Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 8

Food, the wonderful smells that could a make a mouth water and nostril's flare sat on the table waiting for Monica to begin to eat but she sat quietly thinking and looking at her dining companions. Travis her tall ruggedly handsome boyfriend, Jenni the shy petite nice girl who had shown her so totally a different person and Katie, a woman who she was just getting to know after having not met her since she got a job with the company.
These 3 had done much with Monica thus far this evening and Monica was unsure of her feelings toward each of them. Oh Monica knew just how she felt towards Travis, She loved him and lived with him and enjoyed making love with him.
Jenni had frightened her and used her this evening but had shown her great compassion and tenderness also. Jenni evoked feelings towards a woman Monica had not known before but was intrigued by now. How this slim little woman with such perky tits and great nipples could be such a dynamo of sexual tension Monica didn't understand yet, but oh she wanted to learn. Then there was Katie, an Amazon of a woman who topped 6' with her braided red hair, the strap-on to match her busty athletic figure and an amazing appetite that she was currently trying to satisfy by munching her way through a Chicken Ceaser salad, some cheese slices, and a nice big glass of Shiraz.

Monica watched her companions intently while they munched and chatted, trying to learn more about the companies activities here at the Estate. Finally Monica spoke "I want to Thank each of you for helping me with that dirty old bastard. I know Travis I probably shouldn't have done what I did and I am sorry if I cause any of you to be in trouble. But when I saw that bastard I just couldn't help myself, I just had to treat him the way he had treated me and to make him feel what I had felt."

Jenni and Katie began to laugh and look at her in disbelief, finally Katie was able to quit laughing for a moment and she said "When I walked in and saw what was going on I was cracking up, When you stopped and looked at me it was like I could read your mind and I knew I finally was going to get my chance at payback on that fucking asshole finally".

Jenni quietly stated "My own initiation here was much like yours, so when I saw you bite that old prick and he began to howl I wanted some too, I just needed someone to start the ball rolling and s****r did you ever start it rolling hard and fast. I couldn't believe it when you made him kneel down and signaled me to collar that old bastard. But it felt so fucking good to see him like that in front of everybody. Just the way he had done to so many of us over the years. it was fucking AWESOME!!!!"

Travis was still quietly eating slowly and thinking as he listened to the women talking. His experiences had been different and yet no less humiliating to him. He understood what the women felt even if he couldn't understand their shared experiences the way they each did.
He had nothing to say concerning the Chairman as he had never had any dealings with him. But Travis did understand a need for revenge and a shakeup in just how things were done at the Estate. But Travis' nemesis was female and on the Board of Directors, Ms. Cleo Landrum.
Known throughout the company as the "the Gray Lady or the Gray Dom", she was known to be a man hater and a butch dyke. What folks didn't know was that she was the originator all those years ago of the first party at the Chairman's Estate. She had wiled her way into a job and bided her time working ever upwards through a typically normal company until she was appointed as the Executive Secretary to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
It just so happened that one day she came back from lunch early and found the Chairman with his cock stuffed into a secretaries mouth as his hand spanked her bare ass on his desk top. The Gray Dom quietly had walked across the carpeted floor and stood next to him. When the Chairman was finally about to cum in her mouth the Gray Dom grabbed his cock tightly in her fist and smiled at him.
The secretary lay there in shocked surprise with her bright red ass waiting. The Gray Dom then declared her plans for both of them and finally allowed the secretary to finish sucking off the Chairman. As she herself finished off the secretary.....
That Friday , just 4 short work days later, the very first company party took place at the Chairman's Estate out in the country. The Gray Dom had presided over the invitations, the food, all the myriad details of a corporate party.
She was at the Estate all day before the party and met the Chairman as he was dropped off by hs driver. The Chairman waited to hear what part he was to play in this and the Gray Dom let him know in no uncertain terms, "You will greet each guest naked, along with 3 other men I have invited. The 4 of you will all be naked and you will each fuck every female guest who arrives via the front door. There wont be very many this time. You will obey what I tell you to do or you will be exposed in the press and destoyed. Do you understand?"
The Chairman was caught and he knew it, control had passed to his secretary, the Gray Dom.
That was almost 20 years before and now things were beginning to happen.

Monica noticed Travis staring down at his empty plate and asked "whatcha thinking there mister?"
When he looked up he finally told Monica about his own initiation and his training, how it was the Gray Lady herself who had been his trainer and how it had taken countless beatings at her hand along with an unknown number of anal ****s from her strap-on dykes before the Board of Directors had finally stepped in and granted his graduation from collared slave.
A very long 5 years at her hand, every party each month plus the special occasions and special stud services and whenever that fold bitch just wanted to beat a man for the hell of it.
Oh yes Travis understood the women's pain and humiliation and when he finished telling his story Monica, Jenni, and Katie all had agreed to help him get his revenge on Ms. Cleo Landrum, the Gray Dom.

The four of them began to plan where and when it would take place. But first they had to find out where she was on the Estate. Katie smiled and said "No problem, I have a friend in the control room who can find her."
So off she went, smiling and whistling a merry little tune, Katie had been "entertainment" on more than one occasion for the Gray Dom and certainly knew what she wanted to do in revenge to such an abusive and malicious old cunt!
Meanwhile Travis, Monica and Jenni were busy trying to think of a way to get the Gray Dom to a secluded part of the Estate so that Travis could extract his revenge on the woman who had made his life so miserable for so long.
Jenni was invaluable for her knowledge of the grounds and where everything was. It was decided that Monica and Jenni would be in a certain barn at 2:00 a.m. and that Travis and Katie would some how get the Gray Dom there.
While they waited for Katie to return from the control room, Travis began to get anxious about his part. He was not looking forward to appearing in front of the Gray Dom or about his ability to persuade her to come with him for "old times sake".
As both Jenni and Monica were trying to console him Katie walked in an announced that the Gray Dom, MS. Cleo Landrum was currently in a training session in barn C, just 20 yards from where Travis was supposed ot bring her for his revenge plan to work. The 3 women then told Travis to "Relax and began to wander that way, we will meet you there when this training session is over."
Travis did as they said and began to wander towards barn D. What he didn't know was that both Jenni and Katie had old scores to settle with the Gray Dom for the lesbian abuse and gang ****s they had both suffered through because of that sick twisted butch!
At the appointed time the chimes began to chime and the audiences of the various training rooms began to filter out, Travis saw Ms. Cleo Landrum come out of barn C with her cat o nine tails and her 3 lesbian slaves.
He boldly walked into her path and stopped, staring at her. She bumped into him and looked up into his clear eyes, smirking she said "Well, if it isnt my old play mate Travis. Are you out looking for some of my type of pleasure loverboy?"
Travis smiled grandly and "I'd like to invite you to a private service in barn D if your available."
The knot's in his stomach almost making him wretch as he stood the looking so confident.... Ms. Cleo Landrum smiled wickedly at Travis and said "For you dear boy I am always available, You 3 sluts go eat and be ready for me in a bit"
With that the slaves disappeared and Travis extended his arm for her to join him.
As they passed through the door of barn D, Ms Cleo got the fucking shock of her life as Monica, Jenni and Katie all applied tazers to her until she was on the ground twitching and jerking.
Monica, Travis and Katie grabbed hold and roughly strapped her onto a rack in the middle of the barn. Monica had never seen anything like this anywhere before and wondered what it was used for.
In seconds she understood as Jenni came into the barn leading a very large, very gray Percheron Stallion, known simply as Buster!
Katie went back over by the door and pick up the cat o nine tails, when she walked back over to the Gray Dom she began to hammer Ms. Cleo Landrum on her exposed skin, from her feet up to her neck paying attention to the tender inner thighs and soft skin under the tits.
All the while Katie was chanting "Remember me bitch, remember how you used me bitch, remember I always swore to get you back".
After exorcising her demon with the infliction of a beating on Ms. Cleo Landrum, Katie st****d on her monster dildo and without preliminaries rammed that big fucker as deep as she could into that cunt and began to pound away as Ms. Cleo Landrum whimpered and cried out in pain. It didn't do her any good as it had done no good for her victims.
Monica stood mutely to the side watching, Travis and Jenni both stood close watching silently as Katie hammered that cunt and slapped the old bitch silly.
When she was soaked in sweat and panting from her exertions Katie motioned to Jenni and Travis for them to take a turn. Travis stepped forward and holding his fat 10" cock in one hand grabbed a handful of short gray hair yanked her head around and stuffed his cock in as far as he could until she gagged.
This was the beginning of his revenge, but his demon would take much more punishment before he was through with her.
His 10" cock went in about 6" before she gagged, but she got no rest for Travis just kept banging into her mouth as if he was going to fuck her all the way down. He rammed harder and harder to get passed her gag reflex and only succeeded in making her vomit. He didn't care, after she was done he was back again ramming deeply down her throat roughly and cruelly like she had done to him for 5 long years.
No mercy was shown and none was to be given this night, this old fucked up bitch would be broken or else.
She was getting her payback.
More and more Travis rammed her throat and finally she could gag no more. When she finally was just a fuck hole for his big cock Travis pulled free and went between her thighs.
He was laughing as he told her "You fucking old dyke, I hate your fucking guts for what you did to me and all the other men you could get your hands on, now it's time for you to ENJOY the pleasures we got" and with that he rammed his fuck pole balls deep into Ms. Cleo Landrum's ASSHOLE!!!
The screams of pain and anguish were music to Travis' ears and to Katie and Jenni also. They had all suffered under the lash of this arrogant and spite filled woman for years both at work and at company functions.
Jenni suddenly could wait no longer and leaned in close to whisper "I've brought an old friend for you, you remember your fun with Brutus and I dont you? I thought it just that you be introduced to him just as I was."
Jenni said loudly "Travis hurry up and cum, I want to watch Brutus fuck this old slut now and since she is already juicy from you and Katie's hammering I cant think of a better time"

Travis finally realized that the giant horse was in the barn, in shock from finding it out he smilingly pulled free from Ms. Cleo Landrum's well fucked asshole and before he left her he slapped her wide spread cunt hard, making his hand print stand out in brilliant red across her hammered pussy lips.

Now it was Jenni's turn and she lead Brutus into the light. The monster stallion and the petite trainer.
Jenni was caressing the horses giant balls and after she tied him to the framework began to stroke his massive horse cock. "Remember how you would beat me when I didnt follow your instructions, how your lash never failed to strike all the times you thought you saw my failures. Tonight you old cunt it's my turn to be your trainer and you will do what I say correctly or you will pay."
At a nod from Jenni, Monica padded forward silently and released both wrists so that Ms. Cleo Landrum could sit up underneath the massive stallion.
SMACK!! came the first blow, CRACK came the next "Who the fuck told you to sit up you dumb fucking whore"? Swish, CRACK again as the Gray Dom had tried to lay back down. Katie watched with a sadistic glee filled smile as the Gray Dom was finally beginning to learn what she had given for so long.

"Remember it's going to be a long night bitch?"
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Thatwas a turn up. Brilliant twist
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wow that bitch is so fucked