Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 11

Monica, Travis and Jenni watched in silent awe as Katie rode Clay deeply up into her grasping horny cunt. When he had blurted out "I'm going to fucking cum Katie", Jenni and Travis were shocked to hear him say it so f***efully and so loudly.
Clay Brown had always been a quiet soft spoken man ever since his wife had died. Now seeing him with Katie impaled balls deep on his rigid 8" cock it was like seeing a man waking from a long sl**p. His hands seemed to be everywhere on Katie's oh so willing body as he groped her tits, stroked her hips, scratched her back, spanked her ass cheeks, tugged her hair, and tweaked her nipples.
He had been enthralled by Katie for years and had been too shy to say or do anything about it. But when Katie had seen him gazing so lustfully at her during their earlier discussion she had decided to do something about it finally.

Now her 3 friends had witnessed Clay Brown's first orgasm, in deed his first sexual contact since his wife had died 8 years before. Katie was very happy that she had been the one to help bring Clay out of his shell, she just hoped that this wouldn't be the only time and unknown to Clay, she had already planned on it not being a one time thing!
Eventually Katie had to stand up as Clay was slowly softening inside her, When she did she turned around quickly and bending over from the waist took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick him so that she could at least get a taste of his cum.
Jenni quickly dived down behind Katie and began sucking all the hot mixed juices from her freshly fucked and well cummed cunt. Monica saw this happening and yelled "Share it Jenni, you know how badly Katie wants it"!
With that Katie spun around and smacked her lip lock down on Jenni and they began a feverish tongue dance while Clay watched it all in stunned amusement. Seeing two women sharing his cum in such a manner was so very erotic and ego boosting that within moments Clay had gotten suddenly hard all over again!
As Katie was still bent over with her gorgeous ass right in front of him Clay did what came natural to every man, He grabbed Katie's hips and with a loud groan of pleasure sunk all the way back inside till his balls were again drenched with her pussy juices.
Katie's eyes flew open and Jenni squealed in delight to see Katie being hammered with deep hard thrusts from such a horny man! Katie couldn't believe what was happening to her, she had just finished off Clay Brown and gotten to taste his hot cum and now this quiet man was a fuck monster on the loose and she was the one he had chosen to be a fuck monster for!

Katie began to fuck back and shout encouragement to Clay "That's it baby fuck my tight pussy, slam me Clay like you know you want to, give me that fat fucking cock honey you know you want to fuck me like a horny fucking slut should be fucked". And Clay responded in a frenzy of wild uncontrolled a****l like passion. He was fucking Katie so hard that she was literally bouncing almost off his cock and still he slammed her harder, deeper and faster in a rhythm she was having trouble keeping up with and suddenly Katie began to have a very powerful orgasm, screaming out Clay's name and begging for him to cum on her face this time.
Clay heard her and couldn't help himself, he slammed into her one last time and grabbing her hair spun Katie around. She happily fell to her knees and gazed upwards with her mouth wide open and her tongue licking at Clay's cock head enticing him on as he jacked furiously on his cock. Katie was rubbing and rolling his ball sack in her hands as she begged him to cum on her upturned face and in moments Clay gave Katie her wish.
He shot a giant wad of hot greasy cock slime all over Katie's face from her chin up across her nose and right eye into her hair and beyond. The next few shots also landed on Katie's face and she grabbed Clay's cock and began to rub it around on her face, smearing his hot cum into her skin and then sucking the last few drops out of his cock head.
Clay gazed down at Katie and then leaned over and began to kiss her. Katie's hands never let go of Clay's cock while all this was happening and Monica, Travis and Jenni all stood watching and wondering what would happen next.

No one knew how long they stood there watching, but eventually there came a knock on the door and Travis went to open it and see who it was.
The remainder of the Board of Directors stood outside and asked to see Mr. Brown.
Travis turned from the door and asked "Clay, are you up to seeing the rest of the Board yet"?
Clay Brown stood up straight and with a very very satisfied look on his face helped Katie up to her feet.
Monica and Jenni noticed that Clay did not let go of Katie's hand when he told Travis "Go ahead and let them in now."
As the Board members filed into the small outbuilding it was apparent to each of them that something extraordinary had taken place, Clay Brown was standing there looking like a man who had been very satisfied and it was obvious from the way he was holding hands with the young woman that she was the one who had done the first job of satisfying Clay Brown in a very long time. The Board members all looked at each other and began to smile, Clay Brown just looked at them and said "I'd like to introduce you to my newest friends. This is Katie, over there you have Monica who lead tonight's little palace revolt and her boyfriend Travis and last but not least is Jenni. These are the 4 young people who have done what so many of us have wanted to do over the years but were too afraid to act upon."
The introductions of the remaining 6 Board members went by Monica in a blur of forgotten names and handshakes but finally on woman, a medium build, very pleasant woman with green eyes and brown hair said "Mr. Brown, we have finished the poll of all the employees here tonight except for the Chairman and Cleo Landrum and without exception they have all said they would like to have our company parties continue as long as it is voluntary and no f***e or coercion is allowed."
"The only exceptions to this are that the Chairman and Cleo Landrum are now the only collared sex slaves on the Estate and all others are henceforth uncollared and allowed full access and privileges."
Clay Brown looked at the 4 others gathered in this small building hearing the Boards discussion and asked them if they approved of the Boards recommendations, Monica and the others looked at each other and then nodded yes all around.
Clay then smiled and "It looks like a unanimous decision by the entire company that we continue to enjoy ourselves and each others company as a free association of like minded individuals, so let the NEW PARTIES BEGIN"!!!!

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3 years ago
And we go on. Great
3 years ago
wow this series is wordsmithing of erotica at its finest
3 years ago
Another good episode in the continuing saga of Monica, the newly minted cumslut.