Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 6

Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 6

As Monica sat there waiting for Jenni and Travis to begin telling her what she was going to have to learn and experience her curiosity got the better of her and she blurted out "Did both of you go through what I have so far"?
Travis just nodded his head and said "For guy's it's basically the same but we get used as a stud service for the female execs."
Jenni also nodded and said "I got ****d on the back porch during a company Bar-B-Que last summer on the table that was right at the back gate. Since the grounds are so extensive no one can hear anything after they taze you and then the old man stuff's that fat dick in your mouth and throat fucks the shit out of you while some crazed slut with a monster dildo fucks you for all to watch. That's just the beginning for most of us.
Some of the women have gone completely crazy with sexual desires and fantasies and try all manner of things to have done to them including , whips, chains, bondage, sadism, masochism, electro stim, b********y, public sex, multiple machines, whatever they can think of to try."

Monica sat there for a few moments thinking about what she had just heard, some of the things mentioned she had only read about or seen in movies. Some of it frightened her and some she thought she might like to try, but she wasnt sure.
The thought of being fucked by horses and donkey's or dog's and goat's made her pause, why would anyone do such a thing. What joy could they find doing such depraved acts while others watched.
Monica had been raised in the country and had a horse as a girl, but she had never dreamed of fucking it, why the damn dong on her horse must have been 2 feet long and thicker than a man's wrist.
She shuddered at the thought of trying to do something like that.
The whips and chains and the public sex she thought might be of interest, she liked to fuck outdoors. But doing it in a public place where you could be watched by anyone, or caught by the police....
The 3 of them talked about all the various options open to Monica now that she had "passed her initiation with such flying colors".
Monica had a difficult time accepting what all that had happened to her so far, but with Jenni and Travis there to help her through it she found it easier to deal with the conflicting emotions of her upbringing and her bodies responses to the sexual acts she had engaged in so far.
Jenni suggested that they watch part of the video of which Monica had starred in.
Travis was very happy with the suggestion as he always loved to watch Monica in action and now he had her on video. Jenni also told Monica that "all the rooms and grounds are wired for sound and video so that nothing is ever missed. All the participants are checked by facial recognition software so that a copy of your performances are kept in your file. The Chairman has never been so impressed by a woman's reactions as he was by yours tonight".
As she thought about what she was hearing Monica felt her pussy moisten again and knew that her clit was getting itchy, since she had an available cock and her new made friend's pussy she decided to have a slower less frenetic sexy session with them.
Monica said "Let's have some more fun then and make another fantasy come true".
Jenni and Travis were more than willing to do just that. As they all started groping each other Jenni told Monica that "You really should go see a donkey or horse show, it's simply amazing what some women enjoy."
Monica filed it away in the back of her nasty horny mind for later and buried her face in Jenni's sweet ass while Travis went to work on her own asshole with his nice tongue. Jenni meanwhile grunted "I wanna finally get this big fucker in my mouth before he fucks me with it in my ass" and she started in on Travis' cock with a joy filled look on her face and a hunger in her heart!
It was going to be a nice friendly sort of night.

They went slowly at first, each enjoying and savoring the moments and the pleasures that they bought. Jenni was beyond herself as Monica's talented tongue danced in, around and over her tight asshole, the way her hands caressed Jenni's ass made the goose bumps jump up and the occasional spank on her cheeks highlighted Monica's fascination with Jenni's perfect tight little butt.
Jenni meanwhile was enjoying running her tongue up and down the long thick hard shaft of Travis' hard throbbing cock and when she finally sucked his balls into her mouth she loved the feeling of having his cock rubbing all over her face. She had noticed Travis over a year before but had been to shy to say more than a passing Hello at work. Even at the company parties she had been shy, but tonight had provided the perfect chance to get to know him and to get to know his big beautiful cock as she was now.
Having a chance to meet and make a new friend like Monica was an added bonus and she was going to enjoy cultivating this friendship for years to come.
Travis being the male was typical in his thoughts, He was thinking all his fantasies were coming true. He remembered Jenni from the first time she was brought to a company party, his cock had twitched and throbbed in the darkness as he had watched her perfectly petite body had been ****d and ravished by many others, male and female that night almost a year ago. The sight of her spread wide and triple penetrated by women wearing monster strap-on dildos still made his cock spring to life. He gazed down fondly at both Jenni and Monica and wondered if this would be the only time he would have an opportunity to enjoy 2 such sexy women as these.
Travis just hoped he wouldn't cum too soon, he wanted this dream to last a long long time...after a long time of each one eating, tonguing, touching and rubbing Jenni announced she was "Ready to try to fit this monster in my tight asshole and ride him till he floods my ass with his cum".
For her part Monica moved to the side as Jenni rolled up onto her hands and knees, and spread her knees wide while sinking her hips down. Monica looked up at Travis and smiled as she spread Jenni's smooth rounded little ass cheeks apart and then gazed lovingly at that 10" cock being placed right at the little tight rosebud of Jenni's oh so ready and willing asshole.
Monica grabbed Travis' cock to keep it centered as he began to slowly push into Jenni. All you heard from Jenni was a low moan as the big purple cock head POPPED into her ass and Travis stopped so that Jenni could relax. Monica began to finger Jenni's clit and leaned over to lick Jenni's ass crack and Travis' shaft.
In moments Jenni said "Feed me some more of your monster Travis, fill up my tiny butt with that cock"
So Travis went back to work, slowly working his thick meaty fuck pole deeper and deeper into Jenni. All the while Monica sat enraptured by the spectacle of HER COCK disappearing into another woman's asshole like it had so many times before into her's.
Jenni was in heaven having such a fantasy come true, She had Monica playing with her juicing cunt as Travis was finally buried balls deep in her asshole. She had taken all 10" into her tight hardly used asshole. It was all because of Monica and her being here that Jenni had volunteered to be her trainer for the night.
She had never before wanted a woman like she had Monica for the last 5 months. When she first saw the tall busty blond with the sexy fucking ass Jenni had wanted to eat her pussy and suck those gorgeous big nipples that strained her bra and tops.
Now Jenni and Monica were fast becoming very very close friends and lovers. Neither of them had known how this would have happened 5 months before as they barely said Hi at work.
With Travis buried balls deep in her ass, Jenni begged Monica to slide underneath and eat her pussy some more.
Monica was happy to oblige and they soon were in a 69 again, This time Monica felt the hum before she heard the buzz of the G-Spot vibrator. Jenni was back to munching her twat joyfully while running that vibe everywhere Monica wanted it. In and out, up and down, round and round it went and all the time Monica and Jenni worked each others clit's with abandon just so that they could all have a great orgasm again.
For his part Travis couldn't believe that these 2 were going at it so much, he had never known that Monica would be turned on so much by another woman, for that matter he hadn't known that Jenni would be either.
As he fucked in and out he wondered if they would be able to have repeats at home in the future.

Well DUH!! It finally hit him, these 2 really really do like each other and he wondered where this would go from here. All Travis knew is that he was in to something special and he wasn't going to fuck it up come hell or high water no matter what. He was going to be happy to just be their stud service if needed.

Stupid men, never can think with both heads very clearly, but Jenni and Monica were single minded in their pursuit of the big "O", while Travis was busy slamming his meatpole up Jenni's tiny shitter the women had been making headway towards another explosive orgasm. The tongue on her clit and cock buried up her ass had Jenni closing in quickly while Monica had a tongue on her clit and that damn vibe driving her crazy in her drooling fuck hole.
Travis finally sensed his own impending orgasm as the sum boiled up his shaft to drive him into a frenzy in Jenni's asshole, he grabbed on to her little hips with crushing f***e and began to slam his cock roughly into her ass as Monica held on underneath with her lips locked onto Jenni's clit and her tongue dancing roughly and quickly in every damn direction.
Jenni jammed the G-Spot vibe way deep into Monica's bucking cunt and slammed her face downward towards that gushing fuck sluts cunt.
As they all began to explode Jenni's handiwork brought forth a gusher from Monica's cunt as she had her first squirting orgasm and it went everywhere as Jenni continued to suck clit and jam her with the vibe.
Travis grunted "Oh mother fucker I'm cumming in your sexy fucking tight ass Jenni" and began to spurt long greasy wads of hot man seed deeply into Jenni' s spasming asshole.
That caused Jenni to wail in pleasure as her orgasm broke over her and her frothy cunt and ass began to drain down her thighs and onto the upturned waiting face of Monica who licked feverishly to get all the mixed fluids of her lovers!!!
Monica had found what she had been missing in her life, people who loved her and cared for her. Friends she could enjoy being with and around.
Jenni sagged forward and Travis popped out of her asshole with a wet plopping sound, Monica looked up and saw her lovers cock and she pulled him down a couple of inches so she could taste Jenni's ass and his cum on her hungry tongue.
Monica lovingly licked his cock and balls clean then began to eat and lick Jenni until she was cleaned also.
Travis and Jenni had to make do with sharing Monica as they licked her clean.
When they finished Monica looked at them and then asked "What do we do now"

Jenni and Travis laughed and said "Food and drinks are provided, we both need a rest."

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