Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 18

As Clay fucked Monica with long slow strokes, Katie and Travis watched the grill and got the cooked burgers and other stuff off so it didn't burn. When they had it all set out and ready Katie said "Grub's on the table, NO I don't mean Jenni this time."
With that everyone but Monica and Clay joined in filling a plate with picnic food and eating under the twilight stars began. Everyone had already filled their plates and were munching merrily away by the time Monica got around to having the orgasm she needed from watching everyone earlier trying to satisfy Jenni's insatiable urges!
But Clay could feel Monica as she started to shove her gorgeous ass backwards onto his thick long hard cock, he felt her rubbing her clit and could hear her breathing increasing as she started to get closer and closer to what she was craving, an explosive orgasm. Monica could feel her nipples harden and she tweaked and teased them with her fingernails, pinching and twisting them lightly with one hand as the other worked her clit furiously. She was fucking backwards and began to beg Clay to "Ram me harder Clay, really slam your fuck stick deep and hard into my slutty cunt, bang me like a fucking cheap whore and make me scream your name when I cum all over that fat fucking cock, cum on baby give it to me, spank my ass hard, harder, yeah baby like that. Make my ass red from your spanking me, yeah baby, that's my big cock fucker, slam that joy rod deep oh fuck oh fuck, yeah baby oh baaby I, I . Oh fuck, oh fucccccccccccccccccccck MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, yes, yes, that's it! I'm fucking cumming on your big cock and loving it, oh fuck yes oh fuck..."
Clay was unprepared for this and when she clamped down tightly on his cock and began to milk him with her velvety soft pussy he too exploded deep in her grasping gash, grabbing her hips tightly he never noticed he left bruises on her hips while banging into her so hard his nutsack was slapping her clit causing her to keep cumming on his throbbing cum spewing cock!

They came to a shuddering stop moments later, breathing hard, and soaked with sweat and the frothy flow was running down Monica's thighs. It took a few moment for either of them to be able to hear and understand anything but when they did it was Katie who was whistling and cat calling the loudest about Monica's ability to "really put on a fuck show baby!" and others who were saying "That's a hot fucking scene to watch during snack time" "I thought she was the one bar b queing", "Hey Travis that's a fucking hot one you go home to" and "Wow honey, I've never seen you have such a fantastic orgasm before" from Travis.

Travis and Katie made plates for Monica and Clay and sat them down to rest and eat. Funny part was that everyone was drinking bottled water as they were all thirsty, I can't imagine why, can you?
The group sat chatting and relaxing while everyone gathered their strength for the evenings festivities. Jenni was definitely the icebreaker and she went around ensuring that each member of the group knew they were welcome and that each was valued for being here with them.
Monica was sitting near Angela and commented on Jenni's ability to make everyone feel so welcomed and asked if she would be a good addition to the staff for the Estate that Angela was contemplating putting together, Angela said she would talk to Rob and the rest of the Board but that she couldn't promise anything.
Travis was going around making sure everyone had gotten enough to eat and drink and Katie was still busy with the grill just in case anyone else should wander by and suddenly be hungry.
It was a very relaxed and laid back group of new found friends enjoying the sunset in a secluded woods.
Suddenly they all heard the chimes sounding and realized that it was 9 p.m., so since it was now the partying hour the group all proceeded to continue the tour that was interrupted by the impromptu sexfest and bar b que.
Everyone was trying to talk at once as they went along path A to the next area which was the barns and stables. Since Monica was already acquainted with this area from last night they continued on to the last area on path A which was a group of 2 dozen little log cabins set around a 15 acre pond. Travis told of special events that had centered around a camping weekend and Katie told of her adventures.
It seemed like everyone had been to the cabins for adventures except Clay who kept quiet during the discussion. When Monica asked him about it he just said "It's where I came after my wife died. The company allowed me to stay here for a while."
With that Clay began to walk away and Katie hurried after him. Monica also went quickly after Clay to apologize for causing him pain and she ended up in a group hug with Clay and Katie.
The remainder of the group came along slowly and when they could they crossed over to path B which lead to a large building that housed all sorts of what Monica thought were unusual items until Jenni and Logan began to describe what various things were used for.
While they were describing the function of a Magic Wand, Jason lit one up and touched it to Cayla who jumped and then smiled as Jason continued to use it according to Jenni's instructions. Cayla backed quickly up to a wall that had leather cuffs hanging from it. Johnson and Logan cuffed Cayla's ankles and wrists to the wall so that she was spread eagled and Jason continued to perform per Jenni's instructions.

Monica gazed in wonder as they all moved with silent purpose and with skilled practice in what they were doing. She had no idea what Jenni was talking about half the time but now she was seeing it for the first time and was beginning to get an idea about what they had meant when they had all talked about training.
Jason had applied what Jenni called vibrating nipple clamps to Cayla's nipples, and was now using a flogger on her inner thighs and hips. Logan meanwhile had gotten a "cat o nine tails" from somewhere and was using it on Cayla's belly and ribs. Johnson had found 2 large vibrators and was using them on Cayla's clit and pussy.
After a few minutes of this "torture" Jenni instructed Jason to go back to the magic wand thingy and begin on Cayla's tits. while Logan varied the electrical impulses. Johnson had exchanged one of his vibrators for a G-Spot vibrator that her had rammed home in Cayla's pussy and she was writhing against the wall and moaning loudly. Jenni now slipped a ball gag into place to quiet Cayla, and continued with her instructions to the men.
It didn't take much longer and Cayla was was jerking madly against her bounds, her body contortions seeming to almost rip the leather cuffs from the wall as her orgasm exploded under the assault from the "toys" being used on her by these friends who had been trained to expertise.
It was a loud shocking explosion of grunting squirming body shuddering cunt juice squirting orgasmic delight for Cayla who suddenly sagged limply in her bounds.
Jenni was there to help hold her up as Logan and Johnson released her cuffs and Jason removed the nipple clamps gently. They then brought her over and laid her down on a padded bench and made sure she was comfortable.
Monica was still sitting quietly, stunned by the performance of her friends and not at all sure how to react.
It took a while before everyone was relaxed and composed enough to begin chatting again..
The performance in how to use some of the equipment began a long and at time loud discussion of the various techniques used and which devices brought pleasure and which were for pain, Monica just listened to all the talk and wondered how they could all be so casual and clinical in their discussion.
She then made the mistake of asking that very same thought out loud to the group and Travis grabbed her wrist and took her to the wall. In moments Monica found herself fastened by the leather cuffs to the same place that Cayla had just occupied.
But this time it was Katie, Travis, Rob and Angela who were going to use her. Angela was the one in charge and she had a very different "teaching" technique than the one used by Jenni. It was a purely informative low dose approach so that Monica could learn the devices and how her body reacted to each of them.
Monica found that she liked the magic wand being used to stimulate her nipples but didn't like it on her thighs. Travis applied a nipple clamp to her clit hood and turned it on, Monica found that she wanted one of these to use at home. The light flogging and whipping were exciting in a totally different sort of way, but Monica doubted she would ever want to be used as she had seen some of the other people being used this weekend.
The double vibrators used in her pussy and ass were EXTREMELY exciting and Monica had been wishing that they would be used longer. But when Katie applied that G-Spot vibe, it had sent Monica rocketing towards orgasmland faster than she had been there in this long weekend.
It might have been the overall effect of the build up and run thorough of the devices, or just being helpless on the wall, it could have been just because it was Katie doing it to her.
Monica didn't care, when her orgasm hit she was a screaming squirming mass of tingly nerve endings and she began to squirt again and again as Katie sucked her clit and ran that G-Spot vibe all over the insides of her tender aroused pussy.
Travis and Rob held Monica up as Katie and Angela released her restraints, they placed her on a bench not far from Cayla to recover and Travis began a very thorough massage of her back muscles which had tightened up due to the positioning and massive orgasm.
It wasn't long before Monica could hear soft chimes through the fog in her brain, it was telling everyone that it was now 11:00 p.m.
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if ever there was a place like this i would want to be there
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