Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 22

So there they sat, this group of new made friends, cum covered, semi worn out from explosive hard fucking sex. All sitting around the campfire trying to regain their senses and some bodily control in the cases of Candi, Jenni and Cayla.
Those 3 had been the centers of attention in some truly erotic and arousing sex, and it showed!
Angela, Katie and Monica the other 3 women in the group had participated in sex and enjoyed themselves a great deal, but they still had the rest of the night to enjoy.
As for the men, Jason and Logan were still acting like the high schoolers Rob had called them earlier, Johnson had a very wistful smile on his face as he sat gazing at Candi's luscious rounded ass and the memory of her WANTING his monster cock in her ass.
Travis was trying to be helpful to Monica and Clay was just staring off into space trying to come to grips with how his life had changed this weekend.

Katie got up and threw a couple of more logs on the fire and then went around if anyone needed more drinks.
Most said "No Thanks" but a few said "Sure", so as Katie sauntered around the group nakedly, the pervy boy's, Jason and Logan kept yacking about her tits and ass so much that she walked directly in front of them and bent over from the waist and said "Well then why don't you both kiss my ass for me since you like it it so much."
Everyone burst out laughing, but Jason grabbed her hips and buried his face in between her rounded cheek's and began to tongue her asshole. Logan burst out "Hey fucker, what about me?" and Jason was heard to mumble, "Too slow dumbass, wait your fucking turn now."
Katie winked at Clay and wiggled a finger for him to come over, when he did she grabbed his cock and began to suck on it.
Again Logan came out with "Hey what about me?" and this time Clay said "What about you? She offered you her ass to kiss, when a woman wants more from you they will tell you. Or are you too stupid to understand the rules have CHANGED you fucking moron." Even though Clay was smiling when he said it, everyone understood that the new rules had just been explained.
No More would a woman or man be f***eD to do anything she or he didn't want to, now it would all be voluntary.
And with that, Clay went back to enjoying the wonderful mouth that had engulfed his slowly growing cock.
Jason was more than happy to have a luscious ass to play with, being a lifelong assman he really enjoyed what he was doing. More than that Katie was REALLY REALLY enjoying what was happening to her, she had a talented tongue teasing and fucking her asshole, a fantastic throbbing cock growing very hard in her mouth and a pussy that was starting to juice up very nicely again,
The rest of the group sat watching as Logan sulked like a petulant c***d and began to stroke his lonely cock thinking about what Clay had said.
Jason was stroking his cock on occasion as he groped and spanked Katie's ass, Clay was just resting a hand on the back of her head and enjoying having his mind blown along with his fat throbbing cock.
"Ah, nothing like a horny fucking woman sucking your cock under the stars by the fire, this is sure a great weekend. I wonder what's going to happen in the future now that things have changed around here." was what Clay was thinking as he stood there watching Katie sucking him again for who knew how many times this weekend.
Clay's life had sure taken a very different turn this weekend after 8 years.
Monica walked behind him and scratched his ass with her nails as she whispered in his ear "You know she would really like to see you more often than just here, but I'm not supposed to let you know that." Suddenly Clay's cock was really rock fucking hard and throbbing and he grabbed a handful of Katie's hair as his balls let go in a sudden release....It had to be one of the shortest blowjobs on record and Clay was amazed by it!

Katie swallowed as fast as she could but still had a little bit that drooled down her lip to her chin, she caught it with her forefinger and gazing into Clay's eyes she slowly licked her finger into her mouth.
Monica had sat down next to Travis and smiling said "I told him, can you believe his reaction?"
Travis said "Yeah, I just watched it, you are sooooo bad. But I think it will be good for both of them. You ever seen Jason take after a woman's ass like he is with Katie's?"
"No, I haven't, but I bet someone here might have an idea if we ask them quietly about it."
Travis smiled and said "I'll talk to Rob about it, Since he's been in charge of the control room for years."
So now Travis was being included in Monica's matchmaking plans for the whole group.

But Monica wasn't too sure what to think about Logan, he had attached himself to the group but she was bothered by his attitude. Oh well, maybe it would just resolve itself.
Meanwhile, Katie was still having her ass eaten and tongued by Jason and she was in no hurry to make him stop. Clay stroked her hair and bent to whisper to her "Enjoy yourself, I like watching you enjoy yourself."
So Katie smiled and snapped her fingers loudly like a whip cracking and wiggled her finger at Logan, when he looked at her she said "Your cock in my mouth now, or sit there forever." That was it, the petulant c***d was gone and a horny bastard with a hard cock stood in front of Katie at the ready!
"Alrighty, nothing to worry about there, that boy just needs directions", thought Monica and she chuckled.
With all this going on, the rest of the group had been catching their breath, getting some rest and refreshment and now they were almost ready for another round of whose fucking your neighbor.

Rob and Travis had gone off towards the big house, Clay was spent from his quicky blowjob, Jason and Logan were working on Katie and that left just Monica, Cayla, Candi and Angela alone with only monster cock Johnson to share if they wanted some cock. When they spied Jenni she was curled up napping after sexercise.
Okay, Okay they could horn in on Katie or try to revive Clay. Since Clay was still a bit dazed and Monica was very much in the mood to nibble she grabbed Candi's full boobs and started to tweak the nipples while asking Cayla if she had tasted Candi yet? Cayla just shook her head and then bent down to suck on a nipple that Candi lifted her way.

Angela looked at Johnson and Clay and winked at both men, Clay smiled and pointed at his limp cock while Johnson just smiled and stroked his growing cock.
It seemed Angela was going to be getting a challenging bit of action, to revive the limp and please both men.
She was a big girl and she was ready to meet this challenge head on, literally! So with putting her ass in Johnson's face and her head in Clay's lap Angela and the boys went to work on each other.

Yep, it was working out alright after all, everybody had somebody to play with and everybody was enjoying playing with somebody. What more could you ask for right?

Candi found out what more you could ask for when she heard Cayla ask "Moni give me that G-spot vibe would you" and with a click she felt a familiar tingle playing around her clit and sliding between her rapidly moistening pussy lips, again!! Yes Candi was having fun again, a woman on each nipple and a vibe for her pussy. What she hadn't noticed was that Monica had also brought along a pair of strap-on's to use on her.
Yeah baby it was going to be a wild ride for Candi.
Angela meanwhile had found that Clay loved having her teeth d**g up the sides of his cock lightly and a swirl of tongue around the rim of his cock head followed by little nips all the way back down as far as she could go. It was interesting to know this since it was a new technique for Angela and she looked forward to trying it on Rob when they got back home. Clay meanwhile was stirring and starting to lengthen and thicken in her cock gobbling mouth while Johnson was busy eating her pussy and spanking her ass.
Angela loved having her ass played with, no matter what she was doing she loved having hands and lips and tongues on her sensitive ass. She blamed it on Rob, he had showed her years ago how to enjoy it and he had never let her ass go a day without some kind of attention.

Cayla had slowly made her way down Candi's body trailing her tongue over the silky smooth skin under her tit and down her navel to her well rounded hip. Nips on Candi's inner thigh had caused her to gasp and spread wide, sinking her ass down to the edge of the chair and suddenly she had Cayla and Monica kneeling in front of her bald pussy licking her lips and rubbing her clit and asshole with vibrators. Each woman had a nipple in hand while they tongue danced across Candi's swollen vulva and began to suck on her pussy lips. they could feel Candi's body responding to their caressing actions and playful tongues. Candi was beginning to moan and move her hips, she was so enjoying her attention when she felt first one vibrator sliding into her ass as someone nipped her cheek's and then a hard suction on her clit as the other went deeply into her fiery pussy.
Monica and Cayla were taking their time making her crazy with desire and passion. Candi was having waves of pleasure rolling through her body as these 2 women drove her lust up and up. Slowly they went in and out of her, the tempo unhurried and making Candi a bit crazier with each passing minute, they teased her clit and her thighs, they teased her nipples with their nails, Candi felt the flick of a finger on her nipples and a spank on her ass and it just caused more pleasure to rumble through her. Cayla suddenly turned the G-spot vibe to it's max vibration setting and started to ram it hard and fast in and out and Candi squealed in orgasmic delight as she burst forth and the squirting began.
Monica had never had a squirter right in front of her before and when Candi let go it was right in Monica's face. She flinched and then opened her mouth to taste it. Cayla leaned in to catch some too and then they began to kiss each other as Candi slowly stopped. But they weren't finished with Candi and told her so.
All she said was "I need something else.", with that Monica and Cayla stood up and strap-on's appeared as if by magic in their hands. Candi just smiled and said "For me? Oh girls you definitely should and right fucking now!"

Katie had been enjoying Jason's tongue long enough finally, She could feel her back tightening up from being bent over so long and she spit out Logan's cock and told Jason "Sit down on that bench and slide out a little" so he did and Katie sat her very wet and willing asshole all the way down on his throbbing cock.
When she felt his nutsack against her pussy she leaned way back and spread her thighs so that her pretty pink twat was open to the cool breeze and said to Logan "Come eat my pussy and lick my clit while I have a nice cock in my ass"
Logan wanted to fuck her cunt hard, but after what Clay had said Logan just knelt down and began to eat pussy like his life depended on it. Katie began to wiggle around on Jason's hard cock, grinding her ass down so she could feel his cock head bouncing across her cervix. She really liked to feel it as it way different than having it buried in her pussy and feeling it like normal.
Having Logan sucking her twat out as she got fucked in the ass was great to watch as she gazed down at him busily munching away on her.
She was also watching Johnson, Angela and Clay across the fire, Katie wasnt surprised to see Clay with his cock in a woman's mouth, but she was surprised when she saw Angela using the same technique on Clay that she used on him. Katie was to find out later that Clay had told Angela about her fantastic technique and how good it felt.
Katie was really impressed with Angela when she told Johnson "it's time, just be gentle with that monster going in my ass. It's the biggest fucker I've ever tried."
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3 years ago
i am so glad that you have not ended this wonderful tale of erotica
3 years ago
i wish this party would never end!!
3 years ago
only a very few more chapters, have to take it to Sunday evening after dinner...I know, it should have been a one night party, somehow it became a weekend affair.
3 years ago
This has been a great story and looks like it will continue.