Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 27

Luann sat there on Johnson's meat pole, shuddering and shaking as he blasted off in her ass. She was cum covered and had it leaking out of every hole. Her orgasm was finally subsiding after rocking through her with all 5 men.
She could hardly believe that her fantasy of fucking all 5 male members of the Board at once had been full filled. She was a happy and contented cockwhore who had just been used in a way she had found to be more exciting and sexually fun than she had every imagined and having Johnson's massive cock still buried up her tight cum leaking asshole as she slowly rotated her hips and ground down on his groin was just the icing on her dream.
She knew she would have to move sometime but having her ass so full of cock was something she wanted to savor and enjoy. Luann leaned way back and her frothy cunt leaked juices down her asscrack onto Johnson's balls and started to puddle beneath them as she asked Johnson "So, do you think I can have some of your fantastic cock in my mouth and cunt later? It's been such a big challenge where he is that I want to try to satisfy you with my other holes now."

"Sure Sweet Lu, anytime and any place you would like would be fine with me." replied Johnson. He didn't remember ever seeing Luann around work or here at the Estate before, but he sure as hell wouldnt forget her now!
Rob and Travis had gotten the stuff for cleanup for Luann and Johnson and Jason had gotten her some food and drink, so when she was finally ready to try to stand up she had help. The other women all knew how weak kneed they were from Johnson's big toy in their hot holes so they expected no different from Luann.
But Luann decided that she wanted a few more strokes up and down on him before she finally released his cock from her greedy grasping asshole. But when his trouser snake finally came out it was with a loud very wet plop onto his thigh and what seemed like a gallon of fuck juice gushed down Luann's thighs.
Rob tossed a towel to Johnson and then he took a leg while Clay took the other, Jason had a warm wet cloth and was helping Luann with her face and tits, or more likely helping himself to some more tit.
But Luann was happy and wobbly and having a very hard time making it to a chair or bench to rest on.

After she was seated the rest of the women all gave her a standing ovation and began asking
"how the fuck could you stand having all those cocks fucking you, what did it feel like to have 2 cocks in your pussy while you had Johnson up your butt, can you show me how to suck 2 cocks so deeply at one time I wanna learn that, how hard is it to be able to take 2 cocks in your pussy at once......"
Luann sat there glassy eyed and smiling as she heard the questions and tried to think of the answers.
"These women really wanted to know, they really are interested in what I could tell them.
Who'd a thunk it, me, little old nobody Luann from Accounting. Gonna teach the palace revolt bunch. Wow aint that a trip"
The chimes were sounding in the distance to let folks who gave a shit know it was 4 a.m. but no one here was listening or cared. Except maybe Travis who suddenly startled the whole group with a loud grunt and snore that woke himself up!
Monica shook him gently and said "Hey sl**pyhead, you missed Luann's ultimate fuck with all 5 male Board members. She had Johnson buried in her ass, Jason and Logan in her cunt and Rob and Clay in her mouth till they all covered her in cum, and you just slept through it."
Travis was stretching as Monica told him this and stopped in mid-stretch and looked at Luann, "You took Johnson to the balls up your ass?" he asked in shock! "And I fucking missed it all, Thanks for waking me up girls..."
Everybody cracked up laughing as Cayla tossed Travis a bottle of water saying "Don't fall a sl**p and you wont miss out." "Yeah well maybe one of you could try to do a repeat performance sometime and I can come watch it instead." Travis said. Whereupon Jenni got that amused look on her face and Monica caught her saying "Dammit Travis now you got Jenni thinking of trying it just to show you how much fun you missed"
Cayla laughed and said "I'm thinking of trying it to.", Candi just giggled and "I have to learn to take 2 cocks in each hole first, But after having Johnson in my ass earlier that should not be any problem!"
That left just Monica and Angela who looked at each other and and refused to comment either way on the issue.

Logan hadn't really been paying attention to the conversation but Candi's comment he somehow heard and "Hey Candi, Jason and I can really help you learn to not only take but enjoy having 2 cocks in any hole you have. Just let us know and we can start teaching you how much we can enjoy it with you." With that he gave her a big wink and and started to dance around in front of her trying to be sexy. She reached out and groped his butt as he shook it in her face, then she grabbed his balls and said "Stand still for a minute, Jason come here", when she had them both in front of her she looked to Luann for guidance on what to do next.
That didn't help as she was still dazed and confused, so Jenni started telling her "to slowly suck both heads into your mouth as you massage their nutsacks."
And suddenly another round of "whose getting some cock now" had begun.

Slowly Candi sucked on and then the other cock into her mouth as she followed Jenni's instructions. Soon she had both cock heads and a bit fo shaft in her mouth and was feeling pretty good about her performance so far. Right up until they both started to swell up in her mouth!
then she gagged and got scared and jerked her head back gasping "Fuck it's hard to breath with all that cock in your mouth!" Everyone chuckled and Jenni said "Go slowly, you have to work your way up to doing what Luann can do."
So Candi went back to work, slowly taking both heads and then starting to work some swollen shaft into her greedy cock loving mouth also. Candi could feel her cunt, it's juices were flowing and she knew it wouldn't be long before she would have that "I gotta have cock in me" feeling. So she kept working on Logan and Jason's cocks in her mouth and having fun massaging their hot cum filled balls.
Since Candi was busy she didn't notice that Monica, Cayla and Katie had gotten out of their chairs and walked around behind her, she also didn't notice that the 3 women had donned some very good sized strap-on's to use on her and make her a 5 cock woman also. But Logan and Jason had noticed and hey had giant shit eating grins on their hornydog faces at the thought of not only watching this horny fucking cock lover get gangbanged but that they get to be part of it!

It didn't take long before Candi was working both cocks in and out and getting about halfway down the shafts. Her tongue was loving having 2 cocks in he mouth as she swirled and flicked it around them and she slobbered and drooled all over them. She was busy grabbing ass and forcing as much cock into her pie hole as she could stuff in and she could feel all that hot juice running past her pussy lips and down her thighs, suddenly she felt hands on her tits and ass and fingers on her clit and then Wham! She felt someone slip 3 fingers in her gash and another 2 up her asshole!
WTF was going on now, she couldn't tell because Logan had grabbed her hair and f***ed it forward stuffing her mouth with an extra inch of cock and making her rise up a bit higher. Monica slid in behind Candi, and began to aim the strap on at her tiny puckered anus. Cayla was finger fucking Candi's asshole as Monica lubed up the big toy and when Cayla took ehr fingers out Monica slid the toy in about halfway.
Now Candi gave a muffled noise that might have been a scream, but it was hard to tell with 2 cocks stuffing her cocksucker mouth. So no one paid any attention to it.
Now Monica was moving her hips working her strap on deeper into Candi's sexy ass and enjoying the view as she did. Monica was thinking "Damn she has a sexy fucking ass, I'm going to have so much fun fucking her." The toy was going deeper and deeper into Candi's willing well lubed asshole until it was finally all stuffed up her shitter and could go no further.
Candi felt it and had to take a moment to re-adjust her position, she need her feet on the floor to fuck that cock in her ass so she went from kneeling in front of 2 cocks to squatting on a big cock up her ass while sucking the 2 in her mouth. When she did that it made it much easier for Cayla and Katie to figure out how they were going to get their "toy's" in her cunt.
The only drawback to their plans that they could see would be the inability of Candi to be able to take 2 cocks in her drooling pussy....But when Katie motioned to Logan and Jason to lay Candi back against Monica they did and and Cayla moved forward to fuck her fake cock deeply into Candi's juicey cunt. There she was laid back and 4 cocks deeply imbedded in her, Candi was surprised that her new friends had decided to participate in making her a 5 cock fuckslut, but what had really surprised her was that it was 3 of her new FEMALE friends who were not only willing to help, but that were actively engaged in trying to fuck her until she was in the same state as Luann is.
Candi was nervous about trying to get a 2nd cock in her pussy, she had taken Johnson earlier so she knew she could handle a really big piece up her snatch, but she was still afraid it would be too much for her.
As Katie was preparing to move in on Candi, she felt a touch on her shoulder and turned to see Travis standing there with a massive hard cock and a lust filled look in his eyes. "Let me do this Katie, I want to fuck Candi with Monica fucking her ass." Cayla who was already fucking Candi heard and looked around, when she spotted Travis' cock she leaned over and without missing a stroke sucked as much of his turgid meatpole into her cock loving mouth as she could. Travis grabbed her by the hair and just groaned as he sunk his shaft into her hot wet willing mouth.
Katie watched for a couple of minutes and then helped Travis enter Candi's fuckhole.
He shoved hard and his cock plunged into a tight drooling pussy, rubbing and bumping along the dildo that was already buried there. Cayla told him "I'll pull out a bit and you go in, we can set up a good rhythym and fuck the shit out of this luscious sluts hot cunt." "Okay Cayla, I'll follow your lead" was all Travis said and they began to deeply and roughly fuck into Candi's tight stuffed cunt, forcing her to orgasm over and over.
Candi was as amazed as everyone else in the group, she had taken 5 cocks, all the Board members not involved were seeing what it looked like and they were impressed with Candi's ability and equally so with Luann's who had shown them the way. She just lay there on Monica's chest, her mouth being used, her legs spread as wide as could be, her bald pussy glistening with cunt juices being f***ed out and her asshole stretched tightly around a massive dildo in it.
She was nothing more than a cock recepticle and she loved it. She was ready to be a fucking cum dumpster, she was lost to everything but her wanton desire to be fucked and to cum. To feel cocks slamming home in her every hole and taste the hot sticky cum as it blasted from the cocks using her.

Katie, Angela, Luann, Rob, Clay and Johnson were all smiling watching Candi being so used and seeing the happy cock loving look on her face made it a very enjoyable time for everyone.
But like everything else it couldn't last forever and suddenly they heard Candi snorting and grunting around Logan and Jason's cocks, they saw both of them stiffen and yank their cocks out of her mouth and begin to beat them furiously above her face.
Candi was babbling and wanton in her need and desire for their cum and soon she began to get what she wanted as she waited for it with her head back and mouth open, she stuck her tongue out and they used it as a landing point to shoot gobs of hot sticky man goo into her face and mouth, over and over they shot and covered her face, got it in her hair, almost filled her gaping hungry mouth and still it spurted.
Travis had a birds eye view of Candi's face and the spurting cocks as he slammed his fuckstick into her cunt, He heard Cayla behind him "Mother fucker look at all that hot sticky sweetness, oh fuck that looks good."
That was all it took, Travis pulled back and grabbed a handfull of Candi's hair and jerk his pud like a madman for about 10 seconds and then he too was shooting his cum wads onto Candi's glazed face., and down onto her tits. His wild hand job didn't last long but it was exciting to see for everyone watching. Especially for Monica who got not only a great view of him standing above them jacking off but actually got splashed with a couple of wads of greasy man goo on her face when he overshot Candi's.
Monica was happy and smiling when she reached a finger up and slowly worked the hot spunk onto her fingers and then "Hey Travis, Thanks honey for the treat." when he looked down at her she slowly lowered her cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean of his goo. That made Travis walk around the 3 women and drop his cock into Monica's mouth so she could lick and suck his cock clean.
After that Cayla pulled out of Candi's snatch and stood up with a popping of her knees and a moan from the burning ache in her thighs.
Candi sat impaled on Monica's strap on for a few moments until Rob and Clay came over to lift her off and help her to a bench where she was laid down. Angela and Jenni were there to clean her up.
Now everyone was dazed from sex and sat there panting and trying to catch their breath, it had been a very exciting time the last couple of hours.
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