Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 30

What a sight, it was to watch those women and their fuck buddies blasting cum all over them. But you still had Monica with Bob and Jerry, Travis with Sandy, Angela with Clay, Rob and Johnson still hammering Babs as she kept having orgasm after orgasm, Jenni was still fucking with Tommy and Red hadn't finished with Katie yet.

It was still a hot and heavy fuck fest and the ones who had already blown their wads were very interested in watching everyone else as they fucked in a frenzy to reach their orgasms and begin cumming!

Babs was in lalaland after her first big orgasms, she was riding a bliss filled wave of cocks slamming and sliding in and out of her stretched and filled pussy and shitter. The feeling of so much cock plowing her, the ridges and veins touching and tingling her nerve endings we almost overwhelming, but she rode that waves and enjoyed the hammering of her heart. She looked around glassy eyed and dazed at the others in the room, her wanton grasping ass and cunt the center of her world, all she craved was the explosive blasts of hot sticky cream from Rob and Johnson's churning balls deep in her so she rode the cocks with her passion.
Travis had changed positions with Sandy and now had her on her side with her knees drawn up and a leg hooked over his shoulder. He was enjoying fucking this lithe woman with her rock hard body. She was the kind that wanted it as fast as you could go, for as long as you could go, and as deep as you could get! So they had tried this position and Sandy had gasped loudly the first time Travis' big rod had banged her cervix, she found that she like it and Travis found that he could penetrate her womb in this position. So now this is what was driving him to go like a madman into her, pinching one nipple then the other, fingering her ass and holding a vibe on her clit as his meatpole slammed her tight cunt with his big balls smearing her juices all over her thighs when they slapped into her cunt lips. Sandy was the talking kind, she had never been quiet the entire time she had Travis' cock in her pussy, mostly he couldn't hear her what with all the other noise in the room but every once in a while he caught a little bit of what she was saying and it excited him to know that he was a fantasy fuck for her. She had wanted him for years and she was enjoying the reality much more than the fantasies.
Angela was still riding Clay's turgid cock and had her legs d****d over the arms of the chair, they hadn't changed positions, Clay was enjoying himself with Angela laid back on his chest. The way she was rubbing her clit with a vibrator was exciting Clay and he could see it in the mirrored window across the table. He a had never dreamed of such a weekend of excitement and pleasure since his wife had passed away. On the rare occasions that he had masturbated it had been at home with a video on the computer and it wasn't very fulfilling. But to know that these people he had worked with for years had worried about him and fantasized about him and wanted him had changed his life during the weekend.
Angela had never once let him know that she had wanted to do what they had this weekend. Or if she had he had obviously missed the signals and conversational clues. He was glad for what all Katie and Jenni had done to him to help me come out of his shell. He still couldn't believe how excited he was around Katie and how excited he got just watching her act out all her fantasies.
The same was true for Jenni and Cayla, he couldn't believe how those 3 women had wanted him over and over again this weekend, and now one of the hottest women he had ever known was riding his cock and playing with her pussy just because he had asked her too. It was so fucking exciting to look around the table and see Jenni and Katie touching and kissing while they were being fucked and having them looking at him as he was buried balls deep in Angela, Cayla was cum covered and smiling at him when he looked at her and that had been an explosive fuck and cum session to watch.
He felt Angela suddenly go rigid above him and her breathing got ragged, she was grunting and snorting, grinding down on his cock and balls and said "Finger my asshole now!" and Clay did. That was it, he suddenly felt his churning balls and his boiling cum climbing up his cock shaft. "Angela I'm going to cum", "Do it Clay, flood my pussy baby, give me your spunk deep in my hungry cunt, cum on baby you can do it. That's it baby I can feel your rod now shoot in me, cum on baby." and Clay began to shoot hot greasy gobs of fuck juice deep into Angela's grasping greedy cunt as she shook and shuddered in her own orgasm riding his cock.
About this time the head cook came in and stopped dead in her tracks! She could smell the overwhelming scent of pussy and cum, sweat and sex in the air and she was watching Monica and Bob and Jerry right there in front of her. She saw Travis with Sandy laid on her side on the workspace of a console plunging his big cock in an out rapidly and she just stood there with her mouth hanging open.
When they had finished Angela stayed on his lap with his wilting cock still buried in her snatch.

The number of folks still fucking and being fucked was getting smaller as the orgasm total went sky high in the control room and conference room.
When you looked around you could see that Monica still had cock buried in her pretty little pussy, but Bob had now gotten into her sexy plump ass and he and Jerry were doing the best they could to make Monica a happy and contented woman who would be satisfied with their performance.
She had had each of them sit on the edge of their chairs with their cocks together like she had seen Luann do earlier. Then she had positioned a cock at each of her hot wet holes and slowly lid down the cock poles till they were buried balls deep up in her and she was bouncing merrily along as they each pinched, twisted, tweaked, groped, grabbed, fondled and spanked her luscious body to help her reach her orgasms. She thought they were so very thoughtful and fun to play with, and she understood Sandy's comment now.
They weren't the biggest, but they sure were FUN and that meant a lot more to her.

Rob had seen Angela and Clay's mutual climax and it had excited him greatly as he fucked deeply into Babs' asshole, she was cumming again and her muscles had tightened down on his throbbing cock when suddenly it had snuck up on him and he blew his load deeply into her ass. His grunt of surprise was all the notice Babs got just before she felt the first hot blast of jizz deep in her guts as Rob clamped down on her hips. His shaking throbbing cock and body was felt by Johnson who also began to fuck up deeply into her snatch and began to unload his cream load into her juicy cunt, the big cocks f***ed the mix to leak out around the hard shafts and all of this set Babs of again in a massive orgasm the slammed her eyes shut and flared her nostrils. The goose bumps stood out all over her body and she shook like a dog after a bath!
None of the 3 said a word, it was just grunts and snorts and goose bumps all around!
Not to mention big big smiles...."Travis are you watching Monica getting fucked?" came the question from Sandy as he steadily pounded into her. "No, I cant see her from where I am standing, why are you watching her?" "Yes, She has Bob and Jerry both in her and is sitting down on their cocks riding them. You know she's very pretty and she has a great ass, does she like girls or is that something, well you know"
"Yeah Sandy she has found she likes girls, you should have seen her with Jenni and Katie or with Cayla and Candi this weekend. Yeah, I would say that Monica has found she likes girls."
"Okay, I was just curious." "Your full of shit Sandy, what's running through your mind? You want a shot of her or you want a 3sum or more, come on, whatcha thinking you nasty woman you?"
"Well I was hoping that we could all get together sometime for an intimate little party is all. You know outside of work and here."
Travis just stood there buried balls deep in this woman and was surprised, he had never in all his years with the company ever been asked to meet outside of the Estate for a small intimate party of any kind. Not a single invite in all the years.
"Sandy, I would love to come to a small intimate party and I am sure Monica would be happy to come also".
With that Sandy chuckled and said, "Well fucker get back to work, my pussy still wants more of your nice cock and I want to have you flood my pussy with your hot cum and I haven't had enough orgasms yet either." So Travis tried to get back to working Sandy's hot tight pussy and he was recharged as he picked up his pace and she reached up and tweaked one of his nipples!
Tommy and Red were still busy hammering away into the horny snatches of Jenni and Katie, they were enjoying each other as much as they were Tommy and Red's cocks sluicing in and out of their dripping pussies. Rob tossed Red a vibe and then one to Tommy and said "Trust me you need them with those 2."
And the men applied them to the clits and nipples of the sex crazed women, which had the effect Rob knew it would! They both started to have screaming wailing thrash about orgasms that made both Tommy and Red hang on tightly. Rob was laughing at what had happened and so were Logan and Jason. The catcalls of "ride em cowboy, hang on tight boys shes gonna buck and go big or go home" were heard from the penis gallery around the table.
It didn't take long before the overwhelming orgasms of Jenni and Katie had caused both Tommy and Red to get so excited that they started to blow their loads deep inside the bucking thrashing women much to the delight of the onlookers.
All Rob could say between laughs was "Welcome to the club fella's." Jason and Logan also we having trouble trying to stop laughing after watching Tommy and Red's orgasms, they had both been through it themselves over the weekend with Katie and Jenni.

So now it was down to just Travis and Sandy and Monica with Bob and Jerry as the only ones who hadn't had a orgasm this morning in the control room or conference room. It looked like Travis was working his was towards his with Sandy as they were both fucking fast and hard in a frenzy of lust with much grunting and snorting going on already while Monica was looking so very relaxed riding Bob and Jerry's cocks deeply inside her pussy and ass.
About this time the head cook came in and stopped dead in her tracks! She could smell the overwhelming scent of pussy and cum, sweat and sex in the air and she was watching Monica and Bob and Jerry right there in front of her. She saw Travis with Sandy laid on her side on the workspace of a console plunging his big cock in an out rapidly and she just stood there with her mouth hanging open.
Clay walked over to her and said "Can I help you Ms. Walker?" all she could say was "Breakfast is ready if you would announce it please.........." She never took her eyes off of Travis as he continued fucking deeply into Sandy's willing pussy.
Clay rang the chimes signalling that it was 8 a.m. and announced that "Breakfast is serving now in the Dining hall and in the dining lounge." He then brought Ms. Walker a chair to sit on as she showed no sign of leaving any time soon.
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