Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 29

So the 4 men of he control room crew walked into the conference room and were again introduced to the lust filled women of the "palace revolt" and their friends in high places. Red was grabbed by Katie who just sank to her knees and started to suck his cock, Jenni grabbed Tommy the computer guy by his ear as she laid back on the conference table spreading her legs, Cayla took one of the video console tech's by the cock and while stroking his hard cock turned around, leaned on the conference table and presented her gorgeous ass to him with a leer saying "Can you help a woman out with this nice cock?" and the last guy was standing there stunned to see this all begin so quickly.
Clay and Rob busted up laughing at the poor guy's reaction, but Luann came to his rescue saying "Hey, Come on over here and help these 2 guy's out, I need another cock to make me feel full and you have a nice looking cock."
So over to Luann he went, unknown to him that she had been "eyeballing" his cock since she had come into the control room and seen it dangling down past his chair seat. She had him sit on the table and began to suck his cock which presented her sexy rounded plump ass for Jason and Logan's pleasurable abuse to spank and be rough with. It didn't take long before Jason was tongue fucking Luann's asshole and Logan was spanking her ass, twisting her nipples and scratching her back.
Angela asked Rob something in a whisper and then went over to Clay and grabbed his cock as he was watching everyone else getting started, "Come on Clay, your not so old that you cant have a bit of fun too you know."
The daytime control room crew walked in for shift change about this time and stopped dead in it's tracks.
The whole Board of Directors, plus the 4 from the "palace revolt" and now the night crew were all engaged in a fuck fest right here in the control room....
What the fuck had started this?
The redhead, Babs, on the crew walked to the doorway and looked in, her cunt immediately moistened and she began to finger her clit. Rob, Johnson, Travis and Monica saw this and invited her in to join the happy crowd.
Okay, so it was more like Monica nodded and Travis looked and then tapping the table in front of Johnson he pointed towards the door.
Johnson and Rob looked and saw a cute naked redhead with soft creamy skin and both went to her and began sucking her nipples as she continued to work her clit. It didn't take to long before Babs felt hard cocks rubbing against her outer thighs and looking down saw 2 feet of throbbing cock pointed towards her pussy and ass.
Rob asked her if she wanted some and she just nodded her head, so they lifted her up onto the table and laid her back so that they both could share a taste of Bab's pussy and asshole and got busy on her hot holes. Monica was happily smiling as she stroked Travis's cock and he fingered her hot gash again. This had turned into a really great weekend.
But when she looked out through the conference room door into the control room she saw 2 men and another woman looking between their consoles and the conference room so she said to Travis,"Do you think this place could get along without someone on watch for a little bit?" "Sure it can, what do you want to do? Go **** those 2 guy's or the brunette?"
Monica smiled and said "I want the guy's you can try to play with the brunette." "Okay, That's Jerry and Bob and the brunette is Sandy."
So Monica and Travis went to invite Jerry, Bob, and Sandy to join in the fun in the time honored fashion. Monica knelt down in front of Jerry and Bob and smiled at them as she grabbed both cocks and drew them to her hot wet willing cock lover mouth and Travis stood next to Sandy and began to stroke his hard cock while her fingers dipped into her honey pot.

It didn't take long before there was much groaning and moaning going on int he control room and conference room. What with all those asses and pussy being eaten and cocks being sucked. But it seemed to last quite a long time before someone finally voiced the words, "Give me some cock in my cunt".
The first woman to demand a fucking was Babs, she had Johnson's big fucker in front of her face with Rob in her mouth and she decided that having that monster in her cunt was the right thing for her, she knew it was way to fucking big for her tight ass, but she could probably get Rob up there even with Johnson buried in her pussy and she was certainly willing to find out.
So Babs had Johnson sit down and she mounted him, as her ass sank down she was heard to moan "Oh fuck yeah, now that's a cunt filler cock. Hmm baby I love how thick this fucker is in my cunt." With that she leaned forward and continued sucking on Rob's hard cock.
Jenni wasn't far behind neither was Katie, suddenly they both had a leg lifted and were facing each other laying on their sides while a happy man stuffed their cunts with cock and hey leaned into each other and began to kiss and grope each others tits.
Cayla was happy when the man behind her stood up and slid into her dripping wet snatch with a soulful moan of "Damn Cayla, this is even better than my fantasies." That made her smile and push back against him as he fucked deeply into her.
Clay was rock hard and throbbing as Angela dragged her teeth up the shaft of his cock like Katie had told her he liked so much. Clay was shaking and moaning then Angela climbed aboard and d****d her legs over the arms of the chair as she sank her overheated snatch down onto his nice thick shaft and stuck a nipple in his mouth. She had been waiting many years to get to do this one thing on her bucket list. A hot fuck in the Conference room...oh yeah!!
Luann meanwhile had Logan sit down and she mounted his cock with her well fucked asshole and slammed down on it then leaned way back so the new guy could fuck her hot slit and she had Jason standing beside her so she could suck his cock that was all a quiver in the air conditioned room.
Monica was kneeling down on a chair in the control room with a cock in each end and the chair rolling back and forth as Bob and Jerry fucked her mouth and pussy with long deep strokes.
Travis was on his knees with Sandy's tasty pussy cumming on his face as he worked her with a G-spot vibe and a tongue on her clit, Sandy hadn't stopped pinching and twisting her nipples which had grown to be almost an inch long and very very sensitive to the touch.
Yep, it was one of he best idea's that Rob Micheals ever had, to bring a group into the control room to view a scene they had participated in.

As Babs rode up and down on Johnson's meat pole she decided that she wanted to be DPed by Rob and sat down and started to spin around on Johnson's cunt filling cock, Rob helped her swing her leg over so that she stayed impaled and then as she leaned to one side to get her foot int he right position so that she could lean forward over Johnson, When she was done Rob made sure her asshole was well lubed and began to f***e his big cock into her shitter. He could feel the ridges and veins of Johnson's massive fuckpole as he slowly f***ed his cock deeper into Babs. She was moaning and groaning and her whole body was shaking when she suddenly wailed "Oh fuck me!!! I'm fucking cumming on these cocks and it's fucking GREAT!!!!!!!!! Oh fuck baby, oh fuck....mother fucker sonofabitch, oh shit it's so much fucking cock in me...oh oh wow mother fucker.oh wow, what a fucking rush oh shit oh shit oh damn motherfucker it's too much no it aint oh fuck...." and she continued to shudder as Rob continued to slowly press his cock deeper and deeper into her ass while she sat impaled on Johnson cock.

Jenni and Katie heard and watched Babs and Jenni was heard to comment "Johnson has that effect on women a lot doesn't he?" "I don't know about women, But that monster fucking cock of his sure as hell had that effect on me" replied Katie, "I think I may have to have another ride on it before the weekends over" Jenni said. They then went back to suckling on each others nipples as the control room guys continued to fuck their hot juicy pussy's and Red found a vibrator to use on Katie's clit. It's hum was lost in the general noises of the hot fuck and suck session that was currently underway, but when he applied it to Katie's tender was a whole nother story!!!
Everybody heard that, she lit up the room with her flash orgasm as Red ground her clit mercilessly with the vibe. Jenni had all she could do to hang on and keep sucking a nipple as Katie bucked and snorted and grunted her way through her orgasm until she finally flopped down on the table breathing hard.
Sandy was enjoying herself as she sucked on Travis' cock and got to watch Monica being fucked fore and aft by Bob and Jerry, her crew mates weren't the biggest cocked guys around but they were very thorough and considerate of what a woman wanted and they knew how to last until she was completely satisfied.
Sandy knew because she had enjoyed their company many times before. Now this morning was an entirely different sort of show and she was really enjoying seeing everything that was going on and who all was involved was surprising.
She had never thought beyond her fantasies that she would have the chance to suck and fuck some of these folks who were banging away so excitedly in the control room and conference room, BUT, now that she was here she was going to make the best of her chance and she could finally fuck the men and she really wanted to eat Angela's pussy as she was being fucked by Rob. That was one of her favorite fantasies and she was going to see about making it happen for real.
A few folks might have noticed that the chimes hadn't rung at 7 a.m. but no one in the control room remembered to ring them as they were all way to involved in other matters.
IT was fun to see Luann with cocks in every hole, Jason had grabbed a handful of her hair and was trying to stuff his cock down her gullet hard and fast, while she was being slam fucked by Logan and the other control room guy. Their hard cocks were driving the air out of her lungs and making her cunt leak juice with every stroke. She was moaning and groaning around Jason's cock and gagging every once in a while from the abuse her throat was taking as she was f***e fucked by the 3 cocks.
It was the way she liked it, hard, fast, dirty, and very rough! Luann was such a wanton cock loving slut when she come to company parties at the Estate, it was so good to let down her guard and be what she always wanted to be in a safe place with people she liked.
Jason handed the tech a vibe and motioned to Luann's clit, so it buzzed to life and Luann exploded at the first touch! She bit down on Jason's cock causing his balls to empty down her gullet and when her ass and cunt squeezed down on those cocks they began to shoot also. It was a gagging moaning groaning group of fucksluts cumming together and the cum was being f***e back out of Luann's well fucked holes as they all were shooting loads of hot man juice deep in her.
Cayla was being fucked very hard and roughly by her computer tech still in the original position, he had grabbed her arms behind her and tied them, now he had reached up under her arms to her shoulders to grab her ponytail and was using his other hand to spank her beautiful ass hard as he slammed his fat dick deeply up her snatch! Cayla was moaning "Fuck me like a dirty cunt, oh yeah baby fuck your dirty slut hard, give me cock you bastard, make me cum. can you feel it running down my fucking thighs you whore lover, I love hearing your balls slapping my wet cunt. That's it baby, harder I'm almost there. I can feel your cock getting bigger baby, ram that fucker home now and give me cum on my face you slut lover, make me a cum faced cockwhore you fuckstick...use me now you bastard, cum on my face now, give me your cream. Oh fuck I'm cumming now, cum with me you slut, cum on my fucking face you whore, make me a cum faced slut", and damned if he didn't just then pull out of her leaking cunt and begin to spank his fucking monkey stick in her face as she sat back open mouth with her tongue out begging like a bitch in heat for his cum.
She got it alright, he shot gobs of fuck goo all over her pretty face and covered her eyelids and got a wicked shot up her left nostril that caused a big cum bubble to explode when she snorted out a blast of air.
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