Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 12

With that announcement the green eyed woman blurted out to Katie, "Does Clay's cock taste good? I've wanted to know for years how big it is and how well does it feel inside your mouth and cunt". Katie started to answer when Clay said "Honey can we let her join us too"? Katie sweetly smiled and said "Surely you would like to join us wouldn't you"? And the first free and open party that any of the Board, Monica, Jenni, Travis and Katie had ever attended started in a small outbuilding on the Estate.

So now Cayla Simmons was to be the 2nd woman to get to sample Clay Brown's cock after a long time of wondering. Katie had Clay sit back down in the chair in a comfortable position and then stood beside him holding his hand as Cayla knelt down between his legs.
Monica was smiling as she watched all this happening, suddenly a couple of the Board members tapped her on the shoulder and asked "Might we be able to talk you into letting us taste your ass and pussy that we've heard so much about tonight"?
As she was laughing Monica asked "Who might you be"? and they answered Jason Quick and Logan Toppman. Travis was looking on and just shrugged his shoulders while he patted Jenni on her sweet little ass and Monica knew it was alright with them both to enjoy herself again.

Jenni nudged Travis and with a flicker of her eyes showed him the last 3 Board members standing to the side watching the proceedings. The 2 men and 1 woman were unknown to Travis and Jenni and they began to discuss getting to know them better. As they were talking in hushed tones Cayla had finally gotten all of Clay into her mouth and was just relishing the flavor of his cock and how it was starting to come alive in her wet warm mouth. Cayla slowly started to lick underneath the shaft and tickle Clay's balls when his cock suddenly filled with bl**d and she gagged. She looked up at Clay who was smiling and enjoying himself as he groped Katie's well rounded ass.
Jenni finally said "fuck this, I wanna meet them", and walked over to the last 3 Board members. She said "Hi, I'm Jenni and I missed your names before when the introductions were made."
The men introduced themselves as Johnson Carter and Rob Micheals while the woman was a bit timid and soft spoken but after Jenni asked her again she finally said loud enough to hear that her name is Candi Mitchell.
Travis had walked over and was patiently waiting to see what developed. Candi blurted out, "Damn she sure loves to be eaten, would you just look at how those 2 are tonguing her cunt and ass! That's fucking amazing, I would love to try that sometime." Candi must have realized that she had spoken out loud as suddenly she had 4 sets of hands on her body.
Jenni dropped to her knee's and began to lick Candi's clit as Travis, Johnson and Rob crowded close and began to fondle Candi's tits and her nice rounded ass. Candi had never had 4 people doing anything like this to her before and it had been a very long time since another woman had tasted her pussy.
As the 4 of them went after Candi like k**s in a store Monica had heard her and looked over in time to see it start, she was smiling at Travis and Jenni even though neither of them could see her. Katie said something to Clay as Cayla was finally persuaded to come up and sit on his rigid fucks tick. So all 3 of them were watching Monica, Jason and Logan and now the 4 some across the room.
Katie had leaned forward and was pinching Cayla's big nipples, when she decided to kneel down in front of Cayla and lick her clit as she rode Clay's cock deeply inside her. Cayla's reaction to the tongue on her clit and the thick cock in her tight cunt was a blasting orgasm that seemed to shake the building to it's very foundations!!! Clay had to hang on tightly as Cayla was shaking and thrashing about and Katie was not about to let up on her clit until Cayla was truly finished!

Monica saw that action and was shouting encouragement "That's a girl Cayla enjoy that fucking hard cock, Eat her till shes jello Katie, don't give her slack, make her cum again"!! About that time Monica felt a cock rub her cheek and she opened her mouth to suck in a cock that was bone hard and standing at attention, she also felt one rubbing her ass cheek and lifted one leg up into the air so it could slide inside he wet pussy for the attention it wanted.
Monica was enjoying herself with a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy when she suddenly decided she wanted more. As she looked back across the room towards the 4 with Candi she made eye contact with Johnson. He had a lovely hard cock as big as Travis' and she motioned him over. Looking up Monica asked him "Could you please fuck my tender asshole with that monster and make me an airtight fucking slut"? Johnson was more than happy to move to her sexy ass and give her an oral exam prior to slowly starting to fuck his monster cock into her tender and very tight asshole.
Monica was loving the feelings of being so filled with cock as the 3 men began to find a rhythm and she could feel cocks in each hole plunging into he depths. Their big cock heads rubbing her tender walls as she sucked on another in her mouth with an occasional gag made the men very very enthusiastic lovers.

Candi meanwhile had been thoroughly kissed, fondled, licked, eaten and had her asshole tongue fucked by Jenni, Travis and Rob and now she was being mounted fore and aft by Travis and Rob while Jenni presented her with a pussy to nibble on. It was hard to believe that after all these years of beinf f***ed to perform that Candi would now gladly want to engage and enjoy the same sorts of acts.
She thought "I am truly a fuck slut and I enjoy being a fuck slut, I am so glad I am enjoying this so very very much" and she continued to lick and nibble away at Jenni's tender sweet little pussy. Rob actually had a longer and thicker cock than Travis and by silent agreement Rob was forcing his massive monster into Candi's cunt. Travis was watching the 3 in front o him as they lay on their sides in sort of a pyramid when all of the sudden Rob rolled a bit and pulled Candi up on top of him. Travis smiled at this as it presented Candi's rounded sexy ass for him to fuck. As Candi slowly rode down to the bottom of Rob's monster she felt Travis at her rear and before she could think he had popped his cock head through her tight sphincter and was pushing deeper into her grasping greedy asshole.

It was a free for all in the building with women being fucked by multiple cocks and the orgasmic cunt juices were flowing like they never had before, the freedom to choose who to suck and fuck made it just that little bit more exciting for all the participants.

Clay was close to cumming for the third time as Cayla rode him in a frenzy and Katie never let up on her clit! She had been licking that clit like there was no tomorrow and Cayla hadn't quit having orgasms yet, In fact she was again blasting through one when all the sudden she felt Clay thicken and stiffen and he blurted"He's about to fucking pop again Katie, keep licking sweety". Cayla heard this and redoubled her efforts, she wanted to feel Clay bust his fucking nuts deeply in her cum seeking cunt! Katie meanwhile was giving encouragement to Clay, "Fuck her deep and hard baby, make her squeal on your fat fucking cock and then cum in her deep. I wanna eat your cum outta Cayla's hot cunt baby, fucking cum in her hot cunt".
In moments of hearing Katie, Clay knew it was over and he began to spurt hot greasy cum deeply into Cayla's fucking cum hungry cunt as Katie licked her clit!
The orgasm was a turning point as suddenly Monica was being gagged with Jason's cum spurting into her mouth and then suddenly Logan was cumming also in her cunt, Johnson held out for a few seconds more but he too was suddenly overcome and began blasting Monica's sexy fucking asshole deeply with hot spunk and Monica was soon a frothy mess of cunt juice and cum from her clit to the wet spot beneath her ass! All down both thighs and across her face Monica was cum covered and she was smiling.

These 2 groups of hard fuckers then got to watch as Candi was eating Jenni's pussy and tonguing her asshole with both Travis and Rob banging her for all they were worth. The in and out was a blur of long thick hard cocks in a frenzy of fucking as the balls slapped in a steady rhythm to Candi's increasing need to orgasm. Jenni was shouting encouragement to them as she was being tongued "Deep boy's, make her know it's a good fucking with monster like I got earlier tonight. Give her all you got and cum on her face so we can share. I wanna see you both cum on her face dammit. give this horny slut some cum. I wanna share it with her."
That was about it, Rob was trying to get out from underneath Candi and Travis was pulling back. Next thing you know both of them are standing above Jeni and Candi pounding their cock furiously as the girls moved their heads close together and began tongue kissing and talking to them.
Suddenly both Rob and Travis shoved their cocks down and started shooting thick wads of hot man juice at the same time, the splashes landing on Candi's and Jenni's faces as their tongues continued to dance and the cum kept shooting.
It was a long time before the cum splashing and tongue dancing stopped and Candi and Jenni finished swapping cum.
So as they were all getting hungry again the intrepid band of 4 were joined by the members of the Board as they slowly walked towards the main house and the dining lounge.
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