Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 26

The chicken fajita's were a big hit with everyone as they sat around munching something besides cock and cunt. Logan and Jason were hovering around Luann and Monica thought it was funny as hell that the two horny guy's were her "Rabbit Boy's", so she just had to asked Luann how they came to be known as that.
As Luann explained "Well way back when we all were first collared a couple of years ago I was stuck with these two for some "special events" and our trainers thought we made a good team. Since I am a total cock slut and these 2 are both such pussy hounds it seemed to work really good. Even on weekends that we had company parties we didn't have to perform at we were always together and fucking like mad rabbit's all weekend long. Shoot there's even been times I've called one or both while we are at work to see if they could stop by after work for a little bit of stress relief!"

By the time Luann had finished talking and answering questions Jason had gotten her a plate and a drink and sat down near her and began to eat his snacks too. So everyone was relaxing and enjoying a nice time around the campfire that Logan had added logs too when Candi asked him.
Johnson and Clay had pulled Rob aside after his participation with Luann and then they all three had talked to Angela after her nap and after she had a snack. It wasn't anything anyone would notice but Rob had to explain why he had gone in search of this woman and what he was thinking.
So now the Board members were doing a discreet evaluation of Luann and no one outside of them even knew it was happening.
Hell, just watching Jason and Logan they knew which way they would vote. But it was up to Johnson, Clay, Rob and finally Angela to make a decision concerning re-assignments in the company. So the 4 of them continued to watch and listen to Luann and see how she interacted with Monica, Travis, Jenni, Katie and Cayla.

It didn't take long before all the conversation and questions about about Luann's techniques she used on Jason and Logan had gotten Luann's pussy purring again and she asked the group if she could have a bit of help making a fantasy come true.
When she was asked what it was she replied "I've always wanted to be fucked by all the Board's male members at one time. But after seeing just how big Johnson's cock is I don't know if I can do that."
Angela chuckled and said "you already fucked Rob, but you mean you want all of them at one time filling up all your holes? Damn Luann do you realize how much cock that is?"
"Well I thought I did, but now I'm not so sure. I know I can get both Jason and Logan in my pussy or my ass together and I do alright with sucking 2 cocks at once, but trying to put Johnson's monster in the mix has got me worried it might be too much for me."
About then Jenni perked up and said "what about taking Johnson up your ass while he is flat on his back, then you lean back so Jason and Logan can both get in your pussy and Rob and Clay can both fuck your mouth! I think that might work. or your going to have that monster stuffed in your pussy while you trying to fit 2 cocks in your ass might be a bit harder to accomplish since you cant lay back and spread wide that way."
Candi leaned over to Monica and said "That only leaves 1 cock or the rest of us to share." Monica giggled and looked at her funny "What, your forgetting the strap ons already?" "Well no, I didn't forget them, I just wanted some hot hard throbbing cock in my snatch and this silly cunt wants them all for herself."
Cayla leaned forward and "I think we should watch this and we can enjoy ourselves later, it's not like we haven't had lots of cock all weekend already."

With that comment Luann moved away from the tables and chairs and had Johnson lay back on a padded bench in the center of the clearing and she dropped down and began to suckle his cock. both Logan and Jason moved to her sides and began to play with her tits and nipples. While Rob and Clay stood facing her.
It was obvious to all the other women that Logan and Jason didn't need any extra attention since they were already hard and horny, but Rob and Clay were looking a bit worn out at the moment. Katie looked at Angela who looked back and shook her head no, then mouthed the words "I wanna see what she can really do". Katie stifled a laugh and sat there watching to see just what Luann could do.
Jenni was leaning forward watching intently to see if there were any tricks to this that she could maybe try in the future.
Travis was just slumped in his chair not really paying attention just leaning back and looking up at the stars when he suddenly felt hands on both thighs, "Fuck it Let them do what they want" was his thought and he continued to watch the stars wheeling by overhead. He was tired, his cock was tired, and he didn't think anything else would happen. That's when he saw the shooting star and like he had done since he was a little boy Travis made a wish.

Luann was trying to suck deeply on Johnson's cock but once she got the head in her mouth there wasn't much room left over, she finally got about 4" in with it and that was it. When she felt it start to harden she knew she was going to have a problem fitting him up her ass, even if she could handle a DP in all her fuckholes. Nothing had ever prepared her for one this size.
But she finally had Jonson hard and ready, Jason and Logan had been working on her the whole time she was busy with Johnson's meat and now she sat down on his cock with Jason aiming the massive head right on her brown eye, so down she went and CONTACT was made, she pushed down and Johnson pushed up slowly. The other women were watching as Johnson's cock head slipped inside her tight asshole and she stopped.
Monica said "She needs a lot more lube for that big fucker to go up her ass" and grabbing some she went over and slicked up Johnson's throbbing shaft. Luann smiled and lifted up a wee bit and slammed her asshole down the shaft. As she felt it sliding in her tight butt, Luann realized that this fucking thing is HUGE! But she was now impaled on better than 2/3's of it and she was grabbed by Johnson and he shoved f***efully upwards into her guts until his balls were against her cunt!
Luann held still as she attempted to adjust to his immense size filling her hot ass. Jason and Logan began to slap and pinch her tits again and Logan roughly began to rub her clit as he rubbed his leaking cock against her face. Luann wasn't sure she should move or what would happen if she tried to move, but Johnson wasn't having any such thoughts. He just started to fuck up into her ass as he held her hips tightly.
Jason was spanking her clit and pussy lips with his hardon and Logan was saying "open up slut, it's time for 2 cocks in your cunt", so Luann's legs seemed to open wide and invited them inside. She laid back as far as she could and was helped by Johnson who held her legs back against her boobs.Logan took the front position as he had a shorter fat cock and once he was in Jason moved in behind him and underneath him so he could get his longer thinner dick in the same cunt.
It was a very tight fucking hole with that massive cock of Johnson's taking up so much space Now Luann was sandwiched between 3 cocks and being fucked deeply and roughly. She smiled at Clay and Rob and opened her mouth in a "Come fuck my slut mouth look" and they both stepped up and began to feed her cock meat.
She was ecstatic! She had every male member of the Board in her at one time! It was even better than her fantasies had ever been and she was already having orgasms, which wasn't hard to believe once she got Johnson's massive cock shaft buried up her asshole!
Clay grabbed a handful of hair to help steady her as he fucked in and out of her hot willing cock sucking mouth.
Monica, Cayla, Candi, Jenni, Angela and Katie were all stunned to see this woman actually make a fantasy come true in front of them. Not to mention the fact that this blond slut had over 3' of cock meat buried in her holes at one time! To see her taking Johnson and the rabbit boys sawing roughly in and out would have been exciting enough, but to see her with Rob and Clay also roughly using her as a fuck toy was way beyond what they had witnessed or experienced this weekend.
The only one who seemed bored by it all was Travis, until Cayla and Monica heard him snore....Jenni heard it and looked around then nudged Katie who also started laughing. Angela and Candi just stared at him and wondered "How could he sl**p with this shit going on if front of him?"
Rob was grateful when Clay grabbed a handful of Luann's hair, he was slipping out of her mouth and it wasn't much fun, so Rob grabbed a handful and he and Clay got a good in and out going roughly into Luann's hungry cocksucking mouth. When they looked down they could just see Jason's cock going in and out below Logan who was more up and down against the clit then in and out and None of them could see Johnson as anything more than his head sticking up past one shoulder.
But Luann could certainly feel him, deeply imbedded up her stretched tight asshole as she worked her cunt and mouth on 4 other cocks.
Monica started the shouting out of encouragement but the rest of the women weren't far behind in their catcalls. Mostly about who would be the first to bust his nut's and which hole would be the lucky one.
Luann heard them and sucked harder trying to get another load of hot man juice in her gullet, she wanted to taste Clay and Rob's hot semen and feel Johnson blasting her asshole with his spunk.
Jason and Logan held no surprises for her since they were long time fuck buddies!
It seemed to the guy's that every woman was calling for something different, Monica wanted to see Rob and Clay cum on Luann's face, Cayla was calling on Johnson to f***e his cum out her ass, Candi and Jenni were all for Jason flooding her cunt and Logan to cum on her tits, Angela was laughing and yelling "Don't have a heart attack boy's, there's more pussy for you to service!"
All the sudden Candi grabbed a vibrator and turned it on high and stuck it on Luann's clit........Her screech was a loud one and the clamping down of her body in reaction brought Logan out of her cunt and shooting cum all over her body as he stood up suddenly with a loud grunt of "Mother Fucker!"that little bit of free space gave Jason just enough room to jam his cock in as deeply as possible and his jizz started to blast into Luann's womb as he groped her tits hard while snorting and grunting his way through is orgasm.
Luann bit down slightly on the cocks in her mouth and Clay's trigger was tripped and he plunged his cock as deeply as he could into Luann's mouth and busted his nuts down her throat as she gagged around his shaft!
Rob was next and he plastered Luann's face and shuttered one eye with his massive load of joy juice across her nose and right eye. Luann was now fucking up and down in a frenzy on Johnson's meat pole and trying to squeeze his cock, He obliged her by grabbing her rounded full hips and fucking up into her f***efully until all the women heard "Oh baby, you wanted it and now your going to get it, Have my cum load up your sexy tight ass." and with that Johnson's massive rod began to shudder and shake inside Luann's guts as his balls drained their load of goo deeply up her ass!!!

All the women were hooting and hollering, clapping and laughing as they watched Luann's "initiation" into their cock loving group of horny fucking wenches!
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3 years ago
Well, the few times in the past I have gotten to try it, It has been!!!
That's the reason I put it in the story.
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loved the double pussy anal triple penetration!! sounds like fun!!