Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 19

Wow, what an evening so far thought Monica as she lay on a bench next to Cayla. Both of them had been played with and had multiple orgasms before having the big one and neither of them had been even toughed by a cock! Monica found that amazing, she could have such a strong orgasm with being hammered by cock. It hadn't ever happened before like these folks had just done to her.
It was really something else.

Now Monica had lot's more to talk to Jenni, Katie and Travis about. She wanted to know more about this training they had and what sorts of experiences they had shared. Indeed Monica wanted to know if they had ever been f***ed to "share" before during their individual training, and what about the others. They had said things earlier and last night that hadn't meant anything at the time that now made Monica curious.

Had they all gone through the different levels of collars and been through initiations before being recommended or was that something that only happened to lower level employees before this weekends "Palace Revolt" and the changing of the way things were/are done.
When Travis came back with a bottle of water for her Monica asked him "Is this what you meant when you said you were trained?" Travis sat quietly with a far away look for a few moments, he then shrugged and "Yes, we all did, everyone of us with the exception of the Chairman and Cleo Landrum experienced what you went through last night and with what you just went through. We all spent many long months collared and in some cases years if we became particularly prized pets. But Angela just gave you a very mild taste of what we went through. If you had been trained by Cleo it would have been very very different. She would have pushed you hard enough to break you and f***e you to her will in the most obscene and debauched ways."
"Is that what happened to you Travis, she couldn't break you and so she made a prized pet of you?"
"Yes that's part of it, at first I rebelled and fought back. Then when I finally figured out that the only way out was to quit my job, move out of state and change my name, I began to become more compliant. I see now I should have been more f***eful and direct in my approach to resist. I might have saved myself from 5 years of that bitches torture and abuse."
"Are you ever going to let me know what happened, and how I might help?" Monica was now holding Travis closely to her side. She didn't know or understand how he could have done what he did. But she wanted to.
Travis gently kissed Monica on the top of her head and said "your doing just fine with helping me and now with helping everyone else to begin healing."
When Monica looked puzzled Travis just pointed to everyone, "Look at them sitting here in the dark around a fire relaxing and enjoying each others company without having to be fake or having to perform because someone decreed them to.
I've never had a weekend where I wasn't on the list of "performers" for someone elses pleasure and fantasies.
You made it possible for me to get my revenge, and Jenni and Katie's, not to mention those last 3 victims of the Gray Dom's who used her with the dog. Look what you did to the Chairman. They are the last remaining collared slaves in the company.
Never again will anyone be ****d, or f***ed to perform Thanks to you and your willingness to fight back."

The rest of the group had been listening to Travis and now they all stood and faced Monica with giant smiles and glowing admiration. She was stunned to realize just what her act of defiance had meant to these new friends of her.
In her embarrassed state all Monica could think of was "So where do we go from here?"
At which time Angela remained standing and said the Board had reached a personnel decision concerning the "Group of 4 who lead the palace revolt".
"As of Monday you will all be reassigned to various functions involved in the maintenance and running of the Estate. You will report directly to the Board and the Board only. Your current supervisors have already been notified. It has been decided that Monica will be the Management trainee, Travis will be the Maintenance Supervisor Trainee, Jenni will be the Concierge Trainee and Katie will be the Physical Plant Supervisor Trainee.
Upon the successful conclusion of your training those of you who lead the palace revolt will be in charge of the palace itself. It will be up to each of you to ensure that what has happened before never again happens under your watch at this facility. That is your charge, and it will be in the job descriptions after we get them written."
Now that the 4 of them knew where they were going after the weekend, Jenni asked "I am hoping that means we can still have fun together now, after all it is still very early on a Saturday night! and I can see that Jason and Logan are bored and want to play again!"
Katie started laughing and pointing said "So is Rob, and the way he's looking I think he has something in mind." Angela looked down at her husband who sat there with a throbbing hard cock and she reached down and grabbed it asking "And whose little pussy do you want to stick this in now you horny fucker?"
Rob just reached between her thighs to check her pussy and smiled before grabbing her hips and seating her on it! He then reached around her hips and started to rub her clit and tweaked a nipple gently.
As he did so her asked, "Katie could you hand me a vibrator please?" Katie smiled an passed him a large pink sparkly soft one. Soon it was humming along on Angela's clit as she slowly rode along on Rob's impaling shaft, a smile on her face and her nipples turgid under the moonlight.
Katie had started sucking on Clay's cock as Candi grabbed Johnson's and asked if he would fuck her ass with his monster toy. By the smiles on everyone's faces it was sure to be an interesting and fun evening.
Jenni was down in front of Jason and Logan with both of their cocks alternating in her mouth as she fondled both sets of balls and Cayla was watching it all while rubbing her clit. Next thing she knew she had a soft wet warm tongue probing her ass crack and looked back to see Monica who smile demurely and said "Travis has been staring at your ass for the last hour, I think he wants to fuck you deeply and make you orgasm again." Cayla lifted her leg and said "I would so enjoy having him fucking my ass again, as long as your licking my clit in another 69 with me." Monica's smile said she thought that was a wonderful idea also.
So another fucking session was started by a group of friends who were very happy with how this weekend was going.
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3 years ago
the beach is great for everything but sex. it becomes 100-80 grit sand paper on both a cock & pussy. if your in the ocean you need to be over 100 feet out at the calm between tide changes only. fresh water it is ok closer in unless your in one of the Great Lakes as they have tides & waves.
3 years ago
I gree about the sand but I'm sure there is aprotection somewhere. Lovely erotic story
3 years ago
On the beach is way over rated, damn sand gets in every where! Hope you like the story so far.
3 years ago
Being a pervert, i stopped by to read this story. Now that's a good fucking session. That must be hot to do something like that out on the beach.