Coffee 2

Once again I was back in my small foothills town, sitting in the corner coffee shop waiting for my appointment when suddenly on my computer screen the I/m pop up appeared. I was smiling as I looked around and was disappointed that I didn't see my favorite short haired blond in this podunk town.
I answered the I/m to "Creamydelight" telling her I was in town and having a mocha, that I had an appointment in 20 minutes but would be free later if she wanted me to come visit.
She gave me the bad news that her husband was home sick in bed so I couldn't come to visit like normal.
We chat for a few more minutes and when I said I had to go she said to check in before I left town, she may have a surprise for me.
Now Molly is a nicely built woman of 38, a mother of 3, standing about 5' 7" with long legs and a nicely rounded plump ass with great hips to hang onto. Her 36 B's aren't the biggest but she has these incredible inch long nipples in silver dollar areolas that long to be touched, licked, pinched, twisted, spanked, and sucked really hard. Molly always has a shaved pussy with an inch wide landing strip of soft blond hair and her ass is sensitive to tough and she really loves to be spanked.
We've also been experimenting with bondage and toys when we get together and her favorite is a G-spot vibe while tied wide spread, it's a good thing I have a "play time" bag in my truck. I have all her toy's and bondage things in it, including her newest present a nice set of adjustable stocks so that she can be held spread wide. She's asked for a ball gag, but I don't want to gag her except with a thick hard throbbing cock in her throat.
I had also brought along a tens unit so that I could use a bit of electro stim on her to see if she liked it. I have it for a couple of bulging discs in my lower back and an old shoulder injury.

Anyhow, I left for my appointment and took care of business. Then had a couple of more stops to make trying to scrounge up more business and it wasn't a good day as it seemed everyone was uptight with the bad economy and didn't want to take any chances by adding additional inventory so I was sitting in my truck parked out of the way on a blind side of a local business when I heard someone tap on my passenger window. I looked over and saw Molly standing there so I unlocked the door and she hopped in and laid her head in my lap.
"Hiya stranger, interesting way to get in a truck?" She just smiled and said "Go here" and handed me a slip of paper with directions and an address on it, so I started my truck and started off. As I was driving around town she was nibbling my cock through my pants and she was playing with her naked pussy. The only one who could see her besides me would be anyone in a bigger truck and I didn't pass any.
When I told her I was almost there she said to pull around the back of the house and park under the trees, "Okay I can do that." Molly finally sat up and opened the door to get out. Her skirt was still up around her hips and she said "Come on in, your finally going to meet a friend of mine."
So I got out and followed her into the house where a busty redhead sat spread open without panties on a couch dressed as a school girl with pigtails. My cock got throbbing hard instantly and Molly said "He must like what he see's Tammy."
So Tammy stood up and instead of a handshake I got a long wet tongue kiss with her groping my cock and I was busy groping her all over. She has creamy skin and green eyes, very plump 38 D's with such rosy pale areolas and nicely hardened nipples, her pussy had a hint of reddish hair on it and at 140-150 pounds standing 5'5' she was a well stacked looking school girl. I loved her spike heel's and her luscious ass.
Molly was smiling as she was shucking her clothes off and then her and Tammy started taking mine off.
This was going to be a great day in podunk for me at least, I could care less what my boss thought about my poor sales figures in this area. Come to think of it, maybe I should think of introducing him to the joys of being out in podunk sometime.
Anyhow, back to Molly and Tammy, I was asked if I had any new toys to play with and I said yes so it was pants back on and out to the truck for the play time bag and Molly's newest present.
I came back in with the brown paper wrapped package and Tammy laughingly said "Boy he goes all out for wrapping paper doesn't he?"
Molly smiled and said "it's whats inside that makes it so much fun to play with him." She ripped open her package and pulled out the stocks and Tammy's eyes bugged out, "What the fuck is that thing for?" and Molly and I showed her, I rolled Tammy on her back and lifted her legs so that her knees were at her tits then attached the bar to her ankles as Molly attached her wrists.
We looked down at Tammy and said "Now our a bad bad daughter, your going to have to be punished by Mommy and Daddy now." and Molly started to spank her with a soft flogger on her creamy ass, while I attached vibrating nipple clamps to her pale rosy pink nipples.
Molly was really enjoying herself with our role play and Tammy was starting to leak as her cunt heated up, She was moaning and groaning whimpering "Mommy stop I'll be a good girl I promise" and Molly just answered your a lying slut, the Principal told us how you've been caught sucking cock in the bathroom at school at lunch."
"That son of a bitch, he said if I sucked his cock he wouldn't tell you about that."
"Well fuck, then that bastards had us both suck his cock to keep him quiet now." and Molly continued to spank her nasty dirty slut daughter. I stood behind Molly groping her ass and tits, twisting her nipples and whispering nasty ideas to her as she was having fun with Tammy. After a few minutes Molly looked down at Tammy and "Well since your suck a cock loving slut I'm going to give you what you want, some big fucking cock and your going to enjoy it."
With that Molly took her 12" long 7" around strap on out of the bag and strapped it on, I handed her the lube and watched as she flexed her knees to put the head at the entrance to Tammy"s drooling fuckhole, Molly smeared lube on her cock and slid it in as Tammy grunted and her eyes went wide as Molly just kept pushing deeper in without stopping.
Molly said "Feed this slut your cock honey, she looks hungry." So I climb over the back of the couch and fed my turgid fuck stick into Tammy's mouth until she gagged. Now Molly and I began to fuck Tammy's cunt and mouth roughly as we both were very excited and horny.
Molly was banging away hard fast and deeply into Tammy while I was throat fucking her roughly, the clamps were buzzing away and I noticed Molly reach back and grab another vibe, she turned it on high and slapped in onto Tammy's clit.
I could hear her grunting and snorting as we fucked her like a dirty nasty slut, she was cumming over and over and Molly was calling her every name in the book and using the flogger on her the whole time. After what seemed like hours Molly slowly removed her cock and told me to "come fuck this whore in her asshole, she needs to be a well fucked cock loving slut. For that she needs a man to take her cherry asshole and bust his nuts in her guts, now fuck this whore and I want to see her with a cream pie."
Being a horny fucker I didn't have a problem with this! So I rammed my hard 8" cock balls deep in Tammy's tight asshole and when she went to scream Molly grabbed a handful of hair and jammed her pussy against Tammy's mouth and started to grind away with her cunt in Tammy's face.
"Come on whore, eat my nasty pussy while he fucks your slut asshole, come on you bitch, get your tongue way up my cunt, I wanna feel your tongue deep, deep, that's it you fucking whore, now suck my clit slut. Your going to be a good cunt for Mommy and Daddy aren't you?"
I gotta say, it didn't take too long before my raging fucking cock was about to blow and I told them that. Molly said "fuck her hard and deep cum in her slutty asshole, I want this bitch to have an anal cream pie, come on baby blow your nuts in her slutty asshole, bang her baby, that's my boy slam your fuckstick deep in her slutty asshole and blow Daddy's jizz into his nasty fucking whore daughters greedy guts."
"Tammy you want Daddy to cum in your slutty asshole?" "Yes Daddy, please cum in your nasty slut daughters hungry asshole, make me a anal fuckslut and a whore Daddy, cum in my tender butt, let Mommy see see me as a cream pie loving cock slut, please Daddy cum in my ass!"

So I did, I started to cum and I felt Tammy's asshole grasping my cock as I slammed into her and I could feel cum leaking around my cock and onto my balls and i hit bottom, it was a great relief to feel my fucking balls releasing a giant load of pent up cum into such a nicely tight hot asshole.
I finally slowed down and stopped cumming in Tammy's ass and pulled free with a small plop, Molly said "Put your cock in her slutty mouth, let her taste her ass and your cum as she cleans your cock baby" so I moved forward and feed my cock into Tammy's mouth and as I did I saw Molly drop to her knees and start eating Tammy's asshole trying to get all the creamy filling out of that asshole I had just roughly fucked!

When we finished and I was freeing Tammy from the stocks Molly came in with a bowl of hot water and clean wash clothes to freshen up.
"By the way, remember I said I may have a surprise for you?"
"Yes, I remember, wasn't this it?"
"No, this is", and she handed me a DVD with a still shot of the 3 of us on the cover. I stared at it and she smiled. "Tammy's husband makes porn videos out here in podunk and he just made a great one of us for our personal use. I hope your not upset, he say's your have great natural talent."

With that out walked Tammy's husband with a big grin on his face and his hand out, "Hi, I'm John."
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3 years ago
very good continuation
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hott!!
3 years ago
I wrote this because someone asked for more after the first story. But while it may be a series, it wont be a book like my wrong party turned into... =)
I hope you enjoy it.