Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 10

What Monica had helped plan and carry out left her with lot's to think about. She had been through so much in just this one night. She had started by being a victim of a brutal assault and ****, yet now less than 10 hours later she had turned the tables on not only the dirty old fucker who lead the assault on her but on a brutal man hating butch who had loved to cruelly abuse her helpless victims with torturous and malicious delight.

Both the instrument and the architect of this depraved Estates activities had been brought down and were no f***ed to do as they had treated so many others over the years.
Monica found Travis, Katie and Jenni just outside barn D, standing away from the slowly dispersing crowd. The people leaving the barn were all happy and smiling, their talk was about the wonder filled night and all that had happened.
They heard Jenni and Katie's names often spoken in tones of admiration and Travis was laughing hard because hardly anyone knew what he had done to start it all.
That was fine with him, he had 2 new friends to go along with his wonderful girlfriend and if no one but those 3 ever knew his part it was enough.
Katie looked around and down at Jenni and asked "are you thirsty?", Jenni just smiled and took her hand along with Monica's and began to tug them all towards the house saying "I really need a drink, I cant believe we actually pulled this off."
As the 4 of them trailed along in the early morning towards the house a large figure appeared in front of them. It was Mr. Brown the ranking member of the Board of Directors. He had waited on them to be free of the crowd and now asked for a quiet moment to speak to all four of them.

The 5 of them went into a small outbuilding and at Mr. Brown's signal all the recording devices were shutdown by the control room staff. It was to be an off the record and totally secret conversation.
Mr. Brown started off with "Ladies and Travis what you have accomplished here tonight is and extremely great thing for yourselves and the company as a whole. As you know, except for the 2 you brought down tonight every single one of us here tonight has been a collared sex slave. The Board met a few minutes ago and we have wondered if any others want to continue these activities and social events on a more even basis as a social endeavor from now on, excluding those 2 that you four have so successfully entertained the crowd with tonight.
As such the Board is now conducting an informal poll of all company members present tonight to see how they feel about either stopping or continuing with our current activities and your opinions are very valuable to us."

Jenni, Katie and Travis all looked at Monica, the only one of the four who hadn't been trained. They wanted to know how she felt after all that had happened to her this night and how she felt about them in particular.
As they all sat there in various stages of nakedness, the absurdity of the situation caused Monica to begin laughing her ass off, it quickly caught on to all the others and it took a long long time before all the nervous tension and anxieties were finally worked through.

"Mr. Brown, I honestly don't know if I would have come tonight had I known it was an orgy palace. I like to think that Travis and I would have eventually made friends with Jenni and Katie but I don't know that either.
From what I have seen tonight most of the folks here were having an enjoyable time, but I grant you that my view is very limited and skewed by my own experiences tonight. I am glad that I got to meet both Katie and Jenni and that we could do what we did to extract our revenge. With that said I would like to continue coming here for more relaxed parties in the future." With that Monica sat back quietly to hear what the others had to say.

By unspoken agreement they went newest to oldest and Jenni was next saying "I enjoy coming here for the freedom to enjoy having sex without all the hang ups and bullshit you have in the real world, this place has a certain sense of freedom and I think it will be better now."

Katie had some very strong emotions and she sat quietly for a few moments collecting her thoughts before she began, "Mr. Brown, I've been here for a few years and have done things I would never have done on my own, I've met many wonderful people and some I've become close friends with and like to see outside of work and here. Either way the Board and the rest of the employees decide is fine with me."

Now it was Travis' turn and his comments like always were fairly short and to the point, "As long as it is mutual between the people having sex I enjoy coming here, when it becomes a command performance is when I get mad. I know there are folks here who enjoy the bd/sm stuff that's fine same as those who enjoy all the other things, just don't f***e anyone anymore."

The four of them awaited Mr. Brown's comments and he sat there with 3 women in front of him all who had spoken as equals and with intelligence. Somewhere along the way it had become so exciting to him that he didn't even notice that he had a raging throbbing hard-on until Katie commented first "I think I know Mr. Brown's answer, it's so fucking obvious"!
Mr. Brown stammered in embarassment to Katie "I've been watching you for years and I've always been afraid to speak to you." Katie slowly knelt in front of Mr. Brown and asked "Are you afraid now?" He could only shake his head as Katie slowly dipped her head down and began to suck on his rigid 8" cock.
As the moan escaped from his lips Jenni asked him "Mr. Brown what's your first name?" and with his quickly glazing eyes she heard him murmur Clay....
So there sat Clay Brown, with an amazon kneeling before him that he was to shy to talk to engulfing his throbbing cock in what may have been the very first freely given blowjob in the history of the Estate and neither of them knew it.
Travis, Jenni and Monica sat back to watch Katie as she gently lead Clay Brown down the path to orgasmland and into even more sexual adventures. As Clay was being sucked, Jenni thought it would be fun to give him some perky tits with great nipple sot suck on and to gently pinch and twist his nipples for him.
Clay hadn't had any thing like this in years since his wife had died of cancer. He had come to the events and functions because it was expected of him, he hadn't participated in almost 8 years.
Katie had often wondered about this quiet man who was always around, but never in the middle of things.
He had such sad eyes and a heavy spirit. This was the first time she had ever seen Clay Brown with a hard cock and he had been staring at her all through the chat session. Katie saw the hunger in his eyes and the way he couldn't take his eyes from her voluptuous body. His eyes never stopped for long except when she had slowly parted her thighs and shown him her shaven cunt and she began to slowly rub her clit. After a few moments Katie had felt the gush of her pussy juices and ran a finger down her gash to get some on her fingers to lick off slowly as Travis was speaking.
Katie didn't think anyone had noticed except for Clay Brown until she heard Monica whisper in her ear, "You are such a sexy slut to watch as you teased this man, I think your going to be very very good for him. Just take it easy with him."
Katie just turned her head slightly and you could see the twinkle in her eyes as she sucked and licked on Clay's nicely thick cock and twitching balls.
Jenni asked Clay if he "Would like a taste of some hot pussy and ass" as she turned around, but Clay just reached down for Katie and said "Yes I do and I've been waiting years to taste this gorgeous amazon who has given me such fantasies."
With that he turned Katie around and had her bend over the small table in the room, He leaned forward and his tongue gently began on the soft cheeks of Katie's ass. He groped her hips and ass with glee and the smile on his face as his probing tongue found her sweet asshole made the whole room light up.
Jenni and Monica knelt down by Katie's held and kissed her gently and hugged her while Clay was enjoying himself.
Monica and Jenni heard Katie as she moaned softly "Oh fuck, I've wanted this man to eat me for years and now that I get it, it's so much better than I thought. He is so patient and gentle. It's like having a butterfly touching my ass and he's driving me crazy. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I cant believe it, he's he's oh shit I'm fucking cumming on his tongue as he's licking my asshole. Oh fuck it's it's soooooh fuck oh fuck".

Monica looked at Jenni and they both were smiling as their friend had found a man to satisfy her desires in ways she didn't know she had. Travis had been sitting quietly watching right up until Katie started cumming then his cock sprang to life by itself!
He made a small noise and Monica and Jenni both saw his cock. He smiled and asked "Can you help me, again?" In a flash both women were in front of his turgid fuck pole on their knees, Jenni licking his balls and Monica his shaft.
They were giggling and teasing him with little bites and fingernails d**g on his flesh, each woman grabbed a nipple and began to work on them also. With everything else that had been going on the last couple of hours poor Travis' balls weren't in any shape to last long and he suddenly began to cum in Monica's hot mouth, She pulled back and jacked him off into her gaping pie hole. The Monica grabbed Jenni and twisted her face around and began to share the hot salty cum with her as Travis stood there staring.
When the cumswap was over and they both had swallowed Monica asked Jenni if she would like to visit her and Travis at home on occasion. Jenni's giant smile was all the answer Monica needed as she hugged her new friend tightly.
Within moments Travis was included in the hug, meanwhile Katie had mounted Clay and was riding him in long slow strokes as they watched what had been going on with the others.
Katie said "What about us?" and Travis said "Katie you and Clay are always welcome at our place."
Suddenly Clay stiffened and with a shocked look on his face blurted "I'm going to fucking cum Katie", she just smiled back and said "Good sweety, I've been wanting your cum for a long time. Do you want my mouth or my pussy first?"
All she got for an answer was a splash in her pussy and a joy filled groan as Clay busted off deep inside her grasping pussy....and the feeling of his strong hands on her hips holding her tightly down on his buried cock.
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3 years ago
That is great
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3 years ago
When it's all done it will be here, just copy and paste it to your computer.. ;) I wont mind!
3 years ago
when its all done can i get a copy of the book? i look forward to readin the next chapter after work everyday..
3 years ago
I's actually a book I am working on. I have a number of chapters already finished. But decided to only "publish" one a day until I complete the book.

But Thank you for the kind words.
3 years ago
Gotta give you your propers, sir. I wrote a little fantasy for a friend over at AFF, and it took me three hours to write it. Considering you have composed ten stories of comparable length, I find myself humbled by your prolific endeavors. Keep up the good work...