Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 15

So into the dressing room went Cayla, Jenni and Candi. The 3 of them had to decide which parts they wanted to play in this fantasy adventure in the study. So the talked and chatted as they chose what to wear and how to do their hair and makeup.
When they were finished Jenni was a very sexy little schoolgirl in her short short mini skirt, crop top and tennis shoes, she deliberately went without panties, g-string or bra and made sure that her nipples stuck out through holes she cut in the top.
Cayla was the Librarian, She had put her hair up in a loose bun and donned small square lens glasses. Her outfit was a black skirt slit from knee to to waist band and she too had gone for the cut top look, though with a sheer white gauze blouse that buttoned to her neck. She also had gone with 6" stilleto heels in red set off with fishnet black stockings and garter belt.
Again, no panties, g-string or bra was worn as it would just be in the way.

Candi on the other hand, went for the slutty come fuck me boys high school cock monster look. She had on garish blue eye shadow, her hair in a ponytail, bright red lipstick, lip gloss on her nipples that poked out of her nipple cut out bra, a daub of perfume across her lower belly and sexy red garters/seam up the back small knit stockings. She decided that a skirt or blouse would just impede the boys from using her as a fuck toy and saw no need to be anything but the hot cunted fuck slut she was!

They decided that they would enter in Librarian, schoolgirl, fuck slut order with a couple of minutes between each entrance so that they would have maximum effect on the "boys"!

As the girls were getting dressed Johnson, Jason and Logan had been talking and trying to figure out how each woman would come out dressed. As it turned out, they were all wrong about everything.
When Cayla came out as a librarian the boy's cocks all started to jerk and twitch as she walked around them toughing and rubbing on them in turn. When Jenni came out as the shy schoolgirl flashing a nipple and some little bit of bare skin on her ass and pussy the cocks were standing up a bit straighter but when Candi came out as a fucking schoolgirl slut, it was game fucking on!
The hands, lips and cocks were done with foreplay, Candi had set off a lust filled orgy with her nasty strut and the way she exposed herself to be used as a cum dumpster.
Jenni barely had a chance to reach her knee's before she saw Cayla engulf Johnson's fuck rod in her mouth and Logan took a chance and pressed his throbbing cock against her face, When she turned her head that boner slipped between her teeth into her cock loving suckhole and she began to gobble cock for all she was worth.
Jason grabbed Candi roughly and threw her over the arm of a couch and spread her ass wide, then stuck his tongue as far up her ass as he could get! Candi squealed in delight for she has a very sensitive asshole and loves to be rimmed. Jason knew this from talking to others and was not shy about what he wanted to do with and to Candi. As he tongued her juicy shitter Jason took his chance to spank her plump rounded ass and enjoy himself as her orgasms began to build quickly. Candi was trying to make this last a long time and Jason wasn't waiting for shit, he had her going and going like it was the end of the fucking world and she was loving how his fat tongue was stretching her asshole wider. Her cunt juices were already beginning to run out her cunt and down into her stockings tops, this was a new thing for Candi. She had been tongued before but never by anyone as enthusiastic as Jason and certainly never as well done either. Jason hadn't let up on
spanking her ass and Candi was loving it. She could feel her glowing ass cheeks and knew that when Jason finally stood up it was to fuck her tender sensitive asshole until he blasted his nuts deep inside her guts.
Candi was looking forward to being impaled on his fat cock and she wanted Logan to lean her way back and lick her cunt out before he started to plow her gash.
Jenni was getting gagged and roughly throat fucked by Logan who was trying to f***e feed her his thick 8" cock deeply enough so that she could lick his balls. Jenni was gagging and trying, but it wasn't working.
Logan wasn't worried about Jenni's comfort or her throat, he was fucking horny as hell and wanted to stuff his cock someplace wet, warm and willing and didn't care where or who!!!
Suddenly Candi said "Jason fuck my asshole now, sit down Jason I want to ride that fucker in my ass now." So Jason sat down in a chair and Candi mounted him and slammed her ass down burying his fat cock balls deep in her asshole and "Logan come lick me now"! as she leaned way back and spread as wide as she could.
Logan dropped in front of Candi and began to work her gash and clit with his tongue as she moaned and thrashed on Jason's buried cock, soon Candi was begging "Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, come on boys treat me like the fucking slut you know I am and use your dirty nasty school slut" Logan didn't need anymore to be said and he stood and jammed his cock forward into her cunt. He felt his balls slapping against Jason's and they worked out a rocking fast rhythym that had Candi in a sexual frenzy as her orgasms washed over her in waves.
Meanwhile Johnson had both Cayla and Jenni now working his monster cock and he was wondering who would be the first to sit on it. Cayla took the honor since had started working on him first. Jenni though continued to suck his balls and then she started to lick Cayla's clit. This was something that none of the women ever tired of, a cock buried deep and a tongue on their clit.
Cayla took her sweet time riding Johnson deeply and slowly, enjoying the feeling of being so full of cock and feeling him stretch her pussy. It was an exhilirating feeling to be the center of attention for 2 lovers and Cayla was enjoying the build up to her orgasm. Jenni suddenly sucked on Cayla's clit and that tripped off a giant orgasm that had Cayla moaning, groaning, wailing, and talking as she quivered and shook atop the monster buried in her cunt.
Jenni hurridly helped Cayla off the hard throbbing monster cock and climbed aboard for her ride. Johnson started slowly thrusting up into Jenni's tight little pussy and Jenni began to ride him deeper into her cunt.
In moments Jenni had him balls deep and she was slamming her cunt to his balls quickly and roughly.
It didn't take long for Jenni to have her first orgasm and she let the whole room know it in a loud profane voice "Oh mother fucker is that monster fucking cock so deep in my tight cunt, oh fuck it feels so fucking good. Fuck me hard Johnson make me fucking scream you son of a bitch. I wanna fucking cum screaming on this monster fucking cock". And suddenly she did, she screamed, she cried, she giggled, she babbled more and when she was done she gave him a giant hug and smiled sweetly before saying "Now would you fuck that monster into my tight little ass too?"
Johnson smiled too and "What do you think little missy, I've been wanting your tight little ass for months." And with that Jenni stepped up onto the chair over Johnson and lowered her asshole down towards his thick throbbing monster as he aimed it dead center of her shitter. When Jenni felt it on her crinkled little asshole she paused for a second and then dropped a couple of inches which made Johnson react to by grabbing her hips and sucking upwards.
Jenni screamed loudly as she suddenly had 6" of monster buried in her tight ass and the lights were exploding in her head, Johnson lifted her up an bit and fucked up again, forcing another couple of inches into Jenni's guts. Cayla had somewhat regained herself composure and and when Johnson lifted Jenni up again she smeared a bunch of her pussy juice on Johnson's cock greasing the way for his entire cock to slide into Jenni's tight little asshole.
When Jenni started down this time Johnson fucked up and Cayla's helping of cunt juice did the trick as Jenni slammed her ass down onto Johnson's balls and rested there. Cayla started to rub Jenni's clit and talk to her about how great it was to be fucked by Johnson as Jenni was licking her clit and Jenni started to smile as she listened, "Cayla don't you think it's only fair if you return the favor and lick my clit as Johnson fucks my ass?" and Cayla simply buried her face in Jenni's hot wet willing cunt and began to munch her out.
Logan and Candi could see what was taking place and Jason was trying to sneak a peek around them as he fucked up into Candi's luscious rounded ass. It was hard to see but he got a fairly decent view of Jenni spread wide open and that monster she had buried was impressive to see. Logan was mumbling to himself and fucking into Candi hard, fast and deep while never taking his eyes off of what Johnson and Jenni were doing.
Jason felt his orgasm building and told Candi who began to talk even nastier than she normally did and it was driving Jason wild, Logan must have heard her because he started to fuck in a frenzy also and Candi just hung there suspended between 2 cocks buried in her ass and cunt enjoying herself and feeling her next orgasm coming along nicely.
When she burst into orgasm her mouth took over and it was "Fuck me mmmmm, oh damn I need some cum, you boys have to use me as a cum dumpster, I want cum on my face and in my mouth , cum on me use my face and jerk off on me, I want hot cum on my face and tongue you dirty bastards".
That was it, Jason shoved her off roughly and Logan had no choice but to follow suit so as Candi hit the floor both were standing over her furiously pounding their cock in her face and grabbing her hair to hold her face steady.
Then it was a race to see which cock would blast her face with man juice first. All Candi knew was that suddenly she had a face being covered with the hot sticky goo she craved and it hit her in long strings and gobs of blasted spunk all over her face and down onto her tits. Her cunt and ass were both juicy holes that had been well used and she sucked each cum coated fuck pole into her lusty whores mouth and cleaned them off.
Then Jason and Logan turned to stare at Jenni being pounded by Johnson as Cayla licked her clit. Jenni was riding hard and deep on his cock and you could see when Johnson's balls tightened up and he began to grunt and thrust up harder. Jenni was twisting one nipple and Cayla never let up and BAM!!!! First Johnson began to cum in Jenni's tight hot asshole and as she rode down Jenni began wailing and jerking as her orgasm struck, she lost her footing and was now deeply impaled and stuck on that cock as Cayla continued to lick her cunt and then Cayla sucked her clit hard and Jenni again seemed to last a long time to Jenni as the lights exploded in her mind and her body shook and quivered with that monster jerking in her ass. Cayla was busily lapping up the frothy goo that was slowly leaking out of Jenni's asshole when Candi suddenly pushed her aside and said "I want a taste too, fuck that was hot to watch!"
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