Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 9

Someone in the control room must have been watching what was happening in barn D because suddenly the main doors were swung wide open and the barn lights all came on in bright harsh light!
The 5 people already in the barn were stunned, there must have been 30-35 or more people standing there clapping and cheering for the 4 who had dared to do what they were doing.
The amount of vitriol coming from the crowd and aimed at the Gray Dom was amazing. Monica had never heard anyone being called such things or faced a crowd with such anger and resentment.

Jenni saw the crowd and began to play to them, she flogged and whipped Ms. Cleo Landrum with cruel vigor and pace, never hard enough to draw bl**d, but she raised welts in a criss cross pattern on just about every exposed inch of her skin.
When the abused woman could no longer scream Jenni lead Brutus forward farther so that his monster horse cock hung directly over Ms. Cleo Landrum's face, the knobby cock head touching her unwilling lips.
Jenni swung hard and stopped an inch away from Ms. Cleo Landrum's right tit, but she reached for it and cruelly pinched and twisted it causing her to scream and when she did Brutus fed her some cock!
He had been well trained over the years by Ms. Cleo Landrum for just such use and knew his job very well.
Now Brutus f***ed her jaws wide apart as he f***ed almost 6" of horse cock into her mouth.
Jenni yelled "stroke his big fucking horse cock you slut, use both hand and make sure your tongue is busy on that big fucking cock knob bitch or your going to be punished."
Ms. Cleo Landrum worked her hands up and down that long hard horse shaft and swirled her tongue for all to see, the crowd erupted in wild cheers to see the high and mighty Gray Dom finally being dominated herself.
The crowd size grew as more people continued to arrive. The events in the dining lounge had been told about and now this! Never had the ones in charge ever been subjected to this sort of punishment and everyone wanted to see it!
Monica was awestruck seeing this going on before her, that horses cock made Travis look small in comparison and he was large for a man. Ms Cleo Landrum was going at that monster like tomorrow wouldn't ever come.
Monica suddenly saw the crowd part and in walked Katie leading another a****l, it was a large Billy goat.
And without so much as a by your leave she ran the goat right up onto the rack thingy and that goat went right into fucking the shit out of Ms. Cleo Landrum the horse cock sucker and now Goat fucker!

Travis was standing beside Monica with a giant smile on his lips as he saw his revenge played out in front of him, it was all he ever wanted and more with these women his willing accomplices.
Monica vaguely heard an announcement over the Estates p.a. system concerning the "entertainment" in barn D. and suddenly the crowd swelled even larger.
Ms. Cleo Landrum had apparently been the driving f***e behind many of the practices of the company at these events and had abused her position in more than one way to piss off so many employees.
After a few minutes Jenni and Katie each grabbed an a****l and pulled them off of Ms. Cleo Landrum, but it was just to reposition them.
Jenni lead Brutus back around to where he needed to be and she helped Brutus guide his very swollen and hard horse cock into Ms. Cleo Landrum's soaking wet pussy while Katie brought Billy Goat to her face and after slapping her long and hard she finally f***ed open the mouth of Ms. Cleo Landrum to finish off Billy Goat in her mouth.
It was a sight unseen in all the years and all the special events that had happened on the Estate and the driving f***e behind it all was now the center of attention for a very unusual sort of gang bang.
The 3 slaves who had been sent off earlier by the Gray Dom were now brought back by the Board of Directors.
Those 3 slave girls were just the latest spitefully used victims of the depraved lusts of the Gray Dom.
The Board asked by voice vote what should be done next with the Gray Dom and the overwhelming chant was "Collar".
The Board members then grouped together and in a short time of watching Ms. Cleo Landrum being consumed with her lust fucking a giant horse cock and sucking a goat cock decided that the collar was the correct thing to do to the FORMER Gray Dom, now she was just sex slave Cleo....

When Travis, Jenni and Katie heard this news they hugged and wept and were filled with such joy that this evil bitch would finally get to endure what they had all had from her hands. Then Monica asked who would be the trainer of this newest slave of the company
Names were shouted into the night, and all were rejected by the Board. Minutes dragged by as the horse and the goat relentlessly used the sex slave Cleo and finally it was time for Billy to trip his trigger and Katie pulled him backwards a bit so his rampaging cock was free from Cleo's mouth. As she lay there gasping Katie jacked Billy goat off all over the upturned face of the former Gray Dom and then cock slapped her rubbing the goat cum all over her face and into her hair.
Jenni had been watching Brutus and knew he was almost ready to spew forth his monster load of horse cum. As he was about to cum the 3 slaves rushed forward and grabbed Brutus forcing his cock out so that it hung in the air above the still ankle restrained woman and they began to stroke hard and fast the length of the giant horse cock until Brutus was shooting his cum 4-8 feet and having it splash down from Ms. Cleo Landrums shaved cunt to her face and hair and beyond. She was a cum sodden mass when Brutus was finished and lead away to his stall.
Everyone thought that was the end, but one of the slaves returned with a very largely endowed St. Bernard and the other 2 slaves quickly repositioned the former Gray Dom onto her belly and secured her in place.
The Board asked "What is the meaning of this?" and one of the slaves simply said "We are taking our revenge also, she has had us used as dog sluts for the last year and now she can get aqainted with that big fucking knot that Rufus has."
With that they had the dog mount Cleo Landrum with roughness.... The problem with Rufus was that he was so horny that he didn't last very long and Ms. Cleo Landrum had been thoroughly used and abused in every hole by 3 different types of cocks and the Board finally made it's decision on who would be her trainer.

They offered the job to Travis who declined, to Jenni who also declined and then Katie who refused to have any more to do with Ms. Cleo Landrum.
They then began to seek out others who had been trained by the Gray Dom and not a single one wanted anymore to do with the woman.
No one on the Estate that night wanted to be her trainer. She was a collared slave without a trainer.
She was at the very bottom and had no prospect of ever getting the collar off.
Ms. Cleo Landrum, the Former Gray Dom was now just Cleo the fucking stupidest slut slave in the place and that was all she was going to be... and the chimes began to sound again for it was 4 a.m....
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2 years ago
i love this story! Wish it was me
3 years ago
What goes round comes round or in her case 'cums round'
3 years ago
a slave of slaves, how the mighty will fall