Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 31

To say Ms. Walker was enthralled by watching Travis and Sandy would be a bit of an understatement. She sat there with a very hungry look in her eyes and an intensity that Clay thought bordered on the manic posessive! He pointed it out to the rest of the Board in his normal quiet way "Hey check out Ms Walker the cook, she hasn't so much as twitched a muscle since she walked in and saw Travis fucking Sandy. Have any of you ever noticed her acting like this before?"

None of the Board had ever seen Ms. Walker so intent before, it was a bit of a surprise to them all and so Angela was the one to grab a chair and sit next to her and watch also. Clay told everyone else to got take a break and grab breakfast if they were hungry, He and Angela would take care of the control room for a little while.
And not a person walked out, they were all waiting to watch Monica with Bob and Jerry to see what she would do to them when they orgasmed and the men all wanted to know how Sandy was with her orgasms.
They would have called it and educational seminar!!!

As Angela sat down near Ms. Walker she remarked "He has such a nice looking cock doesn't he?" All she got was a head bob from Ms. Walker. Now Ms. Walker isn't what you normally think of as the head cook, she wasn't a frumpy old fat broad with gray hair like you think of from grade school. She was 42, stood 5'9" weighed about 140-150 with 36 D's that could stand on their own w/o the bra support. Her short pixie cut black hair framed her high cheekbones and pert nose set between the greenest eyes Angela had ever seen and an absolutely gorgeous ass set above her firmly toned and tanned legs.
That she was a widow of a Gulf War vet was common knowledge and the main reason everyone called her Ms. Walker. No one actually knew her first name, she was a very private and reserved person and it was Angela's job to find out what was up with her now.
So Angela held out her hand and introduced herself and Ms. Walker shook hands and replied " Naomi Walker, it's a pleasure to meet you again."
"So, Naomi just what is it about Travis that has you staring so intently at him and Sandy?" Why beat around the bush, it's best to just ask the fucking question straight out.
"He reminds me of my late husband, tall lean gorgeous thick long cock. Seeing him with Sandy in that position just brought back of flood of memories I havent dealt with and seeing them all the sudden brought everything back to me, I'm sorry if I've done anything to upset anyone. It wasn't my intention, I was just so surprised to see it happening right in front of me in what was our favorite position is all."
"Well that's certainly understandable, is there anything I could do to help?" and Angela placed her hand on Naomi's thigh and squeezed. This caused Naomi to gasp and her nipples to instantly harden from the touch. Since everyone else in the control room and conference room were similarly naked, Naomi was unsure of what Angela really meant or how to answer. So she sat quietly biting her lower lip and Angela asked her just as quietly "Would you like someone to do for you what Travis is doing for Sandy? You know things have changed this weekend and now it's your choice as to if you want to or not. But if you do just let me know and I'll ask whoever it is if they are willing."
"Well Mrs. Micheals I hope you wont be mad at me or anything but I've had fantasies for years about your husband Rob and Mr. Brown both."
"Oh Naomi that's wonderful, would you like to have some time with either one of them? I assume since you came in to announce breakfast was ready that you have some free time, and please call me Angela, since we are going to be friends from now on!"
"Oh Angela, what I really want is both of them at once. It's been my fantasy for years to be with them both while you watch and teach me how to make them both satisfied. Is that a crazy fantasy or what?"
"No Naomi it's not crazy, but come in here with me." and Angela lead Naomi Walker into the conference room and introduced her to all the well fucked people who had just spent the last couple of hours sucking and fucking their brains out.
During the introductions Angela whispered to Rob and Clay that "She has a fantasy involving you both and she's a widow so be tender and gentle with her you buttheads." "Yes dear" was all she heard in stereo from them both.
Meanwhile Monica was still in total control in the control room of Bob and Jerry who were in no big hurry to end their time with such a sexy woman who was enjoying what they were all doing.
Sandy wasn't in any hurry either to be finished, she was having way too much fun riding Travis' cock in and out of her sodden cunt while the waves of pleasure washed away all her stress and anxieties at least for the time being.
But in the conference room, another woman was having her fantasy acted out for her pleasure and it was going to be a long drawn out fantasy if Angela Micheals had anything to do with it!
After the introductions, Angela scooted everyone out except for Clay, Rob and Naomi and then she closed the door. Since this is the Boards private conference room it was one of the very few private non-wired rooms on the entire Estate.
Naomi was looking nervously at Angela who then instructed Rob and Clay to begin removing the few garments that were allowed to anyone who worked for the company to be worn while at the Estate. Granted a Smock, pants, shoes and a bakers hat aren't much but they are worlds more than the rest of the "visitors" at the Estate wore.
So Rob was busy unbottoning the smock as Clay removed Naomi's shoes. They both then took turns unbottoning and unzipping her pants and slowly slid them down her long tanned legs and off. Now Naomi was naked except for her hat and they both liked the way it looked and commented on having a bakers fantasy or two.
Which made Naomi and Angela smile and then it was back to making Naomi's fantasy come true. The way they were looking at Naomi made her pussy wet almost instantly, she could see that both men had very nice thick long cocks and they were already growing as they stared at her.
Angela was also looking at her lustfully and this was making Naomi think of many things she had heard about the 3 of them over the course of her years working for the company.
So with Angela directing, and with Rob and Clay as very willing participants it was time for Naomi to not only get laid, but to be well and truly FUCKED an have her fantasy come true.
Outside in the control room the entire group was still enthralled watching Travis hammer away into Sandy's tight little pussy as he used a vibe on her clit and groped her tight ass. that side saddle ride was amazing as you could see the head of Travis' cock poking out her tummy every time he slammed that fucker deeply into her womb. The squishing noises from her cunt juice was louder than the snorts and grunts coming from Bob and Jerry as they steadily worked on Monica's fired up twat and asshole. The only louder noises were whenever one of the men smacked an ass or tweaked a nipple and got a reaction from the sexed up women.
It seemed to take forever before Travis or Monica were ready to start pounding away for the orgasm but it finally got to the point at least for Travis and he heard Sandy finally "Oh shit yeah, I can feel your cock throbbing inside me Trav, it's getting fatter in my twat and I like it, shoot your goo in my womb baby and make me scream when you do. I wanna feel your cumshot in my fucking hot cunt Trav, give me your spunk baby, I'm going to cum soon Travis cum with me please.. Come you big cocked fucker, I wanna feel it now, I'm gonna cum oh fuck oh fuck oh oh oh yeah fucker now Travis cum in my fucking womb now, oh fuck yea oh yeah that's it baby slam my twat, slam me hard baby that's it oh yeah fuck me!!!!! Oh shit I feel your cum in my womb, oh yeah it's so fucking hot oh yeah, oh shit yeah fucker that's my fantasy shot oh fuck yeah!!!!"
And Travis was blasting her womb and slamming her like she wanted, his cock buried deeply in her and squirting hot greasy gobs of goo into her slutty cunt and then forcing it out to dribble down across her cheek an onto the top of the computer console she was getting fucked on... everyone but Monica, Bob and Jerry were clapping and hooting and hollering at such a hot fucking cream pie!
It had to happen though, Jerry had been buried in Monica's tight asshole and when she started to twitch watching Sandy's orgasm it was all over for Jerry, his dick got rock hard and thickened up while she could feel the cum boiling up to the head.
When she felt that she jumped off and began to suck his cock and slap her face with it saying "Spray my face Jerry, give me a facial and make me a cum whore, that's it Jerry, cum on my face and in my mouth, shoot your cum all over me and use em for a cum dumpster." All this caused Bob to slam his cock deep and hard into Monica's pussy and his frenzied fucking was noticed by all, it was what sent Monica over the edge into a screamer of an orgasm while she slapped her face begging for cum in her mouth and telling Bob to "Give me a cream pie you horny son of a bitch, make me a cum slut, fill my twat with your hot spunk Bob while Jerry covers my cumslut face with his goo, cum for me cum on me now cum I want your cum!
And they both began to shoot, neither knew who started first but Monica was happy to have her face covered and rub Jerry's spewing cock all over her face as she ground her ass backwards on Bob's cock and got her cunt filled with creamy jizz.
The whole crowd was very happy they had stayed for the dramatic climax, because Sandy went over to Monica and began to lick and kiss her face to clean all the hot creamy juice from it that Jerry had just left on it. She then leaned Monica back and began to lick her cunt out and eat all of the creamy cum that Bob had deposited in there. Monica was surprised but she welcomed Sandy with a long lingering tongue dancing kiss and a groping hug.
Finally everyone was finished for this time and it was time for breakfast and then a nap, it had been a long and busy night.
Monica parted from Sandy with the promise of "We will gladly come to your party, but we don't have to wait till then to play do we? I would love to see you later today."
Sandy was all smiles as Monica and Travis left the control room, Bob and Jerry were just sitting in front of their consoles with goofy grins and limp cocks....

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