Nice girl, Wrong party

There it is thought Monica as she spotted the house. It was a large house sitting well back from the street and screened by a big wall and trees.
I wonder if this is really the right place she thought as she didnt see any other cars and this was supposed to be a big party...

At 21 and on her own for the first time in the city, she had found a job working nights and didnt have much social life or so it seemed. When the women she worked with invited her to the big end of summer party she had accepted gladly. Who wouldnt after working with them for 6 months and hardly getting to know any of them.
A few had been friendly towards her and they had asked her to come tonight.
So she got all dolled up and bought new spike heels to go with her body hugging come fuck me dress and big hooker ear rings.
She felt just right as she rang the doorbell. When the door opened all she saw was a metal rod and ZAP!!!!

As she lay on the porch dazed, 4 naked men came out and picked her up carrying her into the hallway where she was lain on a bench.
Monica could barely catch her breath as her clothes were cut off and she was naked except for her earrings, stockings, and new spike heels!
The short fat bastard in charge slapped her hard while grabbing her hair and said "Welcome to my house party you fucking slut"! He then grabbed Monica's jaw and f***ed her mouth open while rubbing his cock all over her face. The fear in Monica's eyes was apparent to him and he ordered her to "start sucking me whore"!
So in front of 3 men she never had seen, lying naked on a bench, Monica began sucking the first of many cocks that night.
She felt rough hands clawing her flesh, pinching and twisting her sensitive nipples till she began to cry out but it didnt stop, the cock in her mouth just continued to use her as a fuckhole.
She felt someone's tongue on her pussy and when she got a chance saw a brunette woman lapping at her clit like a dog while a man f***ed her head down by her ponytail. Monica next felt stinging pain and heard the whoosh of a she knew not what until it hit her titflesh with a SMACK!!!
She screamed in pain and again she heard the whoosh and her other tit jiggled from the smack. The dirty bastard fucking her mouth smiled cruelly down at her and showed her clothes pins, suddenly she knew what was going to happen and she felt them snap onto her nipples.
The cock was too far down her throat for anyone to hear her scream, not that it would have mattered. No one was worried about Monica's pain, just how much pleasure they could get from her.
Monica felt her legs being lifted and spread and then something was attached to her thighs, it was leaving her wide open. Suddenly something she had only seen at work and used on the old folks with dementia were on her on her wrists and snapped onto the bar that she now saw between her thighs.
She was in a set of stocks, and now she saw that the whip thingy was help by one of her friends from work. That petite little Jenni girl who was always so kind and friendly was there in thigh high spike heel boots and a little outfit of mostly straps and rings....Monica almost forgot the cock in her mouth when she saw Jenni smiling down at her, just before the "flogger" rose and fell on the tender inner thigh flesh of left leg.
Jenni just smiled more as she began to punish Monica with the flogger on her ass and thighs, she moved to the side and Monica knew her tits and tummy were next. The old bastards cock was still going in and out of Monicas mouth roughly as Jenni beat her with the flogger and Monica began to feel that creeping warmth in her hot cunt, her body was responding to this insane torture.
Her ass and cunt were lifting and reaching for the pain, Monica didnt know how or why this was happening to her.
First tazed, then stripped, now tortured by those she thought were her friends and thorough it all a dirty old man had been stuffing her mouth with his fat cock and calling her cunt, whore, slut, cum dumpster, fuck hole......and her body was betraying her by building to an unbelievable orgasm...
As Jenni was flogging her tummy , Monica felt a hardness at her cunt, her juiced up to overflowing cunt was being probed.
The dirty old bastard finally lifted her head enough for Monica to see, and He said " Have you ever been strap fucked little whore? No, well Katie will be your first, but not your last tonight".
Katie, her partner at work every night was here too, who, what, why, it didnt make sense to Monica. She had always been a good girl and now she was being systematically ****d and torture by those she thought her friends.
What would make them act this way..AWWWWWWWWWWW, that cock was so big!!!!!!!
Katie had rammed a monster into her cunt all the way to the bottom in one hard shove.As Monica gasped that damned dirty old bastard fucked deeply into her throat and began to squirt his hot fucking cum, he pulled his cock out and squirted in her face slapping her with his cum spewing cock and rubbing his cream all over her face and into her hair as others stood there clapping and cheering him on!!!
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1 year ago
mmmmmm i wish i was monica i love being treated like that xx
3 years ago
good start
3 years ago
Welll certainly different. Looking forward to next chapter
3 years ago
There will be more, but I have to write it. It's not as easy as you might think to come up with a decent story.
So give me some time. The chapters will come.
3 years ago
please post the rest of the story!!!
3 years ago
Very good. Hope there's more