Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 7

As Jenni lead the merry band down the hallways towards the dining lounge she was busily explaining to Monica all the many things to learn about the company and the Estate they were now at.
Monica was surprised that the grounds covered almost 2 square miles and had multiple houses, cottages and cabins along with barns and outbuildings all of which were wired to record. Even the woods and trails were wired so that those who enjoyed outdoor sex would be recorded.
Monica found that there were places set up to match every description needed for public sex be it a park or bus station, subway train or school bus and just about everything in between.
The barns housed different types of a****ls and a large selection of stallions. From Quarter horses to Thoroughbred, Paint, Pinto, Appaloosa and the biggest of them all a big gray Belgian Percheron Stud.
Monica was amazed by Jenni's recounting of the working of the grounds and the company, not so much by the Estate but by Jenni's detail of everything that could be done at the Estate and who to talk to about whatever desire or fantasy you wished to fulfill.

They soon found themselves in the dining lounge, it had a full buffet set up and the servers were all naked and wearing collars. Monica wondered what he different colors signified and asked.
Again, Jenni provided the answers, "As you can see there are basically 3 collars, Black is for the basic trainee like you, Green is for level 2 trainees who have shown a willingness to perform all activities at anytime they are requested to by anyone not wearing a collar, and the red is level 3 for those who will perform "special activities upon request".
Monica asked what it took to be able to go without a collar and how long did it take. the answer was a bit surprising as Travis answered and stated "To become un-collared you must first complete all 3 levels, participate in an initiation, and be recommended by your trainer as satisfactory in all areas and techniques."

As the three of them sat down at a table to begin eating the Chairman walked in and crossed the room to the buffet.
Without warning Monica was on her feet and across the room before Travis could stop her. She dropped to her knees in front fo the Chairman and took his limp old shriveled dick in her mouth as she dug her nails into his saggy old ass cheeks and began sucking hard as she d**g her teeth up towards his cock head. The Chairman gasped in pain and grabbed Monica's hair but she hung on to his cock as he tried and failed to make her release her hold on him. Her nails drawing bl**d from his ass as her head went smoothly forward Monica again went the length of his old cock and again he gasped in pain.
Monica was enjoying herself at his expense just as he had enjoyed himself at her expense.
Travis was trying to drag her off the dirty old bastard but it was doing no good as she wrapped her arms tightly around the old mans hips and sucked him deeply into her mouth. She felt his cock begin to harden and thicken, this sick old bastard likes pain she thought and then she slapped his old ass hard!
He jerked forward into her mouth and Monica slapped him hard on the other side. Again the old bastard jerked forward.
She heard that nasty old fucker above her telling Travis to "Leave this crazy bitch alone, I like her"!
Monica then sucked that old cock hard and fast, dragging teeth the length of the shaft in front of all the folks in the buffet, repeatedly slapping the old mans saggy ass as hard as she could as he continued to grow in her mouth.
Monica gasped for Jenni, and Jenni come over and knelt down beside her. Monica said "Jenni start on the old mans nipples and be rough. This crazy fucking old bastard is loving my teeth on his nasty cock."
So Jenni stood and without warning began to pinch and twist the old mans nipples as hard as she could, just like she had been instructed to do to Monica hours before.
Now the old man was jerking forwards and back trying to get away from 2 crazy women, didn't they know who he was and how important he was?
What the fuck was going on here, and still Monica and Jenni went after the old man. The next thing he knew Monica was forcing her finger in his asshole as she continued to work his cock. Jenni now began to rake her nails on he old farts gray haired chest and slap him also.
The people in the dining lounge were amazed to see such a thing happening to the Chairman but here it was!
The Chairman's asshole was now relaxing and Monica slowly worked another finger inside his shitter.
Monica had seen Katie come in to the buffet and she still had her monster strap-on.
An evil and diabolical plan was forming in Monica's revenged soaked brains and damn if it didn't involve Katie. Travis saw the look Monica gave Katie and went over to her, "Katie. Monica wants you to join in and enjoy yourself with them."
Katie smiled pleasantly as she sat her plate down and slowly walked over behind the Chairman. Jenni seeing Katie coming started to pull the dirty old bastards face down to her perky boobs with the great nipples so he could suck them as Monica continued to suck his cock which had grown full hard.
Monica had also worked 3 fingers into the old mans asshole and was really working him over.
the old man was bent almost double by the time Katie was ready and Jeni was holding his head tightly to her breasts as Katie suddenly slid her well lubed strap-on deeply into the old fucking bastards asshole!!!
He tried to scream but Jenni was holding him to tightly, and Monica was like an anchor at his knees, Katie continued ot ram into the dirty bastards asshole with rough f***e and very rapidly.
The hammering f***ed the straining cock deep into Monica's mouth and she sucked roughly and enjoyed the payback she was getting.
The whole audience in the dining lounge watched on in stunned silence as the 3 women's assault on the dirty old bastard continued unabated and finally the old man had had enough. Monica could feel his balls tightening and spoke finally to Jenni, "Let the bastard breath, he's about to cum", so Jenni relented in her hold on the old man.
Katie meanwhile hadn't slowed down a bit, she was really enjoying fucking this old dirty bastard in the ass like he had done to her 3 years before. He liked it rough, well okay then you sick fuck it's time you got a bit of it back and Katie slammed him harder and faster waiting to bury her monster until that old fart was about to cum in Monica's mouth again.
Suddenly Monica knew it was time, she felt the cum boil up from his balls and tapped Katie who slammed forward as Monica bit down on the cock head hard, the old man gasped and whimpered as he couldn't get his cum to shoot .
Katie rammed home again causing another bunch of cum to want to shoot and still Monica held her teeth clamped down on his cock head, the old man was begging for release searching for help from around the room of people. All of whom just stood there mute watching the spectacle unfold.
Finally Monica spit his cock out and watched the old man dribble on the floor. Katie slammed home one more time and then thrust the old man forward off her strap-on with a loud sucking POP as it pulled free.
Jenni release the old man and that same self assured dirty old bastard who had ****d Monica hours before now knew what it was like to be used and abused for someone else's pleasure. Best of all Monica had it all on video for the whole company to watch. As the old man stood there bowed Monica had him kneel down in front of Jenni who then placed a Black collar on him and turned him over to another trainer so he could begin to truly understand.

Monica looked around for Travis who had stood by watching and making sure that no one interupted the actions. Katie walked over and introduced herself to Travis, Jenni and Monica. The four of them then went to the buffet and got new plates of food and went to a table to eat and talk. Members of he audience who had witnessed the scene came by the table to thank them for a grand performance and otherwise congratulate them on an outstanding performance in a place that was normally out of bounds to such things.
Even the members of the Board of Directors stopped by to chat and express their admiration for the way that Monica, Jenni and Katie had done the act.
Everyone was all smiles, except maybe that damn dirty old man who had started it all. But Monica was all smiles as Travis brought her and her new friends drinks.
And with all the pleasantries completed Monica, Travis, Jenni and Katie finally got to eat the dinner they were all craving.
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wow i like that twist
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Great chapter!! lookin forward to the next even more now