Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 32

So everyone trooped on out of the control room to breakfast leaving just Bob, Jerry and Sandy on duty and Angela, Rob, Clay and Naomi locked in the conference room. Jerry looked at the clock and started to laugh, "I guess we were a little busy and forgot to ring the chimes, oh well it's already 0840 and if they couldn't figure it out when they heard the breakfast announcement they should wear a watch."
Sandy chuckled as she was thinking of her fabulous fucking by Travis and then the promise made by Monica just before they all left.
Bob just looked at the door to the conference room and "I wonder what's going on behind the locked door?"

What was going on was that Angela had both Rob and Clay using vibrators on Naomi's hot wet holes as she tried to suck both their cocks. The G-spot vibe that Rob was suing on her was driving he wild along with his tongue and Clay had one working her nipples as he tongue fucked her asshole. She couldn't believe that she was doing all this with Angela directing the men in what to do to satisfy her lust filled cravings.
It had been a long time since she had sex with another person, been way too long and she had gotten past the loneliness to the point that she had been afraid to approach another person. She had been so long out of practice in social situations and this mornings shocking scene upon entering the control room had re-awakened the feverish wanton cock monster inside her.
So much so that she had blurted out to Angela her deepest fantasy and desire to fuck not one man but 2 men at the same time and just which 2 men she wanted so badly.
Now she had both men working her towards her first orgasm in years with another person an she was relishing the feelings her body was enjoying. Feeling the strong hands on her ass and tits, tweaking her nipples and spanking her ass flesh, the tongues sliding smoothly up and down her thighs and the crack of her ass into her cunt. The way the stubble on their faces rubbed on her tits as they bit her neck and nibbled her shoulders.
Angela had them awakening all of her sensitive skin all over her yearning body as her first little orgasm rolled through her and sent waves of pleasure out from her center just above and behind her cunt mound.
With the first stirrings in her loins Naomi heard Angela "Clay you need to get your tongue in her ass deeper so that she feels you, Rob work that vibe more towards the outside, yeah baby like that, now suck on her clit not just lick it like a lollipop. Good boys, you've gotten her going finally Don't forget to gently tweaked her nipples, that's it roll them gently between your fingers, DAMMIT it's not like baiting a fucking fish hook. Like this, GENTLY. I swear men take forever to learn how to be gentle. Better Clay, I know your out of practice and Katie likes it rough."
Naomi had many reasons to be smiling, listening to Angela instruct Rob and Clay just added one more thing she was grateful for this morning. She was trying to give equal attention to each cock but she was starting to lose track of whose she had in her mouth and whose turn it was since she was starting to have rolling orgasms just going continuously through her.
She was wondering what was next going to happen when she heard Angela say "alright boys, she should be ready for a bit of cock in her, Clay sit here and Rob will lower her down onto your lap. Now go slow, I don't know how long it's been since she's had a cock in her." With that Naomi felt her body being lowered down to meet Clay's cock, but, but, Hey that's not the place I want it she thought as she felt the head touch her tight asshole and start to slide right up her juicy wet hole. It hadn't hurt and she was starting to feel really full and it was only a matter of seconds before she realized that she had slid down the entire cock and her ass crack was right down on Clay's nutsack.
As she sat there Rob knelt down and began to lick and suck her clit, while Angela held her legs spread wide and told him "Use the G-spot vibe on her some more, that's a good boy, while you suck her clit Rob" I bet Naomi is loving that feeling now. Angela was so right Naomi thought, I have a great cock buried in my ass and Rob sucking my clit while he fucks me with a very nice vibrator. It so nice that Angela knows just how to make me feel so good, I should have talked to her a long time ago.
It didn't take long before Naomi was grinding away on Clay's lap and grabbing Rob's hair while having a real screamer of an orgasm. That's what Angela was waiting for and she had Rob stand up and insert his throbbing cock into Naomi's tender juice leaking fuckhole, Rob plunged in to the balls on his first push inwards and Naomi gasped loudly as her eyes flew open and she looked between Angela and Rob.
As Rob started to stroke his cock in her velvety soft cunt Angela leaned in and grabbed Naomi's tits to tweak her nipples and give her a long lasting tongue filled kiss, Naomi exploded and everyone had to hang on as she shuddered and shook and rocked and rolled, screaming out "Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck, this is what I wanted and it's so much better than my fantasies have been, oh Angie thank you thank you thank you, oh fuck yeah I love having 2 cocks in me, it's so fucking good and I am cumming so much oh fuck oh fuck."

Angela was surprised that Naomi had cum so hard so quickly and the looks on Rob and Clay's faces were giant shit eating grins from ear to ear!!! They were so pleased with themselves for having gotten Naomi to cum so hard so fast.
But she wasn't finished and neither were Rob and Clay. Naomi was in a dazed and glazed state after her multiple orgasms and feeling a bit wobbly, so it was a good thing that Clay was holding her on his lap.
Angela had Rob lean back a little bit and she started to use a vibrator on Naomi's clit as she was being fucked with those 2 turgid fuckrods going slowly in and out of her over heated pleasure holes.
Angela was determined to make this much much more than Naomi could ever fantasize about and make sure she was totally satisfied by whatever it took for her, Rob and Clay to do.
Naomi was floating off in lalaland and just enjoying everything that they were doing to her body, but when Angela leaned in to kiss her and tweak her nipples it was such a turn on and now Naomi was looking down glassy eyed to watch Angela play with her clit and then she started to suck on the nipple that was right in front of her mouth.
Angela looked into Naomi's eyes at that moment and gave her a saucy wink and smile with her nipple between her teeth. Naomi's eyes again rolled back into her head and she was whimpering and moaning as another series of orgasms rolled through her like an express train....Oh man, This woman knows how to satisfy thought Naomi and she was right! Angela did know how to satisfy, not only a man but also a woman and she also enjoyed what she was doing! It had been a long time since Angela had the chance to use her skill's as a trainer to give someone so much pleasure. So she wasn't going to waste any time on this chance.
As soon as Naomi was calmed down a bit, she had Rob and Clay shift positions and lay Naomi down on her side in a fetal position. Rob had one leg over his shoulder and the other he held on too as he continued to slowly fuck into Naomi's tight juicy cunt. Clay got back into position after some quick stretches to loosen his lower back and slowly f***ed his rigid cock back into her tightly grasping asshole.
Angela meantime had walked around to face them both with her pretty pussy bare inches from Naomi's face and as she leaned forward she applied the vibrator to Naomi's clit again, "Alright boy's time to step it up a notch or two and give her a fast, deep, hard fucking until you blow your balls, now get busy."
In a matter of moments both men were slamming home in those well oiled holes and the vibe was humming away merrily, Naomi saw the pussy in front of her and smelled the tangy sweet juices, she saw the trickle running down the inside of Angela's thigh and reached out for it, as she smeared the cunt juices on Angela's thighs around and got it on her fingers her desire to taste it overcame her and she brought her coated fingers to her mouth.
That first taste was all it took, Naomi grabbed a leg and pulled it over her head and then buried her tongue deeply into Angela's hot wet pussy. Travis and Clay were both surprised but smiling very happily as they watched Angela's reaction, That's right Angela sank her ass down onto Naomi's face and it was "Oh yeah, I needed this, a tongue in my pussy after dealing with you 2!"

It wasn't long until Naomi was cumming again from the hard cocks and the vibe on her clit, she shuddered and shook again from the intensity of it and she sucked down on Angela's clit when it happened, that set off Angela's orgasms rolling and the 2 women together caused both Rob and Clay to suddenly thicken and ram their cocks faster and deeper into the hot well fucked holes of Naomi until they both were about to cum and Naomi blurted out "I want to swallow them both, cum in my mouth, I wanna taste cum again, give me your hot fuck juices."
Rob yanked his cock out first and moved around the legs to Naomi's hot mouth as Angela got out of his way. He grabbed her hair and as her mouth opened his first cum blast was spurting out of his cockhead aimed at her face, he missed her mouth and it slithered across her face on into her hair but then she got her mouth on him and sucked greedily for all she was worth. Naomi drained Rob's ballsack and licked his slowly shrinking cock, then she wiped the goo from her face and licked her fingers clean while waiting for Clay to unload on her also.
Naomi clamped her ass muscles down tightly on Clay's cock and began to milk his cock in her asshole, he was in a frenzy already and this just made him even crazier with his lust boiling over, he slammed into her ass for all he was worth driving and striving for his own release and it suddenly happened, to fucking quick to pull out he clamped down on her hip and with his cock buried balls deep he blasted her guts with his hot spunk as she squeezed his cock in her ass. Over and Over Clay blasted her guts and still she milked his cock and then she grabbed and twisted one of his nipples and he shot one more big blast of fuck cream into her asshole before collapsing over her hips panting and snorting.
Angela moved a chair over behind Clay and lifted him up enough so that he could pull back out of Naomi's ass and sit down. When he pulled free it was with a wicked wet plop and a gush of creamy cum dribbling down over her ass cheek onto the conference table top.

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