Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 2

As everyone was cheering and clapping Monica felt her hands become free and she began to try to fight against those still holding her legs spread wide open and against Katie who was ramming the monster strapon into her soaking wet cunt!

It was a vain struggle as iron hands clamped onto her arms cruelly and f***ed them down and crossed her wrists above her head.
Suddenly she felt something silky smooth slide across her wrists and Jenni said "Stupid cumslut, your going to be tied in this position while all of us use you all night as our fuckhole." Monica looked up through the cum in her eyes at Jenni and spit the dirty old bastards last dregs of cum at her.
Jenni and Katie laughed as did others that Monica couldn't see clearly.

After hearing much low voiced talking Monica felt a warm wet softness on her face and soon realized it was a tongue licking the cum off her cheeks and it continued to clean all over her face until she was eye to eye with her Supervisor from work, Mrs Jones.
As she stared into the eyes of her boss she heard her husky whisper, "I have so looked forward to tasting your sweet young pussy and tonguing your asshole so that I can watch you take cocks in both holes, just like they did to me after I started working for the company. Relax honey, all of us, males and females have been ****d and tortured just like this over the years. It's made us a very very close company."

Monica didnt know how to respond...all of these people, just like her. f***ed to suck and be fucked by men and women. How many times had this happened before, how much would she have to endure.
She was bound, spread wide open for anyone to use and now she knew that it was for everyone to use her this night.
Her body was responding to Katie in way's she hadn't thought of before. Her cunt was juicing so much it was running down the crack of her gorgeous ass, her big nipples were rock hard and aching to be touched and somehow the thought of being f***ed to suck more cocks and eat pussy were beginning to arouse in her the most perverse and degenerate thoughts and feelings.

As she thought Monica suddenly became aware of 2 cocks rubbing all over her tits and through the haze of cum on her face she saw a woman standing above her rubbing her clit as she told the men to "Cock slap this little prissy bitch, the way she always walks around at work like she's so fucking much better than the rest of us cunts, slap her hard".
Monica felt the slaps of cocks on her tits and nipples, heard Katie laughing at the men and suddenly she was being sprayed with something....
It was hot and sticky and it was coming from the woman above her, she was being squirted on!! That wasn't real, it's only in movies... women dont really do that..

But it was real and Mrs. Green the V.P.'s secretary was hosing her face and tits as she wailed in her orgasm, "Come on boy's treat this cunt like you did me, I wanna see you **** her ass and cunt and mouth at the same time like I got, fuck her you bastards... Make this cunt into a fucking whore for the company like you did me".
It seemed like it had been hours to Monica, but she just didn't know. All she knew is that Katie finally stopped pounding her with that monster strapon and backed away from her abused cunt.
She hadn't had a big orgasm like she did on occasion with her boyfriend, but it was enough to make her stay very wet.
With her legs tied in the wide open like they were she couldn't relax and her muscles were starting to burn a bit from the position. Slowly Monica became aware of a new set of sensations, it was tongues on her pussy lips and asshole.
She heard men talking about which women were "tasting the new fresh meat"..
Monica knew what that meant, she had Women doing things to her that only her boyfriend had ever done before.
She struggled to raise her head to see, when Jenni grabbed a handful of hair and roughly raised her head saying, "see my whores licking your cunt and ass slut, those prim and proper ladies from the front offices are here being our sluts and whores doing what we say to do. That's Mrs. Jones tonguing your virgin asshole before one of the men takes it, and Mrs Green licking your clit while Mrs. oh so proper Brown tongues out your cunthole. When I say they are done you will have 3 very large, very thick hard throbbing fucksticks slammed into your holes until they cum and when they cum you WILL swallow every fucking drop, do I make myself clear?"
Monica could only shake her head at Jenni, she didnt know what else to do as this nice woman from work had suddenly turned into ...she didnt know what.

In a few minutes Monica heard Jenni, "It's time boys, fuck this cunt and make her one of ours"....Suddenly Monica felt a cock head at her asshole, she couldnt tighten her muscle down to keep it out. Slowly it was being f***ed in, she flet a pop when the head slide past her spincter muscle and then the awesome thickness of the shaft began it's steady drive into her.....she started to scream and a cock was f***ed into her mouth.
That monster in her ass stopped, and then began to move back. It was almost out of her ass, only a little be more ot go and WHAM!!!! it was driven into her asshole full length and she felt the balls slap into the crack between her asscheeks....The fucking pain! Oh shit the pain, and it began to saw in and out roughly..just like the cock in her mouth was doing now! to massive meat poles hammering away at her hard and fast.
Then the one in her ass stopped again and fuck me!!!She was feeling that 3rd monster at her tight little cunt hole, it couldnt fit in her, it was so damn big and thick.
Jenni f***ed the cock out of her mouth and raised her head telling her "It's 12" long and almost 8" around, that monster is going to **** your cunt and your going to wonder how you ever enjoyed a little dick like your boyfriends. Speaking of which, Did you know he really works in the Companies R&D lab? Say Hi to your boyfriend" and Jenni roughly turned Monica's head to look right into the eyes of her boyfriend Travis.
As Monica was staring at Travis, that monster fucking cock rammed home into her cunt and Monica's scream was again cut off by the cock going back into her mouth until she gagged on it.
She vaguely heard Jenni saying "In, Out, In, Out", and the cocks moving to her instructions. She felt hands on her tits and ass and a buzzing on her clit and nipples. Monica felt her body shaking and shuddering, the sensations coming to fast for her to recognize or realize what all was happening.

The cocks were hammering into her, the hands and buzzing, were driving her wild. She could feel her body going way beyond anything she imagined.
Suddenly the cock in her asshole popped free and she was having it f***ed into her mouth which by now had taken on a life of it's own as a cocksucker and she fed greedily on the cock and it stiffened and began to spew forth a frothy cum that was salty yet pleasing..another cock was soon in her asshole and she felt a hard slap on her face as another cock was aimed at her mouth, she opened wide and began to lick the head, the owner roughly shoved forward into Monica's greedy mouth and began to shoot cum. A massive load that almost choked her as she swallowed it's thick juice down.
And still more cock rubbed on her face and tits, as the monster in her cunt continued to beat into her cervix and widen her cunt to fit nice and tightly around it...
Monica felt her body growing more and more aroused as she was ****d and tortured by her fellow employees and her boyfriend. She could feel the build orgasm from the monster in her cunt and the cock pounding her ass.
The hard shaft was suddenly feeling thicker and harder and his grunts louder, Monica sensed it was about time for her to attempt to suck that thing and she was a quiver in anticipation.
finally it was ripped from her cunt and the head f***ed between her lips.
Monica sucked as hard as she could, licking the giant purple cockhead and giving him little nips as she suddenly wanted this mans cum in her mouth.
another cock rammed deep into her cunt suddenly and she gasped around the head in her mouth just as it began to shoot...
Monica exploded at taht same time, she quivered, shook, swallowed and began to squirt for the first time... She had never had such an intense orgasm.
The massive monster was cumming in huge squirts of hot cum, that she sucked down greedily looking for more, she moaned around that giant purple cockhead and tried to get more in her mouth.
The men in her ass and cunt both came and left Monica with her first double cream pie.

What Monica was soon to find out was that it was all on film, her first nights wild debauchery. She had been well cummed into the company.
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3 years ago
i wish i was her
3 years ago
Wow if this gets any hotter i'm going tobe so sore thanks thats ok i'll be sore anytinme thanks
3 years ago
depraved love it
3 years ago
Well written. Love it
3 years ago
"well cummed into the company" - good punch line!
3 years ago
disgustingly good