Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 33

Rob and Clay and Angela were dog tired and wore the fuck out when Angela opened the conference room door. Naomi on the other hand was much like Clay had been on Friday night after the first time he had gotten laid by Katie, energized and raring to go. She was looking forward with a re-charged zest for life and a wanton lust to make up for lost time.

Clay and Rob were looking at the clock and wanting to go get some sl**p since they had to be at the dinner table at 6:30 p.m. and it was getting closer and closer to 10 a.m., Angela and Naomi were chatting about something and taking up valuable sl**ping time.
Finally they were finished and it was Naomi giving hug's all around and a big Thank You to all 3 of them and they then left the control room looking for some sl**p.

Naomi on the other hand went back to work in the kitchen, happy and full of joy with a new outlook on life.
It was much much later that Angela, Rob and Clay were woke up by the other people they had passed most of the weekend with. Cayla had come in and sucked Rob to orgasm while Angela slept and after she was done with him, she smiled and said "You think she'll mind waking up to a tongue on her clit?" Rob softly laughed and said "She never has yet."
Clay was the most surprised as he was woke up by Candi and Katie licking on his cock and balls and running their nails over his chest. He woke up alright, with a raging hard cock and 2 smiling women laying next to him.
Monica was awakened by a tongue on her clit, and something brushing across her face. When her eyes opened it was Jenni's tongue and Johnson's monster cock was lightly brushing her cheek on one side and Travis on the other. Her smile split her face almost as wide as Jenni split her thighs so she could eat more pussy.
Luann was woke up by who else, her Rabbit Boy's, both hard, very horny and wanting to suck and fuck her some more before dinner. Jason had already started tongue fucking her ass and Logan was lapping her pussy like there was no tomorrow, which in a way there wasn't since it was late Sunday afternoon.
It wasn't long until dinner would be served and then they would all be going home to wherever they lived and this long weekend of sex and fun would be over.
These sl**py heads were the last to wake up, Everyone else had been awake long enough to have already sucked and fucked and now it was time to get Angela, Monica, Clay and Luann awake.
And what better way than with SEX!!!

So that's how Sunday evening started for the group, tongues and fingers, toy's and cocks. More orgasms for those who were trying to sl**p through the last few hours of the weekend. Well you knew that wasn't going to happen, didn't you?

So another quick round of fuck your buddies had commenced but it was a short round since they only had 45 minutes or so to shower and dress and have sex and make it to the dining hall for the Sunday night meal.
That was fine with Luann it didn't take her overheated cunt or ass very long to moisten up to the point that she was begging to be fucked in both holes before dinner, Clay just grabbed one hot slut and sat her on his face and then said "Climb on now dammit, you 2 got me fucking horny as hell." Since he was still half asl**p he wasn't sure which one was where but he didn't really care at the moment!
Angela slowly was waking up with a nice tongue playing with her clit and hands all over her body, she was taking her time climbing up from the depths of her snoozing and it was a few minutes before she realized it wasn't a dream she was having. That was fine with Cayla, she was enjoying eating such a nice tasty pussy while Rob watched from right next to the bed. He was really excited to watch Cayla in action, since he had been busy every other time during the weekend.

Monica, yes dear sweet Monica, the girl who had been brutally assaulted and then extracted her revenge, the one who had unknowingly lead a revolt against "That's just the way it is here", the Good Girl who just happened to come to the Wrong Party, had learned over the course of the weekend many things about life, her job, and herself this weekend.
Monica had learned that she was a sex fiend, a cock slut, a pussy hound, a cum guzzler when she got a chance, a woman who loved to be gang fucked, she had made new friends, gotten a new job with great benefits, loved watching people having sex in all different ways, got to see a woman fucked by a goat, horse and a dog all at the same time and was not only thrilled to finally see a "dog and pony show" but was thrilled to the point of orgasm while watching it and was seriously thinking of trying it herself but she hadn't said anything to anyone yet.
Yes Monica had learned many many things this weekend, especially that Jenni was such a fucking sex monster and had such a great tongue in her pussy at the moment while Monica was enjoying sucking on Travis and Johnson's nice thick hard cocks. She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw she had just enough time to eat some of Jenni's tasty pussy while she was DPed by Travis and Johnson.
Monica had Travis lay down and she mounted her favorite cock in her tight asshole the way he liked it, she leaned way back and invited Johnson to fuck her pussy then motioned for Jenni to straddle her face so she could eat that tasty little twat and Jenni could watch Her asshole and cunt be fucked!
Angela finally woke up when Cayla buried the G-spot vibe deep in her cunt and sucked hard on her clit, it was a screaming orgasm type of wake up call and Angela had just thought it was a dream up till that point. She heard Rob chuckling and felt hand gripping her hips tightly as she blasted away on the orgasm express and it all had the effect of making her squirt! not just a little but a massive soak the fucking bad and almost drown Cayla it was so much squirting orgasm like she had never had before.
As she slowly came back to earth from it Cayla looked at Rob and "Damn boy, I think she fucking liked it."
Angela reached down and pulled Cayla up to her and began to kiss her and grope her while Rob sat in his chair next to the bed with a hard cock in his fist slowly stroking it.
Clay was munching merrily away on a sweet smelling tasty cunt and had another tight twat bouncing on his lap, he couldn't see who was where and frankly didn't really give a fuck at the moment, He just knew that his old sex drive had been reawakened this weekend and he was very grateful to Katie for taking him in hand literally and helping him this weekend.
He wasn't sure if there would be anything happening in the future with her but he wouldn't be adverse to a continuing relationship even if it was just as fuck buddies. At least half of the women he had fucked this weekend were single and seemed to have enjoyed his company so maybe he could find some "partners" for fun outside of work also.
But right now he had Katie and Candi working him over and it was fucking GREAT to be alive!!!
Luann was well mounted by Logan and Jason, she was bouncing along between their cocks as Logan fucked her fast and hard from the bottom and Jason had once again gotten a death grip on her hips and was pounding away into her shitter like his life depended on it, it didn't but he loved to fuck Luann's ass and it was one of the most exciting asses he had ever gotten to play with.
Ever since the day they had met at work years ago he had been attracted to her plump well rounded ass, the way it stretched the material in whatever she was wearing made his cock throb and his balls churn every time he saw her! Logan on the other hand was highly attracted to women in general and hot pussy in particular, as long as she was wet and willing he was hard and ready!
Both of those things had made Luann a very well satisfied woman who really enjoyed coming to the Estate for company functions. But she had never gotten up the nerve to ask them both to come over to her place after work at the same time.
But that was about to change as she was having another great set of multiple orgasms with these guy's. She just blurted out "You guy's have got to start coming over together on a regular basis, I need more much much of this more often than I get here at the Estate, You guy's would like to come over wouldn't you?"
"Oh fuck yea, count me in Darling" Logan gasped as he continued to hammer away in her wet wanton pussy, Jason grunted "You really need to ask? after all these years of doing this with you and knowing how I feel about your fucking ass."
That was enough for Luann, she started to orgasm again right then and she was bucking and thrusting as the cocks hammered her hard and rough just the way she liked it!
While a couple of doors down the hall Monica was really enjoying her "dessert" of Jenni's sweet poontang pie and the ever hard cocksicles being thrust into her gaping holes, she could feel her juices running out of her hot holes and it excited her hearing the squishing noises as Johnson and Travis f***ed the creamy fluids out around their fucking meatsticks.
Her face was well coated with Jenni juice as she had her tongue buried as far up her twat as she could get it. Monica started to hum on Jenni's asshole and dig her fingernails in that sexy little tight ass of hers and Jenni squealed in delight saying "Oh you nasty fucking bitch, gimme more, I 'm cumming on your face again you nasty bitch. Oh fuck that is so good." and Monica would have smiled if she hadn't been so busy lapping away at the creamy cunt juice flowing out of Jenni's overheated twat.
That was enough for Monica, between the pounding cocks buried in her cunt and ass and Jenni cumming on her face she started to rocket off into orgasmland herself, shaking and shuddering as she was lapping cunt juice. Travis felt her asshole clamp down and Johnson felt her quaking orgasm racking her body and it triggered them both off in her hot holes, now it was all of them grunting and snorting, bucking and fucking relentlessly in a pounding fury of fuck frenzy and then it was a slowing and a relaxing sense of well being that accompanies such a great orgasm. They all flopped down on the bed in various positions to catch their breath before they showered and went to meet everyone else for dinner.
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