Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 28

In the distance there was a faint sound of chimes ringing but no one was listening or cared that it was 5 a.m., they were all out of breath and a bit dazed from the past couple of hours of gang bang fuck fest's that had included the entire group.
They all had some munchies and were relaxing and chatting like folks do at a party in between bouts of frantic and frenzied sexual activity.
No one noticed when the Board members were all standing around the table filling plates that they were talking and looking sideways at the rest of the group. Or that when one of the non Board members went to the table that the conversation died until after they left.

But Clay had gotten them all around the table for another impromptu Board meeting to discuss Luann and if she should be re-assigned to the new Estate crew. So there stood Clay, Johnson, Rob, Logan, Jason, Cayla and Angela in a discussion concerning the make up of the estate crew and the duties that could be logically assigned to Luann since she fit in so well with everyone.
It was decided that she should be the P.M. shift Manager for the Concierge Dept. that was being formed under the leadership of Jenni and so the Board took their seats around the clearing and Angela again made the announcement to the group, "Luann, we were wondering if you have enjoyed our little group of new found friends so far?"
"Yes Angela, they are a fun bunch and I am glad that Travis and Rob came to find me, I must say you all have given me a welcome and made me feel WELL CUMMED in a way that I can't really describe."
"Glad to hear that Luann, because in the future you will be working much closer with us all starting on Monday. Your being re-assigned at work to the newly formed Estate Crew as the P.M. Shift Manager of the Concierge Department pending successful completion of your training, Your new supervisor will be Jenni as soon as she also completes her training successfully., Do you have any questions?"

"Well yes, Who would I be working for in this new job?" she asked. "Why just for the Board and the Board only. That means that your going to have to work closely with all of us in the future, just be careful that you don't have to many conferences at work with "Your Rabbit Boy's"! It might distract you too much from your duties."
As everyone laughed at that last comment Jason and Logan could be seen with that weird smile on their faces and you just knew that they were thinking of something deviously sexual to do to Luann one night while she was working.
About that time, Rob threw a couple of more logs on the fire and someone finally noticed that the sky to the east was starting to lighten up with the coming of the dawn.
Everyone was tired, but in a good way. They had spent all night getting to know one another and making another new friend, it was a good weekend to be at this party. Lot's of things had changed in the last 26 hours, especially after the **** initiation of Monica lead to the so called "palace revolt" and had thrown everything out of kilter and thoroughly upset the status quo!
Luann hadn't been there in the dining lounge when Monica, Travis, Jenni and Katie had paid back the Chairman, nor was she there for the paid back to the Gray Dom. She had wild tales from others since Friday night but she suddenly looked at Monica and Travis and pleaded "Could you please tell me the real story of what happened and just who did what? I've heard all sorts of crazy ass stories about you almost biting off the old mans cock and Travis ambushing the Gray Dom and dragging her into a barn where she got fucked by a horse, donkey, goat, and dog after she was ****d by Travis, Jenni and Katie. But what really happened to them?"
The 4 of them looked at each other and then as Monica started to speak Rob interupted her and said "Come on, I'll show you the tapes in the control room so you know exactly what happened." With that he went to the nearest phone and "It's Rob, have the Chairman's and Cleo's scenes set up for me, I'm bringing the group that did it in to watch. Sure, you can ask for an autograph, your such a fucking putz you know that?"
With that Rob looked around and said, "Come on, we have enough room for everyone to have a seat and watch the show." So off they all went, Monica, Travis, Jenni and Katie to see it from someone elses perspective, Luann to see it for the first time and the Board to watch and enjoy it all again. While they walked Rob was holding Angela's hand and smiling. Clay was groping Katie's plump ass and enjoying himself while she and Jenni walked along touching and feeling each others bodies. Jason and Logan were fondling Luann's luscious body and she was really enjoying her attention.
Johnson had an arm around the shoulders of Candi and Cayla. Travis and Monica were last in line watching everyone else and laughing about the big changes that had happened. They were holding hands and walking a little bit wobbly since you know weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

Once they finally got to the house Rob lead the group to the control room and showed them into the conference room, it had a big solid oak table and about 2 dozen comfy chairs around it. There were drinks on the sideboard and snacks on the table itself, at one end of the room was a giant t.v. and a remote control. The 4 on duty staff all asked to be introduced to Monica, Travis, Jenni and Katie and after shaking hands they all said "Thank you" to them.
Jenni looked at Katie and said, "Those guys are cute, wonder how often they get to play in the control room?" Katie shook her head and said "I don't know, but I'd fuck them!" Luann turned around and said "The ones at the consoles both love DPing a girl and they are very considerate, the one at the computer loves to tongue fuck asses and he's hung, not like Johnson but way bigger than normal, I never got to try that red head guy, but I hear he loves to be kinky." The 3 of them just shared a knowing smile and a single thought, We have got to get fucked in here!

By then Rob had everyone else seated and ready to watch the show, so Jenni,Katie and Luann sat with their snacks and Rob started the show for them. The lights weren't off 5 minutes and already you could hear the low hum of a vibrator working someones pussy. Rob knew in the general area of the table that it was either Jenni or Cayla, though Luann had sat near them also.
It didn't matter he could see Monica staring intently at the screen seeing for the first time just how she looked on screen and seeing what she did that started the change at the Estate.
She was holding and squeezing Travis's hand very hard as she watched herself run across the dinning lounge and bite down on that damn old mans wrinkled and shriveled little dick! She got to hear him scream and hear him plead and beg as Travis tried to drag her off. It was the unholy look in her ye that startled Monica so much, she didn't know she had such a viscious streak in her. But she suddenly saw Jenni moving in to help her with the same look of revenge on her face, then off on the corner of the screen you could see Katie walk into the room and stop dead in her tracks with her jaw hanging slack.
It was a slight motion of Monica's head that made Katie begin to walk up behind the Chairman and as she did so she was lubing up the monster strap on she was wearing.
They were seeing it all for the first time, they were entranced by what they were seeing as suddenly Jenni grabbed the old bastards head and bent him forward as Katie grabbed his hips and with Monica spreading his asscheeks apart slammed her monster fucking strap on balls deep in his old tired ass and start fucking him like he was a worthless cunt!!!
He screamed like a bitch having a baby, he begged, pleaded, he whimpered and cried and still the 3 of them continued on, never slowing or giving him a chance. Until all the sudden Monica spit out his cock and grabbed it in a death grip. You could see him crying and begging and still she held on. Katie slamming his asshole and Jenni with her own unholy look of pleasure at that old bastard who had ****d her also long long before.
Finally Monica released her death grip and the old fart just dribbled onto the floor and then Katie shoved him off her strap on and Jenni slapped a collar on his tired old ass. Then the 4 of them calmly got plates of food and walked to an empty table and sat down to eat.
Rob, turned on the lights and said "It'll be a minute before we have the next scene ready, oh and I see it's every ready Jenni who brought a toy to take the edge off her hot pussy." Jenni just smiled, but that humming didnt stop.
Luann was sitting between Jason and Logan slowly stroking their cocks and she was chatting quietly with them about what they had just seen.
The control room guy's "All set boss". and Rob flicked off the lights again, and started the "Punishment of the Gray Dom." This scene was already one of the most requested scenes ever filmed at the Estate.
Angela and Rob were watching everyone in the room as this scene played itself out on the big screen.
Travis didn't watch it, instead he buried his face in between Monica's breasts and she gently stroked his hair and murmured to him that his nightmare was finally over. It had been a long time coming and his emotional release was a bit overwhelming to him. Katie and Jenni watched it all intently as did Luann to the point that she forgot all about what she had been doing to Logan and Jason.
Clay, Johnson, Cayla, Jason and Logan were seeing it in a different view this time around as the Board had gotten to know those who were participating in this act of revenge and humiliation towards what had been the single most powerful person on the Estate. What had happened had made that woman the single least powerful person on the Estate and 1 of only 2 collared sex slaves still on the Estate.

When it ended, Rob looked around the table at everyone to gauge their reactions to what they had seen. Luann was awestruck and speechless. Everyone else was silent, trying to make sense of what they had just seen.
For Monica, Travis, Katie and Jenni, relief was most evident on their faces. They had taken a stand and gotten revenge on those who had tormented them. Not only had it changed things for others, but most of all it had changed things for them in a really remarkable way.

The mood was broken by Jenni who flatly stated "I need some fucking cock after seeing that! Yo fellas in the control room, How bout coming in here and helping a poor horny slut out with some hard fucking right here on this big ass table?"
Angela cracked up laughing as did Rob, Clay,and Johnson. Katie said "Hey don't be greedy, I want to try Red out." Candi and Cayla chimed in each wanting to have one of the control room crew eat their pussies and fuck them to!
They all heard the chimes sounding as Red pushed the button and said "Alrighty ladies, it's 6 a.m. and we have time to play."
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this is a great series & agree with justthe2ofus
3 years ago
i know its almost done but still wish it would never end!!