Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 13

It was a happy and well cummed group of 10 new friends who approached the main house as the chimes sounded 5 a.m., Monica was a bit wobbly legged after so much sex and she was being helped by Travis and Rob while Jenni, Candi and Cayla were busy chatting about what each of them wanted to try next after they had gotten something to eat.
Johnson, Jason, Logan, Katie and Clay were just walking along enjoying the quiet before the dawn.
It had been a long and event filled evening so far and breakfast would be a delicious treat after such a fantastic sex session in the small outbuilding.
Jason and Logan were watching Katie's ass as Clay kept his big hand on it the whole way back to the house. Johnson had seen Clay's attraction to the amazon redhead and thought it was about time his old friend found some joy and happiness in his life again.
What Johnson was eying were those cute little butt's of Cayla's and Jenni's, just watching those 2 walk was making his balls twitch and giving him all sorts of nasty "dirty daughter and friend" fantasies or maybe a few schoolgirl fantasies.
Having either one or both visit him in the study dressed up and role playing was starting to become a very real possibility and he lengthened his stride to catch up to them,
As Johnson got near them he heard Candi saying "You know that Rob and Johnson have some huge cocks and I would love to be their dirty daughter fuck slut some time." Cayla was smiling when she caught sight of Johnson just behind them and said "I'm sure Johnson would love to have all of us as his dirty daughters and to role play that fantasy out with him. Monica said he has a wonderful cock and she enjoyed having him fuck her ass just now."
Jenni too had seen Johnson just behind them and now she spoke to Candi saying "I would love to be dressed as a slutty school girl for him, after watching his giant fuck pole ramming Monica's ass I want to suck that monster and then have him fuck me the same way. I'd be fucking crazy not to want that fucker in me."
With that Johnson cleared his throat and said "Ladies I couldn't help but overhear your chat. If your still game after we eat might I suggest a meeting in the study."
All 3 women just smiled and then Cayla asked sweetly "Honey are you sure you can be up for it?"
"I'm sure you 3 ladies can bring about the desired reaction, don't you?" a laughing Johnson replied.

Jason and Logan had heard all this and were beginning to think this was the group to belong to. When Jason blurted out "Hey, why cant we ever get a chance like this?" Candi turned to Jason and said "if you can show up I'll help you with your fantasies honey, you can even bring Logan since he looks a bit shy about asking me to SUCK HIS COCK!"
The group burst into laughter as Monica just shook her head. What a bunch of fucking sex fiends she thought and I fit right in with them. By now the group were entering the dining lounge and Travis and Rob lead Monica to a table and seated her. As Travis went to get her a plate Rob thanked her for a wonderful time and excused himself to hustle over to a brunette with piercing blue eyes.
Monica wished she could hear the animated conversation until suddenly the woman jumped up on a chair and shouted "Silence!! The Board has reached a decision after conducting a poll of all company members here tonight. It has been unanimously approved by all here that the company parties and functions will continue and that only those acts that you are willing to do without f***e or coercion will be permitted at any time except in the case of the Chairman and Ms. Cleo Landrum who will continue to be the only collared sex slaves on the Estate from here on out."
The crowd broke into uproarious applause and there were many smiles and hugs throughout the room. The p.s. system suddenly came to life with a recording of the woman making the announcement and more cheers were heard throughout the house.
Rob then brought the woman over to meet Monica and introduced her as Mrs. Angela Micheals, my wife!
Monica was stunned by this, she had never imagined anyone here as married, let alone as having their spouse here with them. so she blurted out "Your husband has a marvelous cock and a wonderful way to help make a woman satisfied." Angela burst out laughing and with a great big smile said "Thank you, I have tried to teach him to think of his partners first. Because we girls know IF WE AINT SATISFIED, They haven't done enough!"
Monica burst into a giggling fit as Rob stood there red faced and smiling at his wife. The love they shared was so obvious to everyone who saw them. About then Travis walked up with a platter of food and some plates, "Here's the food, did I miss anything?" At which point Rob said "I introduced Angela to Monica and they both agree on Angela's maxim about satisfaction."
Travis also started laughing as he smiled and said "I happen to agree with Angela on that too."

With that the four of them stated to load breakfast onto the plates that Travis brought while the rest of their group went through the buffet.It had been a long night, but somehow Monica was still fucking horny and craving more cock and cunt and was wanting to try many more things.
She felt like the k** in the candy store with a hundred dollar bill in her pocket.

As they sat around chatting over breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea who should walk in but Ms. Cleo Landrum. The former Gray Dom was looking a bit haggard and shop worn. But why not after her assault by Travis, Katie and Jenni. Unknown to the 4 of them sex slave Cleo had just spent the past couple of hours being used and abused by her last 3 former "trainees". She had been thoroughly whipped, tied wide spread, dildo fucked in each hole, dog licked, dog fucked again, goat fucked again, horse fucked again, and been f***ed to lick and tongue fuck the assholes of each of the 3 former "trainees" until they each had an orgasm on her tongue.
Yes sex slave Cleo was fast learning just how people thought about her at the Estate and she knew it was going to be a long long time before anyone thought of taking her collar off. She was given enough time to eat and clean up before she had to report to a different group of former trainees in the library on the 2nd floor dress as a school girl.
But her plight was better than the Chairman, he shuffled in looking down at the floor following his trainer's leash. She parked his saggy wrinkled old ass by a potted plant and told him "Stay dog", at which time he sat down like a dog and put his head to the floor. She barely touched him with her flogger and he flinched and whimpered.
The trainer just smiled to the room and proceeded to the buffet for her breakfast. the Trainer caught sight of Cleo and ordered "slave go over and suck my dog's cock while the room watches, Hurry up you little bitch."
Cleo wasn't nearly fast enough for her and the flogger went into action. After 3 quick strikes Cleo was on her knees with the Chairman's cock in her mouth and her ass in the air. The flogger struck a few more times slowly and without much f***e just to let her know what to expect if she slowed down.

With this bit of byplay the entire room finally got to see how these 2 mighty folks at the company had indeed fallen to being the lowest of the low. The irony wasn't lost on anyone there. But at least the Chairman had a trainer who might, Might, one day recommend his release from the collar. Cleo had no such hope as not a single person had accepted the offer to be her trainer.

The Chairman's trainer came over to the table and introduced herself as Christy Davis and that she worked in Accounting. Everyone gave her a warm welcome and offered her a seat with them. As she sat Clay Brown asked her how it was going with the Chairman to which she replied "I think that old bastard loves the pain, he has deliberately gone out of his way to be flogged and he doesnt whimper or beg. He just smiles and then screws up again for more. I've never seen anyone like him before."
Now the rest of us were intrigued, so I asked what sorts of things have you had him doing? "He's been eating pussy, but not very well. He's had to suck cock and cant seem to understand that not everyone likes to have teeth dragged up the sides like he does. He was strapped by a couple of Katie's friends and while they had him tied wide he kept stroking his cock as they fucked his ass. He kept saying to fuck me harder and deeper you damn whores, you fuck like old men! He wouldn't stop smiling as he was used and just about everyone who has seen him has wondered if his mind has finally gone bye bye."
The Board members looked over at the Chairman and Cleo but all they saw was just a wrinkled old man steadily stuffing his throbbing cock down her gagging throat with a giant smile on his face.
Meanwhile a young man had decided that Cleo's ass up in the air was an open invitation and was enjoying himself by fucking her with long steady strokes as a woman with him spanked her tits and ass cheek's.
They could hear the conversation between the 2 using Cleo and it was "Cum, I don't want to cum yet, this old bitch used me and now it's my turn to fuck her cunt and ass. Besides I'm enjoying watching you spank her tits and ass while I am buried deep in her, it makes her muscles twitch hard on my cock." You think I want you to waste that fat fucking cock on this old skank, I want that big fucker in my ass before you cum again you selfish bastard. And damn it you will cum in my mouth again."

Monica was as filled with laughter as everyone else at the tables by this. After a bit more time Jenni and Cayla looked at Candi and said "It's time to go to the study don't you think?" and Johnson quickly got to his feet with a broad smile and said "Ladies, If you will lead the way."
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So am I. Great story. You ought to publish it and sell it at railway stations
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wow i am running out of good words