Hometown Visit Part 5

After my last cumshot I had to leave, I explained to Tori and her Mom why and then I went home to my parents house. It was going to be a long night of reading and remembering before the funeral tomorrow afternoon.
I had meetings in the morning with the funeral home, the bank, the insurance agent,etc. before the 2 p.m. service. but the rest of tonight was not going to easy and they understood. So after a final rounds of hugs I left the party.

The night was very long and I didn't get to sl**p till after 3 a.m., but I was blurry eyed and semi awake for my first meeting at 8 a.m..
I didn't like the funeral home director, damn used fucking car salesman type of sleazy son of a bitch. But he is the only one in town, so what can you do?
The banker wasn't much better, I remembered him from my c***dhood as a real prick and I saw that 20 years hadn't changed his greedy asshole way's!
The Insurance Agent turned out to be a married couple who were old friends of my parents and who were very helpful and seemed genuinely concerned that everything was done properly for them.
Then it was the lawyers turn, I didn't know there were any lawyers in such a small town, let alone a petite brunette with a gorgeous shapely ass and perky little boobs. She had a great smile and a sharp mind. Yeah, I actually notice those things!
Anyhow, she showed me the will and told me what all it said. She provided me with a certified copy of it so that I could read it and if I had questions I could call her.

After all that crap I had about 2 hours to go home, get something to eat, get changed and get to the church for the service. I hadn't been in a church in I don't know how many years, but for my Parents I was doing this. It would be the last act I could do to honor them and their life with me.

After I arrived home I grabbed a quick sandwich and a glass of juice then headed upstairs for a shave and shower. I heard the doorbell, but being covered in soap and loving the hot water I ignored it. A few minutes later I heard a female voice calling my name, but didn't recognize it.
"I'm in the fucking shower, what do you want?"
"It's Cami, you do remember me don't you?"
Yeah I remembered her, my last girlfriend before I left this town a week after High School when I went in the Marines. I was wondering why she was here, in this house now, and how would I explain having a Colt 1911 .45 pistol in the bathroom with me while I showered..I'm not paranoid, I just have gotten into some rather different habits after a lifetime of carrying a gun for a living.
I finished rinsing the soap off and opened the shower door to see Cami leaning on the bathroom doorway just watching me, I haven't been modest since boot camp when I used to shower with 95 other guys. So as I was drying off I asked "Why are you here? What do you want from me after all these years?"
She took her time before she answered and then it was "I wanted to know why you never wrote and never came back to town after high school. You just left without a word to anyone, even me and I was your girlfriend."
"That's 20 years in the past, does it matter now? I left, it was the best thing for me and for everyone else back then."
"You son of a bitch, you dumped me and now when you come back to town it's, oh well."
"Yeah basically, I'm here for one reason only, to conclude my parents affairs, see them properly buried and then it's back to my life far from here."
"What kind of life did you leave me for? Is she worth it at least?"
"None of your damn business and there is no she. Or he for that matter. What I do is not conducive to relationships. Now it's time for you to leave so I can get ready for what I have to do."
"That's it, that's all you have to say to me? Your a cold bl**ded prick."
"Get out! I don't need your shit the day I am burying my parents you self centered cunt! Now get the fuck out!" and with that I pushed past her and headed towards my room to get dressed.

As I stood in my room breathing hard and trying to calm down I heard a whisper of noise behind me and spun around .45 in hand to see Cami standing naked, her breathing heavy and her nipples erect.
She was just as gorgeous as I remembered her from school, her long tanned legs, those perky tits and oh so suckable till she orgasms nipples.
She was shaved now with a little landing strip and I noticed a hunger in her eyes that hadn't been there a few minutes ago.
Her only reaction to the gun was a gasp as she realized that I wasn't the boy she used to date way back when. I slowly and carefully put the safety back on and laid the pistol on the top of the dresser.
"Sorry Cami, I've lived too long in the wrong places. It's part of who I am now."
"It's alright Clay, I don't understand but I guess you still like what you see" and she pointed to my groin.
"I'll be damned, never even felt that happening......"
"Do you have time for a bit of fun for old times sake?" and with out waiting she sank to her knees in front of me and engulfed about 2/3's of my cock in a way she didn't know back in school.
There I stood in the middle of my room in broad daylight getting a blowjob when I noticed movement out the corner of my eye, I turned my head and saw Tori standing in her bedroom watching and fingering her cunt.
She had a great big smile on her face and as I watched she held up a sign that read "I work with her, I followed her to see what would happen"
I just gave her a thumbs up and then grabbed a handful of hair so I could try to f***e my cock down Cami's throat, I love having a woman gag on my cock. When I looked again Tori was naked and using a vibrator on her clit as she watched us.
"Cami, we have an audience."
"Really, who would be watching us?"
"Tori is next door watching through the window and playing with her pussy."
Cami stood up and clearly saw Tori, suddenly she said "Get over here!"
Tori's eyes flew open and she sat stunned looking at Cami who again said "Get over here."
In seconds Tori ran out her back door and in my back door and up the stairs. All she had on was a robe and Cami smiled as she said "So you like to watch do you, well how bout you just join us and we can talk about it later."
So Tori dropped the robe and I laid down on the bed. They started kissing and groping each other as I slowly stroked my raging hard cock, to say I was excited would be an understatement!
They were feeding a hunger I didn't even know existed in this town, it had changed a lot since I left and this was something I had never would have expected or thought would be happening.

As I lay back watching Tori and Cami I couldn't help but wonder what else about this town had changed. It was exciting to watch these 2 women licking and sucking and touching, and I was having a hard time not reaching out for either of them when Tori swung a leg over my face and offered her dripping wet pussy to my tongue. As I started to lick her slit I felt hands on my dick and then a wet warm sensation engulfed it.
I realized it had to be Cami's cunt as soon as I felt the weight of her settle on my hips as she was fully impaled on my hot throbbing meatrod!
Both women began to grind away towards their orgasms as I enjoyed being ridden and used as a sex toy.
My limited view didn't keep me from enjoying everything I felt and could hear as Tori is very vocal and demanding about how she loves her cunt eaten, not to mention having a tongue fucking her sexy round ass!
I heard a vibrator humm to life and a startled gasp from Cami as it was touched on some part of her body and Tori's "So you horny slut you like having hard cock and vibrators used on you. What else do you like for your lunch hour breaks?"
"Suck my nipples Tori, I love having me nipples sucked really hard."
"Oh fuck yeah Tori, that's it baby, Suck them harder, ahhh oh yea, now pinch and twist them really hard too!"
After that the grinding on my hips got a lot more intense as did the grinding on my face as both women gave into the wanton lust that they were enjoying.
Who the fuck am I k**ding, I was enjoying it as much as they were!
It didn't take much time until Cami was whimpering and moaning about her orgasm and her breathing was really ragged as Tori sucked, pinched and twisted her nipples making her grind harder and her hips were whipping around in circles as my cock head bumped her cervix.
Suddenly Cami stiffened and "Oh fuck me! Oh fuck oh fuck, damn I'm coming oh shit Clay I'm cumming on your cock and it's so much better than when we were k**s. Oh fuck honey that's a fantastic feeling, oh mother fucker I love cumming on a fat fucking cock......" Tori ground down on my face and she was leaking heavily and her breathing was getting harsher and faster also. I stabbed my tongue as far in her ass as I could, then I spanked her ass hard and she wailed out, "Harder you bastard, spank me harder", so I did.
I beat her ass with both hands till she was glowing red and I continued to tongue fuck her sexy ass, listening the whole time to her and Cami as each was vocal and enjoying themselves.
Tori suddenly sank her ass down hard and began to quiver and shake, she was grunting and snorting and it was "Oh fuck, That's fucking great, oh shit Clay you tongue fucked my asshole and made me cum oh you son of a bitch, oh mother fucker, don't stop you nasty fucker oh fuck don't stop yet!" So I continued to assault her asshole with my tongue and spanking her hard! Suddenly Tori fell forward on me and I continued to play with her ass, what can I say I love nicely rounded sexy asses and I cant keep my hands off them.

Cami, climbed off my cock and I felt her hands stroking me when I suddenly felt not one but 2 cock loving tongues working my cock. They were working me like a rib at a f****y reunion and both wanted me to cum so they could share.
I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and they sucked harder and jerked faster on my cock working me in a frenzy of lust and I was just as crazy as them, my hips were bucking as I tried to f***e my cock down someone throat so that I could splash tonsils with my hot greasy wads of man sauce. I suddenly felt it as I was about to blow and "Oh shit here it cums, suck me hard you fucking cunts, Make me jizz your mouth full. Oh fuck yeah", blasting spunk into a hot mouth and feeling a tongue swirling around my cockhead as I shot load after load When I looked down at Tori and Cami they were looking at me with cum coated grins and then begin to kiss each other with lots of tongue, playing around and swapping my cum.
Tori was stroking my cock and smiled when she said "I want the last drop, just like that coffee commercial! It's good to the last drop."
Cami suddenly looked around and said "Clay you need to get dressed, you don't have much time."
Tori stood up and said "See you both there" then grabbing her robe rushed out.
Cami went into the bathroom and I could hear her running water in the sink when she called out "Clay come clean up, we'll have to drive separate car's, I have to go back to work after the service. But I will be back after work to see you. We still need to talk."

So I got cleaned up, again. Then it was time to say Goodbye to my parents for the last time.
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Sooo fuckin' HOT. Great series. I sure hope there will be more. Thanks for posting.