Crazy Afternoon at work

I watched you one afternoon, you were going into the bosses office with his secretary. We all figured you were in trouble for some dumb shit like the rest of us had gotten into the last few weeks. It didnt take long before the secretary came out and said I was also wanted by the boss.
I was wondering why she would want me in her office when you were there, I was soon to find out as the secretary lead me in through the double set of doors.
As the inner doors opened I saw you on the desk face down with your naked ass up in the air, our stern raven haired boss behind you with a flogger whipping your ass as she told you how to use a dildo in your creamy cunt. I stopped, shocked to see this happening in the office in the middle of the afternoon, and felt my cock leaping to an erect state.
As I gazed at our boss with tits swinging to and fro from her whipping you I noticed that they nipples were rock hard and that she had a shaved pussy like yours. He black shear nylons were getting soaked at the tops from the creamy cunt juice running down her thighs.
The cute little secretary had gotten naked behind me and her perky little titties bounced as she scurried to the boss and dropped to her knees and began licking her clit and thighs. Boss told me to get naked and stroke my cock, which I did in a hurry seeing you stuffing your cunt with that monster dildo had gotten me so fucking hard, seeing the other 2 involved just increased my a****l passions.
As I stood in front of you slowly stroking my throbbing hard cock you watched me intently as I reached out and grabbed your nipples and began to twist them roughly making you cum and I got to see you squirt around that fucking dildo onto the bosses face as she leaned in to get hosed by you.
She then ordered you down off the desk and to stand bent over in front of me with your cunt filled by the dildo, as you stood in front of me I felt the secretary suck my cock down her throat and grope my balls. Boss was still whipping your ass and now she was applying lube to your hot hole also.
Next thing I knew my cock head was piercing your tender hot asshole as you were still fucking your cunt.
Now both of us were getting whipped by boss as she drove us to fuck harder and faster, she was panting in rythem with our fast and furious thrusting fuck as the little perky slut was licking her clit like tomorrow would never cum!
We both were going like jackhammers when you started to explode, you were cumming in your cunt and asshole and squeezing me to get my creamy load inside you.
But boss pulled me back out of your hot asshole and thrust my cock into the secretary's mouth and f***ed her head down until she began to gag, then I begin to fuck her slutty mouth like I had your ass. Hard fast strokes that made me want to explode and finally that's what began to happen.
I grabbed her ponytail and f***ed my cock down as deep as I could and hot salty cum splashed her throat, boss pulled me out and began jerking me on the secretary's face, slapping her and making the cum splatter all over her.
As I stood there panting and shaking Boss began to lick her secretary clean and they began to swap the hot cum while you and I watched.
You were slowly stroking my cock and it hardened under your skillful touch. Since Boss and secretary we not paying attention to us you whispered in my ears "It's time for revenge"....I agreed,!!!
I grabbed boss and slammed her face down on her own desk and began to slam my throbbing hard cock into her pussy! She was wailing about not liking to be fucked that way and you had grabbed the whip and began to use it on her while you held the secretary by her ponytail.
I enjoyed watching you whip boss almost as much as you enjoyed me slamming my cock deep into her cunt until she began to cum when you told me to "Now fuck that slut's asshole like you did mine"!
All the time this was happening I was watching the secretary lick your cunt and suck on your clit, she also began to pinch and twist your hard nipples.
The next thing I knew, you both had strapon's and a strange look on your faces.
The secretary announced that "We are going to make this bitch air tight now".
And with that you both began to place us in the positions you wanted us, the secretary sat in bosses chair with that 12" black monster thick dildo standing up from her creamy white thighs, I f***ed boss back onto that huge cock and we slowly worked every inch of it up her not so willing ass until I f***ed her to lay back and spread her thighs for you and your monster toy to invade her cunt.
Soon the two of you were working her in and out in perfect rythem, while I stood there enjoying it stroking my still throbbing hard on.
You finally looked at me and said "Stuff this slut with your cock in her mouth", so I climbed up on the desk and grabbed her raven hair and f***ed as much of my cock as I could in her throat till she gagged. I slowly got the rythem and we all three fucked boss as she gasped and gagged and begged and whimpered, none of which stopped us.
Slowly the tempo built up and we began to fuck her harder and faster as we heard her cumming and we all began to want the same release.
You grabbed her nipples and pinched and twisted them with wild abandon all the while calling her names and talking about her being a slut and that from now on she was going to be your slut and do what you wanted.
Secretary was also enjoying herself and telling bass that her ass was now her's to be used and taken whenever she wanted a whore to use.
I was so excited by it all that I began to cum in bosses mouth and you yelled to "Cum on her slutty face! Make her look like the whore she is!"
Who am I to refuse a horny woman's demands!
AS I sat there watching you two finish off with boss you motioned for me to get your cell phone and take pics, which I gladly did.
You and Secretary got wonderful shots of closeups with bosses cum covered face licking your pussies and sucking your tits. But your favorite ones are of boss tongue fucking your asshole as Secretary slowly fucks that monster dildo in and out of Bosses asshole while she holds the whip above her!!!!
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3 years ago
This wasn't crazy it was wholesome thanks
3 years ago
awesome but better discriptions of everybody
3 years ago
wow hot!