Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 4

After securing Monica with the leash again Jenni said "Up slut" and f***ed Monica to her feet. As she rose wobbling to her feet Jenni was already walking away and the collar f***ed Monica to try to catch up quickly. Instead she stumbled and landed hard on her hands and knees.
As she gazed in a daze at the floor, the crop came whistling in to smack her flesh in viscously applied stikes to her tender abused fleshy asscheeks and thighs.
The welts began to grow and Monica began to cry out loudly from the abuse and still all Jenni did was tug harder on the leash and apply the crop with vigor.
Not a word was said.

Finally Monica struggled to her feet trembling and shaking with welts on her glowing an angry red.
Jenni glaring at her said "Move cunt and keep up or suffer more".
Jenni was lead down another hallway quickly, she stumbled along unknowing where she was and not caring as long as Jenni wasnt using her crop on her.
What had happened to the Jenni she knew from work, the little petite so nice Jenni that was so helpful and kind. The Jenni with a nice word for everyone...Monica was so confused. And her bodies reactions to everything that was going on and had happened to her was confusing her also.
She had never had such orgasms or so many so quickly.

Finally Jenni stopped in front of a door marked simply "Training Room #2" and again Jenni knocked. A husky female voice answered this time with "We're ready for your little cunt" and Jenni lead Monica into the room.
Again it was dark with just a circle of light in the center, but this one had a small rounded object in it with a single dildo looking thing sticking up. A voice out of the dark said "Welcome to your Sybian training. Here you will learn to ride while perform various oral acts and satisfying the person you are performing them on. Is that understood?"
Monica mutely nodded her head and wondered what it meant. She was about to find out as a slave came out of the dark and laid her flat on her back. After attaching Thigh, ankle, wrist and elbow cuffs on her the female slave disappeared into the darkness to be replaced by a woman in red leather thigh boots and nipple cut out halter with beautiful golden hair hanging down to her waist in a long braid.
Her's was the husky voice and she smiled down at Monica saying "We are now going to shave you in the way WE want your pussy and ass shaved" and she cuffed Monica wide spread using the cuffs.
In moments Monica was attached to a spreader bar and her ass was placed on a wedge of something soft yet firm so that her ass was 6" off the floor. Next a male slave appeared, a gross looking fat man with such a hairy body it reminded Monica of a gorilla. He was holding a razor and a bowl of steaming water.

Her dazed mind just couldn't believe this fucking apeman was going to shave her nicely trimmed pussy. It was unthinkable, Travis loved her little heart shaped bush...Monica tried ot think of something to say but her mind was numb and then she felt huge hands on her pussy. They were rubbing around down there and when she looked he had applied shaving cream to her entire cunt and asshole areas, as far as she could tell.
The apeman dipped the razor in the water and began to shave around Monica's tight little asshole and then continued working his way up and around her lips and all the while he never said a word, just dipped his razor in the water and applied it to her quivering cunt.
He finished her lips and attaked her heart shaped bush and in moments it was gone. Monica could see that he hadn't missed a single hair and she was as bald as she could be.
The apeman unlocked one wrist and elbow and grasped Monica's wrist, pulling it towards himself he place her hand on her bald mound and then lead her fingers down along her lips and to her asshole.
In the 4 years that Monica had been shaving she had never felt herself be so smooth, not a single bit of stubble remained anywhere she felt.
Was surprised her was that the apeman ran one of her fingers into her cuntslit and then raised it to her lips. Monica was very very surprised by how wet she was and even more so by how much she really wanted to taste her own cunt juices.
She greedily suckled her finger deeply into her mouth as the apeman sat and watched her.
When she was finished he reattached her wrist and elbow cuffs, then he sat her slowly and gently onto the dildo of the Sybian until it was firmly planted full length up inside her cunt.
In a touching gesture he gently patted her head and walked into the darkness with his razor and bowl.
Monica was now sitting up, with her feet flat on the floor leaning forward and the Sybian slowly was coming to life. As it did a slave placed a chair inside the circle of light and the woman in red leather came and sat down.
She said nothing, just watching Monica as the machine began to stir the insides of her cunt and awaken the b**st within her. Monica tried to see the woman but it was very difficult to look up and around from her position. After a few minutes the woman began to speak telling Monica "This is one of the more pleasing phases of your training. As long as you do what your told by each individual you will be allowed a pleasant ride. However, if you bite to hard or suck the wrong way you will be punished. Jenni is waiting in the darkness for you. She knows you are a dumb cunt and are unwilling or unable to perform oral acts while your having an orgasm. We shall see if she is right. Here is your first task."

Into the light walked a woman, a BBW with short black hair, huge floppy tits and a wide creamy ass.
Without saying a word she stopped in front of Monica and turned around, spreading her ass wide she backed up and said "Tongue my asshole whore", Monica slowly stuck out the tip of her tongue and began to gently tentatively touch the womans asshole.
Suddnely Jenni was there grabbing her hair and forcing her face deep into the womans ass "She said to fuck her asshole you stupid fucking slut, now get your fucking tongue way up there whore"..
Jenni was relentless, smashing Monica's face over and over into the womans asscrack and continuing to yell in Monica's ear.
Finally Monica heard the woman began to moan loudly and her ass began to shake and Jenni said "You finally did learn to tongue fuck that fat assed cow you dumb cunt".
And Jenni was there no more....
The woman in red then said "Your next task" and a very young man entered the light. Monica had seen him in passing and knew he worked in the mailroom and the company was his first job.
She wondered what he wanted and heard him say "Suck and lick my balls until I cum on your face".
Monica leaned in and found that he was very small, his dick was no more than 5 inches long, very thin and he was pounding it furiously as she swiped her tongue along his ball sack. At this rate he wouldnt last very long. As she licked his balls he screamed "Suck them you fucking whore, suck my balls and make me cum on your face" Monica complied very quickly before Jenni could appear to torture her again.
She had both his small balls and the entire sack in her mouth and she still had room to use her tongue on him. Monica never noticed the Sybian being turned up a notch.
In just a few minutes this boy was panting harshly and and beginning to whimper as Monica's mouth and tongue did their job on his little balls.
He blurted out suddenly "Here whore, my cum for your face" and spurted into the air above her face. The stream was surprising in it's length and amount. Monica hadnt thought such a small cock and balls would hold so much hot creamy cum, but this man/boy was pounding out a giant load onto her waiting face that was unbelieveable. He continued to shoot great amounts of cum until he had spurted 13 times.
Finally he was done and dipped his cock into Monica's mouth for her to suck it clean.
He too disappeared into the darkness and Monica sat under the glaring light with her cum splattered face.
A slave appeared and with a warm damp cloth cleaned Monica's face and tits from where all the cum had run, she then vanished like the others.
Monica then felt the Sybian being turned up and the increase effected her body a great deal. Within moments she was writhing around from the vibrations and movements inside her cunt.

Again Monica heard the woman in red, "Your next task".
It was a slim and petite redhead, shaved like Monica herself now was, with very little tits and long eraser sized nipples. This woman stood close and said "Suck my clit, no tongue, just suck my clit". Monica leaned in and the woman spread her lips to reveal an enormous clit that must have been 3" long.
She was stroking it and fed it to Monica, "Suck me baby, suck me like you have never sucked anyone in your life".
As Monica sucked her clit the woman began slapping Monicas tits and twisting her nipples, all the while the voice said "Suck me baby, suck me like you have never sucked before" and still the slapping continued and the twisting got harder as the womans arousal grew.
Monica was sucking her clit like she had sucked Travis so many times, hard and deeply she sucked that monster clit into her mouth willing this pyscho bitch to stop twisting her nipples so cruelly. Suddenly Monica felt the Sybian increase and her concentration faltered. Her tongue slid over the clit and the woman screamed in rage "You stupid whore it's not a damn cock your sucking, I dont want any tongue from a cocksucker touching my clit! Do you understand me you fucking idiot?"
Monica quickly recovered and started to suck the clit again hard and fast and deeply into her mouth.
The woman slapped her hard across the face and grabbed her head in both hands. Monica was now buried in the woman bald cunt snorting and grunting as she suck on the clit in her mouth. Sucking it so that the woman would cum and the pain would stop.
If this bitch didnt stop abusing Monica's tits and nipples soon Monica was thinking of biting her fucking clit so that the bitch would have a reason to back off.
But before she could get up the nerve to bite the clit in her mouth the woman wailed and began shaking violently against Monica's face. It was a knee buckling orgasm the woman was having and only her grasp on Monica was keeping her upright.
It continued for a long time with this woman wailing and shaking and Monica continued to suck that huge clit.
Finally it was over and the woman stumbled away into the darkness.
Monica was gasping for breath and her body was trembling as she sat on the Sybian, the constant stimulation was taking it's toll on her body and mind. She was becoming more dazed and confused when she felt the increase yet again and it rocketed through her body. This time Monica's head snapped up in surprise and she opened her mouth to scream as an orgasm burst through her mind like fireworks on the 4th of July.
As it subsided she heard again "Your next task"
Into the light was pushed a strange rack with a woman on it, she was resting on 2 arms spread wide and leaning back above a man who was fucking up into her pussy. The woman smiled down at Monica adn said "Be a dear and lick my clit and pussy while he fucks me and also suck his balls some. He really enjoys his balls being sucked as he fucks my hot slutty cunt"
So again Monica began, licking and sucking as she wanted, for the couple just wanted to be enjoyed and have extra stimulation as they fucked. Over the course of time the woman would rise up and slide off the cock and f***e it down into Monica's waiting and very willing cocksucker mouth for a short time and then again begin to ride.
How long this went on Monica never knew but finally the woman looked down and said "Sweety, he is about to pop his nuts and he specifically said he wanted you to suck him dry, would you be a dear please and help me with his request".
Monica gladly opened her mouth and began to suck greedily on this nicely shaped and sweet tasting cunt juice covered cock. She sucked long and hard in deep stokes to raise the cum from his balls to her mouth.
Finally it happened, Monica felt that final hardening and thickness happen. She felt the cum boiling up from his sack and sucked harder and faster for this unknown man who wanted her, HER, to have his cum. It was NOW!!!! She felt the first boiling seed bursting forth from his turgid cock flood her mouth and she swallowed quickly wanting more and more. He continued to pump his cock into he mouth and his seed down her throat and she swallowed like there was no tomorrow or any other cock in the world for her.
It was what she wanted, it was what she needed. It was glorious!!!
The Sybian was turned to full and Monica burst forth in wailing ecstacy with this unknown cock shoved deeply in her mouth, her uncontrollable orgasm rocketed through her body she twitched and jerk and sucked and swallowed in a frenzy of lust like she had never known.
It blasted her senses and fried her nerves, she wilted suddenly on the Sybian. The unknown cock sliding from her slack jaws and the dildo from her limp body as she melted floorward unconcious.

The lights came up, the crowd was stunned. They had never seen a woman take so much for so long and be able to continue without any interuption for punishment. The woman in red was impressed as was Jenni as they stood over Monica conversing about what to do next.
Slaves had come to remove the cuffs and place Monica on a gurney so that she could be tended to.
They all knew it would be a while before Monica would be in any condition to continue. But they were patient, it was still early. And the chimes began to toll the time again, if Monica had be concious she would have known it was only 10 p.m. and her night stretched out long before her.
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Can't believe only a couple of hours have gone. Must go to next chapter. Well done