Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 3

Monica slowly regained her senses and was surprised to find she was being untied from the bench in the entry hall. She didn't know how much time had gone by since that door opened and it had all began.
After she had been freed from the bounds she was given a massage and a drink.

Monica was then taken into a large sitting room decorated in early Louis 14th furniture and dark paneling.
It was a room that spoke of the finer things one could obtain in life with success.
She was seated in an armchair and the Chairman of the Board sat next to her. When he spoke it was "Welcome to the company, we have watched you for months. The women make the decisions as to who we include and what is to be done for the training. You my dear have a long night of unique experiences in store for you and Jenni is our lead trainer.
You will do what she say's, when she say's or you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?"
Monica sat mutely and slowly nodded her head, unsure of her voice and what this dirty old bastard meant.
How could he sit there so calmly talking to her when he was the one who had tazed her, had others strip her and **** her, had viciously fucked her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face and rubbed his cock all over her....what the fuck kind of sick old bastard is he?

Monica heard a soft chime sounding in the room and when she looked around saw a small clock on the mantel, she saw the time and realized that she had been in the house less than an hour since she rang the door bell.
It was only 8:15 p.m., Monica wondered just how long this night would be and what was coming next.

A few moments later the door opened and Monica got her first real look at Jenni, what she saw was nothing like what she saw daily at work. This Jenni was in black thigh high spike heel boots, held a leather riding crop and wore a ring and strap outfit that hid absolutely nothing. Monica noticed Jenni was shaved smoothly and had tattoo's on her right hip of a small a****l and on her left breast a broken heart. Jenni also had a pierced clit hood and pierced nipples that stood out quite large. Her black hair was in a ponytail and she had a cruel smile as she slowly stroked her crop starring into the huge grayish blue eyes of Monica..
When Jenni spoke it was "Get on your knees you fucking slut", to which Monica slid off the chair and knelt before Jenni. With Jenni's naked cunt just an inch away from her nose Jenni ordered Monica to "Look up at me whore" and when Monica looked she saw Jenni had something in her hands. It was a collar...
Jenni waited until Monica;s hair was pulled out of the way by the Chairman and then she fitted the collar and locked it in place, with the snap of the leash onto the collar Monica knew she was now going to be a sex slave and began to shiver.

Jenni then said "Come with me, eyes down, head bowed" and Monica complied to slowly for Jenni.
WHOOSH, followed by a meaty smack followed!!! Monica yelped and Jenni again ordered "Eyes down, head bowed", Monica was quicker and no whoosh was heard.
Monica was lead down a hallway past lots of open doors where people were engaged in various act and activities, she began to wonder where and what she was going to.

They finally stopped in front of a closed door that had a small sign that said "Training session #1" on it.
Jenni knocked and they heard "We're ready" and they proceeded inside.
It was a dark room with a circle of light over a strange rack looking thing, almost like a sawhorse.
Jenni lead Monica to it and ordered "Bend over it now", and Monica did. The next thing she knew she was being attached to the thing by her wrists and ankles in medical cuffs
A large strange man came into the light and began to fit a ball gag onto Monica. Her fear began to build and she thought she knew what was to come. She was wrong, so very very wrong.
She next felt sticky things being applied to both sides of her tits and on her inner thighs. This was followed by a strange hum and then a tingling in her body between each place they had put the sticky's.
She felt her nipples and clit instantly grow and harden and her body began to twitch.
Next she felt a vibrator placed on her asshole and one on her cunt and began to describe circles on her flesh.
Whoever was using them knew how much pressure to apply and how to do it as Monica began almost immediately to feel her orgasms starting and building. She had never been one to have such quick orgasms but this night must have awakened some unknown b**st within her as she suddenly had short intense orgasms rolling and rocking through her body.
Monica felt something slide inside her cunt and it was in addition to everything else going on. This thing suddenly blossomed into vibrating life of high intensity and Monica felt her first G-Spot vibrator ever as it was worked in her pussy quickly and deeply.
The sudden intense vibrations caught her unprepared and she blasted into her first major orgasm snorting and squirming as she bucked against the rack holding her.
Her eyes snapping shut and bugging out as she was given no quarter and the onslaught continued unabated. She snorted loudly and screamed into her gag writhing around and around never hearing or knowing that Jenni had applied the crop brutally to her creamy ass cheeks.
Monica had no way of knowing how long it lasted or how many times she had orgasms, just that she did and she felt wonderful in a way that she had never felt before.
She had never known that a woman could have so many orgasms with having a man sweating his ass off over her. She had cum and cum again without being pounded.
She was dazed and confused when she was unbound from the rack and lead to something like a recliner.
Monica responded to her orders to climb on and put your feet up in the stirrups. she then felt the familiar ankle and wrist cuffs, but this time she had thigh and a waist restraint added.....Monica was confused right up until a machine was rolled into the light.
It was something like out of an old copy of Popular Mechanics like her Dad had read when she was little.
I had a motor and some arm thingy sticking out of it. Only this one had a very large pink dildo attached to the arm. Jenni stood to the side and ordered the pink dildo replaced. When Monica saw the replacement she paled in fear. It was so fucking large and it had not 1 but 2 cocks and Monica knew that Jenni was planning on forcing both into her cunt and ass at the same time......
As the machine was placed and Jenni squirted lube onto the 2 monsters another female sex slave rubbed them and then placed the heads in position. Jenni started the machine slowly and they began to f***e the monsters into Monica's ass and cunt.
As they adjusted the depth of stroke to full length Jenni began to increase the speed and Monica began to moan and squirm again. It was a steady rythmic pounding in her ass and cunt, one in the other out, rocking her whole body as she felt the double pounding driving her closer and closer to orgasms.
Again a sex slave came to stand beside her and applied a vibrator to her clit and began the circling motion.
WHAM!!! the orgasm came, it flashed thorough her like wildfire and she writhed and screamed loudly "Oh fuck oh fuck, oh fuck me meme".....this time there was no gag and she could voice her pleasure and did for a long time as the machine used and abused her cunt and ass.
Finally the machine slowed and Jenni was standing there, her cruel smile back on her face. She slapped Monica hard on both sides of her face and then said "I hope you enjoy the clamps" and then cruelly twisted on a set of nipple clamps roughly. Slapping Monica's tits with her crop with the clamps in place. A slave then activated the nipple clamps and they began to hum and vibrate.
Monica couldn't catch her breath, it was beginning to overwhelm her senses and still she kept cumming and cumming, the orgasms rocking through her like waves pounding on the shoreline.
She was dazed and confused by everything so far that had happened and her mind was beginning to wander.
Suddenly she felt something building in her that was unlike any feeling she had experienced before.
The power had been applied to the sticky pads again, and with the vibrator on her clit and nipples and the pounding in her cunt and ass it was all coming together at one time, she could feel it building and wondered if it would be as good as the last orgasm.
This was getting stronger and stronger and Monica's moans came faster and faster. Her breathing quick and shallow, the build up was getting intense and almost painful, when it finally came on her like a tsunami.
It crashed over her senses in wave after wave, the pounding centered her cunt and ass and the waves of pleasure rolled outwards reinf***ed by the vibrators and her mind went blank as she bucked and squirmed against her restraints, her mouth open in voiceless song of orgasmic delight.
Her eyes snapping open and shut as it peaked and receeded, then peaked again......and still the machines continued to assault her senses.

Jenni allowed it to continue for a few minutes more and then slowly shut down the machines and had the slaves take care of Monica.
They placed her in a chair and the lights were turned on, When Monica looked up the room was filled with her coworkers who had watched silently in the darkness this new outrage against her.
Monica smiled wanly as she recognized a few folks, then Jenni was back with the crop and the leash.
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3 years ago
Wow that was sooooo good thanks
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very good series
3 years ago
This is a great well written story. On to the next chapter now