Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 17

As Monica and Katie finished up with Jenni, the rest of their group showed up in the gathering twilight. Clay looked at the Board members and was curious as to if there were more things that needed the attention of the Board or if they had just sought out these 5 folks to spend time with them.
His anxieties were relieved when Angela spoke up and said "Clay everything is going so much more relaxed tonight than it was last night."

His sigh of relief was audible and everyone chuckled at his response. Clay Brown was the sort of man who is detail oriented and is never satisfied with hal measures. Meeting Katie the night before had thrown him so off kilter that he hadn't thought about anything other than being with her since she had first started teasing him in that small outbuilding.
Now she came up in front of everyone and squeezed his ass and when he smiled at her she kissed him with lot's of tongue sharing the taste of Jenni's pussy with him. The entire group who had known him for years were stunned, again.
This was so out of line with what they all thought they knew of Clay Brown and how he acted. The women were smiling at each other and at Katie in particular as she slowly entwined her fingers with Clay's and asked "So what are we doing tonight honey?", Clay chuckled and said "More of the same unless your tired of me." "Not likely Clay, not likely at all" was Katie's reply.
Logan and Jason had walked over to Jenni who was still lying on the table and had begun to tweak her nipples and run rough hands all over her body when Jason called out "Hey Johnson, we could use another hand over here with this one. You know how hot she is and what she likes." So Johnson moved over to the table to join them in trying to satisfy Jenni's overheated cunt and ass. It was fairly obvious to everyone that Jenni was still horny even though she had already been done TWICE by 2 different sets of folk's.
Everyone else just pulled up chairs and benches from around the clearing and watched the actions at the picnic table.
Travis was laughing when he said "We should have fired up the bar b que, since it seems like we are going to be here a while." Rob and Angela looked around and she said "Why not, but whose going to cook? You Travis since it's your idea."
Monica said "I will, I love to bar b que and Travis always burns everything he tries to grill. But where do we get the burgers and stuff from?" Rob had already walked over to the wall of the building and opened a panel, inside he found a phone and after dialing spoke to whoever saying "This is Rob Micheals, we need a bar b que set up for a dozen or so at the theater building on path A, Yes that will do, Thank you very much." he then turned to Monica and said "will 15 minutes do for you?"
Monica was surprised again by how this place worked and she sat next to Angela and Rob and began to ask questions concerning the offer Rob had made the night before about learning to run the Estate.

Rob told her "You'll be assigned as a special assistant to Cleo Landrum, while still retaining your normal position. In addition to what ever she can teach you about the Estate, you'll be sent to school for Hotel Management and whatever else we decide you need to know to do the work effectively. This is an actual estate and needs to be run not only for company parties like this and the "special functions" that you have heard a little about, but as our Corporate Estate where conferences and VIP business meetings are also held.
If you successfully complete the training and graduate from the hotel management program you will be promoted to a new position that answers directly to the Board alone." Monica was a bit overwhelmed by the offer and need to talk to someone about it. It was a lot to take in and it was a bit daunting to understand the implications of the offer.
It was about this time that the bar b que setup arrived and Monica immediately set folks to tasks setting up the food line and where to put things so that the line would flow smoothly. Having to work around a picnic table covered with naked bodies engaged in hot horny sex was a bit out of the ordinary for Monica but she didn't let it bother her as she got the grill fired up and soon had burgers grilling.

Jenni was loving the 6 hand massage along with the 3 tongues that seemed to be everywhere on her tender sensitive flesh. these guy's were nibbling her ear lobes, tiny bites on her neck, tweaking her nipples and licking the soft tender flesh beneath her perky boobs. The multiple fingers running around her clit and down her soaked slit to her tingling asshole, the rough hands down her legs and someone massaging her feet and calves were all things driving her wild with anticipation for hard throbbing cocks and yet none of the guys offered her one to taste or stroke.They were working on her front and then they gently rolled her over on the rough table top and began again to rub and massage her back and butt. She smelled some fragrance and then felt hot oil being poured onto the small of her back and the 6 hands began to spread it all over her back and butt, then down her legs. The pair of hands working her hamstrings and calves was wonderful, she had been wanting a massage for months but this was something else.
To have another set devoted to her tight little butt working that hot oil into her ass crack and fingering her hot wanton asshole sent shivers up her spine where the 3rd set of hands were working hard at relaxing her back muscles all the way up to her hairline as those fingers worked all the kinks and tenseness out of her back.
What Jenni couldn't see were the 3 raging hard cocks of Jason, Logan and Johnson. Those 3 men were enthralled with this sexy little woman and what they were doing to her. Meanwhile Candi and Cayla were under the table giving helping hands to each of them as they worked on Jenni.
Suddenly Cayla felt Jason's cock twitching and growing just that added bit thicker and harder so she whispered to Candi "I'm going to suck off Jason now, I'll be back in a minute to share." and she went to work sucking Jason's cock as he shot wad after wad of greasy hot man juice into her willing mouth. With that done she leaned over to Candi and began to kiss her deeply sharing the hot reward for a job well done.
Candi hadn't been slack in her hand jobs of Johnson and Logan, she had been working them both and she now felt Logan about to explode and broke the kiss with Cayla with a quick "Back in a sec with more cum baby." Then she began to suck hard and deeply on Logan's trembling cock making him burst his seed into her greedy mouth, she jacked him with long strokes and milked his cock for the last few drops then leaned into Cayla and began another long cum sharing kiss.
Johnson who had been working on Jenni's tight little butt was by this time so excited that he grabbed Jenni up off the table top and slid his monster fuck rod up her tight juicy ass until she came to rest all the way down on it. She had her back pressed tightly to his chest as he stood there with her fully impaled, her knees held to her breasts and her hot cunt wide open for all to admire.
Suddenly Angela knelt down in front of Johnson and Jenni and slipped her tongue inside that tiny little pink hole to taste what Rob had told her about. Jenni wailed as she started to cum and Angela just smiled as she continue to lick out that tight little cunt that tasted just as good as Rob had said it would. Monica, Katie, Cayla and Candi were shocked to see Angela lapping so hungrily at Jenni's little cunt, nothing the night before had prepared them for this.
But there she was, happily munching muff like every other woman in the group and they all knew they wanted to find out if Angela tasted as good as she looked also. The 4 of them were in silent agreement that they would have to find out, meanwhile Jenni's orgasms were pounding through her brain like a freight train out of control. She is such a horny fucking little cunt!
Monica had been grilling the whole time all these folks had been having fun and her pussy had gotten super hot and wet as she stood at the grill.
When Clay came to asked about the meat, Monica gazed at him and said "Yes I need some fucking meat right now!" So Clay obliged Monica by slipping his hard cock straight up her cunt balls deep as he held her nicely rounded hips and she moaned in relief. "Oh fuck that cock fills me up and feels so good right now. Standing here watching Jenni and everyone else fucking and eating has been driving me crazy and I so need a dick in me."
Clay just kept slowly pumping his cock in and out of Monica as she gazed across the clearing to where the fuckers were still busy taking care of Jenni, she was turning out to be an insatiable little wench with her ever ready cunt. Katie and Travis waked over tot he grill area and found Clay plunging into Monica's wet cunt doggie style and Katie had to ask "So what are you two doing?" When Clay looked around he saw them both smiling and giggling as Monica replied "I needed some cock and Clay was gentleman enough to help me out, you don't mind do you?"
Travis just shook his head no and Katie said "As long as you know it's just a loan and I want my toy back in working condition so I can have some more later, it's alright with me too!"
With that Clay reached for Katie and gave her hair a tug and her willing mouth a kiss, then it was back to trying to satisfy Monica who was in dire need of a good hard deep fuck at the moment.
Katie then told Travis "I think we better watch the grill, that way we wont be getting a burnt burger."
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