Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 24

Jenni was so enjoying her double stuffed holes while watching all the other girls get their pussy or asshole hammered like she loved having done to her. She had enjoyed having Jason and Logan around this weekend since those two loved to double team a girl. Jenni couldn't remember a weekend she had enjoyed so much cock, not to mention she had eaten some really nice pussies too!
Laying here watching Clay working Angela's clit as she rode Johnson's cock was thrilling but watching Katie ride Jason as she ordered Logan around and not letting him have a pussy for his throbbing cock was even better.
Logan just assumed he was going to get his cock done by every woman around, it was good for him to learn otherwise thought Jenni.
Jenni was highly excited watching Monica and Cayla banging the hell out of Candi, that woman could take cock as well as Jenni could but she had an even bigger appetite for sex and such a nicely rounded ass to grab too! When Jenni heard slurping noises she looked around and saw that Travis and Rob had shown back up, but who was the plump little blond on her knee's sucking them both at once?
That was fucking AWESOME! a woman who could suck both those big fuckers in her mouth at once.
Jenni felt her orgasms starting and pumped her pussy even faster and harder while she watched that blow job. She had heard about such things but now she was getting a front row view of an awesome cocksucker in action!
It didn't take long before others in the clearing noticed that they had been joined by someone new. Monica and Cayla noticed her but they were busy with Candi and couldn't stop until she was satisfied. Johnson wouldn't notice if the world ended he was so far gone into a bliss filled state with Angela riding his monster, but Clay noticed when he came up for air that Jenni was looking to her left and being curious he looked over Angela's leg in that direction.
What he saw surprised him and when he didn't go right back to sucking on Angela's clit she looked down at him and noticed what he was looking at, she didn't stop her riding Johnson massive meat deeply into her ass though.
Clay went back to work on Angela's pussy and clit as she tugged on his hair.
It truly didn't take long for everyone to began to have orgasms again, what with everyone being tongued, dildoed, licked, sucked, fucked what have you in various combinations.
It was Candi whose cunt that finally had been stimulated enough that burst forth into a gushing orgasm as she was being hammered by Cayla and Monica. They had used vibrators and strap-ons to bring about her explosive orgasm and Candi was wiggling her luscious sexy ass all over Cayla's asshole plunging strap on while Monica ground her's deep into Candi's cunt while maintaining the full power vibrator on her clit. The grunting and moaning were supplanted with a wailing scream of "Oh you slut's, that's the way to fuck a hot cunted whore, Keep fucking me you pussy fiends, I fucking love what your doing to me you cunts. Give me more of that cock in my ass and pussy....oh fuck oh fuck, that's it oh fuck oh fuck, yeah baby yeah ..oh damn that's so fucking good in my cunt and ass of yeah..."
Candi had finally had enough and Cayla and Monica slowly pulled out of her well fucked holes and made sure she was comfortable on the padded bench.Both Monica and Cayla walked over and sat down near Jenni so they could watch this double cocksucking action.
Behind them Jason said "Hey move over a bit, I cant see her in action" so they moved to the side a bit.
Clay was getting tired eating pussy and sucking clit and was starting to get a cramp in his jaw , when Angela saw him rubbing his jawline she asked him if he was finally ready to fuck her hot slit and he just stood up and slowly started fucking his big cock in her pussy.
"Damn it's fucking tight in here! I wonder if that's because of Johnson's massive fucking cock or if she is just naturally tight like this." Clay wondered as he f***ed himself deeper into Angela.
Feeling both holes filled with hard throbbing cock wasn't new to Angela, but being SO FULL of cock that she was stretched to the limits was totally new to her and with almost 24" of cock buried in her holes Angela suddenly had no problem with her orgasms starting.
She was pinned between 2 men who loved to be balls deep in pussy and it was sending shock waves racing throughout her body. Each time a cock bottomed out she could feel a jolt go through her. And then Clay and Johnson began to get in sync and picked up the pace a lot!
Angela was getting slammed by both men as they were nearing their own orgasms and Angela wasn't sure she could keep up with them.
Katie was having some good little orgasms and could tell that Jason was enjoying fucking her ass and groping her tits, Logan was getting frustrated and finally Katie said "Logan, fuck my cunt hard and fast. I wanna feel your balls slapping my ass"
"Oh fuck yeah baby not a problem" was all she heard as Logan stood up and slammed forward into her.
Problem was his aim wasn't very good and Katie suddenly had 2 cocks buried balls deep up her asshole and neither Logan or Jason were hearing her screams as they plunged in and out like the hammers of hell stretching her asshole out and making her cum all over the place. It was the rabbit boys in action. As Rob saw it happening he suddenly understood what Luann had been talking about. She had both his and Travis' cock's in her mouth and she was missing having 2 cocks in her ass and cunt.
Katie on the other hand was having a DP and she was starting to love how it felt to have to rampaging cock in her tight asshole while 4 hands mauled her titflesh and spanked her ass red!
The rough fucking of Jason and Logan sawing back and forth in her ass was making her dizzy and she was really really enjoying being used this way.
Her orgasms were rising in intensity and lasting longer as she had her shitter banged harder and harder by these 2 lusty fuckers. She was so enjoying it as they pinched, tweaked, slapped and spanked her. Katie had never been f***ed to be used like this and now she was learning about something she had missed out on.
Katie finally knew that she loved it rough and liked to be used this way. She looked around for Clay through her barely opened eyes and found him stuffing his cock down some blonds throat with Rob, and that blond was sucking both of them at once!!!
BOOM! she went off like a rocket ship again! As Jason and Logan hammered into her hot grasping asshole Katie's world suddenly went off in a wild explosion in her groin, her head was shaking, her body was shuddering, her tits were bouncing wildly, she felt like jello and all she could feel was the rush of her massive orgasm racking her body with sensations and waves of pleasure.
The hammering cocks just added to her joy and she was riding them like her body was riding the waves of pleasure. Katie felt her muscles tightening around those 2 cocks, grabbing them and trying to suck them both deep into her asshole, squeezing on them trying to suck the hot man juice out of them and into her shitter.
Katie wanted, no Katie needed to feel her asshole flooded with hot sticky cum, to feel it blasting away deep inside her and she began to beg for it, "Cum in my ass, fucking shoot your cock cream deep in my ass, I wanna feel you shooting in my asshole. Make me a cumdumpster you fucking bastards, give me your hot spunk in my tight ass. Now you fuckers cum now and make me feel it!" Jason had enough, his cock lurched deeply into Katie's greedy ass and spewed forth his seed in great gobs of creamy cum. Over and Over his cock lurched as Katie's asshole squeezed him tightly.
Logan lasted until Jason had finished then he to began to shoot hot semen up Katie's hungry yearning ass, all the while Jason's spunk had lubed his way and now was leaking out and down his cock and balls.

It didn't take long for the "rabbit boys" to finish with Katie. She was comfy right where she was and they wandered over to watch Luann with Rob and Travis.

Clay was banging away into Angela's hot tight hole and he could feel the ridges and vein's of Johnson's mighty cock through the thin wall of skin that separated her cunt and ass.
It was like nothing he had ever felt before, but as excited as he was it was nothing compared to Angela, she had never known a cock so big could fit so smoothly into her asshole. And now she had a big one deeply stuffed up her cunt at the same time.
Angela was already feeling her orgasms building and she new that all the small ones were just a prelude to what was going to happen soon. Her nipples were rock hard, her clit was standing up and out into the cool night air and she got a jolt every time Clay banged forward into her wanton cunt. She suddenly heard a click and a hum and then felt Johnson reach around her hip while saying "Hey Clay, try this baby on her clit and lets see what she does."
It was the proverbial spark that set off the chain reaction. Angela let out a screech and slammed her cock loving asshole all the way down to Johnson's big nutsack as her hips went into over drive and started rotating at high speed as she had a massive orgasm. Clay held the vibe on her clit as he pick up his pace and slammed forward harder and faster than ever as his cock got more turgid and the cum boiled up from his nutsack.
Johnson grabbed Angela's hips and f***ed his cock upwards roughly as he too felt his cum about to spew up into Angela's guts.
"Oh you fucking tight hot ass, oh mother fucker this is some sweet ass and I cant take no more. Here you go Angie, here's my cum in your sweet tight ass, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah arggggggg............" and he blew deeply and strongly up Angela's ass with massive wads of greasy cum boiling her guts as he left her with hand shaped bruises on each hip. Clay said nothing, he just stuffed his cock as deeply into Angela's hot slit and felt his cock explode in her, Angela felt Clay's cum flooding her cunt and she leaned forward and kissed him before whispering "Thank you."
When she could finally stand up Clay was there to help Angela to a seat and Johnson got what was needed to clean her up and make her comfortable. It seemed the least they could do after what Angela had done for and with them.
Now everyone was finished except for Travis and Rob and their new found blond friend. Only Jason and Logan knew who she was and they were too busy watching to say anything to anyone just yet.
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