don't you want to know your f****y?"

"Why, you haven't ever been there for me before and I don't remember ever seeing any of you ever. So why start now? I've had a long day during a very shitty week. I am not in the mood for this now, maybe someday in the future but right now just go away."
And I quietly shut the door.

As I turn around I see someone in the kitchen and realize it's Cami, she's standing in front of the window over the sink and the sun is shining through her dress outlining her curves as the swell of her bosom stretches taught the material.
She's smiling at me as she say's "Same old Clay, upfront and tactless."
Hi Cami, glad to see you still know how to come in the house"
"Well you were a bit distracted, so I came around back through Tori's yard."

I smell coffee brewing and see 2 cups on the counter, Oh yeah she wanted to talk about the past. Well no time like the present to get it over with.
"So I guess we are going to have your long overdue talk about the past now?"
"Nope, I wanted to talk to you about your future, and why you should keep the house."
"My future, in my line of work you don't really plan much for a future. Independent contractors/security consultants do a dangerous job in some shitty places and you never know when your time may end."
"I talked to your parents, they told me about your work and your education and how much you have banked and invested. They thought it would be a good idea for you to finally "retire" from active work and take on a more advisory role by starting your own company."
"Well I'll be fucked! They never told me anything like that."
Here's the business plan and job prospectous I drew up for your Dad in the last 6 months, He was going to come visit you the next time you got back stateside. But in our last conversation he said if anything happened I was to do it for him."

We sat over coffee and the plan for quite a while as Cami explained the details and then she lowered the boom on me. The company was already up and running, Dad had been the CEO and Cami the Business Manager while Tori was the CFO. What they had been waiting on was me. I had the contacts and the inside knowledge and my Parents had left me one last gift in this life.
Everything I had in this little town was paid off, the company was small but profitable and all I had to do was step in and Cami and Tori were here to help.
I sat there stunned, I knew my Dad had wanted me to finally stop doing field work, but this. Cami got up and walked out of the kitchen and when she came back in a few minutes later she was accompanied by Tori and her Mom and all 3 were stark naked!

"We all want you to stay in town!" Mrs. Johnson announced. I sat there looking at them and blurted out "Is this your idea of a bribe?"
"No, it's our idea of a benefit's package you big cocked fuck monster! We've all had your cock since you've been home and we all want more. So we are all here to try to entice you to stay, run the company and settle down to a fun life in a small town with us at least."
I had never been offered this kind of compensation package for a contract before!
Here they were, begging me to stay so I could have fun with all 3 of them for however long and it was implied there may be more women in the future. Like the ones I had met last night next door.
Suddenly my pants were too tight and I was getting hot under the collar in a very different way.

"Excuse me ladies", and I walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs. I placed my pistol in the top dresser draw and stripped off my clothes, when I turned towards the door all 3 were standing there admiring my turgid cock that was raring to go.
I guess it was time for some long hard negotiations to take place!

So there we stood the 4 of us, all naked and anxious wondering who was going to do what first when I said "Turn around and bend over, place your hands on your ass cheeks and spread your asses wide for me to inspect."
The 3 of them all turned and bent low, I could see every thing they had to offer and to my surprise each of them had pussy juice dribbling down their thighs. I grabbed a flogger out of the 2nd drawer that Tori had given me the night before and swatted each gorgeous ass a few times briskly and waited to see which one glowed reddest.
Mrs. Johnson was mewling after I struck her nicely rounded ass and her grip was beginning to slip so I swatted her more, as hard as I could with the flogger and she suddenly moaned and gushed cunt juice down her thighs.
Tori was smiling as she called out "Mother you nasty whore, cant you control your cunt?"
Cami reached over and dipped her fingers into the sopping cunt before licking them clean. She then re-grabbed her ass and spread it wide saying "Clay rub your cock in her cunt and fuck me now!"
Instead I plunged my pecker deeply into Mrs. Johnson's spread cunt and began to slap my big swinging balls against her puffy cuntlip's and clit roughly. "Tori you cock loving slut, get over here and pinch her tits really hard, Cami take the flogger and beat this sluts ass while I fuck her."
Tori stood in front of her Mom and reached underneath her for those udders of delight and grabbing them roughly she twisted hard on the nipples making her Mom screech while Cami grabbed the flogger and went to town beating that ass till it was bright red and all the while I was slamming cock deeply in feeling my cockhead hitting the cervix and feeling Mrs. Johnson's pussy spasming around my cock.
I suddenly had n Oop's moment as I pulled too far back on a stroke and I plunged forward straight up the shitter of Mrs. Johnson!
She screamed loudly as I rode my cock in and out of her asshole but I was so fucking horny and excited that I just kept plowing her as I rutted my way towards my ball draining orgasm. Cami spread those asscheek's wider for me and spit on my cock shaft to help lube up that asshole I was banging away in and Mrs. Johnson began to moan softly after that.
Tori was watching me with bright hungry eyes and chanting softly "Fuck her Clay, fuck my slut Mommy like the fucking whore she is. Do it to her, make her cum with your fat fucking cock in her ass, cum on Clay Fuck my whore Mommy, make her do everything you can think of. Oh I want some of that fat fucking cock in my asshole too Clay. Fuck her good make her scream when she cums. Bang this fucking slut whore, use her cunt."
Cami was reaching under Mrs. Johnson fingering her clit and watching me plunge balls deep in her asshole. On ocassion Cami would smack my ass and tell me "harder Clay, fuck this slut harder. You know you wnat to bang her and flood her ass with your hot jizz, now fuck her the way you want. Cum on her ass for me baby, I wanna have a taste of your cum to share with Tori. Shoot your cum on her ass, you know were sluts who want your cum."
I was so fucking hot and horny having these 2 helping me fuck my c***dhood jack off fantasy girl that it didn't take me all that long before I felt the cum boiling up out of my nutsack and my cock getting harder and longer. "I can see it happening Tori, His cock is bigger and he's got that look again, he's gonna pop his nuts. Cum in her ass Clay, we want you to cum Clay. Give her a big shot of your man goo in her ass and then give me some."
"Cami you whore you better share with me! Clay I want some of your cum too, Give me some." said Tori as she knelt on the other side of her Mom.
I couldn't take anymore, I shot my first glob of spunk in deeply and then pulled free of Mrs. Johnson's grasping cock loving asshole, my 2nd shot arched up over her gorgeous ass and landed on her back quickly followed by a couple more shots of cum and then Cami had my cock in her mouth swirling her tongue around the head and sucking hard.
Tori leaned over her Mom's back and began to lick my jizz up and she was a greedy pig about it! The slurping noises and her obvious pleasure making my cock twitch and jerk in Cami's hotly sucking mouth.

As my cock wilted and Cami finished cleaning it with her hungry mouth Mrs. Johnson was still bent over with my cock cream beginning to ooze out of her gaping asshole and run down her cuntlip's, Tori was just about finished licking her back clean and then Cami swooped in like a striking Falcon burying her face into the asscrack and stuffing her tongue deeply up Mrs. Johnson's asshole. Slurping and swallowing as fast as she could to get all the gooey sticky cum from that creampie.
Cami grabbed Tori's hair and swung her around to face her and then f***ed her tongue in Tori's mouth sharing what she had slurped up out of her Mom's asshole and cunt.
What a couple of horny hot fucking cunts they are. Mrs. Johnson was enjoying watching these 2 when she looked at me and "So Clay, you think you might take us up on coming back home and running the business your Daddy left you? I'd sure like it if you did."
"I don't know, I have to think about it and I have obligations to fulfill already. Let me see what happens when I get back to where I live and I'll let you know. It's the best I can do for an answer right now."
"That's fine Clay, we can run the company for a short while without you. But to be a success we are going to need you."
When we looked at Tori and Cami they were deeply involved in a 69 on my old bed, and as I gazed around my old room I marveled at what was happening in this room that had never seen a girl in it while I was growing up...
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3 years ago
there has to be a part 7, 8, 9....!!!!!!!
truely great series
3 years ago
another great chapter!!