Surprise in the Workshop

I guess I should tell you a bit about my "friend", she's a younger tart of about 25, short blond hair, about 5'6" with 38C's. Maggie has a nicely plump sensitive ass that loves to be spanked until it glows and tits that love to be sucked hard. Yes you could say she likes it rough! Maggie also likes girls and groups and just being the center of attention whenever it's possible.
Now my wife knows I'm a fucking slut, she's known since we met and as long as she gets as much as she wants when she wants she's alright with my extra activities. She also says that other women can borrow her "toy" but they have to return it in the same condition as it arrived to play.
She doesn't see any reason she cant have her daily issue of cock and I am not to wear it out except at home!!! That's just the way it is as far as she is concerned.

So back to Maggie the horny tart with the luscious sexy ass and gorgeous suckable tits.

There I was one morning, it was fall and the weather had started to cool off finally. I had the door open and was working on a project at my bench when all the sudden there was a shadow blocking out the sunlight.
I glanced over to see a blond standing there in a light summer dress and from the sunlight streaming through the light material she was naked underneath! Well I shut off the machine I had been working in front of and laid down the project. I could work on it later, right now I had a woman with something else in mind standing in front of me.
My excitement must have shown when she glanced down because the next thing I knew she had my pants opened and my cock standing stiff in the sunlight while her softly grasping hand gently stroked him.
The smile on her face asked all sorts of interesting questions, but what she said was "Are you in the mood?" Well DUH!!!
"I think so, I'm standing here with my hard cock in your hand less than 10 minutes after my wife leaves for her day out with the girls. What else would I be in the mood for?"
"Well your covered in sawdust and your in this workshop playing with your power tools. Didn't you think I would come by?"
"I thought you might, but I have things I need to get finished and since you didn't tell me when or even if you might show up I decided to come out and get something done."

With that she flipped the dress up over her head and was standing there stark naked in the morning light, the way her nipples stood up nicely stiff and proud as she ran a finger in her cunt slit and then had me lick it clean let me know that my cock was needed someplace else, and she wanted it right now!
Who am I to tell a sexy woman no?
Now standing naked in the bright sunlight with the rising sun behind her and my stiff cock in front of her she lead me to where my 5th wheel trailer is parked and climbed in.
As soon as I was up the steps she was squatting down in front of me sucking my rampaging hard cock into her greedy mouth and dragging her teeth up the sides and nipping the rim of my cock head while I got to watch her squeezing her tits and fingering her wet slit!
In a matter of moments she was satisfied with her bite of cock and stood up turning around and presenting her sexy plump ass for my tongue to dive into. I squatted down and shoved my face into her gorgeous ass and licked her crack , kissing and nibbling her smooth skin and groping her cheek's in my frenzied desire to excite her enough to beg for cock. My tongue slid down her and touched her puckered rosebud making her jerk a little bit, she was beginning to moan and I heard her whisper, "Fuck my ass with your tongue baby" so I did as she asked, I stabbed my tongue as far up her ass as I could get while I spread her as wide as she would go. Maggie was flopped down over the dinette with a white knuckled grip her knees flexed and with me behind her. She was fucking back towards my probing tongue moaning and groaning about how much she enjoyed being tongued in her sensitive sexy ass and then I was reaching underneath to play with her dripping cunt with 2 fingers in her and my hot breath playing across her lips.
The combination was making her shudder and shake as her orgasm approached. Her hips began to go round and round as she ground back into my face and onto my fingers, I stabbed into her as deeply as I could as fast I could and she was writhing in pleasure at my touch.
Finally she could take it no longer and sweet horny Maggie began to have a loud long orgasm, screaming into the shirt she had taken off me so that the neighbors on the next 5 acres wouldn't hear her having such a great time!
As she was coming back down from her orgasm I stood up behind her and rammed my fuck rod into her open cunt to the balls, her breath caught as it always does and when I started to jackhammer her greedy grasping snatch she was already along for the wild fucking ride she enjoys so much. She loves to feel a set of big balls slapping her cunt lips and clit while her ass is spanked, then the addition of a finger or toy in her ass or maybe tugging her hair and scratching her back.
Fuck, Maggie is game for almost anything anytime, she loves sex and has an energizer bunny tattoo on her left hip. We were fucking hard and fast and deep just the way she loves to be dogged and I was doing the things I just mentioned when she suddenly had another orgasm and clamped down on my dick hard.
I reached around and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples really hard in my lust and making her cry out "Mother fucker, Oh shit! Oh fuck baby, Fuck me more, oh damn fuck me hard and deep baby, FUCK! I love cock in my cunt, oh fuck me oh fuck me" and I continued to fuck her drippy cunt as hard and deep as I could.
It was very nice to have someone enjoy being fucked just the same rough way that I enjoy sex. She doesn't want anything else but hard fucking and lots of cock. She say's I am the perfect fuck buddy, I am always horny and my cock stays hard a long time. Since I am married she doesn't have to worry about me being some dorky youngster who wants to follow her around all the time.
My lower back was starting to get tight from all the thrusting and I mentioned it to Maggie.
She motioned towards the queen bed in the back and I laid down, Maggie squatted over me and lowered herself down onto my throbbing cock and began to ride me like she has countless time before.
I enjoyed sucking her tits and spanking them like I always do, and spanking her ass. She loves to be talked dirty to also and since she calls herself a fucking cock slut and teases me about being my dirty nasty daughter who am I to treat her any other way!
We love to roleplay together and she always lets me know what kind of game she wants to play, today was just a straight fuck me I'm a cockslut kind of day and we went at it like 2 dogs in heat!
I don't know how long we fucked that morning but it was a good hour or so and when I finally had to cum I asked Maggie how she wanted it.
Her nasty smile and the way she just jumped off my cock and knelt down told me she wants to swallow some man juice for a change of pace. She normally just lets me cum in whatever hole I am in at the time, it's alright I got fixed years ago, but this time I heard "Give me your cum Daddy, make me swallow your spunk you nasty big cocked Daddy. I love being your nasty slut daughter, cum in my mouth and use me as your whore Daddy."
That did it, I started to shoot big wads of hot spunk into her greedy mouth and trying to stuff my cock down her throat as she was trying to swallow. That made her gag a bit and a little cum dribble out and down her chin. I didn't care, I just wanted to fuck her face and use her as the slut she is. It was an incredible feeling to have this hot sexy tart being my whore to use. When she had finished sucking me dry she licked all the tasty pussy juice off of me and then used a finger to get that last drop of goo off her chin.
She is such a sexy slut when she sucks the cum off her fingers that way! It makes my just drained balls start to twitch again.

Did I mention she's also an oral addict? She love's to have a cock in her mouth as much as her pussy is being eaten and her clit sucked on. Her favorite thing is a hard cock buried in her in a reverse cowboy ride as she leans way back with her legs spread wide as someone else sucks and licks her clit. A close second would be that time she rode 2 cocks deeply inside her and a girlfriend used a vibrator on her clit as she was sucking Maggie's big nipples. That was a great party to film Maggie's multiple orgasms at. She ended that party with 4 cocks in her until they all pulled out and shot big loads of hot milky cum all over her face and tits, she really enjoys watching that DVD of her in action over and over. I can't say I blame her, I enjoy jacking off to it also!

She told me after we had finished that she was planning on another party soon and she wants me to make the arrangements again so she can cum lot's and have loads of fun with cocks and cunts again.
Maggie is such a horny tart, she loves to be the center of attention. I'm sure a party is going to happen soon, all I need to do is send the emails and there are lot's of horny fuckers, men and women, around here who want more of her. Especially Molly and Tammy, those 2 women love to throw Maggie down, rip off whatever she's wearing and use her in lesbian threesomes.
Tammy's husband John loves to catch them on camera, you just never know whats going to happen when those 3 get together.
But that's a lot of different stories for another time. So it's off to the computer for emails and a party to plan.
Why not? She so enjoys what she is doing!
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3 years ago
that is hot & sexy wish i could be there