Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 34

It didn't take much time of hard, rough, pounding before Jason and Logan were about ready to bust their nuts and Luann wanted to suck them off so she started with "I want you to cum in my mouth, I wanna swallow both your cumshots and enjoy the taste, give me your cum in my hot fucking slut mouth you dirty bastards, make me your cum guzzling whore again, give me some jizz, jam your cocks down my throat and fucking spew in it."
"Oh fuck yeah" thought Logan, "I love when Luann gets so fucking horny she wants cock juice down her piehole like a greedy cunt". Jason just ripped his cock out of her and began to beat it furiously in her face as Luann licked and sucked on the head for her treat to cum spewing forth, finally she bit his cock head lightly just below the rim the way Jason loves it and he flooded her mouth with his first blasting shot of cum, with that Luann f***ed as much of his cock as she could into her sucking mouth and swallowed as much as she could, which was a damn good thing for her since she didn't lose a single fucking drop of jizz!!! Logan had been watching from where he was and it made his cock throb as his juices ran up the shaft and then he suddenly had Luann on her knees sucking his cock deeply into her willing cock loving mouth. She slurped him down her throat as far as she could and when she gagged is when she made Logan's balls pop!
She gobbled his hot fucking goo and massaged his nutsack to get every drop she could from him also.

Both guy's just stayed where they were as Luann continued to fondle and play with their cocks and balls as they shrank until someone told her it was time to take a shower and prepare for dinner.

Clay was still in a daze as to which cunt was on his cock and which was on his face, but they had been riding him hard and he was coated in cunt juice. He hadn't had this sort of wake up in so long he couldn't remember if it had ever happened before, but he sure was glad it had happened now!
He had some hot sexy women using him as a sex toy and he was loving it, what more could a man want then to be so used as often as possible.
He was eating pussy, tongue fucking assholes, getting his cock sucked and fucked, he had 4 tits to grab and 4 nipples to tweak and pinch and twist. What more could a guy really want in life? Well?

Dinner of course, and he was hungry. He felt his tummy rumble and wondered what time it was. He suddenly heard, "Oh shit, we gotta hurry up, it's almost time to meet everyone for dinner" Fuck that, I want this fucker to bust his nuts in my hot cunt before we go anywhere." "Well I want to cum on his tongue 1 more time too before we go to dinner, What are we gonna do to make him pop?"
"Fuck I don't know, I've only been fucking him since Friday night" "Well move your hot ass harder and faster, work that cock in your pussy girl, make him squirt!"
Finally Clay knew his cock was buried balls deep in Katie and that meant that he was tongue fucking Candi's hot tight asshole. Candi was feeling his tongue slithering deeply up inside her and she was enjoying it greatly and could feel her orgasm building up again, she really loved the way that Clay was attracted to asses and had no problem with doing anything to and for a woman to make her cum as often as possible.
Katie started to rotate her hips in circles as she rode up and down on Clay's thickening cock, she could feel his balls draw up tightly as the cum ran up the shaft just before he was to cum.
She knew she was a wanton slut but she was going to suck his seed down her gullet and then swap some with Candi to give Clay a special treat.
As she felt him tense up and start to grab her hips she jumped off him and plunged her face downward to his cock just as he was about to blast his cum filled nut sacks load. Her mouth was suddenly filled with hot sweet cum and she swallowed it down hungrily and waited for more, more, more,. When she felt his start to relax she knew she had all he could give her and as Clay was enjoying having Candi cum on his face she pulled Candi off of him and waited till her was looking before she and Candi went into the big cum swapping tongue kisses that they had planned earlier for him to watch.
Clay was very surprised and happy to see this bit happening in front of him as these 2 sexy women were sharing HIS cock juice for his pleasure, it was absolutely mind blowing and he pulled both of them down to him and began to kiss them both fervently and passionately.
The 3 of them were still engaged when they heard a voice saying "Come on man! Cant you 3 stop and get ready for dinner?"
When they looked at the door, Travis was standing there with Monica and they both had giant grins on their faces. In a little bit everyone had finally gotten their shit together showered and gotten ready for dinner and then met on the landing to go to dinner together.
Monica had no idea what a Sunday night dinner was or why it was so important to everyone so she was more or less just tagging along.
When they got to the Dining Hall it was decorated up very nicely with all sorts of fancy decorations like you would have at a Black Tie dinner, but all the ice sculptures were of cocks, tits, pussies and asses. The meal was to be be served buffet style and on the tables were small goody bags of various candies following the same theme as the ice. Monica saw that everyone there was very relaxed and enjoying themselves.
Clay and the rest of the Board members excused themselves as they sat at the head table but that left Travis, Monica, Candi, Jenni, Angela, Katie and Luann to sit at a table together, Naomi came up to Angela and asked if she could join them. Angela then introduced Naomi to everyone at the table and explained who she was as head of the kitchen staff. There was much hand shaking and hugging as they all got introduced to Naomi, seems she had become a hugger since the mornings activities had awakened and revived her spirit.

She Thanked each of them for what they had done to make the Estate a more happy and relaxed place to be. She then leaned over to Angela and whispered "I hope you'll be satisfied with dinner, it was so hard to concentrate after being with you, Rob and Clay this morning. All I've thought about since then how much I have missed sex and how much more I want sex and I am hoping we can get together outside of here for fun."
Angela smiled and put her hand on Naomi's thigh and said "Honey, I can almost guarantee that Rob and I will be more than happy to have fun outside of here, and I am sure our friends here will be more than happy to help you with your little problem in catching up on what you may have missed."
Naomi looked around the table and each person had their hand raised and saying "Oh yeah, welcome to the club, do we have to wait?, You can come by for dinner at our place and we'll have you for dessert." That last comment earned Travis an elbow to the ribs and lots of laughs.
After the announcements and remarks by the Board members concerning the happenings over the weekend, Clay had Monica, Travis, Cayla, Jenni, Katie, and Luann all stand to be introduced and then announced that as of Monday they would be the new Estate Management team and would be working directly with the Board to improve things at the Estate and to ensure that what had been done before would not be tolerated in the future. The only exceptions were that the Chairman and Ms. Cleo Landrum would be the only collared sex slaves from here on out.
The applause was wild and long lasting. Once again Monica felt a flash orgasm burst through her body and cunt juice started to dribble down her thighs. This time though it wasn't Jenni in a brazen display who dipped her fingers in her hot juices, it was Naomi reaching from behind her and between her thighs to run a finger in her wet slit. Monica moaned gently and slightly spread her thighs so that Naomi could get in if she wanted to. Thus emboldened Naomi slid a finger deeper into Monica as she reached another forward to her quivering little clit and slowly stroked Monica's clit.
Travis noticed and smiled as did Katie and Angela, Jenni stood close beside Monica and whispered "I bet that finger feels good in your pussy bout now doesn't it?" With a wistful smile Monica nodded and then as the applause died down Naomi removed her fingers and as Monica looked on she slowly raised them to her lips and sucked them deeply into her mouth to lick all the hot juices from her fingers.
Naomi then leaned over and asked "You don't mind me having a taste of dessert before dinner do you?"
Monica just reached in between Naomi's thighs and slid her fingers into her drooling fuckhole and said with a big grin "Not if you don't mind me doing the same thing." and then she too sucked her fingers into her mouth to taste the hot juices from Naomi's cunt.
Angela just said "Well it's a good thing we get along so well, I think we are going to have lot's of fun here at the Estate from now on."
Dinner was served and as they filed past the buffet table stacked high with prime rib, ham steaks, pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, etc. they noticed that the desserts were all cheesecakes in the forms of cock and cunts with a cream sauce drizzled on them.

Monica's eye lit up when she found a Key Lime cheesecake shaped pussy with lot's of creamy sauce drizzled on it!

It had been a great fucking weekend, she had a new job to start in the morning and new friends who she had lots in common with!
Not to mention another sexy friend who she and Travis could play with, yep, Life was definitely looking up!
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a novel in the classic style of porn outstanding wordsmithing & writing thru out