Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 25

Somewhere in the distance the chimes were sounding 3 a.m., though no one in the clearing was paying any attention to the small details of time. They were all too absorbed in watching Travis and Rob with the blond sucking both cocks.
Logan had already gotten another hard on and Jason was getting another also. Jenni hadn't quit with her double dildos she was working her cunt and ass with. But she had slowed down quite a bit after her last big orgasm.
Monica, and Cayla, were soon joined by Candi who had caught her breath and on wobbly legs came to sit by them and watch also. Angela and Katie were still in that dazed and glazed state so they were still curled up on the padded benches where they had finished having their last sexual escapades.
Johnson and Clay, were sitting off to the side catching their breath and discussing Board matters while only watching occasionally.
Both had seen Luann in action countless times while in the Control Room on the big screen. They both knew her favorite things to do would involve most of the men in the clearing at one time. She truly was a one of a kind with an appetite for cocks. And since Jason and Logan were here it would only be a short time before Luann had cocks stuffed in all her hot slutty holes and she was a cum covered fuckslut.
But it was still going to be interesting to see where she got the other cocks from since every one of the men had just had an orgasm, except for the 2 cocks she was working on.
Jenni was the first one to make a move, she had finally had enough of fucking herself and decided that she wanted to "meet the new girl", so she laid the dildos on the table and walked in between Rob and Travis which f***ed them to back up and said "Hi, I'm Jenni and we all would like to know who the hell you are."
Luann just sat back on her haunches looked up and said "I'm Luann Davis from Accounting and these two nice men came and found me so that I could come help you all with "My Rabbit Boy's", Jason and Logan."
That had gotten everyone's attention nicely so Jenni then went around the group and introduced everyone.
Luann was impressed by the folks she suddenly got to meet, Monica, Cayla, Candi, Johnson, Clay, over there on the benches are Angela and Katie and your "Rabbit Boy's" are right here say Hi Logan and Jason!

Both Jason and Logan walked over with hard ons bouncing in the early morning to give Luann a hug and she grabbed their cocks and stroked them, "Hi boy's, I've missed you all weekend. But at least now I know where you've been."
Jason's hands were groping Luann's plump rounded ass and he said "We've been wondering where you have been too, but your here now." Rob and Travis were watching this all happen and wondering where it was going next since they were both standing there with hard ons also.
They soon found out, Luann said "Travis could you and Rob lay down on this bench so that your cocks are together in the middle." When she had them arranged how she wanted them, Luann sat down on their cocks and began to ride as she motioned Logan and Jason over to her so she could suck and stroke their cocks. It was the beginning of a very intense and pleasurable time for the 4 men and Luann. She loved cock and the more the better as far as she was concerned.
Monica, Cayla, Candi, Jenni were sitting there wide eyed at this action, Clay and Johnson started to chuckle and laugh at the expressions on the girls faces, "What's the matter girls, never seen shit like that happen before?" Johnson said as he laughed.
Monica just shook her head no and stated "I didn't even think of ever trying anything like that, but now that I know it can be done you can bet your ass I'm thinking about it."
Katie and Angela were still pretty much out of it as they could be heard softly snoring on occasion.

Candi suddenly said "I'm hungry, we got anything left to eat around here." Cayla looked around and saw only the remains of the bar b que they had devoured hours before. Jenni being the wise ass she is known to be said "I got a sweet little pussy you can nibble on." Which got a big laugh from everyone, but she then said "Have Clay call the house like Rob did earlier. Maybe they can bring out some snacks to us."

Clay and Johnson having heard this suddenly heard their own tummy's growling and Clay went to the nearest phone and called the house. "Hi this is Clay Brown, could you please have a snack for approximately 15 delivered to the clearing on path A please? Thank you very much, 15 minutes will do nicely."
With that he turned to Candi and said "Alright young lady, your snacks will be here shortly and Jenni I'll nibble your sweet little pussy if you need me to!"
Jenni laughed and said "It's not really a need Clay, just a wanton desire, I always love to have someone paying attention to my pussy." So Clay went over and sat on the bench as Jenni lay back on the picnic table and Clay began munching on his dessert treat before he had a mid morning snack!

Luann's rotating hips and her strong thighs kept things interesting as she rode both cocks while keeping Jason and Logan's in her mouth sucking and licking them. She was really enjoying having 8 hands roaming her body grabbing her ass and tits, pinching her nipples, spanking her cheek's but suddenly someone started to scratch her back in long strokes and she got instant goosebumps and her whole body shivered.
The effect on her nipples was very apparent and her clit started to harden, that was fine with Travis her got a thumb on it and started rubbing it hard and fast. Rob continued to scratch Luann's back and spank her plump ass, while Jason and Logan kept pinching and twisting her nipples.
Luann was getting really close to her first big orgasm so she dropped her hips down hard and started rotating her hips faster and faster, she was rocking every which way and grunting around the cocks in her mouth as they were both trying to go down her throat at the same time she didnt know who grabbed her hair and didn't care. She had cocks in her and she want cum now!

Jenni was so excited to have someone eating her pussy while she watched this hot slut taking four cocks at once. It felt so good to feel a tongue dancing on her clit and plunging into her moist fuck hole. Jenni started to pinch her nipples and grind her cunt into Clay's face, reaching down she grabbed his hair and ground down harder forcing her snatch tighter to his mouth and feeling his mustache rubbing across her clit.
She felt his big hands on her little butt and he squeezed tightly as he ate her deeply.

The food arrived finally and Monica, Cayla and Candi bustled about setting it up as Johnson got the barb que fired up again. Monica noticed a pink box with a note on it addressed to the Board, she looked in the box and found a whole Key Lime cheesecake!
She handed the note to Johnson and he began to laugh as he read it. "Tell Clay Thanks for the great showing, His Crew."
Johnson went on to explain that Key Lime was Clay's favorite dessert at least before this it seemed to be Katie and pussy the way he kept sticking his face in them whenever he got a chance!
"His crew" was explained as being the control room crew, Clay had been in charge of them the last 6 years.
So with the bar b que fired up the girls set about making some snacks. This time the crew had brought them chicken fajita fixings and some Sangria to go with it. It wasn't long until they were able to eat.

Meanwhile Luann was almost there as were Rob and Travis, her rotating and grinding had gotten to them all and she suddenly felt Rob and Travis both get that little bit more stiffness and suddenly she felt both of them begin to squirt hot cum into her ass and cunt which caused her to cum. As she moaned and groaned the cocks in her mouth she couldn't help but suck harder on the cocks that were there.
Logan suddenly spoke out "Oh fuck yeah Luann, that's it baby! I can feel you cumming you fucking cock monster, suck me off bitch, come on suck harder you stupid cunt, make my balls splash your tonsils you whore" and he began to shoot great gobs of cum into her hungry mouth as he twisted her nipples painfully.
She almost gagged as so much creamy man sauce flooded her sucking hole but she continued to swallow and bob her head to make sure she got it all.
Logan pulled free of her mouth and rubbed his cock all over Luann's upturned cum hungry face and then he walked away from her without looking back. Jason just kept feeding her his cock as she sucked him harder, she heard "Use your teeth bitch, you know I love it when you do that to my cock, bite me baby, make me cum in your cock loving cum guzzling mouth, come on baby work my cock the way you know we both like it so I can give you the cum you want, come on baby, milk my nice nasty fuck stick in your cum hole"
Luann was still grinding down on Rob and Travis and milking their cocks in her cunt and ass as she bit down on Jason's cock in her mouth. Suddenly Jason yelped and "Oh fuck yeah baby, that's my nasty slut, suck me down your throat you nasty bitch, oh fuck yeah oh fuck, that's my nasty girl suck it suck it, oh yeah show me your mouth full of jizz baby" and Luann raised her face to Jason to show him and then she swallowed it all in one big gulp.
With that she was finally able to slow and then stop her mad ride on the twin cocks, Jason helped her stand up and walk to a chair. Rob and Travis cleaned up and got the things for Jason to help Luann.
About this time Angela and then Katie both woke up from their nap's, the smell of food having done wht the sounds of sex couldn't do.
Angela was smiling at Rob as he was cleaning his limp dick and Katie saw Jenni using Clay's face she smiled and walked over to Jenni whispering "He does have a good tongue doesn't he?" Jenni reached for her and gave her a big hug as she agreed.
Katie then ran her nails over Jenni's flesh and it was just enough to make Jenni's orgasm burst forth! Clay held on to that tight little butt as he licked her clit with Jenni bucking around all over the table. She thrashed around and around as Clay bore down on her clit and sucked hard to make her cum over and over again.
When it was finally over Jenni was covered in sweat and goosebumps with a great smile on her face.
Katie leaned over to give Clay a kiss and she tasted Jenni on him, "Oh Winnie the Pooh, I know what honey pot you've been in." and they both laughed at her joke.

With that everyone got down to enjoying the snacks that Monica, Cayla and Candi had made while they all tried to regain their strength. As it was only a little past 3 a.m. and the weekend didn't end until after dinner.
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the combinations are endless
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great story, hope there's more to cum!