Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 16

Monica, Travis, Clay, Katie, Rob and Angela were still relaxing after the exciting show put on by Travis, Angela and Monica when the rest of the merry band of fucksters came traipsing back in from the study.
From the looks on everyone's faces the night long sex fest had taken a toll on them all and they were tired.
When Monica asked "Is there someplace in this big old house where I can rest for a while?", the whole group burst into laughter leaving her sitting there wondering whats so funny...

Travis finally told her, "Darling there are scores of bedrooms up on the 3rd floor just for resting, if the door is open that means the room is available. Each one has it's own bathroom so it's just like a hotel in some ways."
After this explanation Katie announced that she and Clay were going upstairs to rest and we'll see you all at dinner. Rob and Angela followed suit and then it was Candi's turn to say nighty nighty and as she walked away she motioned to Jason and Logan to join her.
That left just Monica, Cayla, Jenni, Travis and Johnson still sitting at the tables, everyone knew that Travis was going with Monica and so Johnson asked both Cayla and Jenni if they had any plans for resting. Jenni replied that "I just want to sl**p so I am well rested for tonight's activities." Cayla just sat there staring down at the table top until Travis looked closer and chuckled saying "She's already asl**p".
So Johnson and Travis carried Cayla upstairs and put her to bed, then everyone else sought out beds for a long nap before starting all over after dinner.
Saturday evening held the promise of being even more sexually intense than the previous night had been.
Slowly but surely the group fell asl**p and just as slowly but surely they all woke up late in the afternoon.
Cayla woke first around 5 and went in search of the others she had spent the evening with, She found Candi tangled up with Jason and Logan who were snoring like a couple of trains going up hill.
Katie and Clay were snuggled up in a spoon position while Rob and Angela were sprawled across the bed they were in. Jenni was sl**ping soundly with a smile on her face. Johnson was semi awake and trying to figure out if he should get out of bed when Cayla said "Hi there", so he got up and went into the shower after a quick "Hi yourself, let me get a quick shower and we can go see about places for dinner."
Cayla thought a shower sounded great so 30 seconds later she hopped in with Johnson as a surprise!
It worked as he yelped, "Oh shit you scared the fuck outta me." They then had a long hot shower and used lots of soap and water washing each others nooks and crannies all the while talking about last night and what they thought may happen in the coming evening.
After they got out Kayla and Johnson took turns drying each other off and then they went to seek Travis and Monica so that they could get up too!
Since dinner was at 6:30 it was time to start waking up the entire group so they could all shower and whatever else they thought they needed before dinner.
As it was, everyone was a bit tired still and a bit sore in places.

They all met in the upstairs foyer at the head of the stairs about 6 and after much hugging and small talk proceeded to the main dining hall where the normal Saturday evening feast was prepared.
They all found the seats that Johnson and Cayla had arranged for earlier and took their seats.
It was a lively group that was having a good time and enjoying each others company.
The meal was served and then Angela got up to do her Hosting duties like she always does. She gave out the information that was needed by all the employees, made the announcements and then she made the introductions of Monica, Travis, Jenni and Katie so that everyone knew who they were after the events of the night before.
Now everyone knew who they were!!! Monica had never felt so aroused by having so much attention directed towards her. It was so bad that her nipples were rock hard and she felt her pussy moisten.
Travis, Jenni and Katie just smiled and waved to the crowd. When Jenni looked at Monica she noticed that her thighs were together and Monica seemed a bit overwhelmed. She leaned close and asked "Is everything alright, you look a bit out of sorts?", Monica gasped "I just had a fucking orgasm standing here in front of all these people and no body was even touching me!"
Jenni giggled at Monica, and as she stood there reached down and ran a finger in her wet slit so she could have a taste of hot fresh Monica juice, and then as she raised her coated fingers to her lips the crowd in the dining hall went wild!!!
That turned out to be the signal that the dinner was over and the FUN could begin! People all over the hall began to talk and pair up or go off in groups or in a couple of cases just lay whoever on the table and begin to have their dessert right there.
Monica could see that this was going to be another long fun filled night if she wasn't a bit careful. There were a lot of horny people here.
With that thought in mind Monica went to find Clay and Travis who were supposed to give her a tour of the estate before anything else happened tonight. When she found them Jenni and Katie were there also and wondering what Monica had been up to since her flash orgasm in front of the whole crowd.
Travis and Clay were smiling when they heard about that and Jenni was having a fun time teasing her while they all walked to some outbuilding down a path marked "A". It lead to what looked like a one room schoolhouse and when they looked through the window the "Teacher" was already engaged with her students in the beginnings of a gang bang.
Not just your regular run of the mill group of guy's banging a horny slut type but a lesbian **** with strap-on type with the girls dressed in various parts of outfits like a baseball team and they were using an infield fungo bat on the teacher as a warm up to the obviously multiple hole filling she was going to be getting soon.
The next outbuilding was set up as an Adult Theater and Monica could see 5 women in a very large group of men sucking cock as various porn shows were playing in the background. The mauling they were taking from the frenzied sex hungry men didn't interest Monica or Katie but Jenni was furiously rubbing her clit as she watched the action.
When Clay said something she just smiled and said "I could use a cock or a hand here if you 2 fuckers wouldn't mind helping me out!"
So Travis and Clay stepped in close and Jenni started off the evening sucking both cock's into her mouth as Katie and Monica brought 3 chairs over and sat down to watch.
Soon Monica had a leg over an arm of the chair and was fingering her clit and Katie was soon following suit. It was much more interesting to watch Jenni than that big group in the building, besides it was a nice evening out with lots of stars. Being nice girls Monica and Katie had even brought a chair for one of the guys to sit in so that Jenni could slide up and down on a big cock while she either sucked the other or got fucked in her tight ass.
They had noticed that Jenni loved DP and she had major orgasms that way so they figured to help her out! It must have worked because in minutes Travis was seated with Jenni happily bouncing away on his cock when she stopped with him fully inside her soaking cunt and she leaned forward and spread her ass saying "Clay it's time for me to feel your monster in my ass now", so Clay stepped up and as he slid his throbbing cock into Jenni's willing asshole, he was looking into the eyes of Katie who sat there smiling and fingering her wet slit!
Monica noticed a picnic table behind the fucking three sum and asked Katie to join her on it for a little 69 as the others played, Monica laid down and Katie mounted her willing tongue all the while she was watching Clay who was watching her and then Monica stabbed her tongue deep into Katie's hot cunt and felt a gush of pussy juice!
Katie hadn't needed much contact to make her orgasm, but now she was feeling her hunger and Katie leaned far over and plunged her tongue fast and furiously into Monica's hot cunt in return. Then it was 2 and then 3 fingers plunging deep and hard and fast into both cunts and they went at each other in a frenzy of hunger and longing!
Both women forgot about the others and just enjoyed the one they were with, the writhing bodies with plunging fingers and tongues driving each of them wild and soon they were exploding all over each others faces, the orgasms flooding down both cunts and onto willing hungry tongues lapping for all they could.
As Katie flopped down next to Monica breathing heavily they heard Jenni grunting and panting for "Fuck me hard and faster, plow my cunt you studs, I wanna feel your cum shoot inside my cunt and ass, make me a well fuck whore now, I am such a fucking cunt I want cum give me some cum in my cunt and ass!"
Jenni then twisted a nipple on both Travis and Clay and she squealed in delight as they both jammed their slickened fuckrods deep into her and with an explosive grunt Travis began to shoot deep in her pussy. Holding her hips tightly as he ground his cock as deep as he could up her cunt, Clay felt Travis go and suddenly he couldn't wait any longer either. His cock gave a massive lurch and gobs of fuck juice flooded Jenni's willing asshole and began to squish out and mix with the cunt and cock juice around her already overflowing pussy.
It was so much juice from the 3 of them that a puddle formed on the chair seat under Travis and still they continued to fuck deeply into the horny fucking slut impaled between them.
Finally it, like all good things, must end and they slowly stopped fucking and with wet plops the cocks pulled free from the holes they had been stuffed in.
Jenni being a very good slut greedily licked and sucked both cocks clean and then went to Katie and Monica and offered them both a taste of the hot mixed fuck juices draining down her thighs from her well fucked cunt and ass.
Monica and Katie laid her down on her side between them and the boys got to watch as Jenni was licked and eaten to not only another screaming orgasm but also was cleaned up, sort of....
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